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one defective and mended, last leaf cut round and mounted, and the nine preliminary leaves in facsimile, measuring 12% inches by 8% inches, morocco extra, g.e., Thomas Cotes for Robert Allot, 1632 (768) Edwards, £60

[The verses had been taken from another edition.-ED.] 6883 Caxton. The Ryall (or Royall) Book, or Book for a King, black letter. Blades type No. 5, 162 leaves (2 blank), long lines, 33 to a page, signatures a-u 10 in 8's, a I and u 10 blank, 6 vignette woodcuts, the blank leaves have old signatures of "John Bolton" and "Dorothy Godbold," and there are contemporary MS. notes in the margins of the first few leaves, modern crushed morocco, antique style, by Rivière. "This Book was Compyled and made atte the requeste of Kyng Phelyp of Fraunce in the Yere . . . mcclxxix. & translated or reduced out of frensshe in to englysshe by me Wyllyam Caxton. . . . Whyche book is callyd in frensshe le livre Royal that is to say the ryal book or a book for a Kyng. . . . whiche translacion . . . was achyeved fynysshed and accomplysshed the xiii. day of Septembre in the yere mcccclxxxiiii. [W. Caxton, Westminster, 1487-8] (771) Quaritch, £1,400.

[A very fine and perfect copy, measuring 10 inches by 7% inches. It was exhibited at the Caxton Exhibition in 1877. There are only four known perfect copies, two of which are in public libraries.-Catalogue. This was the same copy that sold for £1,550 last season. See BOOKPRICES CURRENT, vol. xv., No. 6781.—ED.]

[JULY 30TH, 1902.]



(No. of Lots, 190; amount realised, £1,608 4s. 6d.)

[The books in this collection were almost all in very fine condition. In some respects this was the most important sale of the kind which has been held for many years.--ED.]

6884 A Gift for all Seasons. Matrimonial Ladder, or Such Things Are, drawn by M. E., Esq., coloured plates, calf extra, g. e., by Rivière, T. McLean, 1825, imperial 8vo. (1)

Edwards, £5 6885 A Kettle of Fish by Flibbertigibbet, Angler, etc., humorous coloured plates, signed "M. E.," calf extra, g. e., by Rivière, T. McLean, n. d., imperial 8vo. (2) Edwards, £7 2s. 6d.

6886 A'Beckett (G.) Comic History of England and Comic History of Rome, first editions, 3 vol., coloured plates and woodcuts by Leech, cloth, uncut, 1847-n. d., 8vo. (3) Spencer, £4 7s. 6d. 6887 Absurdities in Prose and Verse, written and illustrated by A. Crowquill, coloured plates, original boards, uncut, 1827, 8vo. (4) Robson, 1 6s. 6888 Ackermann (R.) The Microcosm of London, 3 vol., coloured plates by Rowlandson and Pugin, half morocco, uncut, original wrappers preserved, 1808-1809, 8vo. (5)

Russell, £29 6889 Ackermann (R.) Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and Politics, complete set, 40 vol., original half binding, several hundred coloured plates of London and Provincial views, costumes, furniture, etc., also numerous engraved portraits, 1809-1828, 8vo. (6)

Robson, £47 6890 Adolphus (J. H.) Memoirs of Queen Caroline, 2 vol., coloured plates and portraits, calf, 1821, 8vo. (7) Russell, £3 6891 Adventures of a Post Captain, coloured plates by Williams, calf extra, uncut, t. e. g., J. Johnston, n. d., 8vo. (8) G. H. Brown, £4 5s. 6892 Airy Nothings, or Scraps and Naughts, and Odd-cum-Shorts, in a Circumbendibus Hop, Step and Jump, by Olio Rigmaroll, drawn and written by M. E., Esq., engraved by George Hunt, coloured plates, calf extra, t. e. g., by Tout, McLean, 1825, 4to. (21) Sotheran, £12 155.

6893 Alken (H.) Moments of Fancy, I coloured plates, half bound, McLean, 1822, oblong 4to. (22) Robson, £6 15s. 6894 Alken (H.) The National Sports of Great Britain, 50 coloured plates by Alken, half morocco, McLean, 1825, imperial 8vo. (23) Edwards, £20 IOS. 6895 Alken (H.) The National Sports of Great Britain, another edition, coloured plates by Alken, morocco gilt, McLean, 1823, imperial 4to. (24) Bumpus, £34 IOS. 6896 Alken (H.) A Touch at the Fine Arts, coloured plates by Alken, half bound, McLean, 1824, imperial 8vo. (25) Edwards, £4 5s. 6897 Alken (H.) The Life of a Race Horse, coloured plates, half morocco, Ackermann, 1848, oblong 4to. (26)

Robson, £20 6898 Analysis of the Hunting Field, first edition, coloured plates by Alken, morocco extra, g.e., by Rivière, original cover and back preserved, 1846, 8vo. (27) Maggs, II IOS. 6899 Annals of Sporting, 13 vol., coloured plates, and woodcuts, original half calf, uncut, 1822-28, 8vo. (28) Sotheran, £95 6900 [Apperley.] Memoirs of the Life of John Mytton, Esq., first

edition, 12 coloured plates by Alken, morocco extra, by Bedford, R. Ackermann, 1835, 8vo. (29) Craddock, £14 10S. 6901 [Apperley.] Memoirs of the Life of John Mytton, second edition, with considerable additions from the New Sporting

Magazine, 18 coloured plates by Alken and Rawlins, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1837, 8vo. (30)

Craddock, £11

6902 [Apperley.] Memoirs of the Life of John Mytton, third edition, with a brief Memoir by Nimrod, coloured plates by Alken and Rawlins, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1851, 8vo. (31) Sotheran, £6 10s.

