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1450 Veitia Linage (Joseph de) Norte de la contratacion de las Indias

Occidentales. Folio, vellum. 18s. Seville, 1672

1451 Venegas (Miguel). Natural, and Civil History of California, with

accounts of the several Voyages and attempts made for settling 'L California, and taking actual surveys of that country,—its Gulf, and

Coast of the South Sea. 2 vols. 8vo. Maps and plates, .half calf. 12s. 1759

1452 Venezuela. Resumen de la Historia Antiqua de Venezuela siglo

XV. de 1797. por R. M. Baralt—Historia Moderna 1797 de 1830 por Baralt y Diaz. 2 vols.—Resume de la Geografia de Venezuela por Augustin Codazzi—Mapa Fisieo y Politico de la Republica de Venezuela por Codazzi—Atlas de Venezuela, 19 sheets (in which the Provinces and other places are given in a larger scale), forming altogether 4 vols. 8vo, sewed, the map 5-ft. 6-in. by 3-ft. 6-in. on canvas inan 8vo. case, and a Royal 4to Atlas in boards. £3. 3s. 1840-41

Printed at the expense of the Venezuelan Government, and not for sale.

1453 Vergenes (M. Ministre de Louis XVI,) Memoire Historique et

Politique sur la Louisiane, 8vo, port. half calf. is 6d. 1802

1454 Vermont. The Natural and Civil History of Vermont, by Dr. Sam.

Williams. 2 vols. 8vo, Second Edition, neat. 12s. Burlington, 1809

1455 Vermont &c. Allen's History of Vermont, 1798—Robertson's

History of America, containing the History of Virginia to 1688, and
New England to 1652. Bazil, 1800—in 1 vol. 8vo, half calf, 5s.

1456 Vespucius. Life and Voyage of Americus Vespucius, with Illustrations

concerning the Navigator and discovery of the New World. By C. E. Lester and A. Foster. Royal 8vo, port. and plate, cloth. 8s.

New York, 1846

1457 Vidal's (G. E.) Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte

Video, and of the Costumes and Manners of the Inhabitants. Royal 4to, 24 colouvedplates, extra cloth. 13s 6d. 1820

1458 Vieillot fL. P.) Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de l'Amerique

Septentrionale, contenant un grand nombre d'especes decrites ou figurees pour la premiere fois. 2 vols. in 1, folio—124 fine plates, half bound Morocco. £1. 8s. Paris, 1807

1459 View of the Coasts, Countrys and Islands within the limits of the

South Sea Company. 8vo maps, by H. Moll. 8vo, neat and clean. 5s. '" 1711

1460 Second Edition. 8vo, map, neat. 5s. n. d.

1461 View of North America, with travels and adventures of the Author

through great part of that Continent in 1774 to 1778—concise account of the Indians. 8vo, calf, neat. 5s 6d. Glasgow, 1781

1462 View of the History of Great Britain during the Administration of

Lord North. 8vo, Part II. bds. 3s 6d. 1782

The first portion was published the previous year and entitled the "History of Lord North's Administration."

1463 Views of Society and Manners in America during the years 1818,1819

and 1820. By an Englishwoman (Miss Wright, notorious for the Socialist doctrines she promulgated). 8vo, bds. 3s. 1821 1464 Vigne's ( G. T.) Six Montis in America. 2 vols. post 8vo, plates,

cloth. 3s. 1832

1465 Vindication of the Rev. Calvin Galpine, Rector of Spanish Town,

Jamaica; also an account of his Trial for Perjury. 8vo. neat. 2s 6d.


1466 Virginia. Consolation for our Grammar Schooles, more especially

for Ireland, Wales, Virginia, with the Sommer Islands. 4to, half ''.> calf. £1. Is. 1622

By John Brinsley. It ia not in the large collection of this Author's works in the Bodleian Library and enters in the American Collection, having special reference to the progress of Education in Virginia.

a 1467 Histoire de la Virginie, par un auteur natif et habitant du Paris, traduite de l'Anglois. 12mo, 15 plates, very neat. 4s 6c?. 1707

1468 Virginia. Acts of Assembly now in force in the Colony of Virginia.

Folio, neat. 15s. Williamsburgh, 1752

1469 Virginia. Jefferson (Thomas) Note* on the State of Virginia.

8vo, port. and map, half calf, gilt. 4s 6d. New York, 1801

1470 Virginia. Debates and other proceedings of the Convention of

Virginia for the purpose of deliberating on the Constitution recommended by the Grand Federal Convention. 8vo, neat. 3s.

