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The firstborn threatened.


The passover instituted. ; 12.35. borrow of his neighbour, and house of their fathers, a lamb

every woman of her neighbour, for an house: Ge.24.53, Jewels.

jewels of silver, and jewels of 4 And if the household be too

little for the lamb, let him and 3 And the LORD gave the peo- his neighbour next unto his ch.3.21, Human Favor, ple favour in the sight of the house take it according to the

[1 S.16.22. E-ġġp'tianş. Moreover the man number of the souls; every ch.2.2, Moses.

Mōʻşeş was very great in the man according to his eating
Jb.32.9, Great Men. land of E'ġýpt, in the sight of shall make your count for the
Ps.91.14, Saints Exalted. Phā'raõh's servants, and in the lamb.
sight of the people.

5 Your lamb shall be without 4 TAnd Moʻses said, Thus saith blemish, a male of the first year: Unblemished, Le.22.21. Midnight, Mt.25.6. the LORD, About midnight will I ye shall take it out from the Ge.4.4, Sheep. ch.6.6, God's Judgments. go out into the midst of Egypt: sheep, or from the goats: Ge.15.9, Goats. Ge.3.19, Deaths Foretold. 5 And all the firstborn in the 6 And ye shall keep it up until

land of E'ġýpt shall die, from the fourteenth day of the same p.p.Nu.9.2. ch.13.2, First-born.

the firstborn of Phā'raõh that month: and the whole assemp.p.Ps.78.51; 105.36. sitteth upon his throne, even bly of the congregation of Is - Le.4.13, Congregation. De.10.17, Impartiality (2). unto the firstborn of the maid- ra-el shall kill it in the evening. Mills, Nu.11.8.

servant that is behind the mill; 7 And they shall take of the p.p.v.22.
and all the firstborn of beasts. blood, and strike it on the two Blood Sprinkled, ch.24.8.

6 And there shall be a great side posts and on the upper Ge.23.2, Grief.

cry throughout all the land of door post of the houses,,

E'ģýpt, such as there was none in they shall eat it.
like it, nor shall be like it any 8 And they shall eat the flesh See Feast of Passover,
in that night, roast with fire,

[Le.23.6. 7 But against any of the chil- and unleavened bread; and with Ge.19.3, Unleavened Bread, Jb.11.18, Security. dren of Isóra-el shall not a dog bitter herbs they shall eat it.

(ch.13.7. 2 Chr.16.9, Divine Protec- move his tongue, against man 9 Eat not of it raw, nor sodden

[tion. or beast: that ye may know at all with water, but roast with Ps.91.10, Safety.

how that the LORD doth put a fire; his head with his legs, and ch.8.22, Immunity, ch.12.13. difference between the E-ġýp'- with the purtenance thereof. tianş and Iş'ra-el.

10 And ye shall let nothing of
8 And all these thy servants it remain until the morning;
2 K.19.28, Humiliation (1). shall come down unto me, and and that which remaineth of it
Jb.9.13, Proud Humbled. bow down themselves unto me, until the morning ye shall burn

saying, Get thee out, and all the with fire.
people that follow thee: and 11 And thus shall ye eat it;

after that I will go out. And with your loins girded, your 2 Co.8.19, Readiness (2). ch.32.19, Indignation. he went out from Phā'raõh in a shoes on your feet, and your great anger.

staff in your hand; and ye shall Ge.32.10, Staff, 1 S.17.40. 9 And the LORD said unto Mo- eat it in haste: it is the LORD'S Ge.19.22,Haste (2), 25.15.14. Pr.15.11, Hearts Read. şeş, Phā'raõh shall not hearken passover.

Passover, Nu.33.3. ch.4.21, Wonders. unto you; that my wonders 12 For I will pass through the

may be multiplied in the land land of E'ġýpt this night, and
of É’ġýpt.

will smite all the firstborn in ch.13.2, First-born.
10 And Mo'şeş and Aâr'on did the land of Egypt, both man

all these wonders before Phā'- and beast; and against all the ch.8.15, Hardness (2). raõh: and the LORD hardened gods of Egypt I will execute ch.6.6, God's Judgments, Phā'raõh's heart, so that he judgment: I am the LORD.

