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I am he, O King ! Saul. Why this concealment? tell me, valiant

David ?
Why didst thou hide thy birth and name till now?
Dao. O king! I would not aught from favour

Or on remember'd services presume;
But on the strength of my own actions stand,
Ungrac'd and unsupported.

Well he merits
The honours which await him. Why, O king,
Dost thou delay to bless his doubting heart
With his well earn'd rewards? Thy lovely daughter,
By right of conquest his!

Saul (to DaviD]. True: thou hast won her. She shall be thine. Yes, a king's word is pass'd. Dat. O boundless blessing! What! shall she be

mine, For whom contending monarchs might renounce Their slighted crowns ?

[Sounds of musical instruments heard at a distance. Shouting and singing. Agrand procession.

Chorus of Hebrew women.] Saul.

How's this? what sounds of joy
Salate my ears? What means this needless pomp?
This merry sound of tabret and of harp?
What mean these idle instruments of triumph?
These women, who in fair procession move,
Making sweet melody?
A .

To pay due honour
To David are they come.
Saul (aside].

A rival's praise

Is discord to my ear! They might have spar'd This idle pageantry; it wounds my soul! [Martial symphony: after which, Chorus of Women


PREPARE! your festal rites prepare !
Let your triumphs rend the air !
Idol gods shall reign no more:

We the living Lord adore!
Let heathen hosts on human helps repose,
Since Israel's God has routed Israel's foes.

Let remotest nations know
Proud Goliath's overthrow.
Fall'n, Philistia, is thy trust,

Dagon mingles with the dust!
Who fears the Lord of Glory, need not fear
The brazen armour or the lifted spear.

See, the routed squadrons fly!
Hark! their clamours rend the sky!
Blood and carnage stain the field !

See, the vanquish'd nations yield;
Dismay and terror fill the frighten’d land,
While conqu’ring David routs the trembling band.

Lo! upon the tented field
Royal Saul has thousands killd!
Lo! upon th' ensanguin’d plain

David has ten thousands slain!
Let mighty Saul his vanquish'd thousands tell,
While tenfold triumphs David's victories swell.


Sacred Drama.

How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the Morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, who didst weaken the nations!


[blocks in formation]


Belshazzar, King of Babylon.
Nirocris, the Queen-Mother.

Courtiers, Astrologers, Parasites.
Daniel, the Jewish Prophet.

Captive Jews, &c.

SCENE - Babylon.

Time - Night.

The Subject is taken from the Fifth Chapter of the Prophet Daniel.



SCENE — Near the Palace of Babylon.


Dan. Parent of Life and Light! Sole source o

Good! Whose tender mercies through the tide of time, In long successive order have sustain’d, And sav'd the sons of Israel! Thou, whose pow'r Deliver'd righteous Noah from the flood, The whelming flood, the grave of human kind! O Thou, whose guardian care and out-stretch'd hand Rescu'd young Isaac from the lifted arm, Rais’d, at thy bidding, to devote a son, An only son, doom'd by his sire to die: (O saving faith, by such obedience prov'd; O blest obedience, hallow'd thus by faith!) Thou, who in mercy sav'd'st the chosen race In the wild desert, and didst there sustain them By wonder-working love, though they rebellid And murmur'd at the miracles that sav'd them! Oh, hear thy servant Daniel ! hear and help! Thou, whose almighty pow'r did after raise Successive leaders to defend our race:

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