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Evarts B. Greene, Ph. D., Hist.

Wilber J. Fraser, B. S., Instr. Dairy Husb. George T. Kemp., M. D., Ph. D., Physiol. Neal C. Brooks, Ph. D., Instr. German. Geo. A. Huff, Dir. Phys. Training. Martha J. Kyle, M. A., Instr. Rhet. Lewis A. Rhoades, Ph. D., German. John W. Lloyd, B. S. A., Instr. Hort. Thomas A. Clark, B. L., Rhet.

Hugh E. Ward, M. S., Instr. Bact. George D. Fairfield, M. A., Romanic Lang. John H. McClellan, M. A., Instr. Zool. Isabel Bevier, Ph. M., Household Sci. Oscar Erf, B. Agr., B. S., Instr. Dairy Cyril G. Hopkins, Ph. D., Agron.

Husb. Edmond G. Fechét, Major, U. S. A. Justus W. Folsom, S. D., Instr. Ent. (Retired), Mil. Sci.

Daisy L. Blaisdell, M. A., Instr. German. Violet D. Jayne, M. A., (Assoc.) Engl. Florence N. Jones, M. A., Instr. French. Herbert W. Mumford, B. S., Animal John H. Skinner, B. S., Instr. Animal Husb.

Husb. Harry S. Grindley, D. Sc., (Assoc.) Chem. Wm. H. Knox, M. S., Instr. Soil Phys. C. F. Hottes, Ph. D., Instr. Bot.

Coates P. Bull, B. AGR., Instr. Farm Crops. Frank Smith, M. A., (Asst.) Zool. Esther Beatty, B. L., B. S., Household Sci. Oscar Quick, M. A., (Asst.) Phys.

Arnold V. Stubenrauch, B. S., Instr. Hort. Joseph C. Blair, (Asst.) Hort.

Frank W. Scott, B. A., Rhet. George H. Meyer, M. A., (Asst.) German. Fred R. Crane, B. S., Asst. in Farm Mech. Matthew B. Hammond, Ph. D., (Asst.) Alvin C. Beal, B. S., Asst. in Hort. Econ.

Fred H. Rankin, Institute Visitor. Jennette E. Carpenter, 0. M., Phys. Albert R. Curtiss, Foreman in Wood Shops. Training.

Henry Jones, Foreman in Blacksmith Shop.

Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Illinois, Urbana.

Department of the University of Illinois.


Eugene Davenport, M. Agr., Dir.
T. J. Burrill, Ph. D., Bot.
S. A. Forbes, Ph. D., Ent.
D. McIntosh, V. S., Vet.
C. G. Hopkins, Ph. D., Agron. and Chem.
J. C. Blair, Hort.
H. W. Mumford, B. S., Animal Husb.
W. J. Fraser, B. S., Dairying.
G. P. Clinton, M. S., Bot.
L. H. Smith, B. S., Chem.
J. W. Lloyd, B. S. A., Hort.
H. E. Ward, M. S., Chief Asst. in Soil

A. J. Glover, B. Agr., Chief Asst. in Dairy


W. H. Knox, M. S., Chief Asst. in Soil

C. F. Hottes, Ph. D., Asst. in Bot.
John H. Skinner, B. S., Asst. in Animal

A. V. Stubenrauch, B. S., M. S. A., Asst.

in Hort.
H. Hasselbring, B. S., Asst. in l'eg. Path.
J. H. Petitt, Ph. B., Asst. in Chem.
E. M. East, B. S., Asst. in Chem.
C. P. Bull, B. AGR., Asst. in Farm Crops.
R. S. Woodrow, Field Asst. in Sugar-Beet

Kate McIntyre, Sec.
F. H. Rankin, Institute Visitor.

INDIANA. School of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Veterinary Science of Purdue

University, Lafayette.