(Ps.9.16. would not let the children of 13 And the blood shall be to Blood (6), ch.30.10. işóra-el go out of his land. you for a token upon the houses Ge.9.12, Divine Tokens.

[ch.13.16. CHAPTER 12

where ye are : and when I see B.C.1491. The beginning of the year changed.

the blood, I will pass over you, See Blood of Christ,Mt.26.28. 3 The passover instituted. 11 The and the plague shall not be up- ch.8.22, Immunity, ch.15.26. rite of the passover. 15 Unleav- on you to destroy you, when I ened bread. are driven out of the land. 43 Or- 14 And this day shall be unto Egypt are slain. 31 The Israelites smite the land of Égypt. dinance of the passover.

you for a memorial; and ye shall Memorials, ch.16.32. ch.4.14, Aaron, ch.16.34.

Mōʻşeş and Aâr’on in the throughout your generations;

land of E'ġýpt, saying, ye shall keep it a feast by an; De.16.1. 2 This month shall be unto ordinance for ever.

you the beginning of months: 15 f Seven days shall ye eat Ge.2.3, Seven Days.
it shall be the first month of unleavened bread; even the
the year to you.

first day ye shall put away Ge.19.3, Unleavened Bread. ý Speak ye unto all the con- leaven out of your houses: for Leaven, v.19.

gregation of Işʻra-el, saying, In whosoever eateth leavened ch.4.6, Divine Commands, the tenth day of this month bread from the first day until

[Nu.1.2. they shall take to them every the seventh day, that soul shall ch.29.39, Lambs. man a lamb, according to the be cut off from Işóra-el. Excommunication, ch.30.33.

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Unleavened bread.


Firstborn of Egypt slain. 16 And in the first day there houses. And the people bowed Convocation, Le.23.3. shall be an holy convocation, the head and worshipped. Ge.22.5, Worshippers.

and in the seventh day there 28 And the children of Işʻra-el

shall be an holy convocation to went away, and did as the LORD Ge.6.22, Obedience (2). ch.23.12, Rest Enjoined. you; no manner of work shall had commanded Mōʻses and

be done in them, save that Aâr'on, so did they.
which every man must eat, that 29 | And it came to pass, that
only may be done of you. at midnight the LORD smote all ch.11.4, Midnight.

17 And ye shall observe the the firstborn in the land of ch.7.20, Plagues (2). Le.23.6, Feast of Passover. feast of unleavened bread; for Egypt, from the firstborn of ch.13.2, First-born.

in this selfsame day have I Phā'raõh that sat on his throne
brought your armies out of the unto the firstborn of the cap- De.10.17, Impartiality (2).

land of Egypt: therefore shall tive that was in the dungeon;

ye observe this day in your gen- and all the firstborn of cattle. Le 23.14,Perpetual Statutes. erations by an ordinance for 30 And Phā'raõh rose up in ever.

the night, he, and all his serv- ch.14.25, Panics. 18 In the first month, on the ants, and all the E-ġġp'tians;

fourteenth day of the month at and there was a great cry in Ge.50.10. Lamentations. Ge.19.3, Unleavened Bread. even, ye shall eat unleavened Egypt; for there was not a

bread, until the one and twen-house where there was not one
tieth day of the month at even. dead.

See Death Universal, Ge.2.3, Seven Days. 19 Seven days shall there be 31 | And he called for Moʻseg

(2 Š.14.14. v.15, Leaven, De.16.4. no leaven found in your houses: and Aâr'on by night, and said,; 11.1.

for whosoever eateth that which Rise up, and get you forth from

is leavened, even that soul shall among my people, both ye and v.15, Excommunication. be cut off from the congrega- the children of Israel; and go,

tion of Iş'ra-el, whether he be a serve the LORD, as ye have said. Strangers (3), v.49. stranger, or born in the land.

32 Also take your flocks and 20 Ye shall eat nothing leav- your herds, as ye have said, and ch.15.4, Abasement (2). ened; in all your habitations be gone; and bless me also. Jb.9.13, Proud Humbled.

shall ye eat unleavened bread. 33 And the E-ġġp'tians were p.p.Ps.105.38. ch.2.2. Moses, ch.14.21. 21 (Then Möʻses called for all urgent upon the people, that ch.3.16, Elders.

the elders of Iş'ra-el, and said they might send them out of

unto them, Draw out and take the land in haste; for they said, Ge.35.5, Fear of God (4). ch.29.39, Lambs. you a lamb according to your We be all dead men.

