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the Logos 145. His oneness with

the Father 147. Texts represent- United States, Recent Literary In-
ing the Son as inferior to ihe Fa- telligence of 514.
ther 150. When Christ calls him-
self Son of God, does he claim
equality with God ? 153. Other
titles of Christ 154. The term Winer's Grammar of the Greek lan-
Son of God explained 156. Used guage , by Profs. Agnew and Eb-
in a sense in which there is no beke, noticed 238.
other Son of God 161. Other pas- Woods, Rev. Leonard, D. D., on
sages explained 162. Note by the Cause and Effect, Fatalism and
Editor 166. Interpretation of Free Agency 174.

Rom. 1: 3, 4. 168.
Stuart, Prof. M. Christology of the
Book of Enoch 86.


Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates,

with by Prof. Packard, 20-
Turnbull, Rev. Robert,

on the

ticed 234.
Theatre, noticed 256.

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