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KAY (J. TAYLOR), Librarian, Owen's College, Manchester.
KING (E.), Editor, Richmond and Trickenham Times, Richmond.
KIRKBY (Chas. V.), Assistant Librarian, Public Library, Leeds.
KNAPMAN (J. W.), Librarian, Pharmaceutical Society, 17, Bloomsbury Square,

London, W.C.
LAKIN (T.), Librarian, Free Public Library, Devonport.
LANCASTER (ALFRED), St. Helen's Free Library.
LANGFORD (J. A.), Sparkbrook, near Birmingham.
LAW (T. G.), Librarian, Signet Library, Edinburgh.
LEIGHTON (W. J.), jun., 40, Brewer Street, Golden Square, W.
LEWIS (Rev. S. S.), Library Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. (Life).
LIDDIARD (J. E.), West Hill Lodge, Hastings.
LOMAX (BENJAMIN), Librarian, Free Library and Museum, Brighton.
LOVEJOY (G.), Southern Counties Library, Reading.
LYALL (WM.), Librarian, Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
MABIN (J. F. L.), 170, Union Street, Plymouth.
MACALISTER (J. Y. W.), Librarian, Leeds Library, Commercial Street, Leeds.
MACFIE (ROBERT A.), Dreghorn, Colinton, Edinburgh.
MACKAY (Prof. AENEAS J. G.), 7, Albyn Place, Edinburgh.
MACKEY (Rev. Canon D. J.), Librarian, St. Ninian's Cathedral, The Chantry,

Balhousie, Perth. MACLAUCHLAN (J.), Librarian, Free Library and Museum, Dundee. MACRAY (Rev. WM. D., of the Bodleian Library), Ducklington Rectory, Witney. MACWHEA (GEO.), Librarian, Subscription Library, 24, George Street, Edinburgh. MADDOCK (Rev. H. E.), Librarian, Clare College, Cambridge. MADAN (F.), Librarian, Brasenose College ; Sub-Librarian, Bodleian Library,

Oxford. (Life). MADELEY (CHARLES), Librarian, The Museum, Warrington. MAGNUSSON (EIRIKR), Assistant Librarian, University Library, Cambridge. MAKELLAR (Rev. WM.), 8, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. (Life). MANLEY (J.), Member of Free Library Committee, 20, New Street, West

Bromwich. MARSHALL (JAS.), Assistant Librarian, Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. MARTIN (A. T.), Librarian, Clifton College, Bristol. MARTIN (JOHN EDWARD), Librarian, Inner Temple Library, London, E.C. MASON (THOMAS), Librarian, Stirling's Public Library, Glasgow. MATHEWS (E. R. N.), Assistant Librarian, Free Libraries, Birmingham, MATHEWS (HENRY J.), 2, Goldsmid Road, Brighton. MAYHEW (WALTER),, Member of the Free Public Library Committee, Wigan. MAYOR (Rev. Prof. J. E. B.), St. John's College, Cambridge. MILMAN (A.), Librarian, University of London, Burlington Gardens, London, W. MILMAN (Rev. WILLIAM H.), Librarian, Sion College, London Wall, London, E.C. MORGAN (ALFRED), Librarian, Free Library, Walsall. MORICE (ARTHUR D.), Aberdeen. MORLEY (Professor HENRY), University College, Gower Street, London, W.C. MORRELL (W. W.), City and County Bank, York. MULLINS (John D.), Librarian, Free Libraries, Birmingham. MURRAY (S. M.), Assistant Librarian, Free Libraries, Birmingham. NAPIER (Rev. A.), Vicarage, Holkham. NEEDHAM (Councillor Jas.), Chairman, Public Free Library Committee,

Stockport. NEIL (ROBERT A.), Librarian, Pembroke College, Cambridge. NEVILLE (EPHRAIM), Librarian, Free Library, Over Darwen. NEWTON (THOMAS WM.), Assistant Librarian, Museum of Practical Geology,

Jermyn Street, S.W. NEWTON (Prof. A.) Magdalene College, Cambridge. NICHOLLS (J. F.), Librarian, Free Library, Bristol. NICHOLSON (EDWARD B.), Bodley's Librarian, Oxford. (Life.) NODAL (JOHN HOWARD), Heaton Moor, near Stockport. OLIVIER (F. J.), Libraire, 11, Rue des Paroissiens, Brussels. OVERALL (WILLIAM H.), Librarian, Corporation Library, Guildhall, London, E.C. Pace (F.), Assistant Librarian, Free Public Library, Wigan. PARFITT (E.), Librarian, Devon and Exeter Institution, Exeter. PARISH (Rev. WILLIAM D.), Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral, Selmeston

Vicarage, Lewes.

