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John Russell Smith, 36, Soho Square, London.



^ Described and Illustrated. By J. Y. Akerman, F.S.A. Second Edition, greatly enlarged, 8vo, with plates and woodcuts. 10s. 6d.

The"Prixde Numismatique" was awarded bythe lishedatavery moderate jjrice; it should be consulted,

French Institute to the author for this work. not merely for these particular coins, but also for facts

"Mr. Akerman's volume contains a notice of every most valuable to nil who are interested in the Romanu

known variety, with copious illustrations, and is pub- British History."—Archaological Journal.

MUMISMATIC ILLUSTRATIONS of the Narrative Portions of the NEW ^~ TESTAMENT. By J. Y. Akerman. 8vo, numerous woodcuts from the original coins in various public and private collections, cloth. 5s.

"Archaeology is under a peculiar obligation to bute of commendation for light thrown upon Holy Mr. Akerman. To him more than to any other living Writ, through the medium of " the unrighteous Mamman, is due the praise of having converted multitudes mon." The New Testament has, it appears, in the to the love of antiquarian research. To him we all owe compass of the Gospels and Acts, no less than 32 the pleasant debt of an instructive acquaintance, not allusions to the coinage of Greece, Bome, and Judaea; only with the beautiful money of Ancient Greece and and these beautifully engraved, and learnedly deRome, but with the once barbarous, though not less scribed, give Mr. Akerman an opportunity of serving interesting, coins of our earliest history. And to him the goou cause of truth in the way of nis peculiar now especially, the cause of religion can bring its tri- avocation."— Church of England Journal.

NUMISMATIC CHRONICLE AND JOURNAL OF THE NUMISMATIC SOCIETY. Edited by J. Y. Akeeman. Published Quarterly at Zs. 6d. per Number.

This is the only repertory of Numismatic intelli- and countries, by the first Numismatists ol <foe day, gcnce ever published in England. both English and Foreign.

It contains papers on coins and medals, of all ages Odd parts to complete sets.

LIST OP TOKENS ISSUED BY WILTSHIRE TRADESMEN, in the Seventeenth Century, By J. Y. Akeeman. 8vo, plates, sewed. Is. fid.


ROMANS, Delivered in the University of Oxford. By Edward Cardwell, D.D., Principal of St. Alban'* Hall, and Professor of Ancient History. 8vo, cloth. 4s. (original price 8s. 6d.)

A very interesting historical volume, and written in a pleasing and popular manner.

A N OLLA PODRIDA, or Scraps Numismatic, Antiquarian, and Literary. By Eichaed Sainthill, Esq., of Cork. Royal 8vo, many plates and portraits, a handsome volume, Privately Printed, cloth. £1. Us. 6d.

Containing Letters on the coinage of 1816; Memoir Ireland; Coins of the Mint of Exeter; Coins of Henry

of Thomas Wyou, jun.; on the Coronation and Guild- III; Saxon and Anglo-Norman Coins; attempt to

hall Medals; Russian Medals; Coins found at Bea- locate Coins unappropriated by Ruding; and other

worth; Short and Long-Cross Pennies of Henry VII; papers on Coins and Topographical and Genealogical

Dublin Groats; Three Crowns, the ancient Arms of subjects.

OBSERVATIONS ON A UNIQUE CUFIC GOLD COIN of the Patimite Dynasty. By L. Loewe. 8vo, engraving, served. Is.

HAND-BOOK OF ENGLISH COINS, from the Conquest to Victoria. By L. Jewitt. 12mo, 11 plates, cloth. Is.

HISTORY OF THE COINS OF CUNOBELINE and of the ANCIENT BBITONS. By the Kev. Beale Poste. 8vo, with numerous plates and woodcuts, cloth. In the Tress.


** the Seat of Charles Cotton, Esq., the celebrated Author and Angler. By W. Alexander, F.S.A., F.L.S., late Keeper of the Prints in the British Museum, Crown 4to, printed on tinted paper, with a spirited frontispiece, representing Walton and his adopted Son Cotton in the Fishing-house, and vignette title page, cloth. 6s.

Dedicated to the Angleis of Great Biitain and the various Walton and Cotton Clubs; only 100 printed.

p RAPHIC AND HISTORICAL SKETCH of the Antiquities of Totnes, Devon. By W. Cotton, F.S.A. Small 4lo, fine woodcuts, cloth. 6s. (original price 10«. 6d.)


Valuable and Interesting Books, Published or Sold by

CAMBRIDGE. Historia Collegii Jesu Cantabrigiensis it J. Shebmanno, olim prffis. ejusdem Collegii. Edita J. O. Halliweli.. 8vo, cloth. 2s.

HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES of the County of Hereford. By the Rev. John Dt/nccmb. 2 vols, 4to, portraits and plates, Ids. £1. 4s. {original price £5. 5s.)

HELPS TO HEREFORD HISTORY, Civil and Legendary, in an Ancient Account of the Ancient-Cordwainers' Company of the City, the Mordiford Dragon, and other Subjects, By J. D. Deylin. 12mo, cloth (a curious volume). 3s. 6d. "A series of very clever papers."—Spectator.

"A little work full of Antiquarian information, presented in a pleasing andpopularforin."—Nonconformist.

HISTORY OP PORTSMOUTH, PORTSEA, LANDPORT, SOUTHSEA, and GOSPORX. By Henby Slight, Esq. 8vo, Third Edition, sbd. 4s.

NOTES ON THE CHURCHES in the Counties of KENT, SUSSEX, and SURREY, mentioned in Domesday Book, and those of more recent date, with some Account of the Sepulchral Memorials and other Antiquities. By the Rev. Abthub Iiusset. Thick 8vo, Fine Plates, cloth. 18s.

KENTISH CUSTOMS.—Consuetudines Kancise. A History of Gavelkind, and other Remarkable Customs, in the County of Kent. By Chables Sandys, Esq., F.S.A. (Cantianus). Illustrated with facimilies, a very handsome volume, cloth. 15*.


RECULVER, AND LYMNE, in Kent. By C. R. Roach Smith, Esq., F.S.A., Small 4to, with many engravings on wood and copper, by P. W. Eaibholt, cloth. £1. Is.

"No antiquarian volume could display a trio of here represented—Roach Smith, the ardent explorer; names more zealous, successful, and intelligent, on Fairholt, the excellent illustrator; and Rolfe, the the subject of Romano-British remains, tnan the three indefatigable collector."—Literary Gazette.


with incidental Notices of Places in its Neighbourhood. By J. Dunkxn, Author of the " History of the Hundreds of Bullington and Ploughley, in Oxfordshire;" "History of Bicester;" "History of Bromley," &c. 8vo, 17 plates, cloth. Only 150 printed. 21s.


Port of London. By R. P. Ceuden, late Mayor of Gravesend. Royal 8vo, 37 fine plates and woodcuts, a very handsome volume, cloth. 10s. (original price £1. 8s.)


discovered at Springhead, near Gravesend, Kent. By A. J. Dunkin. Svo,plates, (only 100 printed,) cloth. 6s. 6d.

JJISTORY OF ROMNEY MARSH, in Kent, from the time of the Romans to 1833, with a Dissertation on the original Site of the Ancient Anderida. By W. Holloway, Esq., author of the "History of Rye." 8vo, with Maps and plates, cloth. 12s.

CRITICAL DISSERTATION on Professor Willis's "Architectural History of Canterbury Cathedral." By C. Sandys, of Canterbury. 8m 2s. 6d.

"Written in no quarrelsome or captious spirit; the serious errors throughout. It may be considered as highest compliment is paid to Professor Willis, where an indispensable companion to his volume, containing it is due. But the author has made out a clear case, a great deal of extra information of a very curious in some very important instances, of inaccuracies that kind."—'Art- Union. have led the learned Professor into the construction of

FOLKESTONE FIERY SERPENT, together with the Humours of the -"- Dovoh Mayor; being an Ancient Ballad, full of Mystery and pleasant Conceit, now first collected and printed from the various MS. copies in possession of the inhabitants of the South-east coast of Kent; with Notes. 12mo. Is.

J-JAND-BOOK OF LEICESTER. By James Thompson. 12ino, Second J&dition, woodcuts, ids. 2s.


in Lincolnshire. By the Venerable Abchdeacon Stonehocse. Thick 4to, Pin* PLATES 18s. (original price £3. 3s.)

John Russell Smith, 36, Sdho Square, London.


HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES OF GAINSBOROUGH, in Lincolnshire. By Adam Stabb. Thick 8vo, Second Edition, Gbeatly Enlabged, cloth, ds. (original price £1. Is.)Labge Papeb, royal 8vo, cloth, lis.


CASTER. Compiled from Authentio Sources. By the Bev. Robebt Simpson. 8vo, cloth. 8s.


