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Of meats offered to idols.

A minister's rights. 40 But she is happier if she acter, 3 and right to a maintenance. p.p.v.8,35. so abide, after my judgment:

24 Life compared to a race. 26 He

striveth to obtain an incorruptible See "Spirit" Teacher, and I think also that I have [Ne.9.20. the Spirit of God.

M I not an apostle? am 1 Ro.1.1, Paul's Apostleship. not free? have I not seen See Visions, Ac.18.9.

ch. 5. CHAPTER 8

Jē'sus Christ our Lord? are not p.p.Ac.9.3.

Charity preferable to knowledge. 4
An idol is nothing to those who ye my work in the Lord ?
lonow God.

2 If I be' not an apostle unto p.p.Ac.15.20.

COW as touching things of others, yet doubtless I am to


D.D.2 Co.3.2.

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Ge.3.5, Knowledge (1). that we all have knowledge. apostleship are ye in the Lord.

Knowledge: puffeth up, but 3 Mine answer to them that Ro.14.19, Edification,ch.14.3. charity edifieth.

do examine me is this, Pr.3.7, Conceit, Ga.6.3. 2 And if any man think that 4 Have we not power to eat p.p.2 Th.3.9. See Self-deception, Ps.36.2. he knoweth any thing, he and to drink? Is.44.25, Knowledge (2), knoweth nothing yet as he 5 Have we not power to lead See Marriage (1). Pr.18.22. (ch.13.8. ought to know.

about a sister, a wife, as well See Apostles' Names, Ps.18.1, Love to God. 3 But if any man love God, as other apostles, and as the


Mt.12.46, Christ's Brethren, Na.1.7, Saints Known, the same is known of him. brethren of the Lord, and Çē'

(Ga.1.10 (Ga.4.9. 4 As concerning therefore the phas?

Mt.4.18, Peter, eating of those things that are 6 Or I only and Bär'na-băs, Ac.4.36, Barnabas, 62.21. De.4.28, Idolatry (3),ch.12.2. offered in sacrifice unto idols, have not we power to forbear See Ministers (5). (Indes). Je.10.5, Vanity of Idols. we know that an idol is noth- working ? See None Like God, Ex.8.10. ing in the world, and that there? Who goeth a warfare any De.4.35, One God, Ep.4.6. is none other God but one. time at his own charges? who p.p.Pr.27.18.

5 For though there be that planteth a vineyard, and eat1 Chr.16.26, False Gods, are called gods, whether in eth not of the fruit thereof? or

[ch.12.2. heaven or in earth, (as there who feedeth a flock, and eateth See Shepherds, Ge.4.2.

be gods many, and lords many,) not of the milk of the flock? Ge.18.8, Milk. De.32.6, Universal Father, 6 But to us there is but one 8 Say I these things as a

[Ep.4.6. God, the Father, of whom are man? or saith not the law the Ge.1.1, Creator (1). all things, and we in him; and same also ? Lu.6.5, Christ, Lord, ch.12.3. one Lord Jē’şus Christ, by 9 For it is written in the law Jn.1.3, Christ, Creator, whom are all things, and we of Mo'şeş, Thou shalt not muz- p.p.De.25.4. [Ep.3.9. by him.

zle the mouth of the ox that See Spir. Immaturity, 7 Howbeit there is not in treadeth out the corn. Doth Jud.6.11. Threshing.

See Man’s Ignorance,Jb.8.9. for some with conscience of 10 Or saith he it altogether

every man that knowledge: God take care for oxen?
the idol unto this hour eat it for our sakes? For our sakes,

a thing offered unto an no doubt, this is written: that p.p.2 Ti.2.6. Ac.23.1, Conscience (1), idol; and their conscience be- he that ploweth should plow in Ge.2.15, Agriculture. [ch.10.25. ing weak is defiled.

hope; and that he that thresh1 S.15.22, Formalism (2), 8 But meat commendeth us eth in hope should be partaker

[He.9.10. not to God: for neither, if we of his hope. p.p.Ro.14.17.

