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4. Memoirs of the Publie and Private Memoirs on European and Asiatic TurLife of the late Right Hon. G. Ponsonby. key. By Robert Walpole, A.M.

A work on the Human Ear, in which the An Account of the Origin, Progrere, and structure and functions of that organ will be actual State of the War carried on between anatomically and physically explaioed. By Spain and Spanish America. By a South Mr. Wright, Surgeon, of Bristol.

American. A New Translation, being the sixth edi- Letters on English History. By J. Big tion, of the Treatise concerning Heaven land, a new edition (beiog the 5th). and Hell, By the Hon. Emanuel Sweden- Mr. Bigland's Letters on Universal Hisberg.

tory. M. Wilson's complete System of English An improved edition of Buru's Principles Country Dancing.

of Midwifery. The Young Christian's Guide, or suitable The Parish in Ireland, a novel. directions, cautions, and encouragements to Conversations on Political Economy. By believers.

the Author of Conversations on Chemistry. An Inquiry into the Natore, History, and Volume first, Part first, of the Edinburgh first Introduction of Poetry in general. Gazetteer. By J. S. Hawkins, Esq. F. A. S.

The Poetical Remains and Memoin of Clavis Metrico-Virgiliada.-Dr. Carey, the late John Leyden, M. D. are preparing the Prosodian (though not himself concerned for publication, in the edition of the Dauphin Virgil, now An 8vo. edition of Mr. Moore's Poem of in the press), has offered to enrich it with a Lalla Rookb is in the press. Also Illastrakey, particularly noticing and scanning tions of the Poem, from Designs by R. every line which presents any metrical dif. Westall, R. A. ficulty.

The Personal Narrative of M. De HomThe Civil Architecture of Vitruvius. By boldt's Travels to the Equinoctional Regions W. Wilkins, jon, M. A. F. A. S.

of the New Continent; during the years Memoirs, with a Selection from the Cor

1799-1804, Vol.3. Translated by Helen Tespondence and other onpublished Writ- Maria Williams. ings of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton. Historical Sketches of the South of India,

The Transactions of the Literary Society By Colonel Mark Wilkes. Vols. 2 and 3. of Bombay, vol. I. in 4to.

A new Novel, entitled, Rob Roy. By Conversations on Chemistry.

the Author of Waverly, &c.

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Al the Prices they are advertised al, in bourds, unless otherwise expressed ;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL.
It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate
Novices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of
N the Comforts of Old Age, with Bine The Truth respecting England. Ву

Vievard. 12. mas Bernard, Bart. 3d edition, fcap. 8vo. 7s.

Kirkton's History of the Charch of Scot.
Post Roads in France in 1817. 88. land. 11. 16s.
Art of Correspondence, in French and

Essay on Capacity and Genius, 8rn, lis.
English. 6s.

Wakefield's Travellers in Asia, 4s. 6d. Descriptive Catalogue of the Pictures in

The Young Man of Honour's Vade the Louvre, 4s.

Mecum, being a salutary Treatise on Duelo
Cogan's Serinons, 2 vols. 8vo. 11, 45, ling. 12mo, 58, 60,
Armata, part II. 8vo. Ss. 6d.

Morrison's Parrallel drawn between the Bigland on the Character and Circum. tuo intended Chinese Languages, 4to. slances of Nations. 14s.

11. Is. Systematic Education. By Shrpherd, The Sexagenarian, or the Recollection of Joyce, and Carpenter, 2d edit. ll. lis. 60, a Literary Life, 2 vols. 8vo. Il. Is.

Conversations on Botany, with twenty Lallah Rookh, ao Oriental Romance. platrs. 73. 6d.

By Thomas Moore, Esq. 3d edit. 14s. Ditto, coloured. 10s. 60.

Illustrations to ditto. 128 Stevenson on the Alopement, 12mo. Conversation on Chemistry, 2 vols, 12mo. 6d.

5th edition. 145.
Field’s Analysis of Blackstone, second Taylor's Holy Living, 8vo. 5s.
edition, 8s.

Dying, 8vo. 58.
A Picturesque Tour throngh France. 125. Conversations on Political Economy.
Dr. Cross on Physiognomy. 85.

12mo. 2d edit, 9s,

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Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at GUILDUALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attornies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. BOWER, W. Wilmslow, Cheshire, cotton-spinners, REBBECK, J. Devizes, Wiltshire, sauff-manufacte. July 24.

turer, July 22. BOSS, S. Herefordshire, farmer, July 22.

SEDDON, JOS. PICKLE, Homerton, merchant, DYER, JONAH, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucester, June 28. machine-maker, July 12.

SMITH, D. Linfitt Mill, Yorkshire, scribbling-mil. HARVEY, WM. Wymondham, Norfolk, manufac- Jer, July 22. turer, July 5.

TAYLOR, J. Gloucester.terrace, New-road, White., LEVINS, M. and Co. Mansell-st. Goodman's-fields, chapel, soap-manufacturer, July 15. merchants, July 15.


ASTELL, JOUN, Leicester, butcher, Aug. 19, George,

Leicester. [Emly, Temple; and Robinson, Lei

cester,) July 8. ADLINGTON, JONATHAN, Chesterfield, draper, Aug. 20.

