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Alpine (continued):

Girdlestone (A. G.) The High Alps, 2194
Hardy (J.) High Pyrenees, 2331
Martel (P.) Ice Alps of Savoy, 3964
Martin (B.) Mont Blanc, 5355
Moore (A. W.) The Alps, 2206
Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, 1892
Whymper (E.) Scrambles amongst the
Alps, 2238

Wills (A.) The Eagle's Nest, 2237

America (Mr. Lefferts' large Collection),
5390 et seq. See General Index,

America, Works relating to," also
under the names of the Authors
Broadsides, A Collection of, 6176
Amours, etc. :

Amorous Fiametta (Boccaccio), 1223
Amours de Mirtil, Les, 6334

Amours des Dames Illustres de France,

Ananga Ranga, The, 2293
Art of Cuckoldom, 3441
Cuckold's Chronicle, 3531

Cupid and Psyche (Apuleius), 2749

Daphnis et Chloe (Longus), 2853

Davenport (J.) Aphrodisiacs, 177

Delectable Demandes and Pleasant

Questions, 1479

Gay (J.) Bibliographie, 2494

Grafton, Duke of, and Miss Parsons.
Amours, 49

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Faublas, 2501

Les Amours de

Moore (A.) Annals of Gallantry, 6969
Perfumed Garden, The, 2349
Quinze Joyes de Mariage, 1148
Rambler's Magazine, The, 2507

Smith (Capt. A.) Court of Venus, The,

Veneres et Priapi, 2529

Aldam (W. H) Treatise on "Flees, "2291
Berners (Juliana). Fysshyng with an
Angle (Reprint, Original Drawings by
Doyle), 4165

Bowlker (R.) Art of Angling, 3368
Gilbert (W.) Angler's Delight, 3373
Saunders (Jas.) The Compleat Fisher-
man, 3384

Scrope (W.) Salmon Fishing, 821
Walton (Isaac). See General Index

Bancroft (H. H.) Native Races of the
Pacific States, 3366

Breeks (J. W.) Tribes of the Nilagiris,

Bulwer (J.) People of the Whole World,

Catlin (G.)

Chantre (E.)

North-American Indians,

Recherches Anthropolo-

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Archæology (continued):

Browne (Sir Thos.) Urne-Buriall, 5571
Bruce (J. C.) Incised Markings on
Stone, 1562

Bruce (J. Č.) The Roman Wall, 6111
Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, 4080
Burgess (J.) Archæological Survey of
W. India, 2578

Cuitt (G.) Ancient Chester Buildings,

Cuitt (G.) Ruins of the Olden Time, 24
Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting, 2179
Dugdale (W.) Monasticon, 1568
Duncker (M.) History of Antiquity, 2585
Egypt Exploration Fund, 2586
Essex Archæological Society, 2321
Evans (J.) Ancient Stone Implements,

Fabretti (A.) Corpus Inscriptionum, 2588
Fergusson (J.) Cave Temples of India,

Forsyth (J. S.) The Antiquary's Port-
folio, 1086

Griffiths (John). Paintings in the Budd-
hist Caves, 1483

Grose (F.) Antiquities of England and
Wales, 207

Hamilton (Sir W.) Etruscan, etc. Anti-
quities, 4653

Hearne's Antiquities of Great Britain,

Hellenic Studies, Journal of, 910

Hoare (Sir R. C.) Monastic Remains at
Witham, etc., 1921

Horsley (Jno) Britannia Romana, 4662
Johnson (Dr. S.) Marmor Norfolciense,

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