eat, are we the better; neither, 11 If we have sown unto you Mt.9.38. Spir. Laborers. if we eat not, are we the worse. spiritual things, is it a great Ro.15.27, Reciprocation. 9 But take heed lest by any thing if we shall reap your

(2 Coal Liberty (3), Ga.5.13. means this liberty of your's be- carnal things? Is.57.14, Stumbling-blocks, come a stumblingblock to them 12 If others be partakers of

1 . See Offences, Mt.18.7. that are weak.

this power over you, are not 10 For if any man see thee we rather? Nevertheless we SeeSpir. Maturity,1 Co.13.11. which hast knowledge sit at have not used this power; but See Self-support, v.15. 1 S.5.2, Idol Temples. meat in the idol's temple, shall suffer all things, lest we should Ac.20.24. Self-sacrifice (3). Ro.14.15, Evil Influence, not the conscience of him hinder the gospel of Christ. Mt.4.23, Gospel, 2 C0.4.3.

[Ga.5.9. which is weak be emboldened 13 Do ye not know that

to eat those things which are they which minister about
offered to idols;

holy things live of the things Ac.20.35, Duty to the Weak, 11 And through thy knowl- of the temple ? and they which

(ch.9.22. edge shall the weak brother wait at the altar are partakers See Priest's Dues. Le.2.3. See Christ's Sacrifice,

[In'.15.13. perish, for whom Christ died ? with the altar?

12 But when ye sin so against 14 Even so hath the Lord or- p.p.Lu.10.7. See Spir. Brethren, Mt.25.40. the brethren, and wound their dained that they which preach See Ministers (5), (Index). p.p.Mt.25.45; Ac.9.4. weak conscience, ye sin against the gospel should live of the Christ.

gospel. 13 Wherefore, if meat make 15 But I have used none of Ac.18.3, Self-support, Pr.22.2,Brotherhood of Man. my brother to offend, I will eat these things: neither have I

(1 Th.2.9. Ac.20.24, Self-sacrifice (3), no flesh while the world stand-written these things, that it

[ch.9.23. eth, lest I make my brother to should be so done unto me: De.10.19,Brotherly Love (2). offend.

for it were better for me to CHAPTER 9

die, than that any man should A.D.59. Paul asserteth his apostolical char-make my glorying void.

(Ga.2.7. to me.


Life compared to a race.


Apostolic admonitions. D.p.Ro.4.2.

16 For though I preach the 4 And did all drink the same Mt.4.23, Gospel.

gospel, I have nothing to glory spiritual drink: for they drank p.p.Ex.17.6. See Divine Call (2), Ac.13.2. of : for necessity is laid upon of that spiritual Rock that fol- See Living Water, Re.22.17. Je. 20.9, Pressure of Duty. me; yea, woe is unto me, if I lowed them: and that Rock See Go Preach, Mt. 10.7. preach not the gospel ! was Christ. Jud.5.2, Willingness. 17 For if I do this thing will- 5 But with many of them God Ge.15.1, Reward (3), 2 Jn.8. ingly, I have a reward: but if was not well pleased: for they See Divine Displeasure, against my will, a dispensation were overthrown in the wilder

(Nu.11.1. Stewardship of the Gospel, of the gospel is committed un- ness.

p.p.Nu.26.65 : He.3.17.

6 Now these things were our 18 What is my reward then ? examples, to the intent we Or, figures. Mt.3.1, Preaching. Verily that, when I preach the should not lust after evil Nu.11.4, Evil Desire, Ep.2.3.

gospel, I may make the gospel things, as they also lusted. Jb.28.28. ShunEvil,1 Th.5.22. See Self-support, Ac. 18.3. of Christ without charge, that I 7 Neither be ye idolaters, as Ge.35.2, Idolatry (1). abuse not my power in the gos- were some of them; as it is Ex.32.4, Idolatry (4).

written, The people sat down See Humble Service, 19 For though I be free from to eat and drink, and rose up to Ex.32.6, Revelry. [Mt.10.42. all men, yet have I made my- play.