Willis and Co. Warnford-co.] July 15. ALLEN, BENJ. Leicester, fancy trimming-mang.

facturer, Aug. 4, 5, and Sept. 2, White Hart, Leicester. [Lawton, Leicester; and Taylor, Joha. St. Bedford-row.) July 22, BELL, WM. Brampton, Cumberland, brandy-mer. chant, Aug. 9, George, Penrith, Cumberland. (Hodgson, Dyer's-co. Aldermanbury, and Hution, Penrith.) June 28. BLENTNÁLL, JOHN, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, farmer, Aug. 9, Punch Bowi, Nottingham. [Wise and Co. Nottingham, ; and Chilton, Chancery-la.)

Jane 98. BREVITT, WM. Darlaston, Staffordshire, butcher,

Aug. 16. Royal Hotel, Birmingham. [Swain and Co. Frederick's-pl. Old Jewry; and Foster, Wol. Serhampton.) July 5. BATH, R. Heath-st. Commercial-road, rope-maker,

Aug. 16. [Bourdillon and Co. Little Friday-sl.) July 5. BURGESS, GEO. Manchester, wollen-draper, Aug. 16, Dog. Manchester. [Wood, Manchester; and

Shaw and Co. Temple.) July 5. BAKKER, JOHN, Sheffield, cordwainer, Aug. 16,

Angel, Shetfield, (Branson, Sheffield ; and Blake. lock, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-st.) July 5. EONE, HENRY, North Shields, ship-owner, Aug. 1 and 19, Grorge, North Shicids. [Barker, North Shields; and Mitchell and Co. Fowkes-build.

Tower-st. July 8. BEXSON, MICH. Guisbrouglı, Yorkshire, brewer, Aug. 19, King's Head, Darlingt n. (Wheldon, Barnard Castle, Durham; and Dixon, Gray's-inn

.) July 8. BURN, JOŠ. Lothbury, mercliant, Aug. 19. (Clayton

and Co. New-sq. Lincolu's-inn.) July 8. BKUNDRED, BENJ. Stockport, roller-maker, Aug.

1, 2, and 23, Palace lun, Manchester. [Edge,

St. Ann's-st. Manchester.] July 12. BLACKLEY, HENRY, Sheldwick, Kent, grocer, Aug. 16, Guildhall, Canterbury. (Pierce, Canter. bary; and Collett and Co. Chancery-la.] July 16. BLEADS, JAS. Chester, umbrella-maker, Aug. 26,

Coach and Horses, Chester. [Dicas, Chester; and Huxley, Teinple.) July 15. BARKER, S. Shetfield, cordwainer, Aug. 15, 16, and

3), Angel, Shetteld. [Blakelock, Serjeant's-inn; and Branson, Sheffield.] . July 19. COOPEK, THOS. Wormwood-st. victualler, Aug. 9.

(Castle, Cursitor-st. Chancery-ia.) June 28. CLARK, SAM. Tring, Hertforushire, bahcr, Aug. 16.

(Williams and Co. Blackmaa-st. Southwark.] EMPPARD, JAS. Midhurst, Sussex, baker, Aug. 23,

(Smith, St. Joha st. Smithfield.] July 19.

CHALK, WM. New Sarum, broker, Aug. 26, Public

Rooms, New Sarum. (Wilmot and son, Salis

bury; and Nettleford, Norfolk-st. Strand.) July ibar CUKRY, T. North Shields, ship-owner, Aug. 1, , and so, Commercial Hotel, North Shiclds. [WilJins, 'Change.alley, Lombard-st; and Cockerill,

North and South Shields.) July 19. COX, G. M. Edgware-road, foy man, Aug. 9 and 30.

[Cardale and Co. Gray's inn.), July 19. COUPLAND, GEO. Bristol, dealer, Aug. 8 and Sept.

9, White Hart, Bristol. (King, Serjeant's.inn, .

Fleet-st.; and Frankis, Bristol.) July 24. DARWIN JOHN, and Co. Clement's co. Milk-st. wholesale-hosiers, Aug. 9. [Sherwood and Son,

Canterbury-sq. Soutliwurk.) June 28, DAVIES, Jós. Shrewsbury, Aax-spinner, Aug. 18, Lion, Shrewsbury: (Griffiths, Southampton-bu.

Chancery-la.'; and Burley, Shrewsbury.] July 8. DE WINT, HENRY, Stone, Staffordshire, apothe

cary, Aug. 21, Crown, Stone; 92, Swan, Hanley; and 3 Bell and Bear, Stone. [Dent and Co.

Stone; and Leigli and Co. New Bridge-si.} July 1. DEACON, BENFORD, ked Lion sq. earthenware

man, Aug. 26. (Pontifex, Dyer's-build. Holborn.)

July 13. Davis, W. Birmingham, brass-founder Aug. 11, 19,

and Sept. 2, Woolpack, Birmingham. (Spurrier and Co. Biriningham; and Egerton and Co. Gray's, "inn-sq.) July 22. ECCLES, Jos. Penkridge, Staffordshire, grocer,

Aug. 19, Littleton Arms, Penkridge. (Collins and Co. Statford; and Price and Co. Lincoln's inn.]


commission-agent, Aug. 23. [Harvey and Co.