Richmond, 1805

1471 Virginia.—The Historie of Travaile into Virginia Britannica, express

ing the Cosmographie and Comodities of the County and Manners of the People. Gathered by W. Strachey, Gent. Now first printed from the MS. in the British Museum, by R. H. Major. 8vo, cloth. 10* 6d 'Hakluyt Society, 1849

With curious plates and a Dictionary of the Indian language.

1472 Volney's View of the Climate and Soil of the United States of

America, with some Accounts of Florida, the Indians, and Vocabulary of the Miama tribe. 8vo, bds. 4s 6d 1804

1473 Von Sack's (Baron) Voyage to Surinam, and Residence there, during

1805, 6, 1807, and Return to Europe by way of North America. 4to, frontispiece and map, bds. 4s 6d. 1810

1474 Vorstellung des Nordens, oder Bericht von Einigen Nordlandern,

und absonderlich von dem so genandten Grunlande. 4to, half morocco, rare. £1. 1Is 6t? Hamburg, 1675

At the end is a Short Discourse of a Voyage to the North Pole (in German), with a woodcut diagram. Printed at Hamburgh in 1676.

1475 Voyages, Relations, etMemoires originaux pour servir a l'Histoire de

la Decouverte de l'Amerique, publies pour la premiere fois en Francais par H. Ternaux-Compans. 20 vols. 8vo, Both Series, and Complete. Sewed. £3. 10s Paris, 1838-42

A Valuable Collection of Early Voyages and Relations on South America; also Translations of Unpublished Spanish MSS., principally relating to Old and New Mexico.


1476 Federmann, Narration du Premier Voyage aux Indes de la Mer

Oceane. From the edition of Haguenau, 1557. 5s

1477 Gandavo, Histoire de la Province de Sancta Cruz, que nous nom

monsordinairement Le Bresil. Fromtheedition of Lisbon, 1576. 4* 1478 Staden De Homberg, Veritable Histoire et Description d'un

Pays habite par des Hommes Sauvages, Nus, Feroces, &c., situé dans le Nouveau Monde. From the edition of Marbourg, 1557. 5*

1479 Cabeca De Vaca, Commentaries. From the edition of Valladolid,

1555. 6s

1480 Cabeca De Vaca, Relation et Naufrages. Valladolid. 5s

1481 Xerez, .Relation Veridique de la Conquête du Perou et de la Pro

vince de Cuzco, nommée Nouvelle Castille. Translated into French from the edition of Salamanca, 1547. 5s

1482 Schmidel, Histoire Veritable d'un Voyage curieux fait dans

l'Amerique, &c. From the edition of Nuremberg, 1559. 5s

1483 Ixtilxochitl, Cruautes Horribles des Conquérants du Mexique.

Mexico, 1829. 5s

1484 Relation du Voyage de Cibola, entrepis en 1549, par P. de

Castaneda de Nagera, inedit. 6s

1485 Recueil des Pieces relatives a la Conquête du Mexique, inedit. 6s

1486 Second Recueil de Pieces sur le Mexique, inedites. 6s

1487 Recueil de Pieces sur la Floride, inedite. 5s

1488 Histoire de Royaume de Quito, par Don Juan de Velasco, inedite.

2 vols. 10s

1489 Histoire du Perou par Miguel Cavello Balboa, inedite. 5s

1490 Rapport sur les Differentes Classes de Chefs de la Nouvelle

Espagne, par Alonzo de Zurita, inedite. 5s

1491 Mémoires Historiques sur l'Ancien Perou, par le Licencie Fer

nando Montesinos, inedits. 5s

1492 Histoire des Chichimeques, ou des Anciens Rois de Tezcuco, par

Don Fernando d'Alva Ixtilxochitl, traduite sur le MS. Espagnol, inelite. 2 vols. 10s

1493 Histoire du Nicaragua, par Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo y

Valdes, inedite. 5s

1494 Voyage et Decouverte de quelques pays et Nations de l'Amerique

Septentrionale, par le Pere Marquette et Sieur Joliet, 1681. 12mo, map, morocco extra, gilt leaves. 10s 6d Reprint, 1845

Only 125 copies printed.

