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Lexicons (continued):

Index of Subjects.

Du Cange (Dom.) Glossarium, 882
English (The Standard), 517
English-Arabic (Badger), 1856
English Dialect (Wright), 888

Florio (Jno.) Queen Anna's New World
of Words, 358

French (Littré), 503

French-English (Cotgrave), 353
Hatton (E.) Philomath, 5359
Johnson (S.) Dictionary, 1384

Johnson (S., of New York). Ethica-
Noetica, 1020

Julian (J.) Dictionary of Hymnology,


Lane (E. W.) Arabic-English Lexicon,

Larousse (P.) Dictionnaire Universel, 501
Lascaris (A.) Anthologia, 4000
Latham (R. G.) Dictionary, 4873
Latin (Forcellini), 2698
Libro de Abbaco, 1701

Lilly (W) Angli Kudimenta, 1128
Murray (J. A. H.) New English Dic-
tionary, 3969

Ogilvie (Dr.) Imperial Dictionary, 2347
Rider (J.) Bibliotheca Scholastica, 1154
Sex Linguarum Dictionarius (1548), 1073
Arte de la Lengua
Totanes (S. de).

Varro. De Lingua Latina, 1734

Voltaire. Philosophical Dictionary, 581
Whittinton (R.), Various Works by,

Williams (R.) Key into the Language
of America, 5005

Yule (H.) Glossary of Anglo-Indian
Colloquialisms, 2375

Zeuss (I. C.) Grammatica Celtica, 2613
Locksmith's Work.

See Cabinet-

Lever (R.) Arte of Reason, 1127
Silvain (A.) The Orator, 5800

Manners and Customs:

Lacroix (P.) XVIIIe Siècle, 4258-59

Manners and Customs of the Russians

Cérémonies et Coûtumes

Taylor (W.) Manners and Customs of

Wilkinson (J. G.) Ancient Egyptians,

Ainsworth (W. H.) Siege of Manchester

(Original MS.), 3993

America, MSS. relating to, 1252
Arabella Stuart (Lady), MS. of, 3268
Besant (Sir W.) Original MSS. of his
Novels, 3250-63

Blagrave (Jno.) Mathematical Jewel,

Burns (R.) Original Holograph Letters,

Disraeli (B.) Rise of Iskander, 4164
Evangelia Quatuor (Original MSS.),

Humphreys (H. N.) Illuminated Books,


Keats (J.) Cap and Bells (MS.), 5007
Keats J. Two Poems (MS.), 5171
Lamb (Mary). Unpublished Poem to
Emma Isola, 1846

Ancient Heraldic

Manuscripts (continued):
Lyndsay (Sir D.)
MS., 747.

Morris (William). Various MSS., 3062-64
National MSS. of Ireland (Facsimiles),


Ottley (W. Y.) Observations on a Manu-
script, 4915

Palæographical Society. Publications,

Pope (A.) A Riddle, 4694

Pope (A.) The Pastorals, 5214
Quaritch (B.) Illuminated Manuscripts,

Rossetti (D. G.) Henry the Lepper, 5228
Shelley (Autograph Letters), 5240
Silvestre (J. B.) Palæographie Univer-
selle, 4402

Stevenson (R. L.) American Rights and
Wrongs, 5252

Swift (J.) Original Papers, 5809
Thane (Jno.) British Autography, 2837
Thompson MSS. Descriptive Catalogue
(M. R. James), 2980

Walpole (H.), Various, by, 4542-5
Warner (G. F.) Illuminated Manuscripts,

[blocks in formation]

Maps. See Atlases, Charts
Marbles. See Sculpture

Anderson (J.) Constitutions, 156

Desaguiliers (J. T.) Constitutions, 5660
Epistle from Dick Poney, Esq., 1087

Gould (R. F.) History, 200

Hale (T.) Social Harmony, 2939
Secret Revealed, The, 1087
Mathematics :

Cambridge Mathematical Journal, 2388

Cayley (A.) Mathematical Papers, 2389
Cocker (E.) Arithmetic, 6596
Digges (T.) Pantometria, 1764
Euclid. Geometria, 1685-87

