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gravings by Hollar and others, russia, line-tooled, y. e., T. Warren, 1656, folio (295)

Edwards, £7 5644 Dugdale (Sir William). Monasticon Anglicanum, translated

into English, with considerable Additions, and the Two Additional Volumes to the same, with the Appendix, by John Stevens, with the views, etc. by Hollar, King and others, together 3 vol., russia extra, g.e., 1718-22-23, folio (296)

Ridler, £7 5645 Dunton (John, London Mariner, Master of the Admirall

call’d the Leopard). A True Journall of the Sally Fleet, with the Proceedings of the Voyage, whereunto is annexed a List of Sally Captives names and the places where they dwell, and a Description of the three Townes in a Card, with the map of the three towns in Morocco, R. Hall sculps., R. Simson fecit, 1637, unbound, lower margins uncut, J. Dawson for T. Nicholls, 1637, small 4to. (297)

Quaritch, 46 5646 Dürer (Albrecht). Apocalypsis cum Figuris, 16 large wood

cuts, including title, by Albert Durer, with Latin text in gothic letter, double columns, on reverse of each cut, original edition, woodcut title cut down and mounted, printed title mended, plate 16 defective and backed, old morocco, Impressa Nuremberga per Albertum Durer Pictorem Anno Christiano, 1498, folio (299)

Obach, £58 5647 Ebattement. Esbatement Moral des Animaux, engraved

title and 124 copperplates of animal fables, with a sonnet to each, signature and motto of “ Thos. Knyvett” on title, old calf, r. e., à Anvers chez Philippe Galle, s. d. (1578), small 4to. (303)

Sabin, £7 55. 5648 Edwards (George). Natural History of Uncommon Birds,

with Gleanings of Natural History, text in English and French, the 7 parts complete in 4 vol., coloured plates, old calf gilt, Printed for the author, 1743-60, 4to. (304)

Russell, £5 5649 Elyot (Sir Thomas). The Defence of Good Women, original

edition, black letter, title within woodcut border dated 1534, coat-of-arms on recto of last leaf (some fore-edges shaved), unbound, In ædibus Th. Bertheleti, 1545, 12mo. (307)

Edwards, £4 145. 5650 Euclides. Elementorum Opus in Geometriam Artem cum

Comment. Jo. Campani, lit. goth., woodcut diagrams, first page of text with a three-quarter border, numerous woodcut ornamental initials, inany contemporary MS. calculations and notes in margins, old calf gilt, sound copy, Venet., Erhardus Ratdolt, 1482, small folio (313) Quaritch, 1.22

[The first edition of this version, and the first printed

book with mathematical diagrams.--Catalogue.) 5651 Everie Woman in her Humor (attributed in an old catalogue

of plays to Ben Jonson), unbound, E. A. for Thomas Archer, 1609, small 4to. (317)

Maggs, £64 5652 Fabyan (Rob.) The Chronicle whiche he nameth the Con

cordance of Histories newly perused and continued to thende of Queene Mary (with the Coronation of Q. Elizabeth), black letter, woodcut titles and initials, 2 vol. in 1, old russia super extra, y. e., Jhon Kyngston, 1559, mense Aprilis, small folio (318)

L. Murrey, £6 5653 Fale (T.) Horologiographia. The Art of Dialling, teaching

an easie and perfect way to make all kinds of Dialls upon any plaine plat howsoever placed, black and roman letter, woodcut diagrams of Dials, etc. engraved by Hondius, and ornamental initials, unbound, one of the earliest books on

Dialling, T. Orwin, 1593, small 4to. (322) Maggs, £6 5654 Farquhar (George). Comedies (7), first collected edition,

frontispiece, LARGE PAPER, old russia gilt, y. e., B. Lintott, n. d., imperial 8vo. (324)

Maggs, £13 155. 5655 Fetherstone (Chr.) The British Thunderbolt, or rather Feeble

Fierflash of Pope Sixtus the fift against Henrie the most excellent King of Navarre and the most noble Henrie Borbon Prince of Condie, translated out of Latin into Englishe, black and roman letter (title and next 3 leaves soiled), A. Hatfield for G. R. and R. Newbery, 1586-—Deus et Rex, sive Dialogus quo demonstratur Jacobum Regem immediatè sub Deo constitutum in Regum suis, etc., 1615, in i vol., old calf, 12mo. (329)

Quaritch, 69 5656 Field (Nathaniel). Amends for Ladies.

