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To His Excellency, Oliver P. MORTON,

Gorcinor of the State of Indiana:

In compliance with the law, I submit the following report of my doings as Quarter-Master General of the State of Indiana. during the period I occupied that position, viz.: from May 30 to October 13, 1862 As

you are aware, during the time embraced within those dates, Captain Ekin, the United States Quarter-Master at Indianapolis, furnished all the clothing and camp equipage for the troops organized in the State, excepting a few articles of camp and garrison (quipage deemed necessary for the comfort and convenience of the soldier, and which are not furnished by the Government, according to the "Army Regulations." And as, by your order, the custody and control of the arsenal, arms, and ordnance, being under the exclusive management of Captain H. Sturm, Acting Ordnance officer, the operations of the State Quarter-Master's Department were very limited.

The only contracts made by me in that capacity for articles of any character whatever, were for tin buckets, wash-pans, coffee boilers, cups, and fry pans, with D. Root & Co., of Indianapolis. and for coffee mills with J. H. Vajen, which contracts were made after proposals had been invited by notices published in newspapers

of general circulation throughout the State, and in both instances at the lowest bids offered therefor, for proof of which reference is made to the notices given and bids offered, which are recorded in the books of the Department, and for that reason deemed unnecessary to be again copied into this report.

Owing to the fact that during most of the above period of time. tents could not be procured of the United States officers, nor they being authorized or willing to erect quarters for the troops called for by the President from this State, it became necessary to provide suitable necessary barracks for them, which was done under the direction of the commandants of the camps in the several Congressional Districts, where the troops were ordered to rendezvous. The bills made in the course of the work for materials and labor, it is hoped and believed will be paid by the United States officers.

In some few instances, where the troops called together were in a destitute condition for proper clothing, blankets, &c., and before they could be mustered into the service of the United States, for which reason they could not be furnished by the United States Quarter-Masters therewith; as also in the case of the troops of the “Legion," called out for the purpose of guarding prisoners of war at Camp Morton, by your order, I made requisition upon Captain Ekin for the needed goods, and delivered them to the regimental or company oflicers, taking their receipts therefor, which receipts are now on file in the Department.

The only money that came into ny hands as Quarter Master General was the sum of four thousand dollars, paid to me by Gencral Vajen, my predecessor in office. Of which sum there was disbursed in the erection of barracks under your oruers, for materials and labor, and for transportation and other expenses of the Department, the sum of nineteen hundred and eighty-two dollars and forty cents ($1,982 40), for all of which claims have been presented to and audited by the Military Auditing Committee, Icaving a balance of two thousand and seventeen dollars and sixty cents ($2,017 60) in my hands, which I paid General A. Stone, my successor in office, for all of which claims and money I hereto attach his receipt.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

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