Board of Trustees: William V. Stuart (Pres.), Lock Box 37, Lafayette; E. A. Ellsworth (Sec.), Lafayette; J. M. Fowler (Treas.), Lafayette; William A. Banks, Laporte; Sylvester Johnson, Irvington; D. E. Beem, Spencer; Job H. Van Natta, Lafayette;

William H. O'Brien, Laurenceburg; James M. Barrett, Fort Wayne; Charles Downing, Greenfield; C. B. Stemen, Fort Wayne.


The course of study requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B.S.


Winthrop Ellsworth Stone, Ph. D., President of the University.
William Carroll Latta, M. S., Agr. William Henry Test, M. S., Instr. Chem.
(harles Sumner Plumb, B. S., Animal James Harry Ransom, Ph. D., Instr. Chem.
Indus. and Dairying.

Edward Mahin, B. S., Asst. Chem,
James Troop, M. S., Hort, and Ent. Severance Burrage, B. S., Instr. Sanitary
Henry Augustus Huston, M. A., A. C., Sci.
Agr. Chem.

Charles M. Smith, B. S., Instr. Phys.
Frederick S. Johnston ( Assoc.), Agr. Alfred M. Kenyon, M. A., Ph. D., 18.06.
Robert A. Craig, D. V. M., Instr. Vet. Sci. Math.
Stanley Coulter, Ph. D., Biol.

Winfred Horton Osborne, B. A., Instr.
Joseph Charles Arthur, D. Sc., Veg. Math.
Physiol. and Path.

Lauren D. Nordstrum, B. S., Asst. Phys.
Percy Norton Evans, B. S., Ph. D., Chem. Jacob Westlund, Ph. D., Instr. Math.
Ervin Sidney Ferry, B. S., Phys.

Walter D. Lambert, M. A., Instr. Math. Emma Montgomery McRae, M. A., Engl. John Heiss, M. A., Instr. German. Lit.

Carl Albert Krause, M. A., Instr. German. Thomas Francis Moran, Ph. D., Hist, and Mary Doan, B. L., M. S., Instr. Engl. Polit. Econ.

Caroline Ernestine Shoemaker, M. S.,
Edwin Walter Kemmerer, Instr. Econ. Instr. Engl.
und Hist.

James D. Hoffman, M. E., Wood Shop.
Ernst J. Fluegel, Ph. D., German. Alpha Pierce Jamison, B. M. E., Insti.
Pauline Mariotte-Davies, Ph. D., French. Mech. Drawing.
Clarence Abiathar Waldo, Ph. D., Vath. Edwin Burton Smith, B.S., Asst, in Shops.
Moses Cobb Stevens, M. A., Math. H. E. Van Norman, Instr. Dairy.
Thomas Greene Alford, M. A., Math. Albert Nash Hume, B. S., Asst. Agr.
Erastus Test, M. D., Math.

Rufus Chancey Obrecht, B. S., Asst. Ania
Laura Anne Fry, Indus. Art.

mal Indus. Nellie Phillips Samson, Instr. Wood Carv Wm. H. Holmes, Asst. in Pract. Mech. ing.

Charles I. Freeman, Phys. Dir. katherine Eliza Golden, M. S., Asst. in Elizabeth Day Swan, Libr. Biol.

Blanche Annie Miller, Asst. Libr.

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Agricultural Experiment Station of Indiana, Lafayette.

Department of Purdue University.


Charles Sumner Plumb, B. S., Dir. William Stuart, M. S. ( Assoc.), Hort.
James Troop, M. S., Hort.

Herinan Dorner, B. S., Asst. Bot.
Henry A. Iluston, M. A., A. C., Chem. F. S. Johnston, B, S., Asst. Agr.
Joseph C. Arthur, D. S., Bot.

A. N. Hume, Half-time Asst.
A. W. Bitting, D. V. M., Vet.

H. E. Van Norman, B. S., Dairyman,
R. C. Obrecht, B. S. AGR., Supt. Farm.
This list does not include the instructors exclusively engaged in the schools of Engineering,
Science, and Pharmacy.

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Iowa State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, Ames.