[Has the memoir of the author for the first time.-ED.] 6903 [Apperley.] The Life of a Sportsman, by Nimrod, coloured plates by Alken, morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, first edition, 1842, 8vo. (32) Sotheran, £31 6904 [Apperley.] The Horse and the Hound, their various uses and treatment, including practical instructions in Horsemanship, by Nimrod, frontispiece by Alken, first edition, plates and woodcuts, original cloth, uncut, 1842, 8vo. (33) Murray, 18s.

6905 Beckford (Peter). Thoughts on Hunting, in a series of Familiar Letters, frontispiece and woodcuts, morocco, gilt and tooled sides, g. e. (1820), 8vo. (34) Shepherd, £24s. 6906 Belamy (J. C.) A Treatise on Falconry, frontispiece, cloth, uncut, Berwick-upon-Tweed, 1841, 8vo. (35)

Shepherd, 1 IS. 6907 Berkeley (Hon. Grantley F.) Reminiscences of a Huntsman, first edition, coloured frontispiece and illustrations by Leech, original cloth, uncut, 1854, 8vo. (36)

Spencer, £2 10s. 6908 Boccaccio. The Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment, translated from the Italian, 2 vol., coloured plates, calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by F. Bedford, J. Griffin, n. d., 8vo. (38) Sabin, £20 5s. 6909 Brighton. An Excursion to Brightelmstone made in 1789 by Henry Wigstead and Thomas Rowlandson, 8 aquatints by Alken, after Rowlandson, original boards, uncut, 1790, oblong 4to. (39) Hornstein, £28 6910 British Dance of Death, with Explanatory and Moral Essays, coloured plates after Van Assen, original boards, uncut, n. d., 8vo. (40) Sabin, £5 10s. 6911 Burney (Miss). Evelina, or the History of a Young Lady's Introduction to the World, coloured plates by Heath, calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by Tout, E. Mason, 1821, 8vo. (41) Sabin, £40 10s. 6912 Burton (Alfred). The Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy, a Poem in Four Cantos, first edition, coloured plates by Rowlandson, calf extra, g. e., by Rivière, 1818, 8vo. (42) Hornstein, £3 5s.

6913 Byron. Don Juan, Cantos 1 to 5, a Correct Copy from the Original Edition, 6 coloured plates in the style of Cruikshank, calf extra, t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, G. Smeeton, n. d., 8vo. (44) Davison, £5 6914 Cambridge. Harraden (R.) Costume of the University of Cambridge, coloured plates, half bound, 1805, 4to. (45) Mendoza, £2 14s.

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letter, long lines, with two outline woodcuts, paper wrappers, Firenze, 1495, 4to. (659) Quaritch, £36 6834 [Lamb (Charles).] The King and Queen of Hearts, with the Rogueries of the Knave who Stole the Queen's Pies, 14 illustrations, and a vignette from designs by William Mulready (plain), 2 leaves slightly defective, original printed wrapper, Printed for M. J. Godwin & Co. at the Juvenile Library, Skinner St., Snow Hill, 1818, 12mo. (662)

Sabin, £5 [An edition with a different date from the only two other known impressions, which recently sold for £220 and £240 respectively. Catalogue. See Index.-ED.]

6835 Lamb (Charles). John Woodvill, a Tragedy, by C. Lamb, to which are added Fragments of Burton, the author of the Anatomy of Melancholy, first edition, original boards, uncut, ex-libris of "Tourle" in cover, Printed by T. Plummer for G. and J. Robinson, 1802, 8vo. (663) Maggs, £10 5s. 6836 Amadis de Gaule. Tresor de tous les Livres d'Amadis de Gaule, 2 vol., morocco, the sides and back covered with a gold tooling of oval compartments, in the centre of the obverse side a shield charged with three fleurs-de-lis on a bend, and on the reverse a similar shield with three lilies and the motto "Expectata non Eludet," g. e., by Clovis Eve, in good preservation, purchased at the sale of the library of Robert Southey in May, 1844, à Lyon, 1582, 8vo. (664) Ferry, £32

[Bound probably for Marguerite de Valois de Saint Rémy. Vol. i. being imperfect at the end, the lot was sold not subject to return. A copy of the sale catalogue of Robert Southey's library (priced), in which the above work occurs (No. 40), accompanies the lot.-Catalogue.] 6837 Geographical Playing Cards. A pack of 51 Geographical Cards, wanted title, containing small views of cities, including New York, South America and the principal cities of Europe and the East (H. Brome, 1676), 8vo. (664*) Sabin, £3 125. 6838 Testament (The New), now translated out of the Original Greeke, woodcut title, B. Norton and J. Bill, 1627-The Third Part of the Bible (after some Division), containing 5 excellent Books, most commodious for all Christians, ib., 1626-Whole Booke of Psalmes in Meeter, by T. Sternhold and J. Hopkins, with apt Notes, Stationers Co., 1627, bound in 2 vol. dos-a-dos, in white silk, embroidered in flowers in relief in silver and various coloured threads by the nuns of Little Gidding (?), with the original silk ties and silk bag, in a perfect state of preservation, 16mo. (665) Maggs, £26 10s.

The Property of an Amateur.

6839 Butler (S.) Hudibras, the Second Part, first edition of the genuine first issue, with leaf of imprimatur, original calf, T. R. for J. Martyn and J. Allestry, 1664, small 8vo. (666)

Maggs, £20 10s.

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