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6366 [Fine (Oronce).] La Theorique des cielz mouvemēs et termes

practiques des Sept Planetes, lettres bâtardes, large woodcuts of spheres, and ornamental initials, morocco extra, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Imprime a Paris par Simon Du Bois pour Jehan Pierre de Tours, 1528, small folio (102)

Quaritch, £7 [Extremely rare. The first publication in French of the

celebrated mathematician of Francis II.'s time.- Catalogue.] 6367 (Genlis (Mme. de).] Adèle et Théodore, ou Lettres sur l'Édu

cation, seconde édition, 3 vol., old French morocco, with arms of King George III., g.e. (Derome), Impr. de M. Lambert, 1782, 8vo. (108)

Dank, £7 155. 6368 Giardino de Oratione. Libro Devoto e Fructuoso à Cias

caduno Chiamato Giardino de Oratione novamente stampato con diligentia, large Italian outline woodcut on title and ornamental initials, boards, Impresso in Venetia, 1511 (s. n. impressore), small 4to. (109)

Quaritch, £16 6369 Hieronymus (S.) Epistole de San Hieronymo Volgare (con

sua Vita, often wanting), (por Matteo da Ferrara), full-page woodcuts within borders, and other Italian outline woodcuts and ornamental initials in the text, vellum, Impressa en Ferrara per Lorenzo di Rossi da Valenza, anno 1497 (with fine device), small folio (116)

Quaritch, £45 6370 Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis ad Usum Romanæ Curiæ, cum

Calendario, lit. goth., long lines, printed upon vellum, within woodcut borders in compartments of saints, etc., 19 large woodcuts, with ornamental borders, small initial figures of saints, ornamental initials, etc., all painted and illuminated, modern boarded morocco, stamped with blind antique ornaments and legends, by Claessens, sans notes [G. de Marnef, 1493? Almanac, 1489-1508], square 8vo. (122)

Chadwick, £18 [A very rare edition, without formal title or colophon. It commences on Aj, the recto of which is a blank space containing in the lower part only the words “ Ad Usum Komanae Curie." surrounded by a border. The volume has 92 leaves in all; signatures a 8 leaves, a a 4 leaves and b-m 6 in 8's, f having 6 leaves and i 4 leaves only, 2 leaves apparently in the latter signature wanting. (Sold not subject to return.)

Catalogue.] 6371 Horæ. Hore intemerate Vgis. Marie ad Usum Rõanū. Heures

a lusage de Romme, avec le Calendrier, etc., lettres bâtardes, red and black, printed upon vellum, within woodcut borders of Scriptural and profane subjects, figures of saints, etc., 15 large woodcuts within borders, and small ornamental initials, etc. (the latter illuminated), wanted a leaf in e and one in I, the astrological man touched with colour, the remainder of the cuts uncoloured, old morocco gilt, sprinkled edges, “Ces presentes heures a lusage de Rome furent achevées le xxvii. jour de Juing lan mcccc. iiii. xx. xvii. (1497) pour Thielma Kerver a Paris sur le Pont Saint Michel a lenseigne de la Licorne,8vo. (123) Cockerell, £28 ios.

[The first “ Book of Hours” published by Kerver. It appears to have been printed by Jean Philippe, as it has his device of the Trinity on the last leaf, while Kerver's

device is on the title.- Catalogue. 6372 Horæ. Heures a lusage de Rome, avec le Calendrier, lettres

bâtardes, printed upon vellum, within woodcut borders of Scriptural and other subjects, 14 full-page woodcuts and numerous small woodcuts in the text, the small capitals and ornaments alone illuminated, old French calf, with stamped centre ornaments and initials I. M., Ces presentes heures a lusage de Rome furent achevées le xx. jour de Jan. vier lan m.ccccc. (1500) [? Par Verard), small 8vo. (124)