Board of Trustees: Gov. A. B. Cummins, Des Moines; R. C. Barrett (Supt. of Public Instruction); W. O. McElroy, Newton; E. W. Stanton (Sec.), Ames; Herman Knapp ( Treas.), Ames; W. K. Boardman, Nevada; W. J. Dixon, Sac City; E. A. Alexander, Clarion; C. L. Gabrilson, New Hampton; J. B. Hungerford (Chair.), Carroll; W. R. Moninger, Galvin; Jas. H. Wilson, Menlo; S. H. Watkins, Libertyville; C. S. Barclay, West Liberty; W. B. Penick, Tingley.



The courses of study are eight:

agriculture, leading to the degree of B. Agr.; the course in veterinary science, leading to the degree of D. V. M.; the course in mechanical engineering, leading to the degree of B. M. E.; the course in civil engineering, leading to the degree of B. C. E.; the course in electrical engineering, leading to the degree of B. S. in E. E.; the course in mining engineering, leading to the degree of B. M. E.; the course in sciences as related to the industries, leading to the degree of B. S.; and the course in general and domestic science for ladies, leading to the degree of B. S. The veterinary course requires three years for completion; each of the others, four years. There are also a short winter course in stock judging and dairying, and group courses in the sciences.


W. M. Beardshear, M. A., LL. D., President,
J. L. Budd, M. H., Emeritus in Hort. Alvin B. Noble, Pu. B., Rhet. and Engl.
Edgar William Stanton, M. S., Math, and Lit.
Econ. Sci.

Henry E. Summers, B. S., Zool.
Gen. James Rush Lincoln, Mil. Sci. Homer C. Price, M. S., IIort. and For.
Alfred Allen Bennett, M. S., Chem. Adrian M. Newens, B. (., Elocution and
Louis Hermann Pammel, B. AGR., M. S., Oratory and issoc. in Engl.
Ph. D., Bot.

John J. Repp, V. M. D., Puth, and Thera-
James Wilson, M. S. AGR., Dean in Agr. peutics and Sta. l'et.
George Welton Bissell, M. E., Mech. Warren II. Meeker, M. E., (1sst.) Mech.

Anson Marston, C. E., Civil Engin. Mrs. Marian II. Kilbourne, B. L., Dean
Orange H. Cessna, M. A., D. D., Hist., of Women.
Psych., and Ethics.

George Lewis McKay, Dir. and Instr.
Julius Buel Weems, Ph. D., Agr. Chem. Dairying and Cheese Making.
William Eugene Harriman, B. S., M. D., Burton L. Lanphear, M. M. E., (Asst.)
Histology and Path.

Phys. and Elect. Engin.
Charles F. Curtiss, B. S., M. S. AGR., Agr.; C. W. J. Neville, M. C. E., Asst. Civil
Dir. Erpt. Sta.

Miss Mary A. Sabin, B. A., Domestic Econ. Louis A. Klein, V. M. D., Theory and
Miss Lizzie May Allis, B. A., M. A.,

French Pract. of Medicine and Sanitary Sci. and German.

John H. McNeall, V. M. D)., Anat, and
Louis Bevier Spinney, B. M. E., M. S.,

Prin. and Pract, of Surgery.
Phys. and Elect. Engin.

Carl W. Gay, D. V. M., Resident Surgeon
W. J. Kennedy, B. S. A., Animal Husb. and Instr. Vet. Dept.
Samuel Walker Beyer, B. S., Ph. D.,

Geol. Frank J. Resler, Pa. B., Dir. of Music and and Min. Engin.


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*Granted an indefinite leave of absence.


Miss Maria M. Roberts, B. L., Lustr. Math. E. C. Myers, B. S. Agr., Instr. Agr. Chem.
Miss Elmina Wilson, C. E., Instr. Civil A. Estella Paddock, B. S., Instr. General

Talbot Lenox, Instr. Machine Shops. Miss Alice Hess, B. S., Instr. Domestic
Ezra C. Potter, Instr. Pattern Shop.