AW. OF ALL SAINTS, King's-Lynn; with a List of the Vicars, and a quantity of other useful information. By J. N. Chadwick. 8vo, four engravings, sewed. 2s. 6rf.


near Oundle, Northamptonshire; with Historical Notices of the Family of Tresham, and its connection with the Gunpowder Plot. By Thomas Bell. Four plates and Tresham Pedigree. 4to. 6s.

T3EPRINTS OF RARE TRACTS, and Imprints of Ancient Manuscripts, &c., -I* chiefly illustrative of the History and Biography of the Northern Counties. BeauTifully PEINTED on thick paper, with facsimile titles, initial letters in colours, Sfc, Forming 7 Vols., post 8vo, Complete, with general titles and contents, bds. £5. 5s. (original price £7. 7s.)

This Collection comprises no less than 62 Tracts of the most interesting kind, edited by M. A. Richardson, assisted by several antiquaries in the northern counties. Only 100 copies of the Collection were printed, which are all sold by the printer.

RIVER TYNE.—Plea and Defence of the Mayor and Burgesses of Newcastle against the Malevolent accusations of Gardiner, (author of "England's Grievance on the Coal Trade,") 1653; with Appendix of Unpublished Documents respecting the River Tyne. By M. A. Richaedson. 8vo, (only 150 printed ) 2s.

^TOPOGRAPHICAL MEMORANDUMS for the County of Oxford. By Sir Gbegoby Page Tubneb, Bart. 8vo, bds. 2s.

NOTICES OP THE HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES OP ISLIP, Oxon. By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo, (only 50 printed,) sewed. Is.

HISTORY OF BANBURY, in Oxfordsliire; including Copious Historical and Antiquarian Notices of the Neighbourhood. By Alpeed Beeslet. Thick 8vo, 684 closely printed pages, with 60 woodcuts, engraved in the first style of art, by O. Jewett, of Oxford, lis. (original price £1. 5s.)

"The neighbourhood of Banbury is equally rich in author has collected a great body of local information British, Roman, Saxon, Norman, and English Anti- of the most interesting kind. By no means the least quities, of all which Mr. Beesley has given regularly valuable part of Mr. Beesley's work, is his account cleared accounts. Banbury holds an important place of the numerous interesting early churches, which in the history of the Parliamentary War of the Seven- characterize the Banbury district." — The Archtto

." '"- - legist.

Odd Parts to complete copies, It. 6d instead of is.U.

HISTORY OF "WITNEY, with Notices of the Neighbouring Parishes and Hamlets in Oxfordsliire. By the Rev. Dr. Giles, formerly Fellow of C. C, Oxford. 8vo, plates, cloth, (only 150 printed.) 6s.

HISTORY OF THE PARISH AND TOWN OF BAMPTON, in Oxfordshire, with the District and Hamlets belonging to it. By the Rev. Dr. Giles. 8vo, plates, Second Edition, cloth. 7s. 6d.

FAUCONBERGE MEMORIAL.—An Account of Henry Fauconberge, LL.D., of Becclea, in Suffolk, and of the endowment provided by his will to encourage Learning and the Instruction of Youth; with Notes and Incidental Biographical Sketches. By S. W. RlX. Pot 4to, very nicely got up, with 30 engravings of Old Houses, Seals, Autographs, Arms, fyc, bds. 5s.—Large Papeb, 7s. 6d. (veby. Few Copies Pbintbd.)

Contents.—Fauconberges of Olden Time. II. Fau- Memoir of Robert Sparrow, Esq. Memoir of Dr. Joseph conberge of Bcccles. III. Fauconberge Endowment. Arnold (by Dawson Turner, of Yarmouth), Particulars IV. Fauconberge and Leman. V. Appendix, Pedigrees, of the Fauconberge Trust Estate. &c . &c.

SUSSEX ARCHAEOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS, illustrating the History and Antiquities of the County, published by the Sussex Archssological Society. 8vo, plates and woodcuts, cloth. "Vol. I, 10*.; Vol. II, 15s.; Vol. Ill, 10s.; Vol, IV, 14s.; Vol. V, 14s.

14 Valuable and Interesting Books, Published or Sold by

SUSSEX GARLAND; a Collection of Ballads, Sonnets, Tales, Elegies, Songs, Epitaphs, 4c., illustrative of the County of Sussex, with Notices, Historical, Biographical and Descriptive. By James Taylor. Post 8vo, Engravings, doth. 12*.

SUSSEX MARTYRS: their Examinations and Cruel Burnings in the time of Queen Mary; comprising the interesting Personal Narrative of Kichard Woodman, extracted from "Foxe's Monuments;" with Notes. By M. A. Lower, M,A. 12mo, sewed. 1*. •

pHURCHES OP SUSSEX, drawn by B. H. Nibbs, with Descriptions. ^ 84 plates, 4to, a handsome volume, cloth. £2. 2*.

HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES OP THE ANCIENT PORT AND TOWN OF RYE, in Sussex, compiled from Original Documents. By William Holloway, Esq, Thick 8vo, (only 800 Printed,) cloth. £1. Is.

HISTORY OP WINCHELSEA,inSus8es.ByW.DTOBiHTCQ0PEElF^.A. 8vo, fine plates and woodcuts. 7s. 6d.

CHRONICLE OF BATTEL ABBEY, in Sussex; originally compiled in Latin by a Monk of the Establishment, and now first translated, with Notes, and an Abstract of the subsequent History of the Abbey. By Mabk Antony Loweb, M.A. 8vo, with illustrations, cloth. 9s.

"It will be found to contain a real and living pic. * Mr. Lower has added to the completeness of the ture of the manners and customs, the modes of thought book by a summary sketch of the History of the aud speech prevalent in the times ot wliich it is fiie Abbey, and its succession of Abbots from the time record. Mr. Lower has well discharged his oltice of when the Chronicle terminates to the period of the translator and editor.'*—Guardian. dissolution. Various intelligent notes, as well as the

"In no respect less interesting than Jocelin de general style of the translation, are highly creBrakelond's famous Chronicle of Bury St Edmund's ditable to his care and skill as editor."— Gentleman's Abbey."—Lit. Gaz. Magazine.

DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF THE ORIGINAL CHAR. TEKS, GRANTS, DONATIONS, &c., constituting the Muniments of Battel Abbey, also the Papers of the Montagus, Sidneys, and Websters, embodying many highly interesting and valuable Records of Lands in Sussex, Kent, and Essex, with Preliminary Memoranda of the Abbey of Battel, and Historical Particulars of the Abbots. 8vo, 234 Fades, cloth, Only Is. 6d.

TJAND-BOOK TO LEWES, in Sussex, Historical and Descriptive; with Notices of the Recent Discoveries at the Priory. By Mask Antony Lower. 12mo, many engravings, cloth. \s. 6d.

(CHRONICLES OF PEVENSEY, in Sussex. ByM. A. Lowed, lame* woodcuts. Is.


Venables. (Reprinted foom Vol. IV of the Sussex Archaeological Collections.) 8vo, many engravings, sewed, 3s.; cloth 4*.


WEISBADEN, NEIDERBIEBER, BONN, and COLOGNE. By Chable4 Roach Smith, F.S.A. (Reprinted from Vol. II of the "Collectanea Antiqua.") 8vo, with many engravings. 7s. 6d.'

A NNALS AND LEGENDS OF CALAIS; with Sketches of Emigre

Notabilities, and Memoir of Lady Hamilton. By Robert Bell Calton, author

of " Rambles in Sweden and Orottland," &c. &o. Post 8vo, with frontispiece and vignette^ cloth. 5s.

Principal Contents:—History of the Siege by Ed- eester; the Courgain; the Field of the Clota of Gold;

ward III. in 1346-7, with a Roll of the Commanders Notice of the Town and Castle of Guisncs, and its sur.

and their Followers present, from a contemporary MS. prise by John de Lancaster; the town and Seigneurie

in the British Museum; The Allotment of Lands and of Ardres; the Sands and Duelling; Villages am)

Houses to Edward's Barons; Calais as an English Chateau of Sangatte, Coulouge, Mark, Eschalles and

Borough; List of the Streets and Householders of the Hamnics; Review of the English Occupation of Calais;

same; nenry Vlllth's Court there; Cardinal Wolsey its Rc-capture by the Duke de Guise; the lower Town

and his Expenses; the English Tale, with the Karnes and its Lace Trade; our Commercial Relations with

ot Roads, Farmsteads, aud Villages in the Ene-lisli V.ra - *',.«»„.*. T?-.:—x . .
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John Russell Smith, 86, Soho Square, London.


MONT SAINT-MICHEL.—Histoire et Description de Mont St, Michel en Normandie, teste, par Hericher, de*sins par Bouet publies par Bourdon. Polio, 150 pp., and 13 beautiful plates, executed in tinted lithography, leather back, uncut. £2. 2s. A handsome volume, interesting to the Architect and Archaeologist.

GENOA; with Remarks on the Climate, and its Influence upon InyalicU, By Henby Jones Bunnett, M.D, 12mo, cloth 4a.

Juratory, <&mmlo%p, anH fturnamts.