Veness, £26 [Commences on A a with “Benedictio dei Patris cum angelis suis," etc., and ends on B 8 with the colophon as above. An inscription on the reverse of the last leaf shows it to have belonged in the XVIth century to “Dame Blanche Rát, feme de Sire Jehan Pichonat, Marchand a Paris.”—

Catalogue.] 6373 Horæ. Heures a lusaige de Rome tout aut (sic) long sans

riens requirir, avec le Calendrier, lettres bâtardes, printed upon vellum, woodcut borders of apocalyptical subjects, etc., large device of Hardouyn on title, astrological man and 18 large metallized woodcuts, old calf, Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Röme, ont este nouvellement, imprimées a Paris par Guillaume Anabat pour Gillet Hardou yn et pour Germain Hardouyn, s. d. (Almanack, 1508-20), 8vo. (125)

Belin, £13 55. 6374 Horæ. Heures a lusaige de Rome toutes au lög sās reqrir.,

lit. goth. (lettres bâtardes), printed within woodcut borders of Scriptural subjects, etc., Godart's large device on title, astronomical man, stem of Jesse, plate of the Trinity and 12 other full-page woodcuts of the Passion, initials painted in blue and red, wanted B 7, some leaves wormed and stained and a cut damaged, sold not subject to return, modern calf, Paris, Guillaume Godard, s. d. [Almanack, 1524-33), small 4to. (126)

Belin, £13 (After L 8 come “Oraisons des Saints,” 4 leaves, in 3 columns, without signatures, with figure of a saint at the

head of each.-Catalogue.] 6375 Horæ in Laudem beatissimæ Virginis Mariæ ad Usum

Romanum, Officium triplex, avec le Calendrier, printed in roman letter, red and black, ruled throughout in red, within arabesque borders, 16 large outline woodcuts within architectural and ornamental borders, device of Pot Cassé on title and on reverse of last leaf, woodcut of a priest inserted as fly-leaf, velvet binding, Paris., apud Oliverium Maillard, 1539, 12mo. (127)

Cockerell, 426 [The borders and woodcuts designed by Geoffry Tory, whose successor Maillard was. They appear to have been originally used in a Tory “ Book of Hours ” of 1529. The title appears to have been washed.-Catalogue.]

6376 Ketham (Joannes de). Fasciculus Medicæ, etc., title with:

ornamental border, full-page outline Italian woodcuts. figured and ornamental initials, etc., half bound, Leed.

G. Arrivabenus, 1522, small folio (134) Quaritck, :1 6377 Laborde (J. B. de). Choix de Chansons mises en Musique

portrait of Laborde, head of Marie Antoinette fronting va
ii., plates by J. M. Moreau, 4 vol. in 2, morocco extra, g.e.
by Lortic (934 by 6 inches), Paris, chez De Lormel, 1775
imperial 8vo. (135)

Robertson, 6378 Longus. Les Amours Pastorales de Daphnis et Chlor

(traduit par J. Amyot), première édition, old French morocco, with the devices of Dr. François Lapeyronnie for whom the book was bound), silk doublures, g. e. (Padeloup. made-up copy of 2 editions, s. 1. (Paris, Quillau), 1718, sma! 8vo. (146)

Taylor, 213.55 6379 Missale ad Sacrosctē Romane Ecclesie Usum (cum Cales

dario), lit. goth., printed upon vellum, red and black, with musical notes, large and small woodcuts and ornament... initials, comprising a full-page cut before the Canon, lo the Mass of S. Gregory, 30 large scenes in the Life Christ, 164 small figures of male and female saints, borders and hundreds of smaller initials and ornaments, de painted and highly illuminated in imitation of Ancer: Manuscripts, the borders painted in flowers, animals, insects. arabesques, etc., oaken boards, velvet, g. e., with 8 old silver bosses, 2 centre pieces, clasps and catches, In alm: Parisiorum academia impensis honestorum Virorum Simok: Vostre et Thielmani Kerver, 1517, xx. Oct., folio (160)

Stephens, £210 [Only five or six copies appear to be known on vellum.

