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Oregon State Agricultural College, Corvallis.


There are four courses of study, each leading to the degree of B. S.: Agriculture, four years; mechanical engineering, four years; household economy (for girls), four years; and pharmacy, four years.


Thos. M. Gatch, M. A., Ph. D., Pres.;

Mental and Moral Sci.
James Withycombe, V. S., Agr.; V. Dir.

Expt. Sta.
F. Berchtold, M. A., Dean; Lang. and

Ellen J. Chamberlin, Lady Dean; Hist,
Grant A. Covell, M. E., Mech., Mech.

Engin. and Phys.
Ernest C. Hayward, E. E., (188t.) Mech.,

Mech. Engin, and Phys.
D. W. Prichard, 48st. in Ifoodwork.
M. Clyde Phillips, B. M. E., 488t. in Black-

Margaret C. Snell, M. 1., Household Econ.

and Hygiene.
Mrs. Mary Avery, Asst. in Sewing Dept.
F. L. Kent, B. AGR., 1881. in Dairying.
G. W. Shaw, Ph. D., Chem.
John F. Fulton, B. S., (A88t.) Chem.
C. M. McKellips, Ph, C., (1881.) Chem.;

Instr. Phar.

J. B. Horner, M. A., LITT. D., Engl. Lang.

and Lit.
Mrs. Ida B. Callahan, B. S., (118st.) Engl.

Lang. and Lit.
Gordov V. Skelton, C. E., Math, and Ciril

Chas. L. Johnson, B. S., (A88t.) Math, and

Civil Engin.
A. B. Cordley, B. S., Zool and Ent.
Fred. M. McElfresh, B. S., (Asst.) Zool.

and Ent.
E. R. Lake, M. S., Bot. and Hort.
Geo. Coote, Florist and Gardener.
E. F. Pernot, Drawing and Photography.
Dorothea Nash, B. H. E., 488t, in Draw-

ing; Inst. Music.
Helen V. Crawford, B. S., Elocution.
Frank E. Edwards, B. M. E., Cadet Major,

Mil. Sci, and Tactics,
E. J. Lea, B. S., Instr. Phys,
T. H. Crawford, Instr. Bookkeeping and



The Pennsylvania State College, State College.

COURSES OF STUDY. The courses of study, each requiring four years for completion unless otherwise specified, are as follows: Classical course, leading to the degree of B. A.; general science course; Latin scientific course; course in agriculture; course in biology; course in chemistry; course in civil engineering; course in electrical engineering; course in mathematics; course in mechanical engineering; course in mining engi. neering; course in physics; course in philosophy; a short course in chemistry and a short course in mining engineering, each requiring two years for completion; short courses in agriculture and mining, each lasting twelve weeks, and a course in dairying and in creamery work of six weeks each. The four years' courses (except classical) lead to the degree of B. S., the diploma containing mention the course pursued. Provision is also made for post-graduate study, leading to advanced degrees, and for one year of preparatory work.

BOARD OF INSTRUCTION. George W. Atherton, LL. D., Pres.; Polit. Harriet A. McElwain, M. A., Lady Prin.; and Social Sci.

William A. Buckhout, M. S., Bot. and Louis E. Reber, M. S., Meck, and Mech.

I. Thornton Osmond, M. S., M. A., Phys. William Frear, Ph. D., Agr. Chem.

BOARD OF INSTRUCTION-continued. George Gilbert Pond, M. A., Ph. D., Harry Hayward, B. S., (28.) Dairy Chem.

Husb. Henry Prentiss Armsby, Ph. D., Lecturer John H. Leete, B. A., (48st.) Math. in on Slock Feeding.

Charge of Subfreshman (lass. Benjamin Gill, M. A., Greek and Latin. Herbert E. Dunkle, B. S., M. E., Instr. Magnus C. Ihlseng, E. M., C. E., Ph. D., Mech. Draicing. Mining Engin. and Geol.

John A. Hunter, Jr., B. S., M. E., Instr. John Price Jackson, B. S., M. E.,

Elect. Mech. Engin. Engin.

Irving L. Foster, M. A., Instr. Romance Fred E. Foss, B. S., M. A., Civil Engin. Lang. Joseph M. Willard, B. A., Math.