CURIOSITIES OF HERALDRY, with Illustrations from Old English

Writers. By Mark Antony Lower, M.A., Author of "Essays Od English Surnames;" with illuminated Title-page, and numerous engravings from designs the Autlwr. 8vo, cloth. 14*.

"The present volume is truly a worthy sequel (to than an ample exposition of an extraordinary and unithe'surnames') in the same curious and antiquarian versa! custom, which produced the most important line, blending with remarkable facts and intelligence, effect upon the minus and habit* of mankind."— such a fund of amusing anecdote and illustration, that Literary Gazette.

the reader is almost surprised to find that he has "Mr. Lower's work is both curious and instructive, learned so much, whilst he appeared to be pursuing while the manner of its treatment is so inviting and mere entertainment. The text is so pleasing ^iat we popular, that the subject to which it refers, which scarcely dream of its sterling value; and it seems as if, many have hitherto had too good reason to. consider in unison with the woodcuts, which so eleverly explain meagre and unprofitable, assumes, under the hands of its points and adorn its various topics, the whole de- the writer, the novelty of fiction with the importance sign were intended ior a relaxation from study, rather of historical truth.*1—Athetueum.


-*- FOBBSHIBE. By William Beery, late, and for fifteen years, Hegistering Clerk in the College of Arms, author of the "Bnoyclopaedia Heraldica," &c. &c. Folio, (only 125 printed.) £1. 5*. (original price £3. 10*)


*J EXTINCT AND DOKMANT BARONETCIES of England, Ireland, and Scotland. By J, Burke, Esq. Medium 8vo, Second Edition, 638 closely printed pages, in double columns, with about 1000 arms engraved on wood, fine portrait of James I, and illuminated title-page, cloth. 10s. (original price £1. 8s.)

This work engaged the attention of the author for ative or representatives still existing, with elaborate several years, comprises nearly a thousand families, and minute details of the alliances, achievements, ami many of them amongst the most ancient and eminent fortunes; generation after generation, from the earliest in the kingdom, each carried down to its represent- to the latest period.

TpNGLISH SURNAMES. An Essay on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological, and Humorous; with several illustrative Appendices. By Mark Antony Lower, M.A. 2 vols., post 8vo, Thied Edition, Enlarged, woodcuts, cloth. 12s.

This new and mueh improved Edition, besides a and in his chapters on the different ways in which great enlargement of the Chapters, contained in the particular classes of names have originated from previous editions, comprises several that are entirely names of places. occupations, dignities, offices, personal new, together with Notes pa Scottish, Irish, and and mental qualities, &c."—Spectator.

Norman Surnames. The "Additional Prolusions," ,, „ T , . . . „ .a e

besides the articles on Rebuses, Allusive Arms, and "Mr- has Sone *? work ,ln the 'jTM *Z °} the Roll of Battel Abbey, crnitata dissertations on Inn ant.quarian discovery, and a most amusing and msigns, and Remarks on Christian Names; with a "tractive »ook he has produced. -Brighton Hlraht. copious Index of many thousand Names. These fea- 1'A curious work, and got up, moreover, with that turesrender "English Surnames" rather a new work commendable attention to paper and typography which than a new edition. is certain to make a book *tak the eye.'

"Acurious,iugenious,andamusingbopk, Mr.Lower Mr. Lower has been ' at agreat feast of languages, brings considerable knowledge to Dear, both in his and has stolen more than the 'scraps.' He both ini general history of the use of Surnames in England, stracts and entertains."—Joh» Bull.

TNDEX TO THE PEDIGREES AND ARMS contamedin the Heralds'

Visitations and other Genealogical Manuscripts in the British Museum. By E. SlMS, of the Manuscript Department. 8vo, closely printed in double columns, cloth. 15s,

An indispensable work to those engaged in Gcnea- study, amusement, or professionally; those who have logical and Topographical pursuits, ah^ording a ready experienced the toilsome labour of searching. with! clue to the Pedigrees and Arms of nearly 40,000 of the the help only of the existing very imperfect Catalogues, Gentry of England, their Residences, &c. (distinguish- can appreciate the perseverance and accurate exa-i ingthe different families of the same name in any mination necessary to produce such an Index Hb tha| county), as recorded by the Heralds in their Visita- just published by Mr. Sims; it will be an indispen-v tions between the years 1528 to 1686. sable companion to the Library table of all students,

in genealogical pursuits, and those engaged in the

"This work will be very acceptable to all who have History of Landed Property." — Journal of Archao-. occasion to examine the M.SS. alluded to, whether for logical Institute for September, 1819.

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