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Room FOR A LITTLE Child.

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Then he played us a sad dirge softly,

Like the sobbing of the wave;
In the midst of a breathless silence,

Like the silence of the grave.
And we wept as we listened to it,

Yet we could not well tell why ; But it touched the hearts of the hardest,

Not a cheek in the hall was dry. Then the child looked gravely before him,

And around on the mighty crowd, That had risen in silence to greet him,

As he bent his young head and bowed. Then turned away holding his violin,

And we saw him disappear,
As the voice of our pept-up feelings

Arose in one mighty cheer.
You remember that he looked weary,

And feeble and pale and thin;
And how you said, when you saw him,

“I declare this thing is a sin. “ The child should be in the nurs’ry,

In his little cot fast asleep, Not here his very soul wasting,

That women and men may weep. “ Not here, 'mid this wild excitement,

That might drive a grown man mad: But at home in a happy childhood,

Peaceful and fresh and glad.” Indeed, 'twas a sin-you spoke truly;

But vain was your pity for him, When the brain was o'ertaxed and weary,

And the dark bright eyes grew dim.
Last night, when the music was over,

He tossed on his little bed ;
And one who was lying near him

Took note of the words he said.
For he moaned as if he were dreaming,

Yet all night he never slept ;

And sometimes he seemed to be praying,

And sometimes he softly wept ;
Till the night drew near to the morning,

Then he looked up calmly and smiled,
And said, “Oh, Thou gracious Saviour,

Make room for a little child."
Then all was still and silent,

Not one word more he said ;
And the listener thought he was sleeping;

But the angels knew he was dead.
He died as he spake his petition;

His soul had gone forth with his prayer, As we trust to be with the Saviour,

There is rest for the weary there. Of such as he is the kingdom,

For the lips of the Undefiled
Spake blessings upon the children;

There is room for a little child.
There is room with the Christ, oh children;

Room in the ark of grace;
Room in the home He prepareth;

Room in the heavenly place; Room in the glorious temple;

Room in the Holy Land; Room by the living waters;

Room at the Lord's right hand; Room by the throne of glory;

Room by the crystal sea ;
Room with the choir celestial,

And the white robed company.
For the Lord lay a babe in the manger,

No room for Him in the inn,
That He might be the children's Saviour,

And bear all their guilt and sin.
You know how He took them and blessed them;

You know how He suffered and died;
That in heaven for the blood-bought children,

There might be a place by His side.
0, trust Him, dear children, to save you;

Your hearts to the Master give,
And your hands, too, wherewith you may serve

As long as on earth you live.
Seek His Spirit to guide your footsteps,

To walk in His heavenly ways;.
Let your tongue be proclaiming His mercy,

And your lips be declaring His praise.
Give your life to be His, His only,

Till the battle of life is o'er,
And the dawn of eternity breaketh ;
His only, for evermore.


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HINDRANCES. FOUNDATION TEXT: “Some [seed] fell 3. Prickings from harbouring unforamong thorns; and the thorns sprang up giving thoughts. Cure-Example of with it and choked it” (Luke viii. 7). Christ (1 Pet. ii. 19-23; Luke xxiii. 34).

What are the thorns which choke the If the seed sown bears no fruit, or only growth of the seed ? “ Cares and riches immature, dwarfed and sickly fruit, we and pleasures of this life” (Luke viii. 14). say, “Is there not a cause? I rememAlso, “The lust of other things entering ber riding in Palestine over a piece of in” (Mark iv. 19.)

ground, where the thorns rose so thick Notice it is not said they prevent the and high that no green ear could have seed from shooting, but from bringing had a chance to grow up. It would have forth “fruit to perfection” (Luke viii. been literally "choked” had it made the 14), or, as Mark has it, “it becometh attempt. No bright sunlight could have unfruitful.”

matured the plant, no rain from heaven Now the purpose of sowing seed is that could have had room for its gentle drops. it should bring forth fruit. “Herein is so it is with the heart where the cares My Father glorified, that ye bear much or the “riches,” or “the lust of other fruit” (John xv. 8).

things” prevent the upspringing or “ These three years I came seeking growth of the seed of the Kingdom which fruit on this fig-tree, and find none. the good Husbandman has sown.