Le.26.36, Terror. families, and kill the passover. 34 And the people took their

22 And ye shall take a bunch dough before it was leavened, Dough, Nu.15.20. Hyssop, Le.14.6.

of hyssop, and dip it in the their kneadingtroughs being Ge.19.22, Haste (2).

blood that is in the bason, and bound up in their clothes upon v.7, Blood Sprinkled. strike the lintel and the two their shoulders.

side posts with the blood that 35 And the children of Işóra-el
is in the bason; and none of did according to the word of
you shall go out at the door of Mõ’şeş; and they borrowed of

his house until the morning. the Eğýp'tians jewels of sil- Ge.24.53, Jewels. D.D.v.12.

23 For the LORD will pass ver, and jewels of gold, and rai- Ge.2.12, Gold, ch.37.17. through to smite the E-ġýp'- ment:

tianş; and when he seeth the 36 And the LORD gave the v.13, Blood (6).

blood upon the lintel, and on people favour in the sight of ch.3.21, Human Favor.

the two side posts, the LORD the E-ġġp'tianş, so that they Jb.11.18, Security. will pass over the door, and will lent unto them such things as Jud.1.7, Retribution (2). 2Chr.16.9, Divine Protection. not suffer the destroyer to come they required. And they spoiled Ge.34.28, Spoil, Nu.31.9.

in unto your houses to smite the E-ġýp'tianş.

37 [ And the children of Is-
24 And ye shall observe this ra-el journeyed from Rā-mēʻsēş Ge.47.11, Rameses, Nu.33.3.

thing for an ordinance to thee to Sắc'coth, about six hundred See Posterity Promised, Le.23.14,Perpetual Statutes. and to thy sons for ever. thousand on foot that were

(Ge.15.5. 25 And it shall come to pass, men, beside children. Ge. 12.7, Promised Land. when ye be come to the land 38 And a mixed multitude Rabble, Nu.11.4.

which the LORD will give you, went up also with them; and
according as he hath promised, flocks, and erds, even very
that ye shall keep this service. much cattle.

26 Ånd it shall come to pass, 39 And they baked unleavened Ge.19.3, Unleavened Bread.
when your children shall say cakes of the dough which they
unto you, What mean ye by brought forth out of Egypt, for
this service?

it was not leavened; because
De.4.9, Instruction (3). 27 That ye shall say, It is the they were thrust out of E'ġġpt, Ge.19.22, Haste (2).
v.11, Passover.

sacrifice of the LORD's passover, and could not tarry, neither had
who passed over the houses of they prepared for themselves
the children of Israel in any victual.

Egypt, when he smote the 40 [Now the sojourning of the Ge. 12.10, Sojourners. ch.14.30, Deliverance (1). E-gỹp'tians, and delivered our children of Isʻra-el, who dwelt in!

The rite of the passover


to be observed yearly See Egypt, Ge.46.3. Eʻgypt, was four hundred and by strength of hand the LORD De.5.15, God's Hand. p.p.Ge.15.13; Ac.7.6. thirty years.

brought you out from this place: ch.14.30, Deliverance (1). 41 And it came to pass at the there shall no leavened bread be ch.12.15, Leaven. end of the four hundred and eaten. thirty years, even the selfsame 4 This day came ye out in the day it came to pass, that all the month A’bib.; 34.18. See Israel (2), ch.6.7. hosts of the LORD went out from 5 And it shall be when the the land of E'ġýpt.

LORD shall bring thee into the
42 It is a night to be much ob- land of the Cā'năan-ites, and the Ge.10.18, Canaanites.
De.8.2, Divine Leader. served unto the LORD for bring- Hit'tites, and the Am’ôr-ites, and Nu. 13.29, Hittites.
ch.14.30, Deliverance (1). ing them out from the land of the Hi'vites, and the Jēb'u-sites, Jos.11.3, Jebusites.

