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J. S. Barnes & Co., Publishers.

THESE volumes are intended to comprise a comprehensive view of the whole circle of human knowledge-in other words, to form a General Cyclopedia in a portable shape, for popular reference, for Family Libraries, for Teachers and School Libraries, and for the general reader.


CHRONOLOGY AND HISTORY. THE WORLD'S PROGRESS. A Dictionary of Dates, with Tabular Views of General History, and an Historical Chart. Edited by GEORGE P. PUTNAM.


UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY. Being a Gazetteer of the World, based on the Census of the United States, England, and France, for 1551. EDITED by T. CAREY CALLICOTT, A.M.


BIOGRAPHY. Being a Gazetteer of the Names of the most Eminent Men of the Past. By PARKE GODWIN.


THE USEFUL ARTS. Including Agriculture, Architecture, Domestic Economy. Engineering, Machinery, Manufactures, Mining, Photogenic, and Telegraphic Art. Being an Exposition of their Principles and Practice, and a compend of American and European Invention. By T. ANTISELL, M. D.


LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS. Comprising Complete and Accurate Definitions of all Terms employed in Bebes-Lettres, Philosophy, Theology, Law, Mythology, Painting, Music, Sculpture, Architecture, and all kindred Arts. Compiled and arranged by GEORGE RIPLEY and BAYARD TAYLOR.


ARCHITECTURE. Historical, Descriptive, Topographical, Decorative, Theoretical, and Mechanical. Alphabetically arranged, familiarly explained, and adapted to the comprehension of workmen; and valuable for general use, as a book of reference, for public and private Libraries, and for Scientific Men. By ROBERT STUART, Architect and Civil Engineer.


EUROPE-ITS PAST AND PRESENT CONDITION. A comprehensive Mannal of European Geography and History, with separate descriptions and statistics of each State, and a copious Index. facilitating reference to every essential fact in the history and present state of Europe. By FRANCIS H. UNGEWITTER, LL.D. 1 vol. Svo.


SCIENCE. Including Natural History, Botany, Geology, Mineralogy. By SAMUEL ST. Jons. (In press.)

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