Pr.21.17, Pleasure-seekers. SeeChrist, Servant, Mt.20.28. self servant unto all, that I 8 Neither let us commit forni- Mt.5.32. Fornication, Ep.5.3. Pr.11.30, Soul-winners, might gain the more. cation, as some of them com- p.p.Nu,25.1.

(Ja.5.20.20 And unto the Jews I be-mitted, and fell in one day Ge.2.17, Sin's Penalty. p.p.Ac.16.3; 21.26. came as a Jew, that I might three and twenty thousand.

gain the Jewş; to them that 9 Neither let us tempt Christ, Nu.15.30, Presumption (1),
are under the law, as under the as some of them also tempted,

law, that I might gain them and were destroyed of serpents. See Serpents (1), Nu.21.6.
that are under the law; 10 Neither murmur ye, as Pr.19.3

, Murmuring ; See Gentiles (1), Ge.22.18. 21 To them that are without some of them also murmured,


Ex.14.11, Murmuring (2). p.p.Ga.2.3; 3.2.

law, as without law, (being not and were destroyed of the de-
without law to God, but under stroyer.'
the law to Christ,) that I might 11 Now all these things hap-

gain them that are without law. pened unto them for ensam. Or, types.
Ac.20.35, Duty to the Weak, 22 To the weak became I as ples: and they are written for See God's Word a Light,
[1 Th.5.14. weak, that I might gain the our admonition, upon whom the

[Ps.19.8. weak: I am made all things to ends of the world are come. p.p.He.10.25.

all men, that I might by all 12 Wherefore let him that Pr.28.26, Self-confidence (1). Mt.18.11, Zeal for Souls.

De.4.9, Watchfulness (2),
means save some.
thinketh he standeth take heed

[ch.16.13. Ac.20.24, Self-sacrifice (3), 23 And this I do for the gos- lest he fall.

Mt.6.1, Take Heed, Col.4.17.
. pel's sake, that I might be par- 13 There hath no temptation Temptation (3), He.2.18

. p.p.Mk.8.35; Ga.2.5. taker thereof with you. taken you but such as is com- R.V. such as man can bear:

24 Know ye not that they mon to man: but God is faith- De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. Christian Race, Ga.2.2. which run in a race run all, ful, who will not suffer you to 2Chr.16.9, Divine Protection. Lu.13.24, Holy Ambition, but one receiveth the prize ? be tempted above that ye are Lu.10.19. Prom. to Tempted, (ch.12.31. So run, that ye may obtain. able; but will with the tempta

(He.2.18. Lu.13.24, Spir. Striving, 25 And every man that striv- tion also make a way to escape, Jb.5.19, Deliverance (3).

Ex,14.16, Way Provided. [Ph.1.27. eth for the mastery is temper- that ye may be able to bear it. Pr.21.17, Temperance,

[2 Co.1.10. (Ga.5.23. ate in all things. Now they 14 Wherefore, my dearly be- Mt.23.8. Spir. Brethren.

do it to obtain a corruptible loved, flee from idolatry. Ge.35.2, Idolatry (1). Spir. Crowns, 2 Ti.4.8. crown; but we an incorrupt- . 15 I speak as to wise men; See Spir. Maturity, He.5.14. ible.

judge ye what I say. See Christian Race, v.24. 26 I therefore so run, not as 16 The cup of blessing which Ro.7.23, Spir. Warfare. uncertainly; so fight I, not as we bless, is it not the commun

one that beateth the air: ion of the blood of Christ? See Blood of Christ, Je.35.6, Self-control (2). 27 But I keep under my body, The bread which we break, is

(Mt.26.28. Pr.23.2, Appetites Re

and bring it into subjection: it not the communion of the Mt.14.19. Breaking of Bread.

Mt.26.26, The Lord's Sup-
See Self-denial, Mt.16.24.
lest that by any means, when I body of Christ?

(per, ch.11.23. See Mortify the Flesh, have preached to others, I my- 17 For we being many are Ro.12.5, Unity (1), ch.12.12.

