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[Only two complete sets on thick paper ; this is one.

ED.) 5950 Harleian Society. Register Series, complete from the com

mencement, on thick paper, 28 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., 1877-1901, imperial 8vo. (375)

Walford, 4 5951 Hassards. Outlines of the History and Genealogy of the

Hassards and their connections, morocco, Privately prints
1858, 8vo. (382)

Gray, 12 5952 Haviland. Chronicle of the Ancient and Noble Norman

Family of De Haviland, including the branches of Dorst Gloucester and Somerset, boards, Privately printed, n.d folio (383)

Gray, : 5953 Heathiana. Notes of the Family of Heath, portraits, auis

graph letter inserted, half morocco, Privately printedt, rasi, 4to. (387)

Hovenden, £ills. 5954 Hertfordshire. Clutterbuck (R.) History and Antiquities (of

the County of Hertford, 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, plates, bal: russia, t. e. g., extra plates, old deeds, etc. inserted, 1815-27, folio (399)

Edwards, £7 175.00 5955 Hertfordshire. Cussans (J. E.) History of Hertfordshire,

3 vol., plates and pedigrees, extra plates, etc. inserted, has morocco, 1870-81, folio (401)

Edwaris, 13 5956 Herveys of Suffolk, edited by J. J. Howard, half bound, extra

matter inserted, Lowestoft, 1868, 4to. (405) Walford, Liis 5957 Heigham (C. W.) Pedigree of the Heigham Family, cloth

For private distribution, n. d., 4to. (406) Il'alfort, 5958 Hungerfordiana, or Memoirs of the Family of Hungerfors

collected by Sir R. C. Hoare, illustrations, MS. additions 3 Dr. Howard and bookplates inserted, morocco, g. e., 8vo. (410)

Quaritih, ki les 5959 Hunloke. Pedigree of the Family of Hunloke, hals bours, extra matter inserted, Privately printed, imperial folio: 411

Hovenden, Lij 5960 Hurry. Memorials of the Family of Hurry, of Great Tür

mouth, Norfolk, and of New York, United States, but bound, Norwich, 1873, 4to. (414)

Lewine, £2 103 5961 Husenbeth (F.) Emblems of Saints, coloured cuts of arms cloth, Norwich, 1882, 8vo. (415)

Quaritch, L2 is 5962 Howard Family Memorials, plates, half russia, ex-libris.14.

rubbings of brasses, extra plates, pedigrees, etc. inserte. 1834, royal folio (421)

Rimell, £5 25. a 5963 Index to the Monumental Inscriptions in the “ Registra

Roffense” (one of 50 copies), Privately printed, 1885, foco

(425) 5964 Ireland. Stuart (Rev. A.) Genealogical and Historica!

Sketch of the Stuarts of the House of Castle Stuart :D
Ireland, half morocco, Edinburgh, 1854, 8vo. (429)

Quaritch, 41 145 5965 Ireland. Visitation of Ireland, edited by J. J. Howard ar!

F. A. Crisp, 3 vol., half bound (one of 250 copies), Priruteir printed, 1897, folio (431)

Crisp, {2 103 5966 Ireland (Visitation of), edited by J. J. Howard and F. 1

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5980 Langdale Family Pedigree, portraits inserted, morocco, D. 8vo. (503)

Ellis, Lt 185 5981 Lascelles Pedigrees, Co. York, half morocco, 1869, 410. (501

Ellis, £2 75. od 5982 Lemprière. A Monograph of the House of Lemprière, fremst

970 A.D. to 1862, by J. B. Payne, plates, cloth, Prizma printed, 1862, 4to. (510)

Gray, £i 128 5983 Leete. Bridger and Anderson's The Family of Leete, portrait, cloth, Privately printed, 1881, small 4to. (513)

Quaritih, £1 125 5984 Lefroy. Notes and Documents relating to the Famix of

Lefroy, with branches in Australia and Canada, half na rocco, extra matter inserted, Privately printed, 1868, fo (514)

Gray, 22 23 5985 Leicestershire. Parish Registers of Newton-Linford, 14--

1679, half bound (one of io copies), Privately prinieil, 1934 folio (515)

Sotheran, £1 is 5986 Levinge (Sir R. G. A.) Jottings of the Levinge Fain's, cloth, Dublin, for private circulation, 1877 (519)

Gray, {2 1$ 5987 Lincolnshire. Parish Register of Irby-upon-Humber one x

50 copies), Privately printed, 1890, folio (524) E. Clarke, si 5988 Lincolnshire. Registers of the Parish of Horbling, 1633-18;3 transcribed and edited by H. Peet, cloth, 1895, 8vo. 1520

E. Clarke, {2$ 5989 Lodge (J.) The Peerage of Ireland, revised and enlarge boy M. Archdall, 7 vol., half russia, Dublin, 1789, 8vo. (534