Recorde (R.) Whetstone of Witte, 240
Tanner (R.) Mirror for Mathematiques,

Tunstall (C.) De Arte Supputandi, 4426

Alexis of Piemont. Secretes, 3303
Boord (A.) Brevarie of Health, 161
Boord (A.) Various Medical Tracts, 5563
Celsus. Medicina, 4097

Cheselden's Anatomy of the Bones, 1905
Chirurgia è Græco in Latinum Conversa
(1544), 814

Cruveilhier (J.) Anatomie Patholgique,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Military (continued):

Roberts (D.) Military Instructions, 1496
Ross (A.) Old Scottish Regimental
Colcurs, 3233

Rules and Regulations for the Cavalry,
Smythe (Sir J.) Divers Sorts of
Weapons, 85

Taylor (Jno.) Famous Fight at Sea
(1627), 5814

Triumphs of Europe (Campaigns of
1812-14), 3241

Van Blarenberghe. Traité de la Caval-
lerie, 2839

Vegetius (F1.) De Re Militari, etc., 6577
Victoires et Conquêtes des Français, 254
Waterloo, Camraign of, 3241

War in Samoa (R. L. Stevenson), 3032
Ward (Q.) Animadversions of Warre
(1639), 3246

Warnery (Major-Gen.)

Cavalry, 2155.

Remarks on

Wellington (Duke of). Victories, Des-
patches, etc., 1195, 2157, 3247
Whitworth (Lord). Account of Russia,

Wyld (J.) Plans of Sieges, Battles, etc.,


Blore (E.) Monumental Remains, 5846
Boutell (C.) Monumental Brasses, 5849
Cotman (J. S.) Sepulchral Brasses, 6020
Crabbe (W. R.) Monumental Brasses
of Devonshire, 5889

Drummond (Jas.) Sculptured Monu-
ments in Iona, 1466

Gough (R.) Sepulchral Monuments,

Haines (H.) Monumental Brasses, 900
Hoffbauer (M. F.) Paris à travers les
Ages, 5036

Jervise (A.) Epitaphs and Inscriptions
in Scotland, 6042

Lapidarium Septentrionalium, 916

Layard (A. H.) Monuments of Nineveh,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Solèr (A.) Works on Music, 980
Natural History (General).
Voyages and Travels:

See also

Audubon (J. J.) Viviparous Quadrupeds,

Bell's British Quadrupeds, 3458

Bewick (T.), Works by. See General

Borlase (W.) Natural History of Corn-
wall, 1274

Buffon (Comte de). Histoire Naturelle,

Catesby (M.) Natural History of Caro-
lina, 2925

Cuvier (G. L.) Animal Kingdom, 718
Dumérie (A. M. C.) Histoire Naturelle,

Fayrer (J.) Thanatophidia of India, 797
Forbes and Hanley. British Mollusca,

Gould (J.) Mammals of Australia, 6719
Scottish Natural His-
tory, 98

Vertebrate Fauna and

other Works, 114-17, 1308
Haywood (Jno.) Natural History of
Tennessee, 5441

Howitt (S.) Designs of Animals, 1111
Jardine (Sir W.) Naturalist's Library,


Johnston and Croall.

Nature Printed

British Seaweeds, 40
Leach (W. E.) Malacostraca Podoph-
thalmata, 4270

Linnean Society. Journal and Trans-
actions, 126-27
Lycosthenes (C.) Prodigiorum Chroni-

con, 5717

Lyddeker (R.) Deer of all Lands, 6462
Lyddeker (R.) Royal Natural History,


Lydekker (R.)

Wild Oxen, Sheep,
Goats, Deer, 307
Millais (J. G.) British Deer and their
Horns, 51

Norfolk and Norwich Naturalist's Soc.,

Northamptonshire Natural History Soc.,


Northumberland and Durham Natural
History Soc., 134
Pliny. Natural History, 1711
Ray Society. Publications, 68

Seebohm (H.) Siberia in Europe, 144
St. John (C.) Tour in Sutherlandshire,

Stainton (H. T.) The Tineina, 2437
Swainson. Zoological Illustrations, 249,


Natural History

Temminck (C. J.)
(Dutch East Indies), 2684

Thompson (W.)

