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ailleurs, engraved title and 100 plates, half morocco, Paris,
Moyreau, 1737, folio

Deman, £ 5 25. 6d. 6774 Turner (J. M. W.) England and Wales, with Descriptive

and Historic Illustrations by H. E. Lloyd, 96 plates, India proofs before letters, in half morocco portfolio, Longmans, 1837, folio (324)

R. Ward, £27 Other Properties. 6775 Whitman (Walt). Leaves of Grass, author's edition, with

portraits from life, inscription on the fly-leaf, “ H. R. Haweis, from the Author," and autograph of Walt Whitman on title, original half binding, Camden, New Jersey, 1876, 8vo. (361)

Williamson, £t 6s. 6776 Whitman (Walt). Two Rivulets, including Democratic

Vistas, Centennial Songs and Passages to India, author's edition, portrait, with signature of Walt Whitman, presentation copy, with inscription on fly-leaf, “H. R. Haweis, from the Author," original half binding, Camden, New Jersey, 1876, 8vo. (362)

Williamson, £4 is. 6777 Wilde (Oscar). Lady Windermere's Fan, a Play about a

Good Woman, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1893, 4to. (364)

Spencer, £3 ios. 6778 Coleridge (S. T.) Poems, second edition, to which are now

added Poems by Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd, old tree-calf, 1797, 8vo. (370)

Shepherd, £2 65. 6779 Loudon (J. C.) Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum, or the

Trees and Shrubs of Britain, 8 vol., with above 2,500 engravings and numerous octavo and quarto plates, half

morocco, uncut, t. e. g., 1844, 8vo. (404) Sotheran, £3 155. 6780 Stevenson (R. L.) A Child's Garden of Verses, third edition,

with the pictorial bookplate of R. L. Stevenson, and a slip pasted on half-title, with inscription, “Robert Louis Stevenson, to imitate which is forgery,” original cloth, uncut, t.e. g., 1888, 8vo. (405)

Rylett, £3 175. 6d. 6781 Heures à lusaige de Rome, printed on vellum, woodcuts and

woodcut border round each page, initial letters and finials in gold and colours, a few leaves badly stained, calf, Paris,

T. Kerver, 5 Janvier, 1503, 8vo. (420) Locke, £15 5s. 6782 Tennyson. Poems by Two Brothers (Alfred and Charles

Tennyson), in paper wrappers, with label on back, part of lower blank margin of title torn off, Simpkin and Marshall

, etc., 1827, 8vo. (424)

Shepherd, £15 6783 Freeman (Edward A.) History of the Norman Conquest of

England, its Causes and its Results, with Index, together 6 vol., second edition, revised, maps, uncut, Oxford, 1870-79, 8vo. (427)

J. L. White, £9 58. 6784 Peaks, Passes and Glaciers—Excursions by Members of the

Alpine Club, second series, edited by E. S. Kennedy, 2 vol., presentation copy to Mrs. Pollock from the Editor, maps and illustrations, original cloth, uncut, 1862, 8vo. (432)

Walford, £2 125. 6785 Lever (Charles). Tales of the Trains, being some Chapters

of Railroad Romance, by Tilbury Tramp, Queen's Messenger, first edition, engravings, original cloth, g. e., 1845, 8vo. (434)

Brown, £3 18s. 6786 Laudes Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, Poems taken from a Psalter,

written by an English scribe, scroll work borders and numerous initial letters, uncut, W. Morris, 1896, small folio (447)

Shepherd, £5 175. 6d. 6787 Bewick (T.) General History of British Quadrupeds, fifth

edition, imperial paper, figures engraved on wood by Thomas Bewick, morocco extra, g. e., Newcastle, 1807, 8vo. (449)

Leighton, £2 18s. 6788 Bewick (T.) History of British Birds, 2 vol., imperial paper,

the figures engraved on wood by Thomas Bewick, morocco

extra, g. e., Newcastle, 1805, 8vo. (450) Rimell, £ 5 7s. 6d. 6789 Gronow (Captain). Reminiscences and Recollections, 2 vol.,

with the 25 illustrations in duplicate, one on plate paper, proofs before letters, and the other on Whatman paper, with titles, and coloured by hand, morocco extra, m. e., 1889, 8vo. (451)

Quaritch, £2 145. 6790 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical Decameron, 3 vol., numerous

facsimile illustrations, some of which are on India paper,

half morocco gilt, t. e. g., 1817, 8vo. (452) Locke, £9 155. 6791 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliotheca Spenceriana, 4 vol., facsimile

illustrations of rare and curious woodcuts, etc., morocco extra, g. e., 1814, imperial 8vo. (453)

Locke, £6 155. 6792 Redouté (P. J.) Les Roses, 3 vol., plates, in colours, original

boards, uncut, 1835, imperial 8vo. (455) Sotheran, £5 155. 6793 Mante (Thomas). History of the late War in North-America

and the Islands of the West-Indies, including the Campaigns of 1763 and 1754, against His Majesty's Indian Enemies, maps, morocco extra, g. e., 1772, 4to. (476)