Eğýpt: this is that night of the which he sware unto thy fathers
LORD to be observed of all the to give thee, a land flowing with Ge.12.7, Promised Land.
children of Igʻra-el in their gen- milk and honey, that thou shalt ch.3.8, Fruitful Land.

keep this service in this month.
43 TAnd the LORD said unto 6 Seven days thou shalt eat Ge.2.3, Seven Days.

Mōʻses and Aâr'on, This is the unleavened bread, and in the v.11, Passover.

ordinance of the passover: There seventh day shall be a feast to Le.23.6. Feast of Passover Strangers (2), Le.17.8. shall no stranger eat thereof: the LORD. Ge.21.10, Bondservants. 44 But every man's servant 7 Unleavened bread shall be Ge.19.3, Unleavened Bread, that is bought for money, when eaten seven days; and there

(ch.23.15. Ge.17.10, Circumcision. thou hast circumcised him, then shall no leavened bread be seen shall he eat thereof.

with thee, neither shall there be p.p.Le.22.10.

45 A foreigner and an hired leaven seen with thee in all thy
servant shall not eat thereof. quarters.

46 In one house shall it be 8 And thou shalt shew thy son
eaten; thou shalt not carry forth in that day, saying, This is done De.4.9, Instruction (3).
ought of the flesh abroad out of because of that which the LORD

the house; neither shall ye break did unto me when I came forth p.p.Ps.34.20; Jn.19.33. a bone thereof.

out of E'ġýpt.
47 All the congregation of Is'- 9 And it shall be for a sign Ge.9.12, Divine Tokens.
ra-el shall keep it.

unto thee upon thine hand, and
48 And when a stranger shall for a memorial between thine ch.12.14, Memorials.
sojourn with thee, and will keep eyes, that the LORD's law may be De.6.8. Phylacteries.

the passover to the LORD, let all in thy mouth: for with a strong See Law in Heart, Ps.37.31. Proselytes (1), Ezr.6.21. his males be circumcised, and hand hath the LORD brought De.5.15, God's Hand.

then let him come near and thee out of E'ġýpt.
keep it; and he shall be as one 10 Thou shalt therefore keep

that is born in the land: for no this ordinance in his season from ch.18.20, Ordinances.
Ge.34.14, The Uncircum uncircumcised person shall eat year to year.
(cised, Jud.14.3. thereof.

11 TAnd it shall be when the Law Impartial, Le.24.22. 49 One law shall be to him LORD shall bring thee into the

that is homeborn, and unto the land of the Cā'năan-ites, as he Ge. 12.7. Promised Land. v.19, Strangers (3), ch.20.10. stranger that sojourneth among sware unto thee and to thy fa- Gе.22.16, God's Oaths. you.

thers, and shall give it thee, Ge.6.22, Obedience (2). 50 Thus did all the children of 12 That thou shalt set apart

Iş'ra-el; as the LORD commanded unto the LORD all that openeth
Mōʻşeş and Aâr'on, so did they. the matrix, and every firstling v.2, First-born.

51 And it came to pass the self- that cometh of a beast which
same day, that the LORD did thou hast; the males shall be ch.19.5, Divine Owner-
bring the children of Işóra-el out the LORD'S.

(ship (1).
of the land of E'ġýpt by their 13 And every firstling of an ass

thou shalt redeem with a lamb; ch.29.39, Lambs.

CHAPTER 13 and if thou wilt not redeem it, B.C.1491.

The firstborn sanctified to God. 3 then thou shalt break his neck:

The memorial of the passover. 11 and all the firstborn of man p.p.Nu.3.46.
The firstlings of beasts are set apart.
17 The Israelites go out of Egypt, among thy children shalt thou
and carry Joseph's bones with redeem.
them: 20 they come to Etham: 21 14 1 And it shall be when thy
God guideth them by a pillar of a
cloud and a pillar of fire.

son asketh thee in time to come,
ND the LORD spake unto saying, What is this ? that thou
Mö'ses, saying,

shalt say unto him, By strength De.4.9. Instruction (3). First-born, ch.34.19. 2 Sanctify unto me all the first- of hand the LORD brought us De.5.15, God's Hand. See God's Claims First, born, whatsoever openeth the out from E’ğýpt, from the house De.8.2, Divine Leader. [Nu.3.13. womb among the children of Iş'- of bondage:

ch.1.11, Bondage of Israel. ra-el, both of man and of beast: 15 And it came to pass, when ch.19.5, Divine Ownerit is mine.

