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Vol. III

Bulletin of the Harvard Forestry Club, Vol. II, 1913 (A Volume Table for Red Maple on the Harvard

Fire Protection
Notes on the Chestnut Bark Disease in Petersham

Collections of Lodgepole Pine Seed on the

Leadville National Forest
Reconnaissance on the Tahoe National Forest
The Art of Pacing

Some Original Data on Waterflow and Forests Applied Forestry. J. 7. Sewall, old Town, Melz. Advisory Pamphlet on Camp Sanitation and Housing.

Commission of Immigration and Housing of

us.14-210 Some Things the Prospective Settler Should Know.

By Thomas Forsyth Hunt, University of Calif

ornia. Killing wood chucks with Carbon Bisulphide Bull.

91, New Hampshire College Agri. Experiment

Station. Effects of Continental Glaciation on Agriculture.

By 0. D. Von Engeln, Cornell University.?,0 -The Profession of Forestry, Gifford Pinchot. Study in Europe for American Forest Students.

Overton 1. Price. | The Scope of Dendrology in Forest Botany. By Forest. ✓ The Scope of Dendrology in Forest Botany. Remarks

by B. Fernow, C. D. Howe and the Author. Recent Ecological Investigations. By H. de Forest.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the Society of
American Foresters.



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