PARR (GEORGE), Assistant Librarian, London Institution, London, E.C.
PATTISON (Rev. Mark), Curator, Bodleian Library, Lincoln College, Oxford.
PEARSON (HOWARD S.), Trafalgar Road, Moseley, near Birmingham.
PEARSON (Rev. Dr. J. B.), Librarian, Emmanuel College, Cambridge.
PEMBERTON (T. E.), 2, Norfolk Road, Birmingham.
PETHERICK (È. A.), 8, Gilbert Villas, Brixton Rise, London, S.E. (Life).
PFOUNDES (C.), Seamen's Pension Department, Admiralty, S.W.
PICTON (SIR JAMES A.), Chairman, Free Library Committee, Liverpool.
PINK (JOHN), Librarian, Free Library, Cambridge.

POOLE (S. LANE), Richmond. • PLANT (JOHN), Librarian, Royal Museum and Libraries, Peel Park, Salford.

PLATT (RICHARD), Member of Free Public Library Committee, Wigan. POLLOCK (F.), Librarian, Alpine Club, 24, Bryanston Street, London, W. PORTER (GEORGE W.), Assistant Keeper of the Printed Books, British Museum,

London, W.C. PRESLEY (JAMES T.), Librarian, Cheltenham Library, Cheltenham. QUINTON (JOHN), junior, Librarian, Norfolk and Norwich Literary Institution,

St. Andrew's, Broad Street, Norwich. RAILTON (A. B.), Messrs. Sotheran and Co., Piccadilly, London, W. RAMSDEN (Sir J.), Member of Barrow Free Library Committee, Furness Abbey. REED (TALBOT BAINES), 4, Fann Street, Aldersgate Street, London, E.C. REYNOLDS (Rev. HERB. E.), Librarian, Cathedral Library, Exeter. RICHARDSON (RALPH), 19, Castle Street, Edinburgh. ROBERTS (M. F.), 33, Penn Road Villas, Camden Road, N.W. ROBERTSON (A. W.), Assistant Librarian, University Library, Aberdeen. (ou ROBERTSON (Baillie John), Chairman, Free Library Committee, 1, Cragiebank

Terrace, Dundee. ROY (EUGENE A.), Ass. Keeper of the Printed Books, British Museum, London, RUSSELL (C. P.), Librarian, Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath. RYE (W. BRENCHLEY), 11, Clifton Hill, Exeter. RYLANDS (T. G.), Member of the Museum Committee, Warrington. SANDERS (S.), 7, De Vere Gardens, Kensington Palace, London, W. SCARSE (C. E.) Librarian, Birmingham Library, Union Street, Birmingham. SCEALES (A. E.), 3, Laverockbank Road, Edinburgh. SHORE (T. W.), Executive Officer, Hartley Institution, Southampton. SIMPSON (Rev. Dr. W. S.), Librarian, St. Paul's Cathedral Library, 9, Amen

Court, London, W. C. SINKER (Rev. ROBT.), Librarian, Trinity College, Cambridge. SKETCHLEY (R. F.), Keeper of Dyce and Forster Collections, South Kensington

Museum, London, S.W. SMALL (J.), Librarian, University Library, Edinburgh. SMITH (ALPHÆUS), Librarian, Quekett Microscopical Club, 39, Choumert Road,

Rye Lane, Peckham, London, S.E. SMITH (W. H.), Librarian, Free Library, Constitution Hill, Birmingham. SMITH (W. J.), Bookseller, Brighton. SMITH (SAM.), Librarian, Public Library, Worcester. SNOW (T. C.), Librarian, St. John's College, Oxford. (Life.) STAMP (Miss I8ABELLA), Librarian, Free Library, Notting Hill, London, W. STEVENS (BENJAMIN F.), 4, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C. STEVENS (HENBY), 4, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C. STEVENSON (T. G.), Publisher, 22, Frederick Street, Edinburgh. STODDART (Rev. R. W.), Jesus College, Cambridge. STONE (James H.), Cavendish House, Grosvenor Road, Handsworth, Birmingham. SUFFIELD (JOHN), 1, Crooked Lane, Birmingham. SULLIVAN (T. D.), Librarian, Royal United Service Institution, Whitehall Yard,

London, S.W. SUTTON (CHARLES W.), Librarian, Free Public Libraries, Manchester. TALBOT (F.), West Smethwick, near Birmingham. TAYLOR (A.), 37, South Clerk Street, Edinburgh. TAYLOR JOHN), Librarian, Bristol Museum and Library, Bristol. TEDDER (HENRY R.), Librarian, Athenæum Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W. THOMAS (E. C.), late Librarian, Oxford Union, 2, South Square, Gray's Inn,

London, W.C. THOMAS ( Rev. LLEWELYN), late Librarian, Jesus College, Oxford. THOMPSON (E. MAUNDE), Keeper of the MSS., British Museum, London, W.C.