Francis J. Pond, M. A., Pi. D., Instr. Fred Lewis Pattee, M. A., Engl, and d88aying. Rhet.

Walter J. Keith, M. A., Pi., D., Instr. George C. Watson, B. AGR., M. S., Agr. Chem. Erwin W. Runkle, M. A., Ph. D., Psych. Paul B. Breneman, B. S., C. E., Instr. Civil and Ethicx.

Engin. George C. Butz, M. S., ( A8st.) Hort. Thomas H. Taliaferro, C. E., Ph. D., Instr. Madiso:1 M. Garver, B. S., ( 48st.) Phys. Math.; Commandant of (adets. Franklin E. Tuttle, M. A., Pu. D., (A88t.)

Elizabeth B. Meek, M. s., Instr. Biol. (hem.

Abraham H. Espenshade, B. A., Instr. William Mason Towle, B. S., (1881.) Prac Rhet, and Elocution. tical Vech.

Frank F. Thompson, B. S., E. E., Instr. Joseph H. Tudor, C. E., M. S., (1881.) Elect. Engin. Vatle.

Norman C. Riggs, M. S., Ingir. in Math. Carl 1). Fehr, M. A., (A88t.) German.

Carl L. Becker, B. L., Instr. Hist. and Charles L. Griffin, B. S., (Asst.) Machine Polit. Sci. Design.

Helen M. Bradley, Libr. Anna E. kedifer, (Asst.) Indu8. Art and

Clara Daytou Wyman, in Charge Vusic. Design.

Anna Addams Mcl)onald, d881. Libr.
William C. Patterson, Supt. Grounds and Buildings.

Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, kingston.


The courses of study are six: Agricultural, mechanical, general scientitie, chemical, biological

, and electrical engineering. Each requires four years for completion, and leads to the degree of B.S. A short winter course in agriculture, mechanics, and horticulture

, with shop and laboratory work, together with a poultry school extending through six weeks, is given from January i to April 1. A preparatory department with two years’ course for students from country schools, to prepare them for

college courses.


John H. Washburn, Ph. D., Pres.; Chem.
A. A. Brigham, Ph. D., Agr.
Homer J. Wheeler, Ph. D., Geol.
A. L. Bosworth, Ph. D., Math.
E. J. Watson, M. A , Lang.
Wm. E. Drake, B. S., Mech. Engin.
H. L. Merrow, M. A., Bot.
Gev. W. Field, Ph. D.,

John E. Bucher, Ph. D., Ayr. Chem.
F.W.C'ard, M. S., Hort.
A.C. Scott, B. S., Phys. and Elect.
Thos. C. Rodman, Instr. Woodwork.

10449—No. 74-3

John F. Knowles, B. S., Instr. I'oodwork.
Mabel D. Eldred, B. S., Instr. Drauring.
M. W. Rockwell, B. A., Instr. Engl. and

Mercy W. Sanborn, Instr. Erpression.
George B. Knight, Instr. Mech.
How laud Burdick, B. S., 1881. gr.
M. H. Tyler, B. S., Ciril Engin.
J. S. Allen, jr., B. A., Polit. Sci.
Carroll Knowles, B. S., A881. Instr. Mech.
Nathaniel Helme, Met.
Grace B. Hazlewood, Sten.


Clemson Agricultural College, Clemson College.


There is one cour

urse of study offered in the freshman year, two in the sophomore, three in the junior and senior years-one in chemistry and agricultore, one in mechanics and engineering, and one in textile engineering.


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Henry S. Hartzog, LL.D., Pres.

C. Hancock, Instr. Drawing and Mech. DieM. B. Hardin, Chem.

signing. J.S. Newman, Agr.

F. S. Shiver, P11. G., A88t, Chem. W. H. Boehm, Jech.

W. Johnson, Instr. Forge and loundry. C. M. Furman, B. A., Engl.

G. E. Nesom, B. S., D. V.M., Instr. Pet. Sci.
W.S. Morrison, B. A., Hist.

W. M. Riggs, B. S., E. and M. E., Instr.
G. Shanklin, Acting Commandant; Mil. Elect.; in Charge Elect. Lab.
Sci, and Tactics,

Albert Barnes, M. E., Instr. Ioodwork; in
P. T. Brodie, B. S., B. A., Vath,

Charge Mech. Lab. J. V. Lewis, B. E., Geol.