St. Helen's.pi. Bishopsgate-st.) July 19. EDLESTON, JÁs. Billinge, Lancashire, corn-dealer,

Aug. 1, 2, and 21, Minorca, Wigan. (Ellis, Chau.

cery-la ; and Morris, Wigan. ) July 12. ELLIOTT, CHRIST. sen. Kirkandrews upon-Eden,

Cumberland, woodmonger, Aug. 3, 6, and 23, Lion and Lamb, Carlisle. (Birkeư, Cloak-la.; and Blow, Carlisle.) July 12,

1 ELSSON, G. South Shields, ship-owner, Aug. 1, 0, and 30, Cominercial Hotel, North Shields. "(Willins, 'Change.alley, l.ombard-st.,; and Cockerill,

Noril and South Shields.) July !9. FLEMING, THOS. Liverpool, merchant, Aug. 19,

George, Liverpool. (Griffiths and Co. Liverpool.) July 1. FOX, EDW, St. George, Gloucestershire, borse

dealer, Aug. 16, Rummer Brisipl. (Poole and Co. Gray's-ian; and Martin, Exchange, Bristol.)

July 5. FOSSETT MARK, and Co. I ower Thames-st. gun.

Old Jewry.) July 15. PAWELL, TAOS Oid-st. surgeon, Aug. 26. (Hind.

marsh, Crescent, Jewin-st. July 15.

OBDRYCH, CHAS. Bristol, denler, Ang. 9, White MARRIOTT, G. Melton Mowbray, horse-dealer, Hart, Bristol. (King, Serjeant's-inn; and Frankls, Aug. $0, Hotel, Stamford. (Hedifer, Stamford; and John-st. Bristol.) June xx.

Meyrick and Co. Red Lion-sq.). July 19. GREENWOOD, JOSEPH, Handsworth, Yorkshire, NUNN, ROB. Preston, Lancashire, boot-maker,

timber-merchant, Aug. 12, Angel, Ferrybriige. Aug. 19, White Horse, Preston. (Pilkington and (Knowles, New inn; and Candler, Tadcaster.) Sons, Preston ; and Blakelock, Serjeant's inn.) July '.

July 8. GRAHAM,JAS. Marsb Gate, Lambeth, rope maker, NICHOLS, ROB. Bath, butcher, Aug. es, Grey. Aug. 19. (Briggs and Co. Essex-st.' Strand.j hound, Bath. (Nethersole and Co. Essex-st. July

Strand: and Watis and Co. Bath.) July 15. GILL, HEN. RIBTON, Park-pl. Kennington-cross, NICE, 1HOS. Bishopsgate sı. Without, lines.dra.

coal.merchant, Aug. 19. [Pope, Modiford-co. per, sag. 46. [Haivey and Co. St. Helen's pl. Fenchurch-st. 1 July 8.

Bishopsgate-st.) July 15. GREGORY, JAMES, Blackwall, butcher, Aug. es. OGILVIE, WM. Queen’s-elms, Brompton, mer

(Goodchild, Commercial - chamberi, Mino. les.) chant, Aug. 9. (Druce and son, Biliiter-sq.) July 12.

June Y8. HENLOCK, WM. Distat la. sugar-baker, Aug. . POSTGATE, RICH. Great Driffield, Yorkshire, tan(Tyr ell and son, Guildhall rard ) June 28.

ner, Aug. 9, Yorkshire Arms, Kingston upon. HARLEY, JOHN, Gospori, soap-manafacturer, Aug. Hull, (Hicks, Gray's inn-sq. ; and Haire, Holl.)

9. Crown, Portsmouth. [Biggs and Co. Essex-st. June 88. serand ; , and Miuchin and Co. Cold Harbour, PLANT, ROB. Sandford, Berkshire, cotton-dealer, Gosport ) June 18,

Aug. 16. (Hurd and Co. Timple.) July 5. HEWITT, COLEBY, Norwich, boot and shoe-maker, PLANT, BENJ. Birmingham, yun-barrel maker, Aug. 9, Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. (Marston and Co. Aug. 23, Woolpack, Warwick, (C.arke and Ce. Norwich; and Abboti, Roll's-yard, Chancery-la.) ; and Webb and Co. Birmingham) June 29

July 19. HARRISON, JOAN, Hesket, Cumberland, clerk, PROLE, WM. Georgebam, Devonshire, yeoman, Auge Aug. 19, King's Arme, Carlisle. (Hodyson, Dyer's

5, 6, and 93, Golden Lion, Barnstaple. (Hartley, cu. Aldermanbury; and Pearson, Carlislej July r. New Bridxe-sl., and Tanner, Barnstaple, ) July is. HERBERT, JOHN, George-st. Foster-la. warehouse- PHILLIP, DAVID), Fenchurch st. stationer, Aug. 6. man, Aug. 16. (Robinson and Co. Charterhouse,

(Alliston and Co. Freeman's co. Cornbill.) July

15. 89.). July ). HANNAFORD, EDW. Plymouth, master-mariner, PAPPS, GEO. Bristol, hasier, Aug. 86, White Hart,

Aug. 16, Commercial Inn. Plymouth, [Makinson, Bristol. (Edmunds and Co. Lincoln's-ipo; and Temple, and Elweruhy, Plymouth Dock.) July ).

