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[Only two complete sets on thick paper ; this is one.

ED.) 5950 Harleían Society. Register Series, complete from the com

mencement, on thick paper, 28 vol., morocco super extra, g.e., 1877-1901, imperial 8vo. (375)

Walford, £42 5951 Hassards. Outlines of the History and Genealogy of the

Hassards and their connections, morocco, Privately printech, 1858, 8vo. (382)

Gray, 12 5952 Haviland.

Chronicle of the Ancient and Noble Norman Family of De Haviland, including the branches of Dorset, Gloucester and Somerset, boards, Privately printei, n. d., folio (383)

Grav, 2 5953 Heathiana. Notes of the Family of Heath, portraits, auto

graph letter inserted, half morocco, Privately printed, 1881, 4to. (387)

Hovenden, £! US. 5954 Hertfordshire. Clutterbuck (R.) History and Antiquities of

the County of Hertford, 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, plates, half russia, t. e. g., extra plates, old deeds, etc. inserted, 1815-27, folio (399)

Edwards, £7 175. 6d. 5955 Hertfordshire. Cussans (J. E.) History of Hertfordshirt,

3 vol., plates and pedigrees, extra plates, etc. inserted, har morocco, 1870-81, folio (401)

Edwards, £3 35. 5956 Herveys of Suffolk, edited by J. J. Howard, half bound, extra

matter inserted, Lowestoft, 1868, 4to. (405) Walford, £! is. 5957 Heigham (C. W.) Pedigree of the Heigham Family, cloth,

For private distribution, n. d., 4to. (406) W'alfort, 1 5958 Hungerfordiana, or Memoirs of the Family of Hungerford,

collected by Sir R. C. Hoare, illustrations, MS. additions by Dr. Howard and bookplates inserted, morocco, g. e., n. d., 8vo. (410)

Quaritch, £ 1 18. 5959 Hunloke. Pedigree of the Family of Hunloke, half bound, extra matter inserted, Privately printed, imperial folio (411

Hovenden, 1 5s. 5960 Hurry. Memorials of the Family of Hurry, of Great Yar

mouth, Norfolk, and of New York, United States, haif bound, Norwich, 1873, 4to. (414)

Lewine, £2 10s. 5961 Husenbeth (F.) Emblems of Saints, coloured cuts of arms, cloth, Norwich, 1882, 8vo. (415)

Quaritch, Ł2 Is. 5962 Howard Family Memorials, plates, half russia, ex-libris (14.

rubbings of brasses, extra plates, pedigrees, etc. inserted, 1834, royal folio (421)

Rimell, £5 25. Od. 5963 Index to the Monumental Inscriptions in the “Registrum

Roffense” (one of 50 copies), Privately printed, 1885, folio (425)

4,175. 5964 Ireland. Stuart (Rev. A.) Genealogical and Historica!

Sketch of the Stuarts of the House of Castle Stuart in
Ireland, half morocco, Edinburgh, 1854, 8vo. (429)

Quaritch, £1 145. 5965 Ireland. Visitation of Ireland, edited by J. J. Howard and

F. A. Crisp, 3 vol., half bound (one of 250 copies), Privately printed, 1897, folio (431)

Crisp, £2 105. 5966 Ireland (l'isitation of), edited by J. J. Howard and F. A

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T. Ward, etc., 1704-17 (engraved titles, J. Hooke, 1716, etc., small 8vo. (921)

Pickering, £8 ios. 5828 Willan (Leonard). Astræa, or True Love's Myrrour, a Pas

toral, first edition, portrait by T. Cross (mounted), some margins shaved, R. White for H. Cripps and L. Lloyd, 1651 (Harington (Sir John).]. The History of Polindor and Flostella, with other Poems, by J. H., first edition, frontispiece by Droeshout, T. Roycroft for Tho. Dring, 1651, in i vol., calf extra, g. e., 8vo. (926)

Sabin, £15 10s. 5829 Wine, Beer, Ale and Tobacco, contending for Superiority, a

Dialogue, woodcut frontispiece (corners of 2 leaves slightly defective), J. B. for John Grove, 1658--Swetman, the Woman-hater, Arraigned by Women, cut on title, poor copy much cut down, R. Meighen, 1620— The Valiant Scot, by T. W. Gent, T. Harper for J. Waterson, 1637- Tom Tyler and his Wife, an Excellent Old Play, 1661, 4 pieces, all unbound, small 4to. (931)

Sabin, £29 TOS. 5830 Wither (George). Abuses Stript, and Whipt, or Satyrical!