Catalogue.] 6380 Moreau le Jeune (J. M.) et Freudeberg. Première, Seconde

et Troisième Suites d'Estampes pour servir a l'Histoire des Moeurs et du Costume des François dans le dix-huitième Siècle (années 1774-6-83), 36 plates after Moreau and Freudeberg (A. P. D. R.), morocco extra, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Paris, Prault, 1774-77-83, imperial folio (168

Koningsburg, 300 6381 Mystere. Le Mistere de la Conception, Nativite, Mariage e:

annonciation de la benoiste Vierge Marie, lit. goth. (lettres bâtardes), double columns, woodcuts and printers' device, inlaid throughout, within red lines and an outside woodcut border, old French morocco extra, g. e. (Padeloup), Yemen 2 copy, imprimé nouvellement à Paris par Alain Lotriak er Denis Janot, s. d., 4to. (171)-Mystere. Sensuit la Resurrection de nostre Seigneur Jesu Christ par Personnages, comment il sapparut a ses apostres et a plusieurs autres, etc., lit. goth. (lettres bâtardes), inlaid throughout, within red lines, and outer woodcut borders, woodcut on title and reverse of last leaf, old French morocco, g. e. (Padeloup. uniform with the preceding, Nouvellement imprimé à Paris par Alain Lotrian, s. d., 4to. (172)

Ellis, 129

6382 Officium Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, Secundum Consuetudinem

Romanæ Curiæ, cum Calendario, printed upon vellum in roman letters, long lines, 14 to a full page, without marks (163 leaves), borders of the Calendar painted and illuminated, 8 other similar borders, some with coats-of-arms, small illuminated initials and borders, giving the book the appearance of a 15th century MS., old French morocco, g.e., Absque nota [Venet., N. Jenson, circa 1474), square 12mo. (180)

Cockerell, £75 . 6383 Opera Nova Contemplativa, lit. goth., xylographic woodcuts

and text on every page, old leather binding, gilt and gauffred edges, Opera di Giovaniandrea Vavassore chitto Vadagnino, stampata novamente nella inclita citta di Vinegia, s. d. [15-], 12mo. (181) Leighton, £18 1os.

[The only Italian imitation of the early block-book of the

“Biblia Pauperum.”Catalogue.] 6384 Oribasius Sardianus. Synopseos ad Eustathium Filium lib.

ix., ruled in red, old French morocco, back and sides covered with daisies and lilies within borders of leafy scrolls, 3 fleurs-de-lis in a bend in upper cover, and a flowering lily with motto, “Expectata non eludet," on under cover, the device of Margaret Remy de Valois, g.e. (Clovis Eve), (from the Libri collection), Paris., in officina Audoeni Parvi, 1554, 12mo. (182)

Austin, £. 30 6385 Ovidius. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide en Latin et en Fran

çois, engravings after Boucher, etc., 4 vol., old French morocco gilt, g. e., Paris, Basan et Le Mire, 1767-71, 4to.

Belin, £14 ios. 6386 Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi. Alhonneur de nostre

Seigneur Jesu Christ a este translate de latin en françoys, lit. goth., outline woodcuts and ornamental initials, Trepperel's large device on reverse of last leaf, morocco extra, g.e., by Gruel, Paris, Veuve Jehan Trepperel, s. a., small 4to. (190)

Falby, t14 Ios. 6387 Perrault (Charles). Tales of Passed Times by Mother Goose,

with Morals, Englished by R. S., English and French text, 8 plates, unsigned, unlettered proofs, morocco extra, uncut, bound by Cuzin, sixth edition, London, J. Melvil, 1764, small 8vo. (192)

Quaritch, £1 155. 6388 Piis (P. A. A. de). Chansons Nouvelles, portrait and 12

plates after Le Barbier, by Gaucher, before the numbers, morocco extra, ornamental gilt back, g. on m. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Paris, impr. de Ph. de Pierres, 1785, small 8vo. (196)