THOMPSON (S. E.) Librarian, Public Library, Swansea.
THORBURN (R.), Librarian, The Admiralty, Whitehall, London, S.W.
TIDEY (G.), Librarian, Free Library, Tynemouth.
TIMMINS (SAMUEL), Member of the Birmingham Free Libraries Committee,

Elvetham Lodge, Edgbaston, Birmingham.
TONKS (EDMUND), Member of Birmingham Free Libraries Committee, Pack.

wood, Knowle, near Birmingham. TRÜBNER (NICOLAS), Publisher, 57, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C. TULLOCH (CHARLES), Librarian, Mechanics' Library, Perth. TYLER (Rev. W.), The Hall, London Street, Bethnal Green, London, E. URE (Hon. J.), Lord Provost of Glasgow, VAUX (W. S. W.) Librarian, Royal Asiatic Society, Albemarle Street, London, . WADE (C. H.), The Yews, Higher Broughton, Manchester. WADE (J. A.), Hull. WAITE (J. K.), Librarian, Public Llbrary, Bolton. WAKEFIELD (A.), Librarian, Liverpool Library, Lyceum, Liverpool. WAKELING (GEORGE), Sub-librarian, Birmingham Free Libraries. WALCOTT (WILLIAM C.), Bathurst, Gambia. WALFORD (CORNELIUS), 86, Belsize Park Gardens, London, N.W. (Life.) WALL (C.), Member of Free Libraries Committee, Observer Office, Wigan. WARNER (É. B.), Spring Gardens, Manchester. WARNER (W. T.), 51, Middleton Road, Banbury. WATSON (D.), Secretary, Public Library, Hawick. WEBSTER (Alderman), Member of Museum Committee, 33, Bridge Street, War

rington. WELCH (CHARLES), Sub-librarian, Corporation Library, Guildhall, London, E.C. WELCH (J. R.), Librarian, Public Library, Halifax, WHITE (WALTER), Assistant Librarian, Trinity College, Cambridge. WHEATLEY (BENJAMIN R.), Librarian, Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society,

Berners Street, Oxford Street, London, W. WHEATLEY (HENRY B.), Assistant-Secretary Society of Arts and Hon. Sama

Index Society, 5, Minford Gardens, West Kensington Park, London, w. WHITAKER (J. VERNON), The Bookseller, 12, Warwick Lane, London, E.C. WHITTALL (J.), Assistant Secretary, Statistical Society, King's College Entrance,

Strand, London, W.C. WILCOCK (Thos. M.), Librarian, Free Library, Chester. WILKINS (SILVANUS), Forest House, Moseley, Birmingham. WILLIAMS (Major), Chairman Free Library Committee, West Bromwich. WILLIAMS (DANIEL), Dorman's Library, St. Leonard's-on-Sea. WILSON (HENRY), Assistant Librarian, British Museum, London, W.C. WILSON (Bailie WM.), West Lodge, Pollokshields, Glasgow. . WINDSOR (THOMAS), Hon. Librarian, Manchester Med. Soc., Woodcroft,

Dudley Road, Whalley Range, Manchester.
WOODHILL (J. C.), Charlotte Road, Edgbaston, near Birmingham.
WOODROW (THOMAS), Assistant Librarian, London Library, 12, St. James's

Square, London, S.W.
WOODWARD (C. J.), Midland Institute, Birmingham.
WORRALL (EDWARD), Elm Villa, Moseley, Birmingham.
WRIGHT (Prof. W.), Queen's College, Cambridge.
WRIGHT (WILLIAM H. K.), Librarian, Free Library, Plymouth.
WYMAN (C. W. H.), 74-5, Great Queen Street, London, W.C.
YATES (JAMES), Librarian, Public Library, Leeds.

The Hon. Secretary requests that he may be informed of alterations of residence and of any errors or omissions which may be noticed in the List of Members.

Dryden Press : J. DAVY & SONS, 137, Long Acre, London, W.C.

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