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On the 3d of O&tober, Mr. A. G. Eckhardt, of Knightsbridge, obtained a Patent for an improvement in the construction of grates, by which they accommodate themselves to any proposed consumption of fuel, or any required degree of heat.

The principle of this invention consists in the new application of spindles or racks, or wheels and pinions, or worms, or levers, by which the back of the grate may be moved in a horizontal or vertical dire&tion, and the bottom in a vertical direction. The cheeks are moved horizontally in the utual way, and they accommodate themselves to the horizontal motion of the back, by being constructed of various plates which open or shut, dilate or contraćt, in the manner of a fan.

MR. BISHOP's For A NEW Power.

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Mr. Alderman Boydell, who, if not the father of the arts, may very fairly be denominated the father of the artists in this country, has, by his extensive and spirited plan of the Shakespeare Gallery, given birth to other commercial undertakings, which have held out to such artists as had the power, an encouragement that was never given by the nobility, whose taste for English pictures has gone little farther than portraits. The Alderman, in his zeal for an art in which he is himself so deeply interested, has endeavoured to introduce a taste for paintings into the city ; and, as a foundation for future contributions, has presented a number of very fine pićtures for the Council-room at Guildhall. The late Prefident's admirable pićture of Lord Heathfield would of itself be a school for portrait-painting : it is indisputably the finest head Sir Joshua Reynolds ever painted. His full length of Lord Camden. was never worthy of the artist: he disliked his first painting of the head, cut it out of the pićture, and then, on a patch of canvas which he introduced in its place, painted another head. This becoming glaringly apparent, and the teeth of time having made cther ravages in the painting, the Alderman employed a person to clean it; and this specimen has been so much approved, that the same person is now em. ployed in cleaning the portraits of the King and Queen : after which he is to be einployed in repairing the portraits of the able and virtuous Sir Matthew Hale, and eleven contemporary judges, which now hang round the great room in Goldhall, and are literally fallen into decay. To these twelve judges, but principally to Sir Matthew, the city owe every tribute of gratitude and respect ; for, atter the dreadful fire in 1666, they regulated the re-building of the city of Łonden by such wife reguia. tions, between landlord and tenant, as to

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