1495 Voyage aux Côtes de Guinée et en Amerique, par Mr. N***. 12mo,

many plates of Natural History, calf neat. 4s 6d Amst. 1719

1496 Voyage to Peru, performed in the Ship Conde of St. Malo, 1745-9.

12mo, half calf, scarce. 4s 6d. 1753

1497 Voyage d'un Philosophe, ou Observations sur les Mœurs et les Arts

des Peuples de l'Afrique, de l'Asie et de l'Amerique. 12mo, calf. 3s 6d Yverdon, 1768

1498 Voyage dans la Haute Pensylvanie et dans l'Etat de New York, par

un membre adoptif de la Nation Oneida, traduit et publie (par Hector St. John de Crevecour.) 3 vols. 8vo, maps and plates, half morocco, 9s 6d 1801

1499 Waddilove's (Rev. W.) Stewart Missions, Letters and Journals from

Upper Canada, with Life of Bp. Stewart. 12mo, plates, cloth. 2s 6d 1838 1500 Wafer's (L.) New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America, v/ the Indian Inhabitants, with remarkable occurrences. 8vo, map and *~ plates, calf, neat and clean. 6s 6d 1699

1501 Wafer.—Another Edition. 8vo, map plates, fine copy, irecaZ/°. 9s 1704

1502 Walker's (Sir Hovenden) Journal, or full Account of the late Expe

dition to Canada. 8vo, good copy, calf, neat. Is 6d 1720

1503 Walker's (James) Letters on the West Indies. 8vo, Ms. 2s 1818

1504 Wallez, Precis Historique des Negociations entre la France et Saint

Domingue, suivi des Pieces Justificatives. 8vo, half calf. 3s6d 1826

1505 Walsh's (Robt. Jr.) Appeal from the Judgments of Great Britain,

respecting the United States of America, containing an Historical Outline of their Merits and Wrongs as Colonies. Thick 8vo, half calf, is 6dwhole calf, 5s 1819

1506 Walsh's (Rev. Dr. Robt.) Notiees of Brazil. 2 thick vols. 8vo,

plates, new, half calf, gilt. 10s 6d 1830

1507 Walter Kennedy; an Interesting American Tale. 12mo, bds. 2s 1808

1508 Walton (W.) Present State of the Spanish Colonies, including a par

ticular Report of Hispanola, and Survey of the Settlements on the South Continent of America. 2 vols. 8vo, port. andmap, calf. 5s 1810

1509 Walton's Expose on the Dissensions of Spanish America. 8vo, bds.

3s 1814

1510 Wansey's Excursion in the United States of America in 1794.

Post 8vo, plates, bound. 2s 1798

1511 Ward's (Sir H. G.) Mexico in 1827. 2 thick vols. 8vo, plates, bds.

9s (pub. at £1. 16s) 1828

1512 War In Disguise, or the Frauds of the Neutral Flags (By John Brown),

1806.—Speech of Hon. J. Randolph, in Congress, on the nonimportation of British Merchandize, pending the Present Disputes, with Introduction'by the Author of "War in Disguise," 1806. In 1 vol. 8vo, half 'russia. 3s

1513 Ward's (Nath.) Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, willing to

help mend his Native Country with all the honest stitches he can take. 4to (a leaf in MS.), half bound. 10s 6d 1647 .