If it bear fruit, well, but if not, The tender blade may have pierced the then after that, thou shalt cut it down” soil—in other words, the young heart (Luke xiii. 7, 9).

may have opened to the love of Christ; “ The husbandman waiteth for the but, alas! as years go on, cares and precious fruit of the earth” (James v. 7). anxieties in business, in the bringing up

In other cases " riches” and positions of a family, in pecuniary pressure, choke and honours shut out the light of heaven. its growth, and instead of a cheerful trust Paul has a word for these († Tim. vi. 17). in God, doubts and gloom prevail. How How wise was the prayer of Agur are these “thorns to be removed ? “Give me neither poverty nor riches, lest Read the answer in Philippians iv. 6. I be full and deny Thee or lest I be The thorns which hinder some of us poor and steal” (Prov. xxx. 9).

may be the indulgence in some habits we But thorns, with their hindrances, feel to be contrary to God's will. Cure beset the path of those who are neither (Matt. v. 29, 30). poor nor rich; they are not exempt from “Let us lay aside every weight(Heb. the “lust of other things.” Let us look xii. 1). at some of them,

This will apply to self-indulgence in 1. Desire for what we have not, making many forms. Oberlin threw aside his us envy the lot of a neighbour, and think snuff-box, when he saw it was getting a our case worse than that of others, or hold over him. regret the happier days of the past. We must say to whatever prevents us How is this thorn to be uprooted ? (Heb. from bringing forth “fruit to perfection xiii. 5; Luke xii, 15; Eccles. v. 10). to the glory of God, Hinder me not."

2. Prickings from the circumstances of No man, having put his hand to the daily life, or from the misdoings of others, plough, and looking back, is fit for the or from want of rest in the will of God. kingdom of God” (Luke ix. 62). Care (Matt. vii. 3; 1 Pet. v. 5, 6, 7).


Scripture Exercises.

ANSWER TO No. X., p. 200. “BETHEL” (Gen. xxviii. 19); “PENIEL” (Gen. xxxii. 30). 1. B ethsaida John i. 44.

1. P eor.

Numbers xxiii. 28. 2. Eliphaz. Job iv. 1.

2. E Ikanah. 1 Sam. 1-21. 3. T aberah. Numbers xi. 1-3. 3. Noah. Numbers xxvi. 33. 4. H erodion. Romans xvi. 11.

4. I shbosheth. 2 Sam. ii. 10. 5. E uphrates. Genesis xv. 18.

5. E limelech. Ruth i. 2. 6. L amech. Luke iii. 36.

6. L uz.

Genesis xxviii. 19.

No. XI. 1. The father of Samson.

10. A place from which gold was 2. On what rock was Samson, when he brought. was bound with new cords?

11. One of the seven churches of Asia. 3. The father of a wicked king, who 12. The successor of Benhadad, king " made Israel to sin.”

of Syria. 4. An Ethiopian whom God promised to 13. What people were noted for their deliver, because he put his trust in“Him." great height? 5. A man who judged Israel 23 years.

14. One of the tribes whose inherit6. What was the name of an altar the ance was beyond Jordan. Reubenites and Gadites set up p?

15. A king of the Amorites. 7. The father of the first king of Israel.

16. Of what place was Philip tetrarch? 8. The “first fruits of Achaia unto

17. To what city was

the Angel

Gabriel sent? Christ.” 9. The brother of Rebecca.

Three words of remarkable meaning.




1 2 3 4







8 9

None other name (Acts iv. 12).
M None good but one, that is God (Matt. xix. 17).
T One thing is needful (Luke x. 42).
W One thing have I desired of the Lord (Psa.

xxvii. 4).
T Verily, there is a reward for the righteous

(Psa. lviii. 11).
F Verily, my sabbaths ye shall keep (Ex. xxxi.