Thomas. Isistol.) July 15. HILL. WM. Birmingham, button maker, Aug. 23,

PARKER, C. W. Hawkesclough, Halifax, merchant,. Woolpack, Birmingham.' (Windle. John-st. Beda Aug. 1, 2, and S., Dog. Manchester. (Ellis, Chan. ford-row, and Webb, Birmingham.) July 18,; and Hampson, Manchester.) July 19. WOLLANDS, JOHN, Romney les race, Horsferry.

ROADS, WM. Oxford, grocer, Aug. 9, star, Oxford, road, builder, Aug. 26. (Tucker, Bartlett's-build.

Bardgett, Oxford; and Jeyes, Holborn.) Jelyis.

June 27. HIX, JAS. Godmanchester, draper, Aug. 86. (Stral., ROADKNIGHT, THOS. sen. Aldersgate-st. sadales, ton and Co. Shoreditcl.) July 15.

Aug. 9. (Lamb and Co. Princes-st, Bank.) June KAY, N. Nicholas-la. merchani, Aug 16. (Avison

28. and Co. Cast!e-st. Holborn.) July 15.

RAPER, THOS. Northallerton, hardwareunan, Auge HUNTLEY, ROB. Howdon Pans, Northumberland, 12, Golden Lion, Northallerton. (Hirst, Northal.

surgeon, Aug, 18 and Sept. 2, George, Newcaste. lerton; and Morton and Co. Gray's-inn.) July 1. * upon Tyne. (Stoker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; and RAVENS CROFT, HUMIH. Serle st. Lincoln's inn, Hell and Co. Cheapside,) July 24.

peruke-maker, Aug. 26. (Shuter, Milbank-st. JACKSON, THOS. Wallı-upon-1)carne, Yorkshire,

Westminster.] July 15, grocer, Aug 1, 2, and 12, Crown, Rothrrbam. REEVE, T Manchester, warehouseinan, Aug. 9 and (Nicholson, Watli, near Rotherbam; and Wigles. 30. ( Adams, Old Jewry.) July 19, worth and C. Gray's-inn). July !.

REES, W. Bristol, ship.owner, Aug. 30, Commer. JOHNSON, JOHN, 'shadwell, cheesemonger, Aug.

cial-roums, Bristol. (nwain and Co. Fredrrick's. -18. {Osbaldeston, London-st. Fenchurch-st.)

pl.; and Smith, Bristol.) July 19. July 5.

ROBERTS, SAMI. stetheld, spi if merchant, Aug. 1,3 JACKSON, WM. Hanley, Staffordshire, druggist,

2, and sept., Sheffield. (Burbeary, Aug. 21, 22, Swan, Hanley, and 23, Hell and Brar, Sheffield; and Darke and Co. Chancery..a.) July Stone. (Dent and Co, stone; and Leigh and Co. New, July 12.

RAVEN, WM, Hartshorne, Derby, dealer, Aug. 11 JACKSON. GE0 jun. Bishopsgate-s'. Without, sur- , and sept. 2. King's Arms, Terny. Mousley

geon, Aug. 23. (Fairbank, slave ion ) July le. and Co. Derby; and few and Co, Henrietta-si. 1 KNIGHT, JA8. Castle Cary, Somersetshire surgeon,

Covent garden.) July to Aug. 26, Red Lion, Shaftesbury. (Alexander and

SCURR, KJCH. Thirsk, Trikshire. clock and watchCo. New.ion; and Seyinour, Mere, Wills.) July

inaker, Aug. 9, Golde Fleece, Thirsk. (Mortno 15.

and Co. Gray's inn sq.; and Walker, Thirsk.) KERSHAW, THOS. WILKINSON, Borough, linen.

June 28. draper, Aug. 26. (Bourdillon and Co. Little Fri. SMITH, THOS. POI E, Bristol, brush-manufacturer, day st.) July 15.

Aug 14. (Scritt, Gray's-inn sq.) July 1. LEADER, BAINTON, Bristol, earthenware dealer,

SAMPSON, JOHN DAVID, Ipawich; silk mercer, Aug. 19, Lege of Man, Burslem, (kene, Clifford's. Aug ili, (Amory and Co, Lothbury.) July 5. inn; and Hos'age, Nor hwirn. ) July

SHERWIN, JOS. Busslem, staffordshire, iron. LOBATO, ENGENTO ANTONIO FEI EIRA, Fins. fou der, Aug. 16, Koe Huck Newcastle under. merchant, Aug. 23 ( Parntner and Co.

(Anstire and Co. King's Bench walks, London-st. Fenchurch-st.). Juli 19.

Tuner Temple; and Tomlinson, S.affordshire Pot LAZARUS, JOS. Calter-st. Houndsditch, warch. teries. ) July 5 maker, Aug. 15. (Poole, Adam' Oid Broad-st.)

SMITH, THOS. Wilsden, Yorkshire, dealer in wond, July 15

Aug. 16, New Inn, Braford. (Mouldin, Bradiord; MATHEWS, JAS. Penzance. sail.maker, Aug. 19,

anri Exley and Co Furniva 's in. July ). Star, Maiazion. (Follell, Temple; and Rogers,

SPARKES, CORNEL. LEGG, Southbersiti, Sussex, Marazion.! Juiyi,

shopkee ser, Aug. 6. Swan, Chichester. (Wil MAY, WM.Ciispin-street, Spitalfield's, bombazeen. mol, Cuichester; and Ellis, C.olsters, 'Temipe. ) weaver, lug, 18. (Ruxiou, l'enchurch-e1.) July l.