Quaritch, £22 6389 Ptolemaeus (Claudius). Geographia lib. viii., 27 metal-plate

maps (the same as used in the edition of 1478), large painted initials in red (wanted a 1, a blank), old mottled calf, Romæ arte ac impensis Petri de Turre, 1490, folio (204)

Quaritch, £31 6390 (Querelles (Le Chev. de).] Hero et Léandre, Poême Nouveau,

frontispiece and 8 coloured plates, by P. L. Debucourt,


morocco super extra, t. e. g., Paris, impr. de P. Didot l'Ain An ir., 1801, 4to. (205)

J. Bumpus, 2: 6391 Restif-de-la-Bretonne (N. E.) Le Paysan Perverti-et La Pas

sanne Pervertie-ou les Dangers de la Ville, édition orignale, plates, after Binet by Berthier, 8 vol., morocco extra, t.e. g., others uncut, by 'Rivière, La Haye et se troute : Paris, 1776-84, small 8vo. (209)

Quaritch, 413 6392 Smirke. Illustrations to Don Quixote, 74 plates and

nettes, India proofs before letters, taken separately uc LARGE PAPER without text, but with printed list of the plates, half morocco gilt, g. e., Cadell, 1817, etc., impera. folio (222)

Sabin, 47 IOS 6393 Tasso (Torquato). La Gerusalemme Liberata, printed upo:

vellum (only 3 or 4 copies so printed), 2 vol., morocca extra, by Spachmann, Parigi, P. Didot il Magg, 1812, TOYS 8vo. (232)

Stechert, 45 iOS 6394 Thevet (G. André). Les Singularitez de la France Act

arctique, woodcuts, library stamp on title, boards, Ameri, C. Plantin, 1558, small 8vo. (235)

Symes, 55 55 6395 Turner (J. M. W.) Picturesque Views on the Southern Coas:

of England, original edition, LARGE PAPER, proof plates engraved by W. B. and G. Cooke, 2 vol., half morocca t.e. g., uncut, Arch, etc., 1826, imperial 4to. (239) .

E. Parsons, £8 125. 6396 Valentia. Aureum Opus regalium Privilegiorum Civitatis ei

regni Valentie cum historia Cristianissimi Regis Jacob ipsius primi conquistatoris, lit. goth.. large cut of Valencia arms on title, equestrian figure of S. James (some leaves stained and wormed, title margined), old Spanish cali, Valentia, Didacus de Gumiel, 1515, folio (240)

Cockerell, [Comprises a Chronicle of the Expulsion of the Moors

from Valencia, written in the Limousin dialect. --Catalogue 6397 Valta (Petrus Ludovicus, Episc. Revensi). Opusculum supe:

qualibet dictione Symboli Apostilici devote compositum, printed upon vellum, probably unique (16 leaves), full-length woodcut figure of S. Peter on reverse of title, and 70 large ornamental woodcut initials, modern morocco gilt, gie stamp of the Convent of S. Mariæ Majoris on title (Paris. impressit Badius ad idus Martias, 1515, small 4to. (242)

Cockerell, 415 Ios. 6398 Vecellio (Cesare). De Gli Habiti antichi et moderni di diverse

parti del Mondo, libri due, prima edizione, full-length figures
within ornamental borders, attributed to Titian, woodcut
initials and vignettes, morocco extra, with the De Goncourts
monogram stamped in gold in centres, inside dentelles,
g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Venet., D. Zenaro, 1990, 8va

Pickering, {0 6399 (Verstegan (Rich.)] Theatrum Crudelitatum Hæreticorum

Nostri Temporis, editio prima, copperplate engravings morocco, plain, inside dentelles, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru. Antw., A. Hubertus, 1588, small 4to. (246) Maggs, [1 185

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