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Ibis, The (Journal), 121

Jerdon (T. C.) Birds of India, 1315
Keulemans (J. G) Cage Birds, 5367
Lear (E.) Psittacidæ, 4464
Lee. Birds in their Nesting Haunts, 124
Levaillant (F.) Histoire Naturelle des
Perroquets, 125
Lilford (Lord).
shire, 920
Lilford (Lord). Figures of Birds, 555
Macgillivray (W.) British Birds, 130
Meyer (H. L.) British Birds and their

Birds of Northampton-

Eggs, 1322
Millais (J. G.)
Morris (F. O.)
Morris (F. O.)
Muller (J. W.)

Game Birds, 131
British Birds, 1600
Nests and Eggs, 1601
Ornithologie Africaine,


Rowley (G. D.)
cellany, 6562

Ornithological Mis-

Sclater (P. L.) Argentine Ornithology, 143
Sclater (P. L) Monograph of the Cal-
liste, 142

Seebohm (H.)
Shelley (G. E.)
Stevenson (H.)
Viellot (L. P.)

British Birds, 329
The Nectariniidae, 145
Birds of Norfolk, 147
Oiseaux de la Zone

American Or-

Torride, 579
Wilson and Bonaparte.
nithology, 3361
Yarrell (W.) British Birds. See General

Brabant (Duc de). Entry into Antwerp,

Coronation Literature. See under that

Dansey (J. C.) English Crusaders, 2314
De la Serre (Sr.) L'Entree de Marie de
Medici dans la Grande Bretagne, 2809
Doyle (R.) Procession of the Princess
Royal, 4166

Fétes données à l'occasion du Mariage
de Madame Louise Elizabeth (1740),

Pageants (continued):
Fishmonger's Pageant, The (Nichols),
Fores. State Procession on the Mar-
riage of Victoria, 2966

Greffier (C. G.) L'Entree du Prince
d'Espaignes en la Ville d'Anvers (1550),

Haudricourt (T. d'). Fastes de la Nation
Française, 4156
Jonson (Ben).
thorpe (1604), 6260

Entertainment at Al-

Louis XV., Le Sacre de, 2806

Luna (Alvaro de). Coronica de los

Reynos de Castilla, 1386

Napoleon I. Translation du Cercueil,

Nicholas I. Couronnement, 5384
Nichols (Jno.) Progresses and Proces-
sions, 1803

Ogilby (Jno.) Entertainment of Charles
II., 1804

Orange (Fredk. Hy., Prince of).
Funeral Pageant, 5323

Pine (J.) Installation of Knights of the
Bath, 5768

Victoria (Queen). Visit to the City
(1837), 2667

Wellington. Funeral Procession, 1531
Pedigrees. See Genealogy
Peerages. See Genealogy

Parsons (Col.) New Book of Cyphers,

R. (M.) President for Yong Pen-Men,


Ramsay (C. A.) Tacheographie, 1151
Picture Galleries. See General Index
Plans. See Charts

Plate, Gold and Silver:

Burlington Fine Arts Club (Silver-
smith's Work), 5022

Gilliers. Le Cannameliste Français, 1093
Jewitt (L.) Corporation Plate, 3955
Playing Cards:

Packs of Cards, 2151, 2190, 5212, 6837
Schreiber (Lady C.) Playing Cards, 328
Plays. See also Drama

Admiral Guinea (Stevenson), 3028
Amends for Ladies (Nat. Field), 5656
Amorous Prince, The (Behn), 1743
Amorous Warre (Mayne), 5739
Andromache (Crowne), 1294
Antiquary, The (Marmion), 5724
Anything for a Quiet Life (Middleton),

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Plays (continued):

Comedies et Ballets (Mdme. de Pompa
dour), 5217

Conquest of Granada (Dryden), 5145
Constant Maid, The (Shirley), 5798
Constantine the Great (Nat. Lee), 1792
Covent Garden (Nabbes), 5749
Critic, The (Sheridan), 3412
Cupid's Whirligig (Sharpham), 5797
Cure for a Cuckold (Webster), 5826
Deacon Brodie (Stevenson), 2403
Deserving Favorite, The (Carlell), 5586
Devil's Law Case, The (Webster), 5826
Dodsley's Old English, 730
Dodsley's Old English (Continuation),


Dramatic Writers of the 17th and 18th
Centuries, 6293

Duchess of Malfy, The (Webster), 5826
Duenna, The (Sheridan), 3016
Duke D'Ormond, The (C. Lloyd), 557
Duke of Guise, The (Nat. Lee), 1792
Dutch Lover, The (Behn), 1743
Elder Brother, The (Beaumont and
Fletcher), 1267

