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presented a petition to his Majesty to spare the custody of Mr. Anett, the Cashier, to his life.

the parlour, one bundle of His Majesty's frigate Resistance, of Exchequer Bills, to the value

of thirty-fix guns, was totally lost on Cave

f. 109,000 St. Vincent, early in the morning of the

Another, value

A third 3tit ult. : the crew saved.


An entry was made in the parlour La Minerve frigate, of forty-four guns, ho k, and its correctness was vouched by commanded by Captain Brentor, un ose

the tignatures of two Directors, Mers. tunately got upon a land-bank, off Cher.

Smith and Puget. The entry thus vouchbourg, and is loft : the crew faved.

ed, was nevertheless, afterwards found to Sic E. Nagle commands the Sea-Fen. be for Bills to the amount of 200,000l. more cibles at Shorehain. The total amount than the actual value of the bundles. On of those Fencibles along the coast is about this dilcovery it came out, that Mr. Allett 14,000, who are commanded by eighty.' had been re-issuing some of thele Bills to eight Captains and a proportionate num. raise money; and Mr. Bish, the Stock. ber of Lieutenants.

bruker, who had been applied to with As Colonel Baillie, of the West Mid. Some of them, by Allett, 'u'pecting all dieser Regiment, brother to Lord Ux was not right, gave intimation of his bridge, was riding last week in front of suspicions to the Bank, when Mr. Alett's the line of Coxheath Camp, he was thrown criminality became evident. from his horfe, and had bis collar-bone After Mr. Garrow had gone through broke, and his Moulder dislocared. his cale, Mr. Erskine, in behalf of the

8. At the Old Bailey came on the trial prisoner, inlifted that Mr. Jennings, who of Robert Anett, who, being put to the had signed chele purloined Exchequer Bar, was in dieted for that he being a ser- Bills in the firit instance, had not had the vart of, and employed by the Governor proper authority renewed to him for so and Company of the Bank of England, doing, as required by Ad of Parliament; was entrusted with a certain Paper-writ- and io evident was this, that Government ing, called an Exchequer Bill, of the hiad, lince the commitment of Mr. Anett, value of 1000i, and another of the fame passed an Act to remedy the omission. Falue, and a third of the same value. On The Chief Baron Macdonald obferved, the 26th of February lalt, he being such that the charge was, for embezzling a fervant, &c. did felonioully secrete and valid Bill of Exchange. However great embezzle the said Exchequer Bills, and the crime in fociety, and the magnitude did run away with them. io belonging to of the sum embezzled; though every one the said Governor and Company. There mult regret the cause of it, and the effe&t were no less clian een different Counts to upon society, yet it was the bounden duty the same effect.

of the Court to determine according to Mr. Garrow was Counsel for the pro- the regular, ordinary, and conltant course secutor, and Mr. Erskine for the prisoner. of the administration of justice. It was The former itated, that the Bank of Eng. certainly clear the present indictment was land, being in the customary habit of not to be maintained, as the charge therein purchasing Exchequer Bills on account alledged could not be proved. The late of Government, these Bills are either Act of Parliament had recognized the brought to the Bank by one particular invalidity of the Bills which the prisoner house, (G Idimid and Co.) or by the embezzied. Bank Breker, who purchates the Bills in The other Judges concurred in opis the market. On the delivery of the le to nion, and the Lord Chief Baron directed the Cathier, Mr. Allett, he gives an the Jury to acquit the prisoner. He was order for payment, and the Exchequer acc rdingly found Not Guilty. Bills remain with him tili a sufficient Mr. Garrow applied to the Court to quantity are collected together, and made detain him in cuitody; it being the inupin bundles, to deliver into the custody tention f the Bank Directors to ifiue a of the Directors in the parlour : theté civil procels againit him for 100,000). buodles are then cou ted, and a voucher and upwards, the monies paid for the given to the Cahier on their delivery : Bills, which he bad converted to his own chey are piaced in a Hrong closet, mut ute. under three keys, and two of the keys The prisoner was drefled in a lightish are kept by she Directors. Contormably brown cvat, his hair full powdered. He to this practice, on the 26th day of Fe appeared quite collected, but held his bruary last, these were transferred from head down; never once looking up, ex