S Even a child is known by his doings (Prov.

xx. 11).
$ Every word of God is pure (Prov. xxx. 5).
м Make Thy face to shine on Thy servant (Psa.

xxxi. 16).
T My soul shall make her boast in the Lord

(Psa. xxxiv. 2).
W Buy the truth and sell it not (Prov. xxiii. 23).
T Be careful for nothing (Phil. iv. 6).
F Except the Lord build the house, they labour

in vain that build it (Psa. cxxvii. 1).
S Except ye be converted and become as little

children, ye shall not enter into the king

dom of heaven (Matt. xviii. 3).
Return unto thy rest, O my soul (Psa. cxvi. 7).

M | Return unto me, for I have redeemed thee

(Isa. xliv. 22).
T I am with thee to save thee (Jer. xv. 20).
W | The Lord taketh pleasure in His people (Psa.

cxlix. 4).
T By their fruits ye shall know them (Matt.vii.20).

What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thée

(Psa. lvi. 3).
S A bruised reed shall He not break (Isa. xlii. 3).

With thee is the fountain of life (Psa. xxxvi.9).
M Your life is hid with Christ in God (Col. iii. 3).
T He that overcometh shall inherit all things

(Rev. xxi. 7).

I will run the way of Thy commandments

(Psa. cxix. 32).
T He healeth the broken in heart (Psa. cxlvii. 3).
F Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil

(Exod. xxiii. 2).
S Thou hast given a banner to them that fear

Thee (Psa. lx. 4).
$ Jehovah-nissi (the Lord my banner (Exod.

xvii. 15).
M We are more than conquerors through Him

that loved us (Rom. viii. 37).




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By Rev. P. B. POWER, M.A.

AM not going to tell you crowd, but he couldn't do that either.

about a man who could not, There he was kept, fixed as securely as we say, “blow his own as if he had been nailed into the ground. trumpet,” that is, “praise Then the black trumpeter had to listen himself.” Most people can to what he was as a sinner, and what do that, when they are would become of him without a Saviour; foolish enough to want to and all this the Holy Spirit so struck into do it; and it is very hard his heart that he was seized with perfect to prevent them.

agony, and, when way was made, had to be I want to tell you about a man who carried to a house in the neighbourhood. had a real trumpet of brass, and who And there the preacher went to see him, wanted, above all things, to blow a good and so spoke to him that, by the blessing loud blast on it, and who knew how of God's Spirit, the trumpeter from that to do it, and had the breath for it; but day forward became an altered man. never a sound could he get out of that Who knows, dear friend, but that, by trumpet, and a good thing too, both as bringing this article into existence, it regards himself and thousands of others. may be a good thing for you, as well as

Our friend was a black trumpeter in an for the congregation assembled that day, English regiment in America, before that that the trumpeter “would if he could, country was separated from ours.

but he couldn't." A celebrated open-air preacher was Truly we don't know what we are going to hold a meeting, which was ex- depriving ourselves of, if we will not pected, as such meetings generally were, listen to God's message and His truth, to be a very large one.

whether the word be written or spoken. But the trumpeter's heart was black, We are shutting ourselves out from hearlike his face, and the poor fellow did not ing what it is, of all things, most neceslike the word of God to be preached; so sary that we should know, from the best what does he do but take his stand in of all good news, from perhaps the posfront of the minister, a little way off, and sibility of the very highest blessing. he had his trumpet in his hand, ready to “Tom," said a man to his mate, after blow a mighty blast as soon as the min- they had both been listening to a minister ister had got on a little in his discourse, who had been preaching in an out-of-theand to put an end to the whole thing.

way place,

“ that was some good stuff The crowd gradually increased behind that fellow gave us to-night.” When he the trumpeter, and kept pressing forward came really to listen to it, then he recogin order to hear more distinctly; and so nized that it was “good stuff.” it soon came to pass that our friend's The black trumpeter, in his hatred of arms became pinioned to his side. all holy things, would have hindered On went the preacher, and angry got others from getting as well as himself

. the trumpeter, and now, now, now, at this He was a dog in the manger, as most and that that the preacher said, he longed godless people are. Who knows, if he to blow a blast. He struggled to get the had been allowed to blow that trumpet, trumpet to his mouth, but he couldn't; how many souls might have been left he tried to wriggle himself out of the lunawakened, and their death laid at his

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