Ireland, 148

Natural History of

Topsel (E.) Four-Footed Beasts, 4715
Venus. Voyage sur la, 149
Walton (E.) The Camel, 2235

Natural History (continued):

Webb (B.) Histoire Naturelle des Iles
Canaries, 2027

White (G.) Natural History of Selborne,

White (G.) Naturalist's Calendar, 1206
Zoological Society of London.

actions, 791

Zoologist, The, 152
Naval. See Military
Navigation. See Yachting

L'Ami du Peuple (Marat), 6151
Mercure de France, 6154
Mercurius Aulicus, 4895

Moderate Intelligencer, The, 4904


Babelon (E.) Monnaies de la République
Romaine, 1469

Cohen (H.)

Monnaies de l'Empire
Romain-Médailles Impériales, 1475
Golding (C.) Coinage of Suffolk, 205
Head (B. V.) Historia Numorum, 1485,

Mionnet (T. E.)


Vico (Eneas).


Médailles Antiques,

Caesarum Munismata,

Abraham (A. E.) De Nativitatibus, 827
Ady (T.) A Candle in the Dark, 4569
Agrippa (H. C.) Vanity of Arts and
Sciences, 1963

Ashmole (E.) Theatrum Chemicum, 3364
Astrology. Various Tracts, 4362

Blavatsky (H. P.) Secret Doctrine, 2275
Boissardus (J. J.) De Divinatione, 5099
Bonatus (Guido). Registrum de For-
livio, 4

Booker (Jno.) Dutch Fortune Teller, 654
Calef (R.) More Wonders of the In-
visible World, 5404-5

Cock Lane Ghost, Tracts on the, 6125
Danaus (L.) Dialogue of Witches, 4613
True and Faithful
Dee (Dr. John).

[blocks in formation]

New England Witches,

Merlin. Prophecies, etc., 4301
Psychical Research, Society for, 6750
Scot (R.) Discoverie of Witchcraft, 1247
Sibyls, The, 975

Ulstadius (P.) Coelum Philosophorum,

Voyages Imaginaires, Songes, Visions,

etc., 2531

Ornithology, Oology:

Albin (E.) Natural History of Birds,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Ramsay (C. A.) Tacheographie, 1151
Picture Galleries. See General Index

Plans. See Charts

Plate, Gold and Silver:

Burlington Fine Arts Club (Silver-
smith's Work), 5022

Gilliers. Le Cannameliste Français, 1093
Jewitt (L.) Corporation Plate, 3955
Playing Cards:

Packs of Cards, 2151, 2190. 5212, 6837
Schreiber (Lady C.) Playing Cards, 328
Plays. See also Drama

Admiral Guinea (Stevenson), 3028

Amends for Ladies (Nat. Field), 5656

Amorous Prince, The (Behn), 1743

Amorous Warre (Mayne), 5739

Andromache (Crowne), 1294

Antiquary, The (Marmion), 5724

Anything for a Quiet Life (Middleton),


Appius and Virginia (Webster), 5826
Astræa (Willan), 5828

Atheist's Tragedie, The (Tourneur),

Ball, The (Chapman), 5593

Beauty in Distress (Motteux), 6548
Beggar's Opera, The (Gay), 5666
Bond-Man, The (Massinger), 47
Bride, The (Nabbes), 5749
Brutus (Nat. Lee), 1702

Cæsar Borgia (Nat. Lee), 1792

Calderon's Dramas (Fitzgerald), 2116
Calisto e Melibea, 1283

Carnival. The (Porter), 5765
Cato (Addison), 653

Challenge for Beautie (T. Heywood),

City Match, The (Mayne), 5739

Plays (continued):

Comedies et Ballets (Mdme. de Pompa
dour), 5217

Conquest of Granada (Dryden), 5145
Constant Maid, The (Shirley), 5798
Constantine the Great (Nat. Lee), 1792
Covent Garden (Nabbes), 5749
Critic, The (Sheridan), 3412
Cupid's Whirligig (Sharpham), 5797
Cure for a Cuckold (Webster), 5826
Deacon Brodie (Stevenson), 2403
Deserving Favorite, The (Carlell), 5586
Devil's Law Case, The (Webster), 5826
Dodsley's Old English, 730