With the merry prankes of Moll Cut-purse, or the humour of roaring, a Comedy full of honest wit and mirth, acted at the Blackefryers both by the Princes servants and the Lady Elizabeths, unbound, Jo. Okes for M. Wallbancke, 1639, small 4to. (330)

Sabin, £10 55. 5657 Flamsteed (John). Historiæ Cælestis lib. ii. Observationes in

Observatorio Regio Grenovicensi continua serie 1676-1705, frontispiece containing portrait of King George I. and engraved dedication, old English morocco, g. e., dedication copy to King George I., with the royal arms on sides, J. Matthews, 1712, folio (334)

Tregaskis, £t 16s. 5658 (Fletcher (Phineas).) Sicelides, a Piscatory, as it hath beene

acted in Kings Colledge in Cambridge, first edition, unbound, fine copy, one page damaged, j. N. for William Sheares, 1631, small 4to. (335)

Tregaskis, £36 tos. 5659 Fox (John). Acts and Monuments of Matters most special

and memorable happening in the Church, the ninth edition, with Certaine Additions, and Life of the Author both in Latin and English, LARGE PAPER, portrait by Sturt and copperplate engravings, 3 vol., russia gilt, joints, m. e.,

Stationers Co., 1684, imperial folio (342) Bull, £2 35. 5660 Free-Masons. The Constitutions of the Free-Masons, con

taining the History, Charges, Regulations, etc. of that most Ancient and Right Worshipful Fraternity, for the Use of the Lodges (edited by J. T. Desaguliers), (with Masons' Songs and Music), frontispiece, old English morocco, g. e., W. Hunter for John Senex and John Hooke, 1723, small 4to. (346)

Quaritch, £12 5661 Frobisher (Martin). Voyages. A True Discourse of the late Voyages of discoverie, for the finding of a Passage to Cathaya by the Northweast, under the Command of Martin Frobisher Generall, divided into three Bookes. The Three Voyages complete, first edition, black letter, with the folding woodcut map (1472 by u inches), arms of Sir Christopher Hatton before the dedication, fore-edges cut into, small holes and stains in last leaf, otherwise perfect and an excellent copy, unbound, Imprinted by Henry Bynnyman Servant to the right Honourable Sir Christopher Hatton Vizchamberlaine (sic), A.D. 1578, small 4to. (347)

Quaritch, £92 5662 Galleria Giustiniana, del Marchese Vincenzo Giustiniani, 322

large plates, including engraved titles, etc., early impressions, 2 vol., old russia, full gilt backs and ornamental frame sides, g.e., Roma, 1640, imperial folio (353)

Murray, £3. 155. 5663 Garcia (Don). The Sonne of the Rogue, or the Politick

Theefe, with the Antiquitie of Theeves, first written in Spanish by Don Garcia, afterwards translated into Dutch, then into French, by S. D., now Englished by W. M., old

calf, J. D. for M. Sparkes, 1638, 12mo. (355) Ellis, £5 155. 5664 Gay (John). Trivia, or the Art of Walking the Streets of

London, first edition, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, original

calf, B. Lintott, n. d., imperial 8vo. (357) Pickering, £6 1os. 5665 Gay (John). Fables, first edition (first volume), vignettes

after W. Kent by Foudrinier, etc., old calf gilt, m. e., Tonson and Watts, 1727, small 4to. (358)

C. Murray, £3 5666 Gay (John). The Beggar's Opera, third edition, with the

Ouverture in Score, the Songs and the Basses (by Dr. Pepusch), J. Watts, 1739—Polly, an Opera, being the Second Part of the Beggar's Opera (with the music), first edition, Printed for the author, 1729, in i vol., old calf gilt, r. e., small 4to. (359)

Pickering, 62 155. 5667 Gelli (Jo. Baptista). The Fearfull Fansies of the Florentine

Couper, written in Toscane, and for Recreation translated into English by W. Barker, first edition, black letter (small hole in title), H. Bynneman, 1568- Fulwood (William).) The Enemy of Idlenes, teaching a Perfect Platforme how to indite Epistles and Letters of all Sorts as well by answer as otherwise, newly published and augmented by W. F. (in Prose and V'erse), black letter and roman, writing on back of title, E. Allde for John Tap, 1621, in i vol., old russia gilt, r. e., 12mo. (360)

Quaritch, £41 5668° Gerarde (John). The Herball, or General Historie of Plants,

very much enlarged and amended by Thomas Johnson, engraved title in compartments by John Payne (backed), and many hundred woodcuts, russia gilt, y. e., A. Islip, etc., 1633, folio (363)

Tregaskis, £10 12s.6d 5669 Gidde or Gedde (Walter). Heere foloweth Sundrie Sortes of

Circuler or Compas Draughtes for Glazing, and will fitly serve for Divers Uses, newly published by Walter Gidde (imperfect, containing 58 leaves only, i defective, sold not subject to return), old calf, W. Dight, Shoe Lane, 1615, small 4to. (365)

Quaritch, £2 ios. 5670 Gower (John). Confessio Amantis, English illuminated

Manuscript on vellum (213 leaves, 1772 by 124 inches), written in old English black letter, rubrics in Latin, in double columns of 46 lines, with 99 finely painted and illuminated miniatures of subjects connected with the text, including the signs of the Zodiac and 14 landscapes connected with positions of the principal stars (the miniatures apart from the Zodiac signs and the starry landscapes measure 3% by 358 inches), the MS. had originally 108 miniatures, but to have been cut out and one is loose, many hundred large and small illuminated ornamental initials with marginal decorations, and pen ornaments and capitals (first leaf defective), old russia, xiv. Cent., large folio (378)

