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done honor to the nation, while many are in command in the rebel army, attempting to destroy the government that has nurtured them, and given to them i he military knowledge that, in their ingratitude, they have turned against it.

Almost every Southern State has its military institution, and this has rendered the rebellion far more formidable, as it is not owing to the numbers alone of an army that its strength. consists, but much depends on the skill of its officers, and the ! discipline they are able to maintain in their commands.

It is to be hoped that we may learn wisdom from their ex ample in this respect, and that so useful an object may not be longer neglected, but that a military professorship will be au-". thorized and sustained in our State University, adding to its general usefulness, and to the bright reputation it now enjoye.,

It is expected that our yictorious soldiers will soon' return to their homes crowned with honor and glory, burdened with arms and materials of war, which, from the exposed position of Michigan, it is highly important that our State should be well; supplied with; the rebellion will have been crushed forever, and our veteran soldiers will be unwilling longer to submit to : insults heaped upon the nation that their prowess has greatly assisted to restore to its more than its former greatness, as it has been obliged to do in its hour of trial; our neighbors must be taught to respect us, and we should have an Arsenal and Armory belonging to the State, in which to securely store these munitions of war, in readiness to meet any emergency that may arise.

The following is a statement of the amount of moneys received from the State Treasurer during the year, the payments made, and the balance on hand.

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The State of Michigan in account with Colonel J. H. Fountain,

Quartermaster General.


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1861. Dec. 31. To amount purchases during the month, $ 84 13 31. « expenditures «

2,503 48 1862. Jan. 21. To amount expenditures during the month, 5,776 23 Feb. 28. “

769 33 Mar. 31. " purchases,

126 00 expenditures

8,016 48 April 30. “ expenditures“

10,495 53 June 30. u

purchases, (May and June).. 41 38 expenditures,“

3,534 79 July 31. “

purchases during the month,.. 55 00 31. « expenditures"

1.742 74 Aug. 31. " purchases

492 00 31. " expenditures"

3,498 13 Sept. 30." purchases

1,143 13 expenditures

1,460 62 Oct. 31. « expenditures

6,307 81 Nov. 30. « purchase

192 10 30. 18 expenditures

4,974 01 balance to new account,.

212 03


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" 30.

30. 6

$51,424 92

$2 790 40

CREDIT. 1861. Nov. 30. By balance on hand as per last account

Jan. 12. By cash from State Treasurer,..
Mar. 12. "
April 14. "

error in voucher 153, in March acc't..
cash from State Treasurer, ..........
cash from Wm. M. Thurber, Flint, for
stoves left by 10th Regiment,......

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7,000 00 10,000 00

24 10,000 00

14. " 18. "

74 28

$5,000 00 6,000 00

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May 21. By cash from State Treasurer, ......
Aug. 21.
Sept. 30. " cash from Col. J. E. Pittman for one

artillery horse returned,.... Oct. 23." cash from State Treasurer,...

60 00 10,500 00

$51,424 92

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1862. Dec. 1. By balance,.

$212 03 The amount disbursed above is classified as follows, viz: For transportation of recruits and sick and wounded soldiers,

$9,709 20 transportation of supplies,....

1,403 42 incidental expenses,

1,222 76 " recruiting expenses,..

10,528 15 " medicines, pay of surgeons and hospital supplies,

1,729 17 " repairs of ordnance and camp equipage,...... 1,007 09 rent of offices, &c.,......

612 66 commutation of fuel and quarters,...

586 84 accounts 3d Regiment, Grand Rapids, passed by State Military Board,...

2.781 16 advertising, blanks and stationery,..

2,633 50 building barracks,

1,212 02 paid officer in charge of State recruits at Fort Wayne,

257 00 " apprehending deserters, ....

148 00 fuel (including 10th Regiment),........ 1,539 20 straw,...

130 00 subsistence of State recruits at Fort Wayne,.. 143 70 " fare of volunteer surgeons and nurses to Balti

more, Md., for service with the army of the

618 59 compensation of clerks in the Adjutant General's Office,.......

876 78

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For clothing, camp and garrison equipage, mostly for the 10th regiment,

$27,847 58 supplies delivered to regiments last year, and paid for this,...

853 49 traveling expenses at various times, of Hon.

A. S. Berry, Doctor A. B. Palmer and myself,
to Washington, Baltimore and Harrison's
Landing, Va., also including surgeons to
Pittsburgh Landing, to inquire into the con-
dition of sick and wounded soldiers of the
Michigan regiments, and distributing sani-
tary supplies,

460 98 " purchase of sanitary supplies, consisting of .

onions, dried apples, &c., procured in Balti-
more, Md., for Michigan regiments at Harri-
son's Landing, Va.,...

285 38 “ paid Darius Clark, Esq., State agent in New

York, for moneys advanced to, and necessa-
ries purchased for destitute sick and wounded
soldiers of Michigan regiments,...

260 18 " compensation to assessors for taking the late military census,

6,580 02 iron safe,....

200 00 " compensation of Commissioners, &c., preparing for the draft of the militia,....

437 17 postage and telegrams,.

925 12

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$75,085 16

Included in the above annount for clothing, camp, and garrison equipage, about $25,300 was paid by the Auditor General in Michigan War Bunds at par.

Of the original “War Loan" of one million of dollars, the sum estimated and authorized by the Legislature for the purpose of raising and fitting out ten regiments of Infantry, there is still unappropriated about $400,000, and the bonds are now worth a premium ; with the amount of the loan already ex

pended we have sent about twelve regiments at the State ex. pense, paying them till they were mustered into the service of the United States, besides defraying other expenses, such as salaries of officers and clerks of the military departments, transportation of sick and disabled soldiers, agents, surgeons, nurses, sanitary supplies, &c., expense of preparing for the draft, and all other expenses of a military character, as it has been necessary to draw on this fund for all military purposes, the Legislature having neglected to provide a contingent fund to meet these demands. Inasmuch as a part of this appropriation remains unapplied, and government is now defraying most of the expense of enlisting, arming and equipping our soldiers, and as the public mind is unprepared to find an appropriation for any particular purpose remaining unexpended, I would earnestly urge an alteration of the law authorizing the War Loan, that a portion at least, of it might be used at the discretion of the Executive for the purpose of improving the sanitary condition of our Michigan soldiers, and for such other purposes of a military character as in his judgment may be deemed requisite and necessary.

From personal observation in the army of the Potomac, I am satisfied that a great amount of suffering in the army is occa.

, . sioned for the want of proper hospital supplies; our sick soldiers in the field are often obliged to subsist for a long time principally on hard bread and salt ineat, a diet illy calculated to restore the sick and wounded to a condition to endure the fatigues and exposures of camp life, the toilsome marches and the struggle of battle in which many of our regiments are too often called to participate. It is useless to attempt to disguise the fact that very many valuable lives are lost for want of suitable supplies of this nature.

By your direction I visited our regiments on James River, Va., in July last, to look to their welfare, immediately after the series of battles and retreats in front of Richmond. Finding them suffering greatly for want of vegetable diet and nutritious food, I immediately returned to Washington, hoping to

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