Emperor of the East (Massinger), 3704
Every Man out of his Humour (Ben
Jonson), 6525

Every Woman in her Humour (Ben
Jonson), 5651

Faithful Shepherdess, The (Fletcher),

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Hamlet (Shakespeare), 572

Harrowing of Hell, The (a Miracle Play),
(Halliwell), 1338

Hector (Lancival), 219

Heire, The (May), 5741

Henry IV. (Haywarde), 1105
Herod (Phillips), 236

Herod and Antipater (Markham), 5722
Holland's Leaguer (Marmion), 5724
Honest Whore, The (Dekker), 2943
Horace (Corneille), 5126
Horatius (Lower), 5715
Humorous Courtier, The (Shirley), 5798
Ile of Gulls, The (Nevile), 5750
Incantation for Raising a Phantom
(M. S. Walpole), 4543

Insatiate Countess, The (Marston), 5727
Irene (Dr. Johnson), 4667
Iron Age, The (T. Heywood), 5684
Jack Drum's Entertainment, 5762
Jealous Lovers, The (Randolph), 5780
Jew of Malta, The (Marlowe), 5723
Julius Cæsar (Shakespeare), 2227
King John and Matilda (Davenport),

2939, 5623

Knave in Graine, The (J. D.), 5615
Lady Alimony (Nevile), 5750
Lady of Pleasure, The (Shirley), 1821
Lady Windermere's Fan (Wilde), 2443
Life, a Drama (Borrow), 1038

Plays (continued):
Love à la Mode, 5750
Love and War (Meriton), 5741
Love in the Dark (Fane), 1863
Love will finde out the Way (T. B.), 5541
Love's Crueltie (Shirley), 5798
Love's Labour Lost (Shakespeare), 1166
Love's Mistress (T. Heywood), 5684
Lover's Victory (Chamberlaine), 5590
Mad World my Masters (T. Middleton),

Maid of Honour (Massinger), 48, 3706
Malcontent, The (Marston), 1136
May Day (Chapman), 5592
Maydenhead Well Lost (T. Heywood),

Mayor of Quinborough (T. Middleton),

Measure for Measure (Gildon), 1092
Merry Devil of Edmonton (Shake-
speare?), 5742

Michaelmas Terme (T. Middleton), 5744
Microcosmos (Nabbes), 5749

Miriam the Faire Queen of Jewry (Lady
Carew), 5584

Monarchicke Tragedies (Alexander), 522
Monsieur Thomas (Fletcher), 3143
Mucedorus (Shakespeare?), 5748
Mulcasses the Turk (Mason), 5723
Nero, a Tragedy (Nat. Lee), 1792
New Way to Pay Old Debts (Mas-
singer), 5735

North-Ward Hoe (Dekker), 5626
No Thoroughfare (Collins - Dickens),

Obstinate Lady, The (Cockayne), 5603
Old Couple, The (May). 5741
Old Law, The; or, a New Way to
Please You (Massinger), 5190
Orlando Furioso (Greene), 5671
Paolo and Francesca (Phillips), 5052
Pastorall, A (Shirley), 5798

Phoenix in her Flames, The (Lower),


Picture, The (Massinger), 3702, 5731

Pizarro (Sheridan), 3414

Polly (Gay), 5666

Polyeuctas, or the Martyr (Lower), 5715
Poor Scholar (Nevile), 5750

Race of Leaves, The (Field), 3088
Ram-Alley (Barrey), 1263
Rebellion, The (Rawlins), 5780
Relapse, The (Vanbrugh), 2234
Religious Rebell, The, 5723
Renegado, The (Massinger), 3703
Returne from Parnassus, The, 5760
Revengers Tragedie, The (Tourneur),

Rhodon and Iris (Knevet), 5702
Rival Queens (Nat. Lee), 1792
Rivals, The (Sheridan), 4747
Rodogune, Princesse des Parthes (Cor-
neille), 2765

Roman Actor, The (Massinger), 3701
Rover, The (Behn), 1743)

Royal King and the Loyall Subject
(T. Heywood), 5684

Rump, The (Tatham), 3192
Salome (Wilde), 2445,
School for Scandal (Sheridan), 3415
School of Complement, The (Shirley),

She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith), 2969
Shirley (James). Various Plays, 5798

[blocks in formation]

ing, 3186

Swaggering Damsell, The (Chamber-
laine), 5590

Tempest, The (Dryden), 6850
Theodosius (Nat. Lee), 1792

Three excellent Tragedies (Goff), 1094
Three New Playes (Massinger), 1797
Time Works Wonders (D. Jerrold), 4250
Titus Andronicus (Ravenscroft), 2564
Titus Andronicus (Shakespeare), 572
Tottenham Court (Nabbes), 5749
Tragedie of Chabot, Admirall of France
(Chapman), 5593.