Phā'raõh would hardly let us go, [ship (1).

3 | And Mōʻşeş said unto the that the LORD slew all the first- ch.6.6, God's Judgments.

people, Remember this day, in born in the land of Egypt, both See Bondage of Israel,

which ye came out from E'ģýpt, the firstborn of man, and the [ch.1.11.lout of the house of bondage; for firstborn of beast: therefore Il


with you.

Departure from Egypt.


Pharaoh pursueth them. sacrifice to the LORD all that 5 (And it was told the king of openeth the matrix, being E'ģýpt that the people fled: and ch.2.15, Fugitives. males; but all the firstborn of the heart of Phâ'raõh and of his my children I redeem.

servants was turned against the Ge.9.12, Divine Tokens, 16 And it shall be for a token people, and they said, Why have

(Nu.17.10. upon thine hand, and for front-we done this, that we have let De 6.8, Phylacteries. lets between thine eyes; for Isíra-el go from serving us ? De 5.15, God's Hand. by strength of hand the LORD 6 And he made ready his

brought us forth out of E'ģýpt. chariot, and took his people

17 [And it came to pass, when with him:

Phāʻraõh had let the people go, 7 And he took six hundred De.8.2, Divine Leader. that God led them not through chosen chariots, and all the Chariots (1), Jos.11.4. ch.14.16, Way Provided. the way of the land of the Phi- chariots of E'ģýpt, and captains Ge.21.34, Philistia, Jos.13.2. lis’tỉneş, although that was over every one of them.

near; for God said, Lest perad- 8 And the LORD hardened the ch.8.15, Hardness (2).; Nu.14.1. venture the people repent when heart of Phā'raõh king of

they see war, and they return Egypt, and he pursued after Ge.12.10, Egypt. to Egỹpt:

the children of Iş'ra-el: and the

18 But God led the people children of Iş'ra-el went out p.p.Nu.33.3; Ac.13.17. Ps.18.30, Divine Ways. about, through the way of the with an high hand.

wilderness of the Red sea : and 9 But the E-ġýp'tianş pursued
the children of Iş'ra-el went up after them, all the horses and
harnessed out of the land of chariots of Phā'raõh, and his

horsemen, and his army, and
19 And Mõ'şeş took the bones overtook them encamping by
Ge.30.24, Joseph, Jos.24.32. of Jõ’seph with him: for he the sea, beside Pi’-ha-hi'roth, p.p.v.2.

had straitly sworn the children before Bā'al-zēʻphon. p.p.Ge.50.25.

of Işóra-el, saying, God will 10 (And when Phā'raõh drew 1 K.8.56, God's Word Sure. surely visit you; and ye shall nigh, the children of Iş'ra-el carry up my bones away hence lifted up their eyes, and, behold,

the E-ġġp'tianş marched after 20 TAnd they took their jour-them; and they were sore De.1.17, Fear of Man. ney from Sức'coth, and en- afraid; and the children of Iş- Mt.14.30, Needless Fear.

ch.2.23, Crying to God, camped in Etham, in the edge ra-el cried out unto the LORD.

[ch. 17.4. of the wilderness.

11 And they said unto Mo'şeş, ch.6.9, Despair. Ge. 24.27, Guidance (3), 21 And the LORD went before Because there were no graves Murmuring (2), ch.15.24.

(Ne.9.19. Pillar of Cloud, ch.14.19.

them by day in a pillar of a cloud, in E'ġýpt, hast thou taken us Nu.13.33, Cowardice.

to lead them the way; and by away to die in the wilderness? Ps.27.1, God a Light. night in a pillar of fire, to give wherefore hast thou dealt thus

them light; to go by day and with us, to carry us forth out of

De.4.31, Divine Constancy. 22 He took not away the pillar 12 Is not this the word that
Ge.28.15, Divine Presence. of the cloud by day, nor the pil- we did tell thee in Eʻgypt, say-

lar of fire by night, from before ing, Let us alone, that we may Ge.40.23, Ingratitude (2).
the people.

serve the E-ġýp'tians? For it See Bondage of Israel, CHAPTER 14 had been better for us to serve

(ch.1.11. B.C.1491.

