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EDINBURGH, Messrs. Bell and Bradfute-Glasgow, Mr. D. Robertson-BATH, Miss

Williams--DUBLIN, Mr. John Cumming-LIVERPOOL, Mr. Grapel.


The commercement of the Sixth Volume of “ THE BRITISH FRIEND OF INDIA MAGAZINE AND INDIAN REVIEW,” devolves upon the proprietors the duty of addressing a few words to their friends and supporters, and the public generally.

The object of this Periodical has been, and still is—the diffusion of information calculated to awaken the minds of those who read it, to a just apprehension of the condition and claims of BRITISH INDIA—a subject of vast national importance, as well as one of deep interest to all who are the friends of social and political amelioration. This object has been steadily kept in view during the past history of the Magazine, and will never be lost sight of by its conductors.

It will, however, be the aim of those who contribute to the pages of this work, to make it one that shall be sufficiently diversified in its contents, to attract the notice of individuals of various pursuits and tastes. There will, therefore, be furnished, from time to time,-matter for the student in history-authentic statements for the guidance of the efforts of the philanthropistinformation for those who are engaged in plans of commercial improvement; combined with lighter reading, for the amusement and recreation of all; with impartial and honest judgments upon every work submitted for review.

Neither the circulation of this Magazine, nor its prospects, were ever more encouraging than at the present time. The

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