Quaritch, £1,550 [A very interesting Codex of Gower's “Confessio Amantis." The miniatures are very valuable for the costume and armour and domestic habits of the period. A rubric on folio iii. reads, “Anno domini millesimo CCCmo novagesimo quia tūc erat ecclia divisa," indicating the MS. was written after that date. There is a table of

contents at end occupying 6 leaves.- Catalogue.] 5671 (Green (Robert).] The Historie of Orlando Furioso, one of

the Twelve Peeres of France, as it was playd before the Queenes Majestie (second edition) (containing A-H in 4's, # 4 blank), unbound, S. Stafford for C. Burley, 1599, small 4to. (382)

Cotton, £39 5672 Gribelin (Samuel). A New Book of Ornaments useful to all

Artists, 12 plates, including title, original impressions, bound in front is a slip containing an original drawing of an ornamental coat-of-arms, having on the reverse an autograph letter of thanks of the designer, S. Gribelin, old English morocco, ornamental gilt panel sides, excudit 1704, oblong 4to. (384)

Quaritch, £41 5673 Grisoni (Federico). Ordini di Cavalcare et modi di conoscere

le nature de Cavalli emendari e vitii loro, et ammaestrargli per l'uso della guerra et commodita degli huomini, contemporary Italian calf, the sides covered with gilt and coloured intersected Grolieresque scrolls, edges gilt and gauffred in ornaments, well preserved, Venet., V. Valgrisi, 1551, small 8vo. (38

Pickering, 120 5674 Guazzo (Stefano). The Civile Conversation, written first in

Italian, divided into four Bookes, the first three translated out of French by G. Pettie ... the fourth translated out of Italian into English by Barth. Young, black letter, T. East, 1586—Castilio (Castiglione) (Count B.) The Courtier, divided into foure Bookes, translated into English by Tho. Hobby, black letter. T. Creede, 1603, in I vol., half russia, y. e., small 4to. (387)

Edwards, £9 5675 Guevara (L. Velez de). El Diablo Cojuelo; Novela de la


otra Vida, scarce edition (? the second), old calf, Madrid, Alonso Perez, 1646, 12mo. (389)

Bull, £2 18s. [This novel was naturalised in French by Le Sage under

the title of “ Le Diable Boiteux.”—Catalogue.] 5676 Guild (Dr. William, Minister at Aberdene). An Antidote

agaynst Poperie, fit (God willing) to preserve and arme everie one agaynst the seduction thereof, old morocco, g.e. (Duke of Sussex's ex-libris), a scarce Aberdeen book, Aberdene, printed by Edw. Raban, 1639, 12mo. (391)

Leighton, £4 155. 5677 Guillim (John). A Display of Heraldry, sixth edition (and

best), improv'd with large additions, with a Treatise of Honour by Captain John Logan, etc., LARGE PAPER, copperplate and woodcut engravings of arms and 17 portraits, old calf gilt, sprinkled edges, clean and sound copy, Bon

wicke and Wilkin, etc., 1724, royal folio (392) Bain, £8 5s. 5678 [Haughton (Thomas).] A Pleasant Comedie called (English

men for my Money, or) A Woman will have her Will, unbound, Printed by A. M. and sold by Richard Thrale, 1631

A Pleasant Comedie called Wily beguilde, unbound, Printed for Thomas Knight, 1635, small

4to. (398)

Pickering, kun ns. 5679 [Head (Richard).] Proteus Redivivus, or the Art of Wheed

ling, or Insinuation, obtain’d by general conversation, etc., first edition, old calf, Printed by W. D. and sold by most booksellers, 1675, 8vo. (399)

Peters, £ 5 1os. 5680 Hearne (Thomas). Ancient Monkish Chronicles, etc., viz.,

Robert of Gloucester, Peter Langtoft, Joannis Glastoniensis, Adam de Domerham, Thomas de Elmham, Historia Ricardi II., etc., Thom. Caii Vindiciæ Antiquitatis Acad. Oxon., Thomas Otterbourne et Jo. Whethamstede, et Chronicon Prioratu de Dunstaple, together 14 vol., Hearne's original editions on LARGE PAPER, Old English russia gilt, green edges, 1724-33, imperial 8vo. (401)

Ridler, £4 5681 Henri IV. of France. The Kings Edict and Declaration

upon the former edicts of Pacification, published in Paris at the Parliament held xxv. February, 1599, At Paris, by the Printers and Stationers Ordinary to the King, 1599 (leaf split), unbound, clean copy, R. F. for Thomas Man, 1599, small 4to. (405)

Pickering, £375. 6d. 5682 Herbal. The Great Herball newly corrected. The contents

of this boke. A table after the Latyn names of all herbes, a table after the Englysshe names of all herbes, etc.., black letter, title within woodcut border with initials “W. R.," ornamental woodcut initials, F2 defective, wanted end of the “Exposicyon” Bb 4, which finishes at the word “Syrynge,” old call, In ædibus Thome Gybson anno 1539, small folio (407)

Leighton, £9 5s. 5683 Herrera (Ant. de). General History of the Vast Continent

and Islands of America, commonly called the West Indies, translated into English by Captain John Stevens, maps,

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