Louis E. Young, B. M. E., Vin. Engin. Ira A. Williams, B. S., Asst. in Geol, and
Edwin Clark Boutelle, B. M. E., Instr. Mining
Forge and Foundry.

E. B. Tuttle, B. S. E. E., Instr. Phys. Mrs. Elizabeth Resler, Ph. B., Instr. In Miss Grace I. Norton, B. A., Instr. French strumental Music.

and German, Joseph J. Edgerton, B. AGR., Instr. Agr. Miss Ada J. Miller, Ph. B., Insir. Engl. Phys. and Farm Foreman.

Miss Elizabeth Maclean, B. D., Instr.
A. D. Shamel, B. S., Instr. Agr.

Frank W. Bouska, M. S. A., Instr. Dairy Miss Helen G. Reed, Pn. B., Instr. Engl.

Miss Julia Colpitts, M. A., Instr. Vath,
Miss Lola Placeway, B. S., Instr. Chem. Ernest Alanson Pattengill, B. S., Instr.
Julia A. Stanton, B. L., Instr. list.

Miss Sarah Ellis, B. L., Instr. Domestic A. T. Erwin, Instr. (Greenhouse Handi-

Miss Bessie B. Larrabee, B. A., Instr. F. R. Marshall, B. S. A., Asst. in Animal

Edw. E. Little, B. S. AGR., Instr. Hort. Jos. E. Guthrie, M. SC., Instr. Zool.
Miss Ora L. Edgett, B. S., Instr. Chem. George Judisch, Instr. Pharmacy.
Wilbur M. Wilson, B. M. E., Instr. Mech. Miss Vina Elethe Clark, Libr.
Engin. and Freehand Drauing.

Miss Olive E. Stevens, B. L., Asst. Libr.
Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, Ames.
Department of Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.


C. F. Curtiss, M. S. A., Dir.; Agr.
a James Wilson, Dean of Agr.
J. B. Weers, B. S., Ph. D., Agr. Chem.
L. H. Pammel, B. AGR., M. S., Bot.
II. E. Summers, B. S., Ent.
W.J. Kennedy, B. S. A., Animal Husb.
Joseph J. Edgerton, B. AGR., Asst. in Agr.

C. E. Gray, B. S. AGR., Asst. Chem.
John J. Repp, D. V. M., Vet.
A. D. Shamel, B. S., Agr.

Jos. E. Guthrie, Asst. Ent.
G. L. McKay, Instr. Dairying.
Homer C. Price, M. S., Hort.
F. R. Marshall, B. S. A., Asst. in Animal

Miss C. M. King, Ent., Bot., and Mort.

E. E. Little, B. S. A., Asst. Hort.
A. T. Erwin, Asst. Hort.
Miss A. Estella Paddock, B. S., Ast in



Kansas State Agricultural College, Manhattan.


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Board of Regents: J. S. McDowell (Pres.), Smith ('enter; F. D. Coburn (1. Pres.), Kansas City; E. T. Fairchild (Treas.), Ellsworth; William Hunter (Loan Cummissioner), Blue Rapids; J. M. Satterthwaite, Douglass; S. J. Stewart, Humboldt; E. R. Nichols (Sec. ex-officio), Manhattan.

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There are five regular courses of study, each requiring four years for completion and leading to the degree of B. S.-general science, agriculture, domestic science,

* Granted an indefinite leave of absence.



mechanical engineering, electrical engineering; four short courses, each requiring
two terms, except the dairy, which is one term-agriculture and mechanics, horti-
culture and mechanics, domestic science, and dairy. The degree of M. S. is given
upon post-graduate study, with satisfactory evidence of proficiency, after two years,
one of which must be resident.


E. R. Nichols, M. A., President of College and Chairman of Station Council.
John D. Walters, M. S., Indus. Art and Margaret J. Minis, B. S., Asst. Libr.

R. H. Brown, B. S., Asst. in Music.
Alexander B. Brown, M. A., Music. William Anderson, B. S., Asst. in Math.
Julius T. Willard, M.S., Chem.; Dir. Expt. Gertrude Barnes, Asst. Libr.