[Mt.5.29. self should be a castaway, Mt.8.12, Castaways.

one bread, and one body: for Ro.12.5, Church, Body of

[Christ. CHAPTER 10

we are all partakers of that
The Jews had sacraments typical of

one bread.
our'8. 6 Christians must not lust 18 Behold Işóra-el after the
after evil things.

flesh: are not they which eat Mt.23.8, Spir. Brethren. OREOVER, brethren, I of the sacrifices partakers of

p.p.Le.7.6,15. 1 S.9.27, Instruction (2). be ignorant, how that all our 19 What say I then? that the See Pillar of Cloud,Ex.13.21. fathers were under the cloud, idol is any thing, or that which Je.10.5, Vanity of Idols. See Way Provided, Ex.14.16. and all passed through the sea; is offered in sacrifice to idols is See Idolatry (3), De.4.28. p.p.Ro.6.3; Ga.3.27. 2 And were all baptized unto any thing?

Mōʻses in the cloud and in the 20 But I say, that the things

which the Gěn'tiles sacrifice, 1s.25.6, Spir. Food, Re.2.7. 3 And did all eat the same they sacrifice to devils, and not Le.17.7, Devil Worship, Ex.16.4, Manna, Re.2.17. spiritual meat;

to God: and I would not that yel



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that she is


Rules for

divine worshi; Is.52.11, Separation (4). should have fellowship with prophesying, having his head p.p.2 S.15.30; Je.14.3. devils.

covered, dishonoureth his head. 2 K.17.33, Double

21 Ye cannot drink the cup of 5 But every woman that praymindedness, Ja,1.8. the Lord, and the cup of devils: eth or prophesieth with her See Prophetesses, Ex. 15.2. See Evil Associations(1),

(Pr.1.15. ye cannot be partakers of the head uncovered dishonoureth See Modesty, Ge.24.65. See The Lord's Supper,v.16. Lord's table, and of the table of her head: for that is even all devils.

one as if she were shaven, p.p.De.21.12. 22 Do we provoke the Lord 6 For if the woman be not See Divine Jealousy,Ex.20.5. to jealousy? are we stronger covered, let her also be shorn : See Vail (1), Ge.24.65. SeeStriving with God,Jb.9.3. than he ?

but if it be a shame for a woman p.p.Nu.5.18. 23 All things are lawful for to be shorn or shaven, let her; 8.9.

me, but all things are not ex- be covered.

pedient: all things are lawful 7 For a man indeed ought not See Edification, Ro.14.19. for me, but all things edify not. to cover his head, forasmuch Mt.16.25, Self-sacrifice (1), 24 Let

seek his as he is the image and glory of Ge.1.26.Divine Image Ja.39 (ch.13.5. own, but every man another's God: but the woman is the See Woman (3), Ge.13.9, Unselfishness. wealth.

glory of the man. p.p.1 Ti.4.4.

25 Whatsoever is sold in the 8 For the man is not of the p.p.Ge.2.22; 1 11.2.13. Ps.141.4, Eating. v.31.

shambles, that eat, asking no woman; but the woman of the Ac.23.1, Conscience (1),

12 Co:5.11. question for conscience sake: Ex.19.5, Divine Owner- 26 For the earth is the Lord's, 9 Neither was the man created

[ship (1). and the fulness thereof. for the woman; but the woman p.p.Ge.2.18.

27 If any of them that be- for the man.

lieve not bid you to a feast, 10 For this cause ought the See Christ a Guest, Mt.9.10. and ye be disposed to go; what- woman to have power on her That is, a corering, is size

soever is set before you, eat, head because of the angels. p.p.Lu.10.7. asking no question for con- 11 Nevertheless neither is the

power of her husband science sake.

man without the woman, nei- p.p.Ga.3.28. 28 But if any man say unto ther the woman without the

you, This is offered in sacrifice man, in the Lord. See Duty to the Weak, unto idols, eat not for his sake 12 For as the woman is of

(Ac.20.35. that shewed it, and for con- the man, even so is the man also

science sake: for the earth is by the woman; but all things p.p.De.10.14. the Lord's, and the fulness of God.