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cept when the application was made to roads, having an enemy who is ignorant keep him in custody, when he expressed of them, and who can likewise have but symptoms of great surprite, and looked a small proportion, if any cavalry, that very Hedtastly at the Court.

nothing can expole them to any other The total detalcation of Alett, by danger than what their own energy and Exchequer Bills purloined from the Bank, courage had determined them to face. amounied to 322,0col.; of which 191,000!. When an enemy quits the coast, these that had been pawned, was redeemed for corps Mould fall upon his flanks and rear, 90,000l. So prosperous are the affairs of and cut off all Imall detachments which the Bank, that there will be no reduction venture from the main body in search of in the dividends on Bank Stock.

plunder. It is unnecessary for me to enGeneral Meetings of the Lieutenancy large further upon this fubject; the object have been held in the different counties, of its forming part of these instructions in conformity with the A& for the De- is, that you thall impress upon the minds fence of the Realm.

of the Gentlemen of the Lieutenancy, A letter has likewise been sent by the that this service is one of the moft imporCommander in Chief to the General Offi tant which can be performed in aid of a cers commanding districts, requiring them regular army. to aflist in carrying into effect the plans 9. Fire in Westminster Abbey.-Beof defence adopted, or to be adopted, by tween one and two o'clock on Saturday his Majesty's Lords Lieutenants. He an alarming fire broke out in the roof of dwells on 'he importance of the corps of the tower on the centre of Westminster guides and pioneers; but particularly on Abbey. A fufficient quantity of water the services which the irregular troops to work the engines could not be pro. may performt, in harrassing the enemy, if cured for nearly two hours after the an invasion thould take place. The chief fames burst forth; in consequence of danger to which an irregular force is ex which, the roof of the tower (which was pored, arises from a want of confidence framed of wood) fell in, and did confiderand perfect underttanding in regard to the able damage to the wood work of the purpole which it may have in view, and choir, both by the violence of the falling which begets a feeling of danger from the timbers, and by communicating the fire absence of mutual dependence. When, to the Italls, pews, &c. When, however, therefore, previous assembly and discipline water was to be had in abundance, an cannot be obtained, his Royal Highness end was speedily put to the progress advises, that no Company should be of the devaltation. The utmost possible formed of a greater number of people exertions were uled by firemen, soldiers, than are already known to each other; to volunteers, neighbours, a:d by the poplie act under Leaders known to each indi. lace at large. At half past five all danvidual, and on whole intelligence and ger was at an end. The accident was prudence all have equal confidence; upon attributed to the negligence of the ihe assembly therefore of this description plumbers employed in repairing the roof, of force, each Company will remain in who had gone to their dinner and left dependent, without any other bond of their melting pot in an improper ftate. union than what arises out of the emula. No injury was done to the monuments. tion and zeal of men animated by a com Belides the engines, the soldiers and mon caule,

others formed lines to the Thames, from From the first moment of a landing whence they handed buckets of water to being made, the great object of the irre- the Abbey. The Duke of York and guiar troops must be to harraís, alarm, several Noblemen,

were prelent, elle and fatigue an enemy. Nothing can more couraging the foldiery, &c. The daeffe&tually contribuit to this object, than mage is eitimated at not less than goool. the operations of small bodies of men,

A prayer for the proteciion of well acquainted with the country, who this Country and Government against wil approach and fire upon the advanced foreign violence, and for the prefervation poits of his army, without ever engaging of unanimity at home, in delence of our in fericus adion, or hazarding themelves liberties, laws, and religion, was read in in any fituation where their own naiural all churches in and about London. intelligence and watchfulness do not en

