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Your hand at parting, however, Violante, won't you— He lays his hand upon her knee several times.] won't you won't you won't you?

Vio. [Half regarding him.] Won't I do what?

Fel. You know what I would have, Violante. Oh, my heart!

Vio. [Smiling.] I thought my chains were easily broke. [Lays her hand into his. Fel. [Draws his chair close to her, and kisses her hand in a rapture.] Too well thou knowest thy strength. -Oh, my charming angel! my heart is all thy own. Forgive my hasty passion—'tis the transport of a love sincere. Oh, Violante, Violante!

Don PEDRO within.

Ped. Bid Sancho get a new wheel to my chariot presently.

Vio. Bless me, my father returned! What shall we do now, Felix? We are ruined past redemption. Fel. No, no, no, my love, I can leap from the closet window.

[Runs to the door where Isabella is, who claps to the door, and bolts it withinside.

Isab. [Peeping.]" Say you so? But I shall prevent “ you.”

Fel. Confusion! Somebody bolts the door withinside. I'll see who you have concealed here, if I die for't. Oh, Violante hast thou again sacrificed me to my rival. [Draws. Vio. By Heaven, thou hast no rival in my heart,

let that suffice-
find you here-Distraction 1

Fel. Indeed but I shall-except you command this door to be opened, and that way conceal me from his sight. [He struggles with her to come at the door. Vio. Hear me, Felix-Though I were sure the refusing what you ask would separate us for ever, by all that's powerful, you shall not enter here. Either you do love me or you do not convince me by your obedience.

Fel. That's not the matter in debate— -I will know who is in this closet, let the consequence be what it will. Nay, nay, you strive in vain: I will go in.

Vio. Thou shalt not go

-Nay, sure you will not let my father

Enter Don PEDRO.

Ped. Hey-day! what's here to do? I will go in, and you sha'n't go in-and I will go in-Why, who are you, sir?

Fel. 'Sdeath, what shall I say now?

Ped. Don Felix, pray what's your business in my house? ha, sir?

Vio. Oh, sir, what miracle returned you home so soon? some angel 'twas that brought my father back to succour the distressed. This ruffian, he-I cannot call him gentleman-has committed such an uncommon rudeness, as the most profligate wretch would be ashamed to own.

Fel. Hal what the devil does she mean? [Aside.

Vio. As I was at my devotion in my closet, I heard a loud knocking at my door, mixed with a woman's voice, which seemed to imply she was in dangerFel. I am confounded!

[Aside. Vio. I flew to the door with the utmost speed, where a lady veiled rushed in upon me; who, falling on her knees, begged my protection from a gentle. man, who she said pursued her. I took compassion on her tears, and locked her into this closet; but in the surprise having left open the door, this very per- son whom you see with his sword drawn ran in, protesting, if I did not give her up to his revenge, he'd force the door.

Fel. What in the name of goodness does she mean to do? hang me? [Aside. Vio. I strove with him till I was out of breath, and had you not come as you did he must have enteredBut he's in drink, I suppose; or he could not have been guilty of such an indecorum. [Leering at Felix.

Ped. I'm amazed!

Fel. The devil never failed a woman at a pinch:— what a tale has she formed in a minute!. -In drink, quotha! a good hint: I'll lay hold on't to bring myself off. [Aside. Ped. Fie, Don Felix !-no sooner rid of one broil, but you are commencing another.- -To assault a lady with a naked sword, derogates much from the character of a gentleman, I assure you.

Fel. [Counterfeits drunkenness.] Who, I assault a


lady upon honour the lady assaulted me, sir, and would have seized this body politic on the king' highway Let her come out, and deny it if she -Pray, sir, command the door to be opened; and let her prove me a liar, if she knows how I have been drinking Claret, and Champaign, and Burgundy, and other French wines, sir, but I love my own country for all that.

Ped. Ay, ay, who doubts it, sir? Violante, and let the lady come out. rant thee he sha'n't hurt her.

Open the door,
Come, I war-

Fel. No, no, I won't hurt the dear creature. which will she come off?




Vio. [Unlocks the door.] Come forth, madam; none shall dare to touch your veil--I'll convey you out with safety, or lose my life.- --I hope she understands me. [Aside.

Enter ISABELLA veiled, and crosses the stage.

Isab. Excellent girl! [Exit. Fel. The devil!-a woman!-I'll see if she be really so.

[Aside. Vio. [To Felix.] Get clear of my father, and follow me to the Terriero de passa, where all mistakes shall be rectified. [Exit with Isabella.

[Don Felix offers to follow her.

Ped. [Drawing his sword.] Not a step, sir, till the lady is past your recovery; I never suffer the laws of hospitality to be violated in my house, sir.-—I'll keep Don Felix here till you see her safe out, Vio

lante.--Come, sir, you and I will take a pipe and a bottle together.

Fel. Damn your pipe, and damn your bottle!-I hate drinking and smoking, and how will you help yourself, old whiskers?

Ped. As to smoking or drinking you have your li berty; but you shall stay, sir.

Fel. But I won't stay-for I don't like your company; besides, I have the best reasons in the world for my not staying.

Ped. Ay, what's that?

Fel. Why I am going to be married, and so good bye. Ped. To be married!—it cann't be. Why, you are drunk, Felix.

Fel. Drunk! ay, to be sure; you don't think I'd go to be married if I were sober—but drunk or sober, I am going to be married, for all that--and if you won't believe me, to convince you I'll shew you the contract, old gentleman.

Ped. Ay, do; come, let's see this contract, then. Fel. Yes, yes, I'll shew you the contract-I'll shew you the contract--Here, sir-here's the contract.

[Draws a pistol.

Ped.. [Starting.] Well, well, I'm convinced-go, go— pray go and be married, sir.

Fel. Yes, yes; I'll go—I'll go and be married; but sha'n't we take a bottle first?

Ped. No, no-pray, dear sir, go and be married.

Fel. Very well, very well; [Going.] but I insist upon your taking one glass, though.

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