July 5. MANN, RALPH, and Co. Livermoi, hoop mahirs,

sco 'LAND, ROB. South Shields, shin muner, Aug. Aug. 16, George, Dionsgate. Manchester. (Crewell,

19 Golden Lion, Surh Shields. Andros and Cu. Manchester; and Ellis Chancery la.) July 5.; and Bowiny, South Shields.) MANSEL THOS. Prmbroke, apothecary, 107. 26,

July R. Green Dragon, Pembroke. (Pembrohe. Pembroke;

SKRÚKSOI E, SINGLER. Teynham, Kent, and of and Bell and Co. Ceapside.) July .

Liver eol, merchant, Aux. 5, 6. and y3, George, MURRELL, WM Skinner-st. Sn. w-hill, auctioneer,

Liverpool (Ottaway, Stapletiurst; and Harrison, Aug. 96. (Nowell, Lasex at. Suand.j July 15,

Liverpool.) July 19.


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SIZER, G50. Holborn-hill, mercer, Aug. 23. (Wilde,

Warwick.sw.) July 12.
SMITH, SAM. Coventry, watch-maker, Aug. 23,

King's Head, Coveniry. (Carter, Coventry)
July 12.
STONE, WM. Milverton, Somersetshire, scrivener,

Aug, 4, 5, and 30, Street lon, Street. (Alexander
and Co. New. Inn; and Tuson and Co. lichester.)
July 19.
TRENAM, RICH. Norton, York, machine-maker,

Aug. 9, Three Tons, Thirsh, York. (Richardson,
Thirk; and Morton and Co. Gray's inn.) Jour 28.
TIDESWELL THOS. Stoke upon Trent, Staford-

shire, bakis, Aug. 12, Kocbuck, Newcastle-underLyme. [Prime, Newcastle; and Edmunds and Co. *Chascers.a.] Jelul. THORNAÚRY, NATH, and Co. Stroud, Gloucester.

stire, clothiers, Aug. 19, George, Stroud. (Adling.
ton and Co. Bedford-row; and Wathen, Stroud.)

Valy 1.
TAYLOR, J. Oitory St. Mary, Deron, smith, Aug.

5, 6, and 30, Golden Lian, Honiton. [luxmnre.
Red Lion sq. and Floud and Co. Honiton.) July

VALE, THOS, Solihull, Warwick, corn-dealer, Aug.
II, 14, and Sept. 2, Castle, Birmingham (Har.
ding, solihull; and Meyrick and Co. Red Lion-89.]

WILLIAMS, MORGAN, Manchester, victualler,

Aug., White Benr, Manchester. Blakelnck, Ser jeant's inh; and liorris, Manchester.) June 28. WILKINSON, JOS. jun. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship

owner, Aug. 9, George, Newcastle-apon Tyne, [Hartley, New Bridge st.; and Forster, Newcas.

tle pon Tyne.) June us. WALLACE, WM. Workington, Cumberland, ship

carpenter, Aug. 11, ai the li uke of Harnes Eden, innkeeper, Workington. [Thompson, Working

lon; and Palcon. E m-co. Temple.) July 5. WHITNEY, THOS. and HENKY, Macclesfield, cotton spinners, Aug. 16. Angel, Macclesfield. (Grimsditch and C. Macclesfield; and Bell and

Co. Cheapride, Italy 5,
WILKIE, CHRISTIAN and Co. Red Cross st. East

Smithfield, yeast merchants, Aug. 19. (Townson,

Ratcliff-highway.) July 8.
WHITE, THOS. North Stields, merchant, Aug. 1, 2,

and 19, Commercial Hotel, North Shields. Wile
lins. 'Change-alley, Lombard st; and Cockerill,
North Shields, July 8.
WHITTINGTON, WM. Perry. Hart, Staffordabire,
fariner, Aug. 23, Royal Hotel, Birmingham

l.ce and son, Birminghamand Alexandern Carev si. Lincolns'.inn. July 19. WILSON, JOHN, Hanley, Staffordshire, potter,

Aug. 21, 22, and 26, Swan, Hanley. (Walkers Lincoln's inn; and Deut and Co. Stone, Stafford shire.) July 15.


FROM SATURDAY, JUNE 28, TO TU FSDAY, JULY 22. 1817. ANGELL, J. Reading, July 22. Paulkner, J. and Co. Crutched., Nias, T. Old Broad st. July 92 Amos, R. St. Bartholomew's, Aug. 11121, July 12

Northente, A. Lloyd's Coffee house, Falkner, W. Manchester, July 22 July 29 Abraham, M. Duke st. Aug. 9 Forrester. W. & Co. Crowu-co. Nicholson, J. Plymouth dock, Aug. Artteid, J. Guildiord, Aug. 22 July 20

19 Ballard, J. Maidstone, July 19 Fell, J. Ratelife Ilighway Aug. 16 Northcote, A. Lloyd's Coffee-ho. Baber.. St. James's siftet,July 2! Foster, J. and J. Selly, Aug. 13 July 29 Beak, J. Parh, Aug. 16

Foster, J. Barton-upon-liumber, Noble, J. Caton, Aug. 13 Binckburn, P. & d. Ternchapel- Aug.