In the Court of King's Bench fure them from the danger of being cut an indictment was tried — The King v. off. So long as they are watchful to this Colonel Hepburne and another. point, it muit be evident, that with the This was an indictment against Colocountry open in tbeir rear, and with the

nel Hepburne and Captain M.Cummins, advantage of knowing all the avenues and for conspiring to defraud his Majetty and






the Public, by the act of Captain M'Cummins, who was Paymaster of the 314 Regiinent, in making up falle mur. ters and returns of the number of Non. Cummistioned Officers and Privates of HARDWICKE. that Regiment, when at Barbadoes, in Whereas divers persoos, engaged in a the year 1796; and by Colonel Hep treasonable and daring infurreétion again burne figning the same, and certifying his Majetty's Government, did, on the them to be true. The regiinent had, at evening of yesterday, the 2 36 of July in't. that time, being so reduced by the yellow suddenly alleinble in the Liberties of Dubfever as to confiit only of about 120 ;

lin, with fire-arms and pikes, and did nevertheless, the firit article of this mur there commit several outrages, and partiter was tu subsistence of 42 Sergeants and cuiarly in Thomas-treet, in the parilh of 42 Corporals during that period. The St. Catharine, within the said Liberties, mufters were so evidently false and frau did assault the carriage of the Right Hon. dulent, that the Council for Captain Arthur Lord Vifcount Kilwarden, Chief M'Cummin could not attempt any de Justice of his Majesty's Court of King's fence for him. The question for the Bench, and cne of his Majesty's Molt Jury was, whether Colonel Hepburne, Honourable Privy Council, and did drag who certified this to be a true muster, the said Arthur Lord Viscount Kilwara did fo fraudulently, knowing it to be a den, together with his nephew, the Rev. false one? The evidence to induce the Jury Richard Wolfe, Clerk, from his faid care to suppose the Colonel guilty of knowing riage, and did there bately and inhumanly it to be false when he first signed it, was

murder the said Arthur Lord Viscount -it, the gross and palpable nature of Kilwarden and Richard Wolfe, by itabthe falsehood itself; which was so glar. bing them respectively with pikes in vaing, that a lingle glance of his eye at rious parts of their bodies, of which that account, which he certified to be wounds they both soon after died. true, must convince him that it was not Now we, the Lord Lieutenant and fo; in the second place, it was positively Council, in order to bring such enormous sworn by a Sergeant, of the name of offenders to condign punishment, do, by Martin, who was employed in the fabri- this our Proclamation, publish and decation of these musters, that the Colonel clare, that if any person or persons Mall, had taken an active part in it. The within six calendar months from the date evidence of Martin was attempted to be hereof, discover any of the person or perdisproved by a Capt. Sullivan, of the fons who committed the said inhuman fame Regimena, but without effect. - murders on the said Arthur Viscount Kil. The Jury, after a mort consultation. warden and the said Rev. Richard Wolfe, found the defendants-Guilty.

or either of them, or who aided and affitta 23. A number of persons, armed with ed therein, or who advised, encouraged, muiquets and pikes, assembled in the inftigated, moved, stimulated, or incited evening in a quarter of Dublin that is the perfons concerned therein to comunit called the Liberties, and after commit the same, such person or perions do dicting some other outrages, attacked in his vering ihall receive as a reward the sum of carriage Lord Chiet Jultice Kilwarden, One Thousand Pounds fterling for each and his nephew, the Rev. Richard Wolfe, and every of the first three persons who both of whom, shocking to relate, the thall be apprehended and convicted there. ruffians inhumanly murdered on the spot, and several other persons were desperately And we do likewile publish and dewounded. The contulion that ensued is clare, that if any of the persons concerned more eatily to be conceived than de.

in the murder aforelaid, live and except scribed. General conternation and ter the perfons who actually Itabbed the laid ror immediately pervaded the whole of Lord Viscount Kilwarden and the Rev. the Ciry; the drums beat to arins, the Richard Wolfe, or either of them, as military were called out; but, in the aforesaid, Mail di cover any other of the mean time, the perpetrators of the horrid persons concerned in the said murder, or deed dilappeared. On the same night the either of them, so that such person or perMail Guard was attacked between Dub. fons so discovered thall be convicted cheielin and Naas, and, in confequence of the of, tuch person or persons to discovering relitance that was made, two dragoons Thall, over and above the said reward, are ttated to have been killed. The receive his Maje!ty's moli gracious pase Lord Lieutenant has published a Pro- don for faid offences. clamation which here follows:



And whereas it has appeared to us, all Sheriffs and other Magistrates and offi. that the daring and rebellious outrages cers within their several jurisdi&tions, and aforelaid were committed in prosecution all other his Majesty's loving subjects, 10 of a rebellious Confpiracy against his do all acts in their power to such purposes, Majesty's Government, and that divers And we do hereby further require and other enormities were at the laine time cmmand all Officers commanding his committed in Thomas Atreet atorelaid, Majesty's forces, to employ the troops and in the neighbourhood thereof, in pro- under their command in the most speedy fecution of the same treasonable purpose, and effe&tual manner, for the suppression and that divers of the Perfons engaged of all Rebellious Insurrections and Treatherein did come to Dublin with intent fonable Practices, whenever the same to commit such outrages and enormities, may appear, and particularly to disanın in order to induce and pervade his Ma all Rebels, and recover all arms forcibly jefty's peaceable and loyal Subjects in the and traitoroully taken from his Majesty's City of Dublin and its neighbourhood, peaceable and loyal subje&ts, and take by che tenor thereof, and by apprehentions up and seize all arms and ammunition for their own personal safety, to join in which may be found in the custody of the treasonable Conspiracy aforesaid ; any person or perlons not duly autho.

Now we the Lord Lieutenant and rized by law to have and keep the fame, Council do hereby strictly enjoin and Given at the Council Chamber, in command all his Majesty's subjects in Dublin, the 24th day of July 1803. their leveral stations, and according to Signed, Redesdale, C. Chas. Dublin, W. their several duties, to use their utmost

Tuam, Drogheda, Ely, Arran, endeavours to suppress all such rebellious Annefley, Tyrawley, Her. Laninsursections and treasonabie practices, grille, Denis Drowne, Henry and to apprehend and bring the persons King, s. Hamilton, St. George engaged therein to the punishment due to Daly, D. La Loucbe, James their crimes ; and more especially we Fitzgerald, M. Fitzgerala, H. do Itrictly enjoin and command the Lord

E. Fox, M. Smith, Standila Mayor of the City of Dublin, and all

Justices of the Peace of the said City of GOD SAVE THE KING.
Dublin, and of the County of Dublin, and

MARRIAGES. LORD GRAVES, son of the late Ad. Sir Henry Peyton, of Hagbeach, Cam.

miral Graves, to Lady Mary Paget, bridgeshire, to Mrs. Bradthaw, widow youngest daughter of the Earl of Ux- of the late James Bradthaw, efq. of Porto bringe.

man-place. John Trower, efq. of Berkeley-square, Benjamin West, esq. youngest son of to Miss James, eldeft daughter of Sir the president of the Royal Academy, to Walter James James, bart.

Miss Dickenson, only daughter of Ed. Colonel Hainmond, of St. James's. ward Dickenson, esq. of Perlhall, near fquare, to Miss King, daughter of Sir Stafford. Richard King, bart.

Colonel Robson, late governor of St. The Rev. Edward Nares, to Miss Cor. Helena, to Mrs. Seymour, of Sloancdelia Adams.



MAY 28,

The Rev. Jeremiah Newell, vicar A

T Exmouth, the Rev. Richard Hole, of Great Millenden.

rećior of Faringdon and Inward 13. At Castlemadoty, South Wales, leigh, in the county of Devon, tarlator the Rev. Hugh Price. Sir John Weddere of Homer's Hymn to Ceres, and author burr, of Ballindean, bart. of leveral other valuable works.


Mr. William Baker, of Savage JUNE 7. At Idirburgh, Major-Ge. Gardens. neral George Coningham, late of the At Woking, Sarrey, Mr. Williana Scors Brigade.

Garment. 9. James Cheape, esq. of Willfield, 19. At Newmarket, the Rev. Dr. in his 94 the year.

Thomas Frampton, rector of Oulden






and Starfon, in Norfolk, and of the fine. ny Brabazon, bart, of Newpark, in the cure of St. Florence, Pembroke's. He county of Mayo. was of St. John's College, Cambridge, 6. At Velynydd, in the county of where he took the degrees of B. A. Brecon, Captain Thomas Hughes Wil1747, M. A. 1751, S. T. B. 1959, and liams, of the 24th regiment of foot. S. T. P. 1769.