E. James, £26 6794 Romancero General emendado por Pedro de Flores e Segunda

Parte por M. de Madrigal, part i., morocco extra, by Simier, with the arms of Lord Stuart de Rothesay in gold on sides; part ii., morocco, with arms in blind on sides (9 leaves in part ii, reprinted, and last two leaves defective and mended, sold not subject to return), Madrid, 1604 e Valladolid, 1605, 4to. (479)

Quaritch, £15 6795 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queene, first edition of both

series, 2 vol., a few headlines shaved, and some leaves in part i. defective and mended, russia, g. e., sold not subject

to return, W. Ponsonbie, 5590-96, 4to. (480) Locke, £11 55. 6796 Knight (R. P.) Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, etc., a

new edition, illustrations, half bound, t. e. g., Privately printed, 1865, 4to. (483)

Burman, £1 155. 6797 Spenser (Edmund). Complete Works, in verse and prose,

edited, with Life, Notes, Glossary, etc., by Alex. B. Grosart, vol. i. to ix., LARGEST PAPER, one of 100 copies, uncut, Printed for private circulation only, 1882-4, 4to. (485)

Walford, £3 35. 6798 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queene, in two parts, 2 vol. XVI.


(first edition of part ii., and second edition of part i.), margins of a few leaves in vol. i. mended, else a sound and clean copy in morocco extra, g. e., 1596, 4to. (494)

Pickering, £9 ios. 6799 Gallery of Fashion, vol. i. to vi., in 3 vol., coloured full-length figures, half bound, Heidelofi, 1794-99, 4to. (497)

E. Parsons, £24 los. 6800 Tacitus. Opere di G. Cornelio Tacito ... trasportati dalla

lingua Castigliana nella Toscana, da Girol. Canini, old morocco, g. e., Venetia, 1618, 4to. (500) Perry, £30

A Small Collection received from America. 6801 Fraser's Magazine, from its commencement in 1830 to its

discontinuation in 1882, portraits and etchings by Thackeray and others, 106 vol., half calf, g. t., a complete set, 1830-82, 8vo. (519)

Wallace, £15 los. 6802 Johnson (Dr. Samuel). Marmor Norfolciense, or an Essay

on an Ancient Prophetical Inscription in Monkish Rhyme, first edition, half morocco, g. t., by Bradstreet, J. Brett, 1739, 8vo. (521)

Denham, £4 6803 Rossetti (D. G.) The Germ, first edition, etchings by Holman

Hunt, Madox Brown, etc., the 4 numbers complete in i vol., half morocco, g. t., uncut, Aylett and Jones, 1850, 8vo. (525)

Robson, £35 6804 Shenstone (William). Poems upon various Occasions, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., Oxford, 1737, 8vo. (527)

Wallace, 615 5s. 6805 Symonds (J. A.) Studies of the Greek Poets, both series, first editions, 2 vol., original cloth, 1873-76, 8vo. (529)

Ogden, £5 7s. 6d. (With many manuscript notes in the autograph of Oscar

Wilde.Catalogue.] 6806 Tennyson (Lord). Poems, chiefly Lyrical, first edition, morocco extra, g. t., uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 1830, 8vo. (531)

Maberley, 20 los. 6807 Thackeray. The Idler, a Magazine of Fiction, in the 6 original numbers with all the wrappers, 1856, Svo. (534)

Maggs, 24 IOS. [Contains an original poem, “The Idler," by Thackeray, written for the magazine. The above is a complete set of

this rare production.-Catalogue.] 6808 Gray (T.) Ode Performed in the Senate House, Cambridge,

July 1st, 1769, at the Installation of the Duke of Grafton, first edition, in the original wrapper as issued, preserved in a morocco case, silk lined, sides richly tooled in gilt, Cambridge, 1769, 4to. (535)

Denham, £19 10s. Other Properties. 6809 Bacon (Francis Lord). Instauratio Magna (i.e., Novum

Organum, sive Indicia vera de Interpretatione Naturæ, first edition, engraved title, original calf (rebacked), J. Bill, 1620, folio (551)

Pickering, £15 jos.

6810 Sabadino overo Sabbadino de gli Arienti (Giov.) Settanta

Novelle, woodcuts and initial letters, folios i. and iii. in facsimile, russia gilt, g. e., sold not subject to return, Venet., 1510, folio (553)

Leighton, 611 155. 6811 Drayton (Michael). Poly-olbion ... digested into a Poem,

in 2 parts, first edition, engraved frontispiece by W. Hole, portrait of Prince Henry and folding maps (contained the printed title and table not in all copies), bound in 2 vol., calf, part i. in the original binding, preserved in a lined case, 1613-22, folio (562)

Sabin, £44 ios. 6812 Lancelot du Lac. Le premier volume (et le second et le tiers),

de Lancelot du lac nouuelemēt imprime a Paris, 3 vol. in 1, lit. goth., woodcut initials, with the last leaf containing Petit's mark, morocco super extra, g. e., Paris, pour Phelippe le Noir, 1533, folio (566)

Quaritch, £29 6813 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queen--the Shepheard's

Calendar-together with the Works of England's Arch-
Poet, first collected edition, clean copy in panelled calf,
H. L. for Mathew Lownes, 1611, folio (567) .