Outram, J. Liverpool, July 29 dock, July 22

Favel, J. Aug. 5 Oakley and Co. Curch-si. Sept. 2 Beens, H. erckermouth, July 93 Fisher, T. Ext, Aug 6

Pitt, i). Fenchurch st. Aug. 16 Borsel, 1. Broad-st. Ratcliffe, Flesher, B. Liverpool, Aug. 99 Pix. W. Northeam, July 19 July 26

Si bert. E. Lauvhborough, July 23 | Pereira, A. M. and Cu: 0'd Beth. Bells, E. Stapeley, July 28 Goldsmith, C. & idge st. July i lern, July 26 Potse, w. Green-st. Jūly 96 comm,J.Buckland Commun, Aug. 5 Phillips, J. and Co. Mortlake, Aug. Hecher, H. Kennington-td. July Goren, J. Mark-lant, Aug. 16 Paterson, T. and Co Aug. 2 Rusl, J. Bishop Stortinrd, July 22 Glover, R. Gateshead, Aug. 18 Roberts, W'. jun. Peal, July 46 Bridges, J. Bristol, Julys

Hasted, C. Chatham, July 19 Russell, D. Kathl, Joly 24 Barand Co. Witney, Aug. 22 Hamond, J. Chrapide, July 26 Rutt, s. Dalston, July 20 Bruit, C. Warrington, Aug. 8 Harvey, J. W.Souibuark, July 29 Rapsey, J. Fleet-street, July 19 Pertley, M. Wakefield, Aug. 9 Hand, s, Oxford, Aug. 9

Road, A. Mount Cotfee-lo. July 29 Betley, C. C. Pope's Head alley, Henshaw, T. Mincinz-la. Aug. 19 Robinson, J. Liverpool, Aug 11, 29 Aug. 30

Hinde, D. Liverpool, Aug 19 Hose, J.W Aug. 19 Blaczbura, P. and J. Plymouth, Harrisin, J. Manchester, Aug. 18 Seabrook, R. Great B; adley, Jaly 18 Aag. 9

Jefferies, J. Rasirich, Aug. 16 Shelley, J.Canterbury. July 30 Bell, J. and Co. Kingston-upon- Jenkins, E. Twickenham, Aug. Spear, W. Upp. Thames-st. July 28 Hall, Aug. 19

Innes, J. and Co. Bristol, Aug. 27 Scott, W. Pall Mall, Aug. 18 Rreg. W. Whitehaven, Aug. 13 Isaac, E. Queen-99. Aug. 12 Shepard. B. Chandos-st. Aug. 23 Calasac. W. M. High Holborn, Knoll, d. and Co. July 19 Siidi, H. and Co. Gt. WinchesterJuly 72

Kelly, E. Black Lion-iane, Aus. 19 strett, Aug. 16 Chick, R. Molyneaux-st. Aug. 18 Lande, J. Tokenbons.yd. July 19 Enos, T. Stamford, Aug. 9 Colts,' w. & F. & Co. Mlincing-la. Low. J. and W Miricing. la. muiy's striper, J. Kinkstop.upon-Hull, Sept.9 July 19

Loithause, J. Durham, July so Thompson, J. Wapping Wall, July Curris, E. Chiswick, July 5

Lewis, A. Blackmail, Aug. 16 Christopher. T. July 22 Lancaster, J.' Michaei's Grove, Todman, R. July 29 Con table, R. Wandsworth, Aug. 19 Aug.

Traer, W. Exeter, July 24 Collman, L. and Co. Old Bethlem, Lester, J. Brad-st. Build. Aug. 2 Tazewell, S. Bridgewater, July 9 Aug. 18 I uke, J. Exeter, Aug. 9

Taylor, J. Liverpool. June 29 Collen, W. Harwich, Aug. 9 Lovewell, T. Barbican, Aug. 23 Thompson, J. sen. Culptio. Aug. Crattenden, E. Sittingbourne, Aug. Lumb, W. and T. Leels, Aug. 22 Taylor, J. New Sarum, Aug. 12 16

Lane, J. and Co. Nicholas-la. Aug. Vise, W. Spaldine, Aug. 2 Carlen, T. and Co. Langbourn 12

Wilkinson,J. Berwick-upon-Tweed, Chambers. Aug. 16

Marsii, C. and Co. Reading, July 12 July 30 Cha ainan, G. N. 8. Boughton Mal. Munro, W. and H. Upper Thames. Wever, J. and Co. Sheffield, Aug. herb. Aug. 12

street, July 26

Walch, B. Hackney, July 26 Dennison and Co. Liverpool, July 9 Montieth and Co. Gracechurch-st. Wactriti, J. B. Norfolk, July 96 Dean, T. Sunderland near the Sta, July 26