P. H. Rolfs, M. S., Bot. R. N. Brackett, B. A., (1881.) Chem.

T.G. Poats, Instr. l'hys. C. B. Waller, B. A., (48st.) Math.

E. Walker, B. S., Ent. D. W. Daniel, (188t.) Engl.

J. H. M. Beaty, Dir. Textile Dept. C.C. Newman, ( 388t.) Hort.

R. E. Lee, Asst. Instr. Drawing.
C. M. Conner, B. S., Animal Husb, and W. W. Klugh, B. S., Tulor.

S. M. Martin, M. A., Tutor.
A. M. Redfearn, B. S., M. D., Inxir. Physiol. J.G. Simpson, Instr. Machine Shops,
J. S. McLucas, B. A., M. A., Asst. Eng. F. D. Frissel), Instr. Designing Textile Dept.


The Colored Normal, Industrial, Agricultural, and Mechanical College of

South Carolina, Orangeburg.


The courses of study are four in number and require four years each for completion: The collegiate normal and industrial course, leading to the degree of B. A.; the agricnltural course, leading to the degree of B. Agr.; tbo mechanical course, leading to the degree of B. S.; and the preparatory course, leadling up to the three above-panied courses.


Thos. E. Miller, LL, D., Pres.; Hist., Dir. Julia A. McLain, Kindergarten and Assi.

in Engl.
W.R. A. Palmer, M. A., I). D., Engl. Lit., Olive A. Sasportas, 18st, in Engi.
l'edag., and Voral Sci.

S. M. Boston, Supt. Ironwork. R. S. Wilkinson, M. A., Vath., Phys., and Wm. Gruber, Supt. Woodirork, Mil. Sci.

J. R. Steele, Supt. Brickwork. J. W. Hoffman, Pui. D., Agr., Chem, and J. A. Tolbert, Supt. Painting. Zool.

G. C. Williams, Supt. Form. N. C. Nix, B. A., Math.

W. W. Williams, dsst. in Ironwork.
R. L. Douglass, B. A., Engl.

C. H, Waller, 1881. in Dairy.
Sarah V. Smalls, Prin. I'rep. Dept.; Phys. 8. D. Frazier, Asst, in Surreying and Phys.

E. F. Mikell, Instr. Band Music and Engl.
Louise B. Fordham, Drawing and Art. C.C. Davis, Dressmaking and Plain Sering.
Mary J. Miller, Bookkeeping and Typewrit. C. J. Gregg, Domestic Econ, and Yatron,
ing; College Accountant.

John Palmer, Engin,


South Dakota Agricultural College, Brookings.


Abont four-fifths of the regular five years' work leading to the B. S. degree is the same for all. The remainder of the fifty-two courses required are elective and must be taken in some two departments of instruction. Regular three years' work in pharmacy is offered for the Ph. G. degree. A diploma is granted those completing the prescribed year's work in cominercial science and steam engineering; and a certificate to those completing the special quarter-year's work offered in agriculture, horticulture, and dairying.


J. W. Heston, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres.; Hist. H. B. Mathews, B. S., Phy8. and Econ.

E. L. Moore, B. S., D. V.8., Zool, and l'et. G. L. Brown, Ph. D., Sec.; Math, and Sci. stron.

F. G. Orr, (4881.) Commercial Dept, and E.C. Chilcott, M. S., Agr. and Geol.

Registrar. A. B. Crane, B. S., Asst. in Math. and Gertrude Wheeler, Music and Phys. CulEnyin.

ture. Stacy A. Cochrane, Dir. Farmers' Insti- Minnie McNamee, Asst. in Music and Phys. tute,

Culture. A. B. Crosier, Commercial Sci.

A. R. Saunders, M. E., Archi, and Agr. Elmer Kendall Eyerly, M. A., Engl. Lang.

Engin, Miss Isabella R. Frisbie, B. S., Domestic De Alton Saunders, M. A., Bot. and Ent. Sci.