See Creator (2), Ge.1.26. thereof:

13 Judge in yourselves: is it p.p.Lu.12.57; Jn.7.24. 29 Conscience, I say, not thine comely that a woman pray unp.p.Ro.14.16.

own, but of the other: for why to God uncovered ?
is my liberty judged of another 14 Doth not even nature itself
man's conscience?.

teach you, that, if a man have Or, For if I by thanksgiv- 30 For if I by grace be a par- long hair, it is a shame unto 2 S.14.26, Hair, 1 11.2.9. (ing, etc. taker, why am I evil spoken of him?

See Effeminacy, Is.19.16 See Blessings (6), 1 8.9.13. for that for which I give 15 But if a woman have long Ps.68.19, Thankfulness (2). thanks?

hair, it is a glory to her: for Ps.141.4, Eating, 1 Ti.4.4. 31 Whether therefore ye eat, her hair is given her for a De.10.12, True Religion. or drink, or whatsoever ye do, covering.

Or, vail.
Ps.22.23, Glorify God. do all to the glory of God. 16 But if any man seem to be
Mt.18.7, Offences, 2 Co.6.3. 32 Give none offence, neither contentious, we have no such
Or, nor to the Greeks.

to the Jewş, nor to the Gěn'tīles, custom, neither the churches of See Church Precious,

[De.32.10. nor to the church of God: God. Ac.20.24, Self-sacrifice (3), 33 Even as I please all men in 17 Now in this that I declare

[2 Co.12.15. all things, not seeking mine unto you I praise you not, that p.p.v.22. Ge.13.9, Unselfishness,

[2 Co.12.5. own profit, but the profit of ye come together not for the See Soul-winners, Pr.11.30. many, that they may be saved..better, but for the worse.

18 For first of all, when ye CHAPTER 11

come together in the church, I A.D.59.

He exhorteth them. 3 and forbiddeth hear that there be divisions Or, schisms.
men to pray or prophesy with their
heads covered, and women with among you; and I partly be- ch.1.11, Church Strife.
their heads uncovered. 23 of the lieve it.
Lord's supper.

19 For there must be also Ac.20.35, Paul's Example,

E ye followers of me, even heresies among you, that they

[Ph.3.17. Mt.11.29, Christ's Example.

which are approved may be p.p.1 Jn.2.19. SeeCommendation, Mk.14.6. 2 Now I praise you, brethren, made manifest among you.

that ye remember me in all 20 When ye come together

things, and keep the ordinances, therefore into one place, this Or, ye cannot eat.
as I delivered them to you. is not to eat the Lord's supper. Mt.26.26, The Lord's Supper

3 But I would have you know, 21 For in eating every one See Head of the Church,

that the head of every man is taketh before other his own Ex.16.3, Carnality.

Ep.1.22. Christ; and the head of the supper: and one is hungry, and Ge.3.16,Woman (3),ch.14.34. woman is the man; and the another is drunken.

Ge.9.21, Drunkenness (2). p.p.Jn.14.28. head of Christ is God.

22 What? have ye not houses 4 Every praying or to eat and to drink in? or del

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you not.

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(Mt.26.64. come.


Of the Lord's supper.

Of spiritual gifts. spise ye the church of God, and Lord, but by the Holy Ghost. See "Spirit" Teacher, Le.19.8, Sacrilege (1). shame them that have not? 4 Now there are diversities of


Mt.25.15, Gifts Differ,
What shall I say to you? shall gifts, but the same Spirit.

p.p.Ep.4.4. [Ep.4.11. I praise you in this? I praise 5 And there are differences See Reproof (2), Ps.141.5.

of administrations, but the same Or, ministeries.
23 For I have received of the Lord.