Traytor, The (Shirley), 1820

Tricke to Catch the Old-One (T.
Middleton), 3716

Triumph of Peace (Shirley), 6307
True Troidnes, The (Rider), 5780
Unfortunate Mother, The (Nabbes), 5749
Unfortunate Usurper, The, 5723
Ungrateful Favourite, The, 5723
Unnatural Combat (Massinger), 3708
Valentinian (Earl of Rochester), 6548
Valiant Welshman, The (Armin), 2877
Various Old Plays, 1409, 5722-24, 5741,
5765, 5769, 5780, 5798
Villain, The (Porter), 5765
Wandering Lover (Meriton), 5741
Weakest Goeth to the Wall, The, 5762
West-Ward Hoe (Dekker), 5627
What Will (Marston), 5727
White Devil, The (Webster), 1203
Widowe's Teares, The (Chapman), 5592
Wild Goose Chase (Beaumont), 2883
Wily Beguilde, a Comedy (1635), 5678
Wise Woman of Hogsden (T. Hey-
wood), 6253


Wit in a Constable (Glapthorne), 1775
Wit without Money (Beaumont and
Fletcher), 6188

Witty Combat, The (Gent), 5765
Woman, A, will have her will (Haughton),

Woman Hater, The (Beaumont and
Fletcher), 1857

Woman in the Moone (Lilly), 5710

Woman of No Importance (Wilde), 2444
Wonder of a Kingdom, The (Dekker),

Your Fine Gallants (T. Middleton), 5743
Poetry :

Adonais (Shelley), 462, 766
Eneids of Virgil (Morris), 372

Agamemnon (Jas. Thomson), 1826
Age of Bronze (Pyron), 1051-52
Alaric at Rome (Arnold), 5078
Alastor (Shelley), 767
Album Verses (Lamb), 2126

Alfred, a Masque (Thomson), 2689
Ancient Metrical Tales (Hartshorne),

Apropos de Société, Les (De Laujon), 2498

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Dance of Life (Combe), 612

Déclamation Théâtrale, La (Dorat), 183
Defence of Guenevere (W. Morris), 381
Departmental Ditties (Kipling), 303
Descriptive Sketches in Verse (Words-
worth), 1838

Deserted Village (Goldsmith), 3149
Divine Poems (Quarles), 1878
Divine Songs (Watts), 6724
Don Juan (Byron), 2914-15

Don Juan (Thornton), 2527

Dream of John Ball (Morris), 382
Earthly Paradise (Morris), 435-36
Eleanora (Dryden), 4171

Elegy in a Country Churchyard (Gray),


Elegy in a Country Churchyard (Gray,
an undescribed edition, n. d.), 3152

Poetry (continued):

Elegy on the Death of Miss Caroline
Campbell, 4548

Empedocles on Etna (Arnold), 3093
Endymion (Keats), 363
English Bards and Scotch Reviewers
(Byron), 1049

English Dance of Death (Combe), 611
English Songs (Barry Cornwall), 5260
Epipsychidion (Shelley), 3818
Eremus (Phillips), 3175, 5211
Essay on Mind (E. B. Browning), 811
Evans (T.) Old Ballads, 3593
Eve of St. Agnes (Keats), 3065
Evening Walk, An (Wordsworth), 1837
Faerie Queene, The (Edmund Spenser),


Fair Rosamond ("M. Field "), 3075
Fears in Solitude (Coleridge), 6507
Feast of the Poets (Leigh Hunt), 549
Festival of Love, The, 2492
Festus (Bailey), 1024, 6722
Floure and the Leafe (Clanvowe), 441
Fragmenta Aurea (Suckling), 3850
Fugitive Pieces (Byron), 2624
Fugitive Pieces in Verse and Prose
(Walpole), 4479