J. H. Shepard, B. S., Chem. N. E. Hansen, M. S., Hort. and For.

H. C. Solberg, M. E., Mech. Engin. A. S. Harding, M. A., (A88t.) Hist. and

W. S. Thornber, B. S., (A881.) Hort, and

A. B. Holm, B.S., Acting Commandant. J. H. Wheeler, B. A., Modern Lang.
H. H. Susted, B. S., Asst. in Music and A. H. Wheaton, Dairy Sci.

B. T. Whitehead, B. S., Pu, G., Pharmacy.
Howard H. Hoy, B. S., A88t. in Mech.

William H. Kuox, B. S., (Asst.) Chem.

R. F. Kerr, M. A., Libr.
Ada B. Caldwell, Indus. Art.

Lucy A. Dubois, Asst. in Lang.


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State Agricultural and Mechanical College of the University of Tennessee,



The courses of study are seven: Literary course, scientific course, course in agriculture, course in civil engineering, course in mechanical engineering, course in electrical engineering, and chemical course.

The degrees of B. A. and B. S. are conferred.

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Charles W. Turner, M. A., (Acting) Hist. Charles A. Keffer, Hort. and For. James Maynard, M. A., Lecturer on Inter Florence A. Mcl'ormick, B. A., Asst. in national Law.

Bot. Lab. Joshua W. Caldwell, M. A., Lecturer on George A. Flickinger, B. S. Agr., Stock Constitutional Hist.

and Dairyman. Edward T. Sanford, M. A., LL. B., Lec William K. Hunter, B, A., 18st. Chem. turer on Hist. of Tennessee.

Florence Skeffington, Instr. Engl.
Henry J. Darpall, (Adjunct) Modern Hetty S. Jarnagin, Libr.

Weston M. Fulton, B. A., Instr. Vet. Andrew II. Nave, ('apt., U.S. A., Mil. Sci. Charles 0. Hill, Asst. Chem., Instr. Chem. and Tactics.

and Pharmacy.
J. R. McColl, B. S., ( A88t.) Mech, Engin. Frederick E. Colville, Instr. Phys. Culture,
Charles E. Ferris, B. S., Instr. Drawing. Anne M. Gilson, Instr. Phys. Culture,
S. M. Bain, B. A., Instr. Bot.

Woman's Dept.
John B. Guinn, Foreman Shops.


State Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, College Station.


There are four regular courses of study: Agriculture, horticulture, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. Each extends through four years, and leads to the degree of B. S., the particular course being specified in the diploma. Special, elective, and graduate courses are also provided..


L. L. Foster, Pres.

W. B. Philpott, M. S., (.1880c.) Engl. and R. H. Whitlock, M. E., Vech. Engin.

H. H. Harrington, M. S., Chem, and Min. Fred W. Mally, M. S., Ent.
C. Puryear, M. A., C. E., Math.

A. L. Banks, B. A., M. S., (afssoc,) Math. Mark Francis, D. V. M., l'et. Sci.

H. Ness, B. S., Hort. F. E. Giesecke, M. E., Drawing.

D. W. Spence, B. S., C. E., Phys. J. C. Nagle, M. A., C. E., M. C. E., Civil C. E. Burgoon, B. M. E., (Asst.) Vech. Engin.

Engin. R. H. Price, B. S., Hort. and Vycol. E. W. Kerr, B. S., (1881.) Mech. Engin. T. C. Bittle, M. A., Ph. D., Lang.

('harles H. Alvord, B. S., ( .1x8t.) Igr. J. H. Connell, M. S., Agr.

U. W. South, (Asst.) Engl. and Hist. C. W. Hutson, Engl. and Hist.

A. C. Gillespie, M. I., Surgeon.
J.C. Edmonds, Mil. Sci.; Commandant. J. A. Baker, Sec.
R. F. Smith, (18806.) Math.

J. G. Harrison, Bookkeeper.
P. S. Tilson, M. S., (218806.) Chem.

Bernard Sbisa, Steward.
C. A. Lewis, Foreman Carpenter Shop.
H.C. Kyle, B. S., Foreman Farm.
B. (. Pittuck, Station Agr.


Agricultural College of Utah, Logan.


The college work includes tive distinct lines of instruction : Course in agriculture, course in domestic arts, course in mechanical engineering, course in civil engineering, and commer«ial course. There are three special courses: A two years' conrise in agriculture, a two years' course in domestic arts, a two years' commercial course,

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