Wlme, F. Mark lane, July 19 jniy 99

Maitland, D. New Bridge st.July 26' Wi, T. ad C. Maidstone, July 12 Dodd, J. Norfolk-street, July 49 Mitchel D. Cullum st. Ju y 29 Wright, E.NO astle upon Tyne, Droner, H. Fleet-st. July 96 Mackcoull, J. Worthing, July 19 July 90 Drake, B. jan. Bennigton, Aug. 2 Millie, T. Bishoregate-si. July 29 Wond, D. Egreniont, Aug. 8 Dibbs, J. jan. Dorset st. Aug. 5 M.Michael, J. Penrith, Aug. 2. Wa11s, J. Manchester, Aug. 4

otak, 'w. E. M. V. Well-st. mf. Viccar. D. Liverpool, Jüly 30 Wilkinson, J. Barley, Aug. 2 dag. 9

Djorton, R. Lucas-st. Aug. 9 Walker, W. Allerton Grange, Aug. Facards, S.C. Leicester-eq. Jaly 99 Miller, W. Kyp, Aug. 19 Evans, V. Nes-town), Julý si Mason, T. J. Exeter, Ang. 4 Wileman, T. and S. Wext HoathE'gar, W. Jaidssone, Aug. O Shorand, S. Aug. 2

ige, Aug. 12 Esats and Ch. New.court, Aug. 16 Minet, J. Finsbury.s4. Aug. 9 Whittle, I Liverpool, Aug. y Fiber, W. Cheltenham, July 24 Matthews, M. Meath, Aug. 19 Europ. Jiag. Vol. LXXIJ. July 1817.


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FROM SATURDAY, JUNE 28, TO TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1817. ASHBEY, J. Bnxtead, July 26 Hornsby, J. sen. Neuthead, July 19 Nash, R. Kingston-upon-Tharnesi Antrum, J. Southampton, Aug. 2 Howard, A. Lower Tooting, July 19 July 19 Adam, W. Lambeth, Aug. 12 Henry. H. Liverpool, July 19 Newnian, A. Newgale st. July 19 Bigland, (;. Lancaster, July 19 Hawkridge, W. B. Cleveland-st. Newboid, D. Biriningham, July 9 · Bennett, 0. Norfolk-st. July 19 July 19

Oldman, s. Bury St. Edmonds, Bold, J. o. Liverpool, July 19 Horder, J. Haydon-sq. July 26,

July 2015 Beech, J. Stone, July 22

Howard, M. Little Newport, July !'earson, T. North Shields, July 19 Bridges, J. Bristol, July 22


Price, J. Bristol, July 19 Barker, J.and T. Helmsley, July 26 Hindmarsh, L. jun. Alnwick, July Purley, J. High-st. July 19 Brown, W. and Co. Bristol, July 26 26

Purday, T. Margate, Joly 19 Brown, J. and Co. Currier's Hall, Harris, W. St. Austill, July 19 Pettman, W. Harn, Aug. o Aug. 12

Hammond, H, and T. Hugeley, Phillips, D. and Co. York, Aug. 10 Bernard, J. C. Manchester, Aug. 9 July 29

Robertson, A. Grosvenor-place, Blanchenay, 2. Dover-st. Aug. 9 Humphrey's, J. Hammersmith, July 26 Carveley, J. Willingham, July 19 July 29

Robeitson, G. Liverpool, Aug. 2 Clement, H. Great Carter la. July Husband, W. and P. Newbury, Robinson, W. Carlisle, Ang. 19 Cobb, W. New Sarum, July !9

July 99

Robertson, D. Bolton raw, July 26 Cree, R. Plymoath Dock, July 26 Hatton, T. Warrington, Aug. 9 Smith, R. A. Belpor, July 19 Clay, C. Astin, Warwick, July 26 Halstead, J. Wheeler's Wharf, Siniti, A. F. Stockton, July 2 Casper, E. Hiyl)-st. July 26

Aug. 5

Syers, W. Liverpool, July 80 Carlisle, J. Bolton-le- Áloors, July lleynes, S. Cheltenham, Aug. 9 mnith, D. Lad lane, July 23 29

Holmes and Co Long-acre, Aug. 9 Sune, 7. Gibraltar walk, July 99 Critchlow, W. Liverpool, Aug. 9 Hadley, N. jun. Milford Whärt, Stoneham, J. Beckworthi-row, July Carruthers, D. Liverpool, Aug. 8

Aug. 9

29 Chandley, J. Stock, ort, Aug. 9 Holding, W. Marh-lane, Aug. 12 Sharpe, J. Market Deeping, Aug. 2 Comberbach,J.H.Eccleslali, Aug. Johnson, P. Plymouth Dock, Julycarle, k. C. Saffron Walden, Aug.. Clark, J. York Hotel, Ang. 9


Somcrfield, P. Walsall, Aug. 8 Dobie, K. Kenton-st July 19 Jarman, A. Southampton, July 19 Sburpe, J. W. Old Bond-si. Aug. 9 Downing, R. Stockport, July 19 Jenkins, T. lare Master of the ship smith, J. Bath, Aug. 12 Dickie, J. Plymouth Dock, July 961. City of London, Aug. 2 Turner, W. Whitchurch, July 19 Daviinn, W. Noita Shields, Alg. 2 Jones, T. LIVET, Ool, Aug. 8 Tuesley, W.H. High-street, July 29 Daxbury, C. Tock holes, Aug. 2 Kirkby, W. Chilvers, July 22 1 revor, J. Whitcburch July vo Davis, W.and L. Liverpool, Aug. Okene, W.and B. Wantage, July 20 Webb, T. New Sarum, July 19 Dickens, E. Eyesford, 118.9 Luckman, J. Wigan, July 19 Willis, G. Ballı, July 19 Elwyn, G. Canterbury, July 19 Lollouse, J. Durham, July 22 Wilt inson,J.Berwick-upon-Tweed, Eady, s. P. Gerrard-st. July 19 Luffe, H. Benhall, Aug. 12