Sotheran, 42 5990 London. Dart (John). Westmonasterium, or the Hisicing

and Antiquities of St. Peter, Westminster, 2 vol., places LARGE PAPER, russia gilt, n. d., imperial folio (542)

Bruton, $1 > 5991 London. Epitaphs at St. Luke's, Old Street, manuscript, ta: bound, Sæc. xix., folio (543)

Hovenden, 119 5992 London. Inscriptions from the New Gravel Pit (Unitaran

Churchyard, Hackney, half bound, Privately printeit, 1873 4to. (554)

Hirvencien, 5993 London. Register Book of the Parish of St. Nicholas Acurs

1539-1812, transcribed by W. Brigg, half bound, Lici, 1890, 8vo. (558)

Walford, £113 5994 London. Registers of Allhallows, London Wall, 1559 to 14-5,

vellum, uncut (one of 53 copies), Privately printed, in folio (559)

Walford, £8 25. 5995 London. Registers of the Dutch Reformed Church, Aus:

Friars, 1571-1874, by W. J. Moens, half morocco, LANE
PAPER (one of 10 copies), Privately printed, 1884, 4to. 50

Lindsay, 21-5 5996 London. Stow (John). Survey of London and Westminster,

with Life by Strype, 2 vol., plates, calf, a few extra plates inserted, 1720, folio (563)

Ellis, 22 5997 London.

The Inscriptions upon the Tombs, Gravestones,

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Deanery of Brisley, 3 vol., plates, half morocco, Norwich, 1877, 4to. (655)

Levine, £6 35 6015 Norfolk. Carthew (G. A.) History of East and West Bradenham, illustrations, boards, Norwich, 1883, 4to. (656)

Sotheran, £1 16s. 6016 Norfolk. Chidwick (J. N.) Index Nominum, an Index of

Names (with Arms), mentioned in Blomefield's Norfolk half morocco, King's Lynn, 1862 (657)

Quaritch, £.4 175. 6. 6017 Norfolk. Farrer (Rev. E.) The Church Heraldry of Norfolk,

2 vol., plates, half morocco, t. e. g., Norwich, 1887, 814. (661)

Edwards, £1 155. 6018 Norfolk. Merchants' Marks of Lynn, etc., facsimiles, 3 vol, half morocco, n. d., 4to. (665)

Quaritch, £2 105. 6019 Norfolk. Visitation of Norfolk, 1563, edited by the Rev. G.

H. Dashwood, vol. i half morocco, vol. 2, parts 2-4 to ease and various duplicate parts, Norwich, 1878, 4to. (675)

Levine, £3 s. 6020 Norfolk and Suffolk. Cotman (J. S.) Engravings of Sep!

chral Brasses in Norfolk and Suffolk, 2 vol., plates, has

morocco, 1839, royal folio (678) Walford, £2 75. Od. 6021 Ormerod (G.) Miscellanea Palatina, frontispiece and wood

cuts, cloth, not published, 1851, 8vo. (698) Quaritih, £1,5 6022 Oxfordshire. Dunkin (J.) History and Antiquities of the

Hundreds of Bullington and Ploughley, 2 vol. in 1, plates,

half morocco, t. e. g., 1823, 4to. (702) Parker, 42 43 6023 Oxfordshire. Lee (Rev. F. G.) History and Description of

the Church of the B.V.M. of Thame, illustrations, hai bound, uncut, 1883, folio (704)

Walford, LI JOS. 6024 Oxfordshire and Sussex Visitations, 1570, half morocoa

Typis Medio-Montanis, 184-, folio (710) Quaritch, £1 ÓR. 6025 Papworth (J. W.) An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of

Arms belonging to Families in Great Britain and Ireland, edited from page 696 by A. W. Morant, 2 vol., half morocco 1874, 8vo. (718)

Bumpus, £4 175. Oc. 6026 Parker's Glossary of Gothic Architecture, 3 vol., plates, clost, 0.xford, 1850, 8vo. (719)

Edwards, £? 25. 6027 Pedigrees. A Collection of neatly written transcripts of Pedigrees, by Dr. Howard, half morocco, t. e. g., folio (725)

#lovenien, 24 Ios. 6028 rees. A Collection of Pedigrees of Bedingfield, Brunins,

Clifford of Ugbrooke Park, Fortescue of Salden, Rookwood of Stanning field, Simeon of Brightwell, etc., in a volume, half morocco, imperial 4to. (726)

Rimell, £133 6029 Peel (Jonathan). The Peels, a Family Sketch, cloth, Fir

private circulation only, 1877, 8vo. (727) Ellis, 11. 6030 Peerage. Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland.

Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct, or
Dormant, edited by G. E. C., 8 vol., 1887-98, 8vo. (728)

Quaritch, <33 Tos 6031 Pelham. Lower (M. A.) Historical and Genealogical Notices

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