Dodsley's Old English (Continuation),


Dramatic Writers of the 17th and 18th
Centuries, 6293

Duchess of Malfy, The (Webster), 5826
Duenna, The (Sheridan), 3016

Duke D'Ormond, The (C. Lloyd), 557
Duke of Guise, The (Nat. Lee), 1792
Dutch Lover, The (Behn), 1743
Elder Brother, The (Beaumont and
Fletcher), 1267

Emperor of the East (Massinger), 3704
Every Man out of his Humour (Ben
Jonson), 6525

Every Woman in her Humour (Ben
Jonson), 5651

Faithful Shepherdess, The (Fletcher),

Fall of Robespierre (Coleridge), 6506
Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth
(1617), 5148

Fatall Dowry, The (Massinger), 3705
Five Newe Playes (Brome), 6502
Forc'd Marriage, The (Behn), 1743
Gentleman of Venice, The (Shirley), 5798
Gentleman Usher, The (Chapman), 5591
Gloriana (Nat. Lee), 1792

Grateful Servant, The (Shirley), 5798
Great Duke of Florence (Massinger),


Hamlet (Shakespeare), 572

Harrowing of Hell, The (a Miracle Play),

(Halliwell), 1338

Hector (Lancival), 219
Heire, The (May), 5741
Henry IV. (Haywarde), 1105

Herod (Phillips), 236

Herod and Antipater (Markham), 5722
Holland's Leaguer (Marmion), 5724
Honest Whore, The (Dekker), 2943
Horace (Corneille), 5126
Horatius (Lower), 5715

Humorous Courtier, The (Shirley), 5798
Ile of Gulls, The (Nevile), 5750
Incantation for Raising a Phantom
(M. S. Walpole), 4543

Insatiate Countess, The (Marston), 5727
Irene (Dr. Johnson), 4667

Iron Age, The (T. Heywood), 5684
Jack Drum's Entertainment, 5762
Jealous Lovers, The (Randolph), 5780
Jew of Malta, The (Marlowe), 5723
Julius Cæsar (Shakespeare), 2227

King John and Matilda (Davenport),
2939, 5623

Knave in Graine, The (J. D.), 5615
Lady Alimony (Nevile), 5750
Lady of Pleasure, The (Shirley), 1821
Lady Windermere's Fan (Wilde), 2443
Life, a Drama (Borrow), 1038

[blocks in formation]


Measure for Measure (Gildon), 1092

Merry Devil of Edmonton (Shake-
speare?), 5742

Michaelmas Terme (T. Middleton), 5744
Microcosmos (Nabbes), 5749

Miriam the Faire Queen of Jewry (Lady
Carew), 5584

Monarchicke Tragedies (Alexander), 522
Monsieur Thomas (Fletcher), 3143
Mucedorus (Shakespeare?), 5748
Mulcasses the Turk (Mason), 5723
Nero, a Tragedy (Nat. Lee), 1792
New Way to Pay Old Debts (Mas-
singer), 5735

North-Ward Hoe (Dekker), 5626

No Thoroughfare (Collins - Dickens),

[blocks in formation]

Picture, The (Massinger), 3702, 5731

Pizarro (Sheridan), 3414

Polly (Gay), 5666

Polyeuctas, or the Martyr (Lower), 5715

Poor Scholar (Nevile), 5750

Race of Leaves, The (Field), 3088
Ram-Alley (Barrey), 1263
Rebellion, The (Rawlins), 5780
Relapse, The (Vanbrugh), 2234
Religious Rebell, The, 5723

Renegado, The (Massinger), 3703

Returne from Parnassus, The, 5760

Revengers Tragoedie, The (Tourneur),

Rhodon and Iris (Knevet), 5702
Rival Queens (Nat. Lee), 1792
Rivals, The (Sheridan), 4747

Rodogune, Princesse des Parthes (Cor-
neille), 2765

Roman Actor, The (Massinger), 3701
Rover, The (Behn), 1743

Royall King and the Loyall Subject
(T. Heywood), 5684

Rump, The (Tatham), 3192
Salome (Wilde), 2445

School for Scandal (Sheridan), 3415
School of Complement, The (Shirley),

She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith), 2969
Shirley (James). Various Plays, 5798

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