July 24 Evans, V. New-tow!!, July be Manning, R. Lancaster, July 26 Wilcon, $. Chorlton with Hardy, Enfield, W. and Co. Norwich, Meachain, H Lynn Regis, July en July 26 July 28

Munton, J. Redcross street, July 20 Wigglesworth, W. Ralby, July 26 Ellioit, E. jun. Marbrough, Aug. 9 Meliss, G. Fenchurch-st. Aug. 2 Westord, G. Crediton, July gu Fry, W. New Rroa +-streri, July 12/ Mackey. J. South Shields, Aug. 9 Wangamann, J. Gower's-walk, Greenough, J. Bolton, July 26 Major, T. Folkstone, Ang. 9

July 09 Griga, T. Piymouth, July 20 Mowatt, J. ('amomile-sl. Aug. 9 Wisedill, B. Prospect place, Aug. 8 Green, J.0. Ralli, July 20 Mackenzie, H. Bartholomew-lane, Weston, D. Westmcon, Aug. Gretion, T. Robleston, Aug. !

Auk. 12

Wolon, M. Liverpool, Aug. 19 Garrod, S. Paddington-st. Ane, 8 Michell, D. Cullum-st. Aug. 12 Young, W. Boston, July 22 Gover, J. Lower Brook-st. Aug. 8 Napper, E. Frome, Selwood, July 19


PROM SATURDAY, JUNE 28, TO TUESDAY, JULY 22, 1817. ARMISTEAD, W. and W.jun. Clement's-la. Lom- Dearden, W. Badger, J. and Dearden, M. Shefield, public notaries

York, scissor-manufacturers. Anderson and Giant, High-st. Newington, cheese. Dinmore, C. and Boory, W. Norwich, liquor mermongers.

chants. Allen, M. and Ellis, W. Great Tower st. wine and Donshon, J. and Smith, L. Cheapside, straw.plat. spirit brokers.

dealers. Bowen, J. and Jones, W. Holywell-st. Shoreditch, Dias de Carvalho, J. J. and de Abreu, A. F. Lon. linen.drapers.

don. Bida AE. and Wells, M. A. Norfolk-st. Mary. Dawgon, $. Dawson, J. and Dawson, T. Billiter-sq. le-Bone, milliners.

London, dealers. Blackwell, w. and Parkin, W. Sheffield, silver. Dipeke, J. and Buck, G. Cropdan, Surrey, grocers. plarer.

Evans, F. and Price, W. Mubories, tea realers. Baiber, C. and J.V. Birmingham, artists.

Fox, W. Bosworth, T.C.and Fox, G. W. Clement's Burrows, G. and Tanner, W. K. Oxford, linen-dra. la. coal-merchants. pets.

Fripp, W. Fripp: J. Fripp, w. jun. Fripp, E. B. Brenchley, J. and Churchland, E. Milton, Gravesend, and Fripp, D. Bristol, soap.Rianufacturers worllen-inanulachmeis,

Goose, N. and Bruce, J. Manni.stree, Essex, drugBullwinkle and Howard, Size-yard, Whitechapel, gists, sigar.refiners.

Gunnery, J. and Frodsham, R. Liverpool, attore Burgess, J. and T. Enfild Washi, corn-dealers.

nies. Conway, C. and Perkins, J. Lime-st. Fenchurch-st. Hebb, W. F. and Roberts, J. High-st. Southwark, tea and entfee room keepers.

snuff manufacturers. Cloughton, T. Pickmore, J. Bover, G. and Fitchett, Hamblin, T. and seytang, C. F. Sugarloaf-co, GarJ. Wigan, coal merchante.

lickabill, printers. Clegg. W. Whitehead T. and Whitehead, P. Balla. Hermon, J. A. and Rainey, A. Conduit-st. Hanodin Brook, Lancashire, corron-spinners.

ver-eq Crowley, J. Hicklin, B. and Evans, R. carriers, Haynes, T. and Trewheela, W. Coleman st. Carter, T. and Austey, J. Great St. Thomas Apo«tle, Halliday, J. and Calvert, G. Thornes, Yorkshire, calenderers.

manufacturers. Charleton, J Fuller, J. C. and Thomas, A. Bristol, Hodgkinson, G. and Wincott, T. New Bond-st. soap and candle manufacturers.

linen.draners. Cooke, J. and Taylor, L. Manchester, hat-manufac.. Heyde, E. V. und J. V Bermondsey-st. tobacconists. turers.

Heathcote, S. and Hamer, W. Liverpool, insurance. Dalgleich, W. Dalgeisli, S. and Dalgleish, W. jun. brokers.

Limehouse and Paddington, timbet-merchanis. Harris, J. sen, and jun. Road side, Whitechapel.

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