Albert Dickens, B. S., Acting Hort.; Supt.
Henry M. Cottrell, M. S., Agr.; Supt. Orchards and Garden.

William Baxter, Foreman Greenhouses.
Edwin A. Popenoe, M. A., Ent. and Zool. Mary B. Pritner, B.S., Asst. in Domestic Sci.
* Frank C. Lockwood, Ph. D., Engl. W. M. Sawdon, B. S., Asst. Mech.
Benj. L. Remick, Ph. M., Math.

Ada Rice, B. S., Asst. Prep. Dept.
a Benj. F. Eyer, Phys. and Elect. Engin. Louis Wabnitz, Foreman Iron Shops.
C. E. Goodell, M. A., Hist. and Econ. E. W. Curtis, Instr. Butter Making.
Herbert F. Roberts, M. S., Bot.

A. T. Kinsley, M.S., Asst. in Vet. Sci.
Wm. A. McKeever, M. A., Philos. Elizabeth Agnew, B. S., Domestic
Miss Mary E. Berry, Engl.

Leon W. Hartınan, M. S., Phys. and E. C. Gasser, Foreman Blacksmith Shop.
Eled. Engin.

Ina E. Holroyd, B. S., Asst. in Prep. Dept.
Wilford 0. Clure, B. O., Oratory. Marian F.Jones, M.S., Asst. in Domestic Art.
Edmund B. McCormick, B. S., Mech. G.O. Greene, B. S., Asst. Hort.
Engin.; Supt. of Shops.

John O. Hamilton, B.S., Asst. in Phys.
D. H. Otis, M. S., Dairy Ilusb.

Hetty G. Evans, Asst. in Drawing.
Miss Edith A. McIntyre, Household Econ. V. M. Shoesmith, B. S., Asst. Agr.
N. S. Mayo, M.S., D. V.S., Vet. Sci.

Eleanor Harris, Asst. in Music.
Miss Harriet Howell, Supt. Domestic Art. F. C. Weber, B. S., Asst. Chem.
Joshua D. Rickman, I. T. U., Printing. W. E. Mathewson, B. S., Asst. Chem.
B. S. McFarland, M. A., Prin. Prep. Dept. Helena M. Pincomb), B. S., Asst. in Sewing.
Mrs. Henrietta W. Calvin, B. S., Libr. W. D. Cramer, Ph. B., 1sst. Zool.
Mrs. E. N. Clure, Dir. Phys. Training. A. E. Ridenour, B. S., Foreman Foundry.
Miss Lorena E. Clemons, B. S., Sec. C. Jeannette Perry, B. S., Executive Clerk.
Miss Josephine C. Harper, (Asst.) Math. Matilda Doll, Sten.
Miss Alice Rupp, (Asst.) Engl.

Alice M. Melton, B.S., Clerk Dir. Office,
Geo. F. Weida, Ph. D., ( Asst.) Chem. Minerva Blachly, B.S., Bookkeeper.
E. H, Webster, M. S., (Asst.) Dairying. Charles Hughes, Sec. to Pres.
Wm. L. House, Foreman Carpenter Shop. W. R. Lewis, Janitor.

Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Manhattan.

Department of Kansas State Agricultural College.


/J. T. Willard, M. S., Dir.; Chem. Lorena E. Clemons, B. S., Sec.
H. M. Cottrell, M. S., Agr.

A. T. Kinsley, M.S., Asst, in Vet. Dept.
E. A. Popenoe, M. A., Ent.

George A. Dean, M.S., Asst. Ent.
H. F. Roberts, M.S.; Bot.

V. M. Shoesmith, B. S., Asst. in Feeding
D. H. Otis, M. S., Dairy Hush.

and Field Work.
N. S. Mayo, M. S., D. V. M., Vet.

F. C. Weber, B. S., Asst. ('hem.
Albert Dickens, M. S., Acting Hort. G.O. Greene, B. S., Asst. Hort.

Alice M. Melton, B. S., Clerk to Dir.

* On leave.

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