God instructeth the Israelites in their the E-ġġp'tianş, than that we

journey. 5 Pharaoh pursueth. 10 should die in the wilderness.
The Israelites murmur: 13 Moses
comforteth them. 15 God in-13 And Mōʻşeş said unto the Encouragement, 2 Chr.35.2.
structeth Moses. 19 The cloud re- people, Fear ye not, stand still, Ge:26:24,

Fear not,
moveth behind the camp. 21 They and see the salvation of the Ps.27.1, Salvation of God.
pass through the Red sea. 26 The
Egyptians drowned.

LORD, which he will shew to Ge.49.18, Waiting for God. ND the LORD spake unto you to day: for the E-ġýp'tians

whom ye have seen to day, ye 2 Speak unto the children of shall see them again no more v.30, Deliverance (1).

Işʻra-el, that they turn and en- for ever. p.p.Nu.33.7.

camp before Pi-ha-hi'roth, be- 14 The LORD shall fight for God of Battles, ch.15.3. tween Mig'dol and the sea, over you, and ye shall hold your" Hold your Peace," against Ba'al-zēʻphon: before it peace.

[Jud.18.19. ch.10.19, Red Sea, ch.23.31. shall ye encamp by the sea. 15 TAnd the LORD said unto

3 For Phā'raõh will say of the Mōʻşeş, Wherefore criest thou

children of Işóra-el, They are unto me? speak unto the chilp.p.Ps.35.2.

entangled in the land, the wildren of Iş'ra-el, that they go See Spir. Progress, Jb.17.9.

derness hath shut them in. forward: P.p.v.17.

4 And I will harden Phā'raõh's 16 But lift thou up thy rod, ch.4.2, Moses' Rod, ch.17.5. 2 K.19.28, Divine Control. heart, that he shall follow after and stretch out thine hand over ch.4.2, Weak Instrumentalithem; and I will be honoured the sea, and divide it: and the


upon Phā'raõh, and upon all children of Işóra-el shall go on

his host; that the E-ġġp'tians dry ground through the midst Way Provided, ch.15.19. ch.6.7, Knowledge (5). may know that I am the LORD. of the sea. And they did so.

17 And I, behold, I will harden

A Morses, saying

Passage of the Red sea.


Moses' song.

the hearts of the E-ġġp'tians, and covered the chariots, and

and they shall follow them: and the horsemen, and all the host Ps.29.2, Honor God. I will get me honour upon Phā'- of Phā'raõh that came into the

raõh, and upon all his host, up- sea after them; there remained 0.7, Chariots (1).

on his chariots, and upon his not so much as one of them. Nu.21.3, Destruction (3). horsemen.

29 But the children of Iş'ra-el
18 And the E-ġýp'tianş shall walked upon dry land in the p.p.Ps.66.6.
ch.6.7, Knowledge (5). know that I am the LORD, when midst of the sea; and the wa-Jb.11.18, Security.

I have gotten me honour upon ters were a wall unto them on
Phā'raõh, upon his chariots, and their right hand, and on their
upon his horsemen.

left. Ge.16.7. Ministering Angels. 19 . And the angel of God, 30 Thus the LORD saved Is'- Deliverance (1), 1 S.14.15.

(ch.23.20. which went before the camp of ra-el that day out of the hand Ge.14.15, Victories, Jos.6.20.

Işóra-el, removed and went be- of the E-gỹp'tianş; and Iş'ra-el ch.13.21, Pillar of Cloud, hind them; and the pillar of the saw the E-ġġp'tianş dead upon Ps.37.36, Death of the [ch.16.10. cloud went from before their the sea shore.

(Wicked. face, and stood behind them: 31 And Işóra-el saw that great 1 Chr.29.12, God's Power.

20 And it came between the work which the LORD did upon ch.4.21, Wonders.

camp of the E-ġġp'tians and the the E-ġġp'tians: and the people Ge.35.5, Divine Protec- camp of Igʻra-el; and it was a feared the LORD, and believed Ne.5.15, Godly Fear.