Pickering, £13 1os. (A second copy, in the original calf, realised Z12 ios.

(Lot 579).—ED.] 6814 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Workes, newly printed, with divers

Addicions, including the Siege of Thebes, by John Lydgate, black letter, woodcut and numerous initials, imperfect at beginning, a leaf defective, sold not subject to return, old

calf, Jhon Kyngston, 1561, folio (568) Peach, £3 125. 6815 Drayton (Michael). Poems, collected into one volume, with

sondry Peeces inserted, never before imprinted, portrait by Hole, slightly torn, and engraved title, W. Stansby for J. Smethwicke, 1619—The Battaile of Agincourt, fought by Henry the fift of that name, King of England, etc., first edition, with portrait by Hole, William Lee, 1627, in i vol., original mottled calf gilt, m. e., folio (584)

Pickering, £25 1os. 6816 Jonson (Ben). Workes (vol. i.), first edition, engraved title,

wanted the portrait by Vaughan, old calf (rebacked), William Stansby, 1616, folio (585)

Dobell, £19 6817 Jonson (Ben). Workes, 2 vol., portrait and engraved title, a clean and sound copy in calf, 1640, folio (586)

Pickering, £11 58. 6818 Detaille (E.) Types et Uniformes. L'Armée Française, texte

par Jules Richard, 346 illustrations, papier du Japon, 2 vol. in 16 portfolios as published, Boussod, Valadon, 1885-9, folio (593)

Maggs, £13 10s. 6819 Detaille (Ě.) Types et Uniformes. L'Armée Française, the

series of 344 plates printed on papier du Japon, without text, only 100 sets issued, complete in 16 portfolios as pub

lished, Boussod, Valadon, 1885-9, folio (594) Maggs, £7 6820 Speciale missarum secundum chorūm herbipolensis, printed

in double columns, red and black, in a large gothic letter, with two large woodcuts (coloured), one representing the Crucifixion (defective), initial letters in blue and red, old binding, g. e., with biblical subjects painted on the edges, 1495, folio (597)

Quaritch, 417 6821 More (Syr Thomas). Utopia, black letter, first English edition,

frontispiece, wanted two leaves of the Epistle, signature Gi, and sheets G and H misplaced, calf, sold not subject to return, London, by Abraham Vele, 1551, 8vo. (609)

Sabin, £13 155. 6822 Pope (Alexander). The Rape of the Lock, a Poem, plates by L. Du Guernier, calf gilt, B. Lintott, 1714, 8vo. (620)

Quaritch, £36 6823 Arabian Nights. The Book of the Thousand Nights and a

Night, translated from the Arabic by Captain Sir R. F.
Burton, reprinted from the original edition, and edited by
L. C. Smithers, “ Library Edition," 12 vol., original cloth,
t. e. g., 1894, 8vo. (626)

Rimell, £3 11S. 6824 Watts (Isaac). Horæ Lyricæ. Poems, chiefly of the Lyric

kind, first edition, a few leaves stained, original binding (broken), on p. 242 are 2 MS. alterations, 1706, 8vo. (638)

Quaritch, £59 [On the fly-leaf the following interesting letter written by Isaac Watts : “To Mr. Samll Say. Dear Sir, Accept of this first labor of the press, this ventrous Essay of Poesie in so Nice and censorious an Age : forgive as you read, peruse as a friend, design to be pleased and not to Judge.

And if you can (without too much abuse of your Judge· ment) [recommend it to the world]”—this has been erased

“you will help to free me from some obligations under wch ye Bookseller has put ye.

“Timorous Author, Your friend, “Decr 28th, 1705."

“I. Watts.

- Catalogue.) 6825 Goldsmith. The Comic Romance of Monsieur Scarron, trans

lated by Oliver Goldsmith, 2 vol., first edition, in the original calf, London, W. Griffin, 1775, 8vo. (639)

Pickering, £2 175. 6d. 6826 Horæ. Ces presentes Heures a lusaige de Rome, etc., lit.

goth. (lettres bâtardes), printed upon vellum, within woodcut borders of biblical subjects and figures, grotesques, hunting scenes, etc. (all uncoloured), also 13 large woodcuts of spiritual subjects within borders, and 36 small woodcuts of saints, etc., all, with the initials and details, illuminated in gold and colours in a superior manner, a few borders shaved at the top, vellum, g.e., Paris, G. Anabat pour Gillet et G. Hardouyn, n. d. (Almanack, 1508-12), (643)

Rylett, £16 jos. [The illuminated work is unusually good, notably the two full-page pictures facing each other. Produced before 1510, as Anabat died in that year. Brunet wrongly describes it as having 84 leaves, though he gives the signatures

correctly, making 80 leaves.-Catalogue.] 6827 Quadragesimale novum Editum ac predicatum a quadam

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