At Coachmakers' Hall, Mr. Richard At the Grove near Aberdeen, in his Thomas Hopkins, aged 56. 79th year, the Rev. Dr. Brown.

Samuel Martin, esq. late of the At Twickenham, F. lward Iron. island of Tortola. fide, esq. eldeit son of the late Alderman

Mr. John Yarnton, of Coleman. Ironfide, of Lombard-itreet, banker. street. The Hanourable Edward Foley, efq.

At Catisfield, Hants, Vice-Ad. M. P. for the county of Worcestershire, miral R hert Biggs. uncle to Lord Foley.

12. At Exeter, Mr. William Jack. At Crcuch-end, Mr. John William son, organiít of the cathedral there. He Vovel, merchant.

was author of (1, Thirty Letiers on At Bath, the Right Honourable Na. vari us subjects, 2 vol. 1783. (2) The thaniel Ryder, Lord Harrowby, born Four Ages and Essays, 8vo. 1798. (3) June 3, 1735, inarried January 22, 1762, Observations on the prelentitate of Music 10 Mins Terrick, daughter of Dr. Tere in London, 8vo. 1791. Alto The Me. rick, Bishop of London.

tamorphotes, comic upera, acted at Drury Lately, Lieutena:t-Colonel Tufnel, La ve 1783. Barrack Matier of Windios Barracks. 13 The Rev. Samuel Harper, F.R.S.

Ai Birmingham, the Rev. Rad- upwards of 47 years librarian of the cliffe Scholefield, a diffenting monter Britih Museum, and 37 years chaplain there.

to the Fundig Hlpitai. At Trescott, in the courty of 14. M. Willian Browse, of Wate Lancalter, William Atherton, eld. aged lirg-itreet. 61.

16. Juhn Bridges, esq. of Gloucester 24. At Portsmouth, aged 69. Maj r Terrace. General Charles Jacking of the Royal 17 At Sunbury, Roger Boehm, efq. Marines.

one of the diretors of the Bank of Eng25. Ac Southampton, Mr. Willian land. Smith, wife of William Sinien, elq. and A. Pentonville, Mr. Ridley Surtees, daughter of the late Dr. J. Sumner, pro- mip a d in urance br. ker. volt of King's College.

Mı. Philip M Ghed, attorney at law, Mr. John Walter, Bockleller at Char. Billerei-quare. ing Cruis.

Ac Graveley, Herts, in his 74th year, At Downham, near Berwick upon

the Rev. Thelwell Switbury, 33 years Tweed, William Fortier, e'q. late najor rector at that pari'n, and a justice feace, of the bih battalion of the boih regiment. 19 Sir Charles Burdett, Bait, in his

30. Samuel Martir, elq. lace of the 76:6 year. ila::d of Turtola.

At the Close, Salisbury, the Rev. JULY 1. John Claik, efqoof Lambs Walter Kerrick, canon relidentiary there, conduit itreet, in his 711t year.

siugutine Greenland, esq. lace deputy At Aliva, Mr David Flint, aged 69. teller of the Exchequer.

At Teddington, Middle ex, the Alexander Manners Lellie, esą, nes Rev. Philip Æneas Mackenlie, M A. of phew to Lord Newark. St. John's College, Cambridge, and many At Ilington Spa, Mr. Charles years minister of that parim.

· Lee Lewes, formerly of Drury-lane Theas Lately, at Pembury in Kent, the Rev. John Whitaker, M. A. formerly of Jetus 24. Alexander Hope, elq. of Queens College, Oxford.

Atreet, Wettininiter, aged 64. 3. General Kichard Smith, formerly in the East India Company's lervice. He

BROAD. at an early period of his lite had been a APRIL 20, 1803, on bward the Lady cheelemonger, and was the person cha- Caitlereagh, Colonel William Vanas, of racterised by Mr. Foote under the names the 4th Bengal I fantry. 01 Sir Matthew Mite, in The Nabob. Ai Gibraltar, Mr. Charles Douglas In Sackville-freet, Dublin, Sir Antho- Morrison,

Printed sy 1. GOLD, late Bunney and Gold,

Shee-lane, London,





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