See Christ, Lord, Lu.6.5.
Lord that which also I delivered 6 And there are diversities of

unto you, That the Lord Jē'şus operations, but it is the same
Mt.26.26, The Lord's Supper. the same night in which he was God which worketh all in all. p.p.Ep.1.19; Col.1.29.
Jud.16.18, Betrayal. betrayed took bread:

7 But the manifestation of p.p.Ro.12.6.
24 And when he had given the Spirit is given to every man Lu.2.25, Holy Spirit (5).
1 S.9.13, Blessings (6). thanks, he brake it, and said, to profit withal.

Take, eat: this is my body, 8 For to one is given by the Jb.28.28, Wisdom (3),
which is broken for you: this Spirit the word of wisdom; to

[2 Ti.3.15. Ex.12.14, Memorials. do in remembrance of me. another the word of knowledge Je.9.24, Spir. Knowledge.

See Wise Words, Jb.6.25. 25 After the same manner by the same Spirit;

also he took the cup, when he 9 To another faith by the See Faith (1), Lu.17.5.
See New Covenant, Je.31.31. had supped, saying, This cup is same Spirit; to another the
Mt.26.28, Blood of Christ. the new testament in my blood : gifts of healing by the same Mt.10.1, Gift of Healing.

this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, Spirit;
in remembrance of me.

io To another the working of p.p.1 Jn.4.1.
26 For as often as ye eat this miracles; to another prophecy; See Miracles (12), (13), (14),

. bread, and drink this cup, ye do to another discerning of spir-See Prophets (5), Ac.11.27. Or, shew ye.

shew the Lord's death till he its; to another divers kinds of See Spir. Discernment, See Second Coming (1),

tongues; to another the inter

(1 K.3.9. p.p.Le.10.1; 2 Chr.30.18. 27 Wherefore whosoever shall pretation of tongues :

Mk.16.17, Tongues (2),

(ch.14.5. eat this bread, and drink this 11 But all these worketh that

cup of the Lord, unworthily, one and the selfsame Spirit, di- p.p.Ro.12.6-8; ch.7.7.

shall be guilty of the body and viding to every man severally as p.p.Jn.3.8; He.2.4. p.p.He.10.29. blood of the Lord.

he will. Lam.3.40, Self-examination, 28 But let a man examine 12 For as the body is one,

[2 Co.13.5. himself, and so let him eat of and hath many members, and

that bread, and drink of that all the members of that one

body, being many, are one body: Ro.12.5, Unity (1), Ga.3.28.
29 For he that eateth and so also is Christ.

drinketh unworthily, eateth and 13 For by one Spirit are we Lu.2.25, Holy Spirit (5), Or, judgment. drinketh damnation to himself, all baptized into one body,

(1 Jn.2.20. Ps.92.6, Dullness (1). not discerning the Lord's body. whether we be Jewş or GěnRo.6,3; Baptism (2), Ga.3.27.

Ro.12.5, , p.p.Ex.15.26; 2 S.12.14. 30 For this cause many are tiles, whether we be bond or

(Christ. Le.26.16, Sickness (1). weak and sickly among you, free; and have been all made p.p.Ga.3.28; Ep.2.13. and many sleep. to drink into one Spirit.

See Saints' Fellowship,

(Ps.119.63. R.V.we discerned ourselves, 31 For if we would judge our- 14 For the body is not one

selves, we should not be judged. member, but many.

32 But when we are judged, 15 If the foot shall say, BeDe.8.5, Chastisement, we are chastened of the Lord, cause I am not the hand, I am

(He.12.5. that we should not be con- not of the body; is it therefore Jb.5.17, Afiction (2).

demned with the world. not of the body?

33 Wherefore, my brethren, 16 And if the ear shall say, Mt.18.20, Assembly. when ye come together to eat, Because I am not the eye, I am tarry one for another.

not of the body; is it therefore Mt.4.2, Hunger.

34 And if any man hunger, not of the body? De.24.5, Home.

let him eat at home; that ye 17 If the whole body were an Jn.3.19, Condemnation (1), come not together unto con eye, where were the hearing?

[1 Ti.3.6. demnation. And the rest will If the whole were hearing, Mt.16.19, Authority (2). I set in order when I come. where were the smelling?