Essayes devided into vo Bookes, reviewed and enlarged, with Prince Henry's Obsequies and the Scourge (with cut of a satyr), old panelled calf, H. Lownes for F. Burion, 1617, small 8vo. (932)

Sotheran, £6 155 5831 Wither (George). The Schollers Purgatory, discovered to the

Stationers' Commonwealth and described in a Discourse

, etc., first edition, Imprinted for the Honest Sationers, n.d. [1625-6)-Wing (V.) and Leybourn 1 Ens fictum Shakerlæi, or the Annihilation of Mr. Jeremiah Shakerley, his in-artificiall Anatomy of Urania Practica, R. Leybourn, 1649—The Rebellion of Naples, or the Tragedy of Massenello, folding frontispiece, 1649—Religio Jurisconsulti (by J. Botrie), (not in Lowndes), Henry Hot,

1649, in i vol., old calf, small 8vo. (933) Pickering, 31 5832 Wits Interpreter. The English Parnassus, containing Love

Songs, Epigrams, Drollery, etc. The Muses Elizium, Games and Sports used among the Gentry of England, etc., the third edition, with many Additions by J.C., frontis. piece in compartments, a few headlines shaved, old calf, X. Brook, etc., 1671, 8vo. (934)

Pickering, £5 155. 5833 Wycherley (William). Miscellany Poems, as Satyrs, Epistles

Love Verses, Songs, Sonnets, etc., first edition, LARGE PAPER, mezzo portrait after Lely, J. Smith fecit, 1703, old calf, gilt back and frame sides, g. e., C. Brome, etc., 1704. folio (938)

Pickering, $105 [Presentation copy, with inscription on fly-leaf, "For ve Right Honble. The Earle of Radnor, from his most obligd

and most humble servant, W. Wycherley.”-Catalogue.) 5834 Zeiller (Mart.) Typographia Galliæ, oder Beschreiburg

und Contrafaitung der vornehmbsten und bekanntisen Erter in Frankreich, maps, plans and views of Parisian cities, old calf gilt, Franckf. a U., C. Merian, 1655, sma": folio (940)

E. Parsons, as

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portraits and plates, morocco, g.e., Privately printed, Boston, 1858 (65) Crossfield, £1 5851 Bristol. Fox (F. F.) Account of the Ancient Fraternity of Merchant Taylors of Bristol, half vellum (one of 50 copies for private circulation), 1880, 4to. (70) Sotheran, 1 IS. 5852 Brodrick. Genealogical Memoranda relating to the Family of Brodrick, autograph letters and bookplates inserted, cloth (one of 100 copies), Privately printed, 1872, 4to. (74) Walford, 1 8s. 5853 Brydges (Sir E.) Stemmata Illustria, plates of arms, half bound, uncut, Paris, privately printed, 1825, folio (78) A. R. Smith, £2 10s. 5854 Buckingham. Catholic Registers of Weston Underwood, vellum (one of 25 copies), Privately printed, 1887, folio (80) Quaritch, £1 25. 5855 Bucks. Gyll (G. W. J.) History of the Parish of Wraysbury, Ankerwycke Priory, and Magna Charta Island, with the History of Horton and Town of Colnbrook, cloth (extra matter inserted), 1862, 4to. (81) Hill, £1 25. 5856 Buckingham. Lipscomb (G.) History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham, 4 vol., plates, several ancient MS. documents relating to the County loosely inserted, half morocco, t. e. g., 1847, 4to. (82) Rimell, LII 5857 Buckler (C. A.) Bucleriana. Notices of the Family of Buckler, boards, For private circulation, 1886, 4to. (84) Walford, 14s. 5858 Burke (Sir B.) Landed Gentry, 2 vol., cloth gilt, 1898 (87) Col. Montague, £1 15s. 5859 Cambridgeshire Visitation, by H. St. George, 1619, edited by Sir Thomas Phillipps, half bound, Typis Medio-Montanis, 1840, folio (98) Quaritch, £2 25. 5860 Carleton (Captain P. A.) Memorials of the Carletons, portraits and numerous plates of arms in gold and colours, half morocco, Privately printed, 1869, 4to. (100)

Quaritch, £1 16s. 5861 Carlisle (N.) Collections for a History of the Ancient Family of Carlisle, cuts of arms, calf gilt, long autograph letter of N. Carlisle inserted, Privately printed, 1822, 4to. (101) Walford, £2 12s. 5862 Carr (Colonel R. E.) The History of the Family of Carr of Dunston Hill, Co. Durham, 3 vol., plates (one coloured), cloth, 1893, folio (103) F. Thorne, £2 10s. 5863 Cheshire. Beaumont (W.) A Calendar of Ancient Family Charters preserved at Arley Hall, Cheshire, numerous MS. pedigrees, drawings of arms, etc., inserted, cloth, 1866, royal 4to. (107) Gray, £4 7s. 6d. East Cheshire, Past and Present, or a History of the Hundred of Macclesfield in the County Palatine of Chester, 2 vol., portraits and plates, cloth, 1877, 4to. (110) Walford, 1 25.

5864 Cheshire. Earwaker (J. P.)

5865 Cheshire. Hall (Joseph). History of the Town and Parish

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