1514 Warden (D. B.) Chorographical and Statistical Description of the

District of Columbia. 8vo, map and plate, calf, 4s; sewed, 3s Par. 1816

1515 Warden (M. D. B.) L'Art de verifier les dates ou Chronologique

Historique de l'Amerique. 10 vols. 8vo. £1. Iis6d Far. 1826-45

1516 Washington's (General) Official Letters to Congress, during the War

between the United Colonies and Great Britain. 2 vols. in 3, 8vo, calf 5s 1795

1517 Washington (General) Epistles, Domestic, Confidential and Official,

written at commencement of the American contest. 8vo, bds. 2s 1791

A Supplement to the Collection, in 2 vols. 8vo.

1518 Washington's (General) Letters to Sir John Sinclair, on Agricultural

and other interesting topics. Engraved in exact facsimile. 4to, bds. 4s 6d—half calf gilt, 6s 1800

1519 Washington.—Corry's (John) Life of George Washington. Post 8vo,

new, half calf . 3s 6d 1800

1520 Washington.—Life of General Washingion, by Aaron Bancroft.

Thick 8vo, bds. 3s 1808

1521 Washington.—Chaudron (Le F. Simon) Oraison Funebre du F.

George Washington, prononcee dans la Loge Francaise l'Ameniti, ,
Jan. 1, 1800, French and English. 8vo, half morocco. 3s 6d

Philadelphia, 1811

1522 Washington.—Eloges Funebres de Washington, par Fontanes et

Dubroca. Edite par I. J. Townsend d'Albany. 8vo, Privately Printed, half morocco. 3s 6d Paris, 1835

1523 Washington, par Guizot. 12mo, portrait of Guizot, calf, neat. 3*

Paris, 1842

1524 Washington And Adams.—Memoirs of the Administrations of

Washington and John Adams. Edited from the Papers of Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the Treasury, by George Gibbs. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth. 8s 6d ' ' 1846

1525 Webster's Narrative of Capt. Foster's Voyage in the Southern Atlantic

Ocean, in the Ship Chanticleer, by order of the Lords of the
Admiralty. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, bds. 6s 1834

1526 Webster.—Another Copy. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, new, half calf gilt.

9s 1834

1527 Webster (Noah) Collection of Essays and fugitive Writings on Moral,

Historical, Political and Literary Subjects. 8vo, cf 3s 6d. Bost. 1790

1528 Webster (Pelatiah) Political Essays on the Nature and Operations of

Money, Public Finances, and other Subjects. Published during the American War, and continued up to the present Year. 8vo, calf. 3s 6d Philadelphia, 1791

1529 Weddell's Voyage to the South Pole (to the 74 degree of lat.) and

visit to Tierra del Fuego. 8vo, plates, bds. 4s 6dAnother half calf. 4s6rf 1825

1530 Weddell. Second Edition, with additions. 8vo, plates, bds. Is 6d


1531 Weld (Isaac) Travels through the States of North America, and Pro

vinces of Upper and Lower Canada, during the years of 1796-5 and 1797. 2 vols, 8vo, maps and plates, bds. 3s.—1799 Another Edition. 2 vols, 8vo, bds. 3s 1800

1532 Wesley (John) Calm Address to our American Colonies, N d. Letter * to Rev. J. Wesley, occasioned by his Calm Address, 1775. Essay on

the Nature and Principles of true Freedom, shewing that the conduct of the Americans tend only to Tyranny and Slavery. In 1 vol, 12mo, half calf 4s ... .

1533 West's (Rev. John) Journal during a Residence at the Red River

Colony, and Excursions among the North-west American Indians. 8vo, plates, bds. 2s 1824

1534 West's Journal of a Mission to the Indians of New Brunswick, and

Nova Scotia, and the Mohawks on the Ouse, or Grand River, Upper
Canada. 8vo, map, bds. 2s 1827

1535 West India Sketch Book. 2 vols, post 8vo, plates, new, lmlfcalf, gilt.

6s 6d 1834

1536 West Indies. Short Journey in the West Indies, with curious

Anecdotes and Characters. 2 vols in 1,12mo, half calf. 3s 1790

1537 West Indies. Sketches and Recollections of the West Indians, by a Post 8vo, bds. 2s 1828

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