18 But now hath God set the

members every one of them in A.D.59.

Spiritual gifts are diverse, yet all to the body, as it hath pleased him. De.4.39, Sovereignty of God.
diversely bestowed of God for the 19 And if they were all one
general good.

member, where were the body? See Gifts Differ, v.4.

TOW concerning spiritual 20 But now are they many

gifts, brethren, I would members, yet but one body. Ro.12.5, Unity (1). Pr.1.8, Instruction (1). not have you ignorant. 21 And the eye cannot say

2 Ye know that ye were Gěn'- unto the hand, I have no need 1 Chr.16.26, False Gods,

tileş, carried away unto these of thee: nor again the head to

(Ga.4.8. De.4.28, Idolatry (3).

dumb idols, even as ye were led. the feet, I have no need of you. 1 8.9.27, Instruction (2). 3 Wherefore I give you to 22 Nay, much more those See Inspiration (2), Ex4.12. understand, that no man speak- members of the body, which See Christ Reviled, Mt.27.39. ing by the Spirit of God calleth seem to be more feeble, are See Weak Instrumentalip.p.Mt.16.16. Jē sus accursed: and that no necessary :

(ties, ch.1.27. Lu.6.5, Christ, Lord, Ep.4.5. man can say that Jē'gus is thel 23 And those members of

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Fleipw after charity, and

Charity extolled.

Prophecy commended.
the body, which we think to all things, hopeth all things, Lu.17.5, Faith (1).
be less honourable, upon these endureth all things.

See Spir. Hope, Ro.4.13. p.p.Is.66.2.

Mt.10.22, Endurance. we bestow more abundant hon- 8 Charity never faileth: but See The Enduring, 5.13. our; and our uncomely parts whether there be prophecies, have more abundant comeli- they shall fail; whether there p.p.1.2. ness.

be tongues, they shall cease; Mk.16.17, Tongues (2). 24 For our comely parts have whether there be knowledge, Is.44.25, Knowledge (2). no need: but God hath tem-it shall vanish away.

Jb.8.9, Man's Ignorance pered the body together, having 9 For we know in part, and

See Knowledge Witte given more abundant honour we prophesy in part.

See Secret Things. to that part which lacked: 10 But when that which is

De 39 Or, division.

25 That there should be no perfect is come, then that p.p.Is.60.19; Je.3L 3. ch.1.10, Unity (2).

schism in the body; but that which is in part shall be done p.p.Hab.2.14. See Duty to the Weak, the members should have the away.

(Ac. 20.35. Ac.20.31, Care of Church.

same care one for another. 11 When I was a child, I ch.3.1. Spir. Immaturity.

26 And whether one member spake as a child, I understood See Sympathy (1), Is.58.7. suffer, all the members suffer as a child, I thought as a child:

with it; or one member be but when I became a man, I Spir. Maturity, ch.14.20 honoured, all the members re- put away childish things. See Spir. Progress, Jb.179 joice with it.

12 For now we see through a Is.3.23, Mirrors. 2 C0.3.13 Ro.12.5, Church, Body of 27 Now ye are the body of glass, darkly; but then face to Ps.17.15, Heavenly Visioa. (Christ, Ep.1.23. Christ, and members in par- face: now I know in part; but

[1 Je ticular.

then shall I know even as also Ge.2.17, Knowledge WiebSee Gifts Differ, Ro.12.6. 28 And God hath set some in I am known.

(held, Ep-35

Na.1.7, Saints Known. Mt.10.2. Apostles' Names.

the church, first apostles, sec- 13 And now abideth faith, Jn.6.27, The Enduring. Ac.11.27, Prophets (5), [ch.14.29. ondarily prophets, thirdly teach-hope, charity, these three; but

(2 Co.6.15 Ac.11.26, Christian Teach ers, after that miracles, then the greatest of these is charity. Ro.4.18. Spir. Hope, Coll 23.

Lu.17.5, Faith (1). [ers, Ep.4.11. gifts of healings, helps, gov.