(tion (2), 2 K.6.17. cloud and darkness to them, the LORD, and his servant Mōʻ- Lu.17.5, Faith (1). See God a Light, Ps.27.1. but it gave light by night to seş. these : so that the one came

CHAPTER 15 not near the other all the night. Moses' song. 22 The people want wa- B.C.1491. ch.2.2, Moses, ch.19.20. 21 And Mo'şeş stretched out ter. 23 The bitter waters at Ma1 Chr.29.12, God's Power. his hand over the sea; and the rah. 27 They remove to Elim. Jb.26.10, Sea Controlled. LORD caused the sea to go back THEN sang Mōʻşeş and the Songs of Victory, Jud.5.1. Ps.148.8, Wind Ruled.

night, and made the sea dry unto the LORD, and spake, say.
land, and the waters were di- ing, I will sing unto the LORD,

for he hath triumphed glori-
22 And the children of Işʻra-el ously: the horse and his rider Jb.22.16, Wicked Cut Off.

went into the midst of the sea hath he thrown into the sea. v.16, Way Provided. upon the dry ground : and the 2 The LORD is my strength God our Strength, 2 S.22.33.

waters were a wall unto them and song, and he is become my Ps.27.1, Salvation of God. on their right hand, and on salvation : he is my God, and I Ge.28.21, Jehovah Chosen. their left.

will prepare him an habitation; 1 Chr.29.11, Glorifying God. 23 | And the E-ġġp'tians pur- my father's God, and I will

Ps.21.13, God Exalted. sued, and went in after them to exalt him. Jb.18.8, Wicked Snared. the midst of the sea, even all 3 The LORD is a man of war:

ch.14.14, God of Battles,

(ch.23.27. Phā'raõh's horses, his chariots, the LORD is his name.

p.p.Ps.83.18. and his horsemen.

4 Phāʻraõh's chariots and his Abasement (2), 2 Chr.32.21. 24 And it came to pass, that in host hath he cast into the sea : Ps.37.38, End of the Wicked. Watches, Jud.7.19. the morning watch the LORD his chosen captains also are Ge.3.8, Divine Presence (2). looked unto the host of the drowned in the Red sea. ch.10.19, Red Sea.

E-ġýp'tianş through the pillar 5 The depths have covered
of fire and of the cloud, and them: they sank into the bot-
troubled the host of the E-ġýp'- tom as a stone.

6 Thy right hand, O LORD, is De.5.15, God's Hand. See Wicked Confounded, 25 And took off their chariot become glorious in power: thy i Chr.29.12, God's Power.

(Ge.11.8. wheels, that they drave them right hand, O LORD, hath dashed 2 K.19.28, Divine Control. heavily: so that the E-ġġp'tians in pieces the enemy.

God's Enemies, De.32.41. Ge.3.8, Guilty Fear. said, Let us flee from the face 7 And in the greatness of Panics, Jud.7.22. of Iş'ra-el; for the LORD fight-thine excellency thou hast overToo Late, Nu.14.40. eth for them against the E-ġýp- thrown them that rose up v.14, God of Battles. tianş.

against thee: thou sentest forth 26 And the LORD said unto thy wrath, which consumed 2 K.22.13, God's Wrath. 1 S.14.45, Co-operation Mōʻzes, Stretch out thine hand them as stubble.

Jb.21.18, Stubble.
(with God.

over the sea, that the waters 8 And with the blast of thy
may come again upon the nostrils the waters were gath-2 S.22.16, Breath of God.
E-ġġp'tianş, upon their char-ered together, the floods stood
iots, and upon their horsemen. upright as an heap, and the

27 And Mõ’şeş stretched forth depths were congealed in the Jb.26.10, Sea Controlled.

his hand over the sea, and the heart of the sea. Jb.26.10, Sea Controlled.

sea returned to his strength 9 The enemy said, I will pur- v.6, God's Enemies.
when the morning appeared; sue, I will overtake, I will divide Pr.14.16, Self-confidence (2).

and the E-ġýp'tians filed against the spoil; my lust shall be sat-1 s.17.44, Boasters.
Ps.37.2, Fate of the Wicked. it; and the LORD overthrew the isfied upon them; I will draw
E-ġýp'tians in the midst of the my sword, my hand shall des-

troy them. p.p.Jos.4.18. 28 And the waters returned, 10 Thou didst blow with thy Ps.148.8, Wind Ruled.


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