Funeral Pindarique Poem (Dryden), 4171
Gaiour, The (Byron), 3502

Gallantry à la Mode, 2552

Gareth and Lynette (Tennyson), 781

Gebir (Landor), 2132

Germ (The), 288

Gildon (C.) Complete Art of Poetry,


Goffredo, Il (Tasso), 5812
Gondibert (D'Avenant), 2177

Grace Darling (Wordsworth), 6711
Grave, The (Blair), 8

Greek Poets, The (Symonds), 6805
Guy's Porridge Pot (Landor), 1121
Hand and Soul (Rossetti), 426
Harold the Dauntless (Scott), 966
Haunch of Venison (Goldsmith), 3150
Hebrew Melodies (Byron), 3502
Helen's Tower (Tennyson), 5003
Hellas (Shelley), 3015
Henriade, La (Voltaire), 2845
Hero and Leander (Leigh Hunt), 550
Héro et Léandre. Poëme (Querelles),

Hesperides (Herrick), 4656

Hind and the Panther (Dryden), 4171
Homer à la Mode (Scudamore), 5689
Horace. His Art of Poetry (Ben Jonson),


Hours of Idleness (Byron), 1048
Hudibras (Butler), 15
Idylles (Berquin), 2462

In Memoriam (Tennyson) 648
Ingoldsby Legends (Barham), 1349
Island, The (Byron), 5111
Italy (Rogers), 759

Jerusalem Delivered (Tasso), 4413
Johnny Quæ Genus (Combe), 2519
Lachrymæ Lachrymarum (Sylvester),


Lalla Rookh (Moore), 3173
Lamia, Isabella (Keats), 742

Laon and Cythna (Shelley), 2677
Last Remains (Suckling), 90

Lays of Ancient Rome (Macaulay), 3691
Lays of the Belvoir Hunt, 1125
Leaves of Grass (Whitman), 259


Poetry (continued):

Letters of Affaires (Voiture-Lovelace),

Library, The (Crabbe), 1291

Life and Death of Jason (W. Morris),

Life of Napoleon (Combe), 2479
Lincoln's Funeral Hymn (Whitman), 3067
Locusts, The (Fletcher), 3605
London (J. H. Jesse), 1114
London's Artillery (Niccolls), 6856
Love Lyrics and Songs of Proteus
(Blunt), 379

Lover's Tale, A (Tennyson), 782
Lucasta (Lovelace), 5185
Lusiadas (Camoens), 5581
Lycidas (Milton), 6853
Lyric Poems (Tennyson), 3084
Lyrical Ballads (Wordsworth and Cole-
ridge), 2158

Manfred (Byron), 706

Manlius, or the Brave Adventurer, 2795
Marino Faliero (Byron), 3505.

Marius, the Epicurean (Pater), 2738
Masque of Anarchy (Shelley), 333
Maud (Tennyson), 399
Mazeppa (Byron), 706
Milton, a Poem (Blake), 4592
Miscellany Poems (Dryden), 5638
Miscellany Poems (Wycherley), 1841
Modern Love (Meredith), 311

Monody on the Death of Sheridan
(Byron), 2911

Mort d'Abel (Gessner), 3146

Musarum Delicia (Mennis), 5192

Muse Recalled, The (Sir Wm. Jones),

Muses Elizium (Drayton), 2946

Muses Teares for the Losse of their Hope
(Davies), 6228

Nature's Paradox (Camus), 5113
News from Nowhere (W. Morris), 386-87
Newspaper, The (Crabbe), 1291
Night Thoughts (Young), 1000
Nimphidia (Drayton), 3094
Nosce Teipsum (Sir John Davies), 2942
Ode on the Death of Wellington (Tenny.
son), 779

Ode on the Installation of Prince Albert,

Ode performed in the Senate House,
Cambridge (Gray), 6808

Ode to Charles Lamb (Wordsworth), 808
Ode to Napoleon (Byron), 3502
Odes (Gray), 3626

Odes on Several Descriptive Subjects
(Collins), 6220

Old English Squire, The (" John Care.
less"). 6970

Olney Hymns (Cowper), 1860
Olympia, Nemea, etc. (Pindar), 4354
Orlando Furioso (Ariosto), 593
Orlando Innamorato (Boiardo), 3309
Oxford Sausage, The, 3747

Palis of Honoure (Gawin Douglas), 5144
Paracelsus (Browning), 2245
Paradise Lost (Milton), 53
Parnassi Puerperium (Pecke), 3001
Passing of Arthur (Tennyson), 1548
Peacock at Home, The (Mrs. Dorset),

Percy Society. Early English Poetry,


Peter Bell (Wordsworth), 586


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