Pr.10.12.Brotherly Love (1. Mt.10.1, Gift of Healing. ernments, diversities of tongues.

Mk.16.17, Tongues (2).

Spir. Love, Ga.5.6.
29 Are all apostles ? are all Prophecy commended, 2, 3, 4 and A.D.59.
prophets? are all teachers ?

preferred before speaking with

tongues: 12 both must be referred
are all workers of miracles ?

to edification. 34 Women forbid-
30 Have all the gifts of heal den to speak in the church.
ing? do all speak with tongues ?

Lu.13.24, Holy Ambition.

(v.2 do all interpret?

desire spiritual gifts, but 2 Chr.15.15, Spir. Desire. Lu.13.24, Holy Ambition, 31 But covet earnestly, the rather that ye may prophesy. Ac.2. Spit. Utterance, (ch.14.1. best gifts: and yet shew I un- 2 For he that speaketh in an

See Prophets (5), Ac. 11.7. 1 S.9.27, Instruction (2). to you a more excellent way. unknown tongue speaketh not

unto men, but unto God: for

CHAPTER 13 no man understandeth him; A.D.59.

gifts, however excellent, are noth-howbeit in the spirit he speak. Or, heareth, R.V. Substitutes love for ing without charity: 4 the praises eth mysteries.

p.p.Mt.13.11. charity throughout this thereof. entire chapter.

3 But he that prophesieth p.p.1 Ti.1.5.

THOUGH I speak with the speaketh unto men to edifica- Ro.14.19, Edification, 5.2. See Tongues (2), Mk.16.17. tongues of men and of tion, and exhortation, and com- Lu.3.18, Exhortations. Pr.10.12, Brotherly Love (1), angels, and have not charity, I fort.

Is.40.1, Comfort (3), v.31. [Ga.5.13. am become as sounding brass, 4 He that speaketh in an See False Profession, Mt.7.21. 2 S.6.5, Cymbals.

or a tinkling cymbal. unknown tongue edifieth him

2 And though I have the gift self; but he that prophesieth
See Prophets (5), Ac.11.27. of prophecy, and understand all edifieth the church.
See Secret Things.De.29.29. mysteries, and all knowledge; 5 I would that ye all spake p.p.Nu.11.29.
Is.44.25, Knowledge (2).

and though I have all faith, so with tongues, but rather that Mk.16.17, Tongues (2). See Faith (1), Lu.17.5.

that I could remove mountains, ye prophesied: for greater is
and have not charity, I am he that prophesieth than he

that speaketh with tongues, Le.25.35, Alms.

3 And though I bestow all my excepto he interpret, that the See Sacrifices Insufficient, goods to feed the poor, and church may receive edifying.

[1 S.15.22. though I give my body to be 6 Now, brethren, if I come un2 Chr.24.21, Martyrs. burned, and have not charity, to you speaking with tongues,

it profiteth me nothing. what shall I profit you, except Longsuffering (2), 2 C0.6.6. 4 Charity suffereth long, and I shall speak to you either by Ro.12.10, Kindness (1),

is kind; charity envieth not; revelation, or by knowledge,

[Ep.4.32. Ps.37.1, Envy (1), Ga.5.26. - charity vaunteth not itself, is or by prophesying, or by docGe.18.27, Self-abasement. not puffed up,

trine? Behaviour, Ph.1.10.

5 Doth not behave itself un-7 And even things without Mt.16.25, Self-sacrifice (1),

(Ph.2.4. seemly, seeketh not her own, life giving sound, whether pipe Ge.4.21, Musical InstruGe.13.9, Unselfishness. is not easily provoked, think- or harp, except they give a dis

(ments. Ec.7.8, Patience (1). eth no evil;

tinction in the sounds, how 01, tunes. Pr.17.9, Charitableness. Jb.31.29, Rejoicing (4).

6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, shall it be known what is piped See Rejoicing (1), De.i2.7. but rejoiceth in the truth; or harped? Forbearance (2), Ep.4.2. 7 Beareth all things, believeth 8 For if the trumpet give an No.10.9, Trumpets (1).

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