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Karwell Pritchard, Litle Guildford Atreet, carpenter and

builder, July 3 Harris Timothy Waltham Holy Crors, peomiker, July 3 Hoy James, Church lane, St. George's, bricklayer and

builder. July ) Hill Francis. Mijalton merchant, July 14 Jones Johıs, Princes freet, Spitalfields, underwriter, June

:3 Johnton Dudley, St. Paul's Church yard, trunk maker, Ju

ly 17, final
Jones i honas, and Jan Harrifin, Ludlow, and High

Holborn, London, whole fale klovers, July 3
Jackfun Jilish, William Lowe, Charles Jonnfon, James

Ehule utham, John Johnton, and James Leigh, Man.

cheiter july
Kershaw Johan, Wakefield, drug ist, June 7, final
Humb 00ml, Richworth, Cuttinutaturer. June 22
Lea Henry, Ropemaker's teet. tobacconist June 23
Littler Jofel. S. Clemen: 031104. Jenier. July 2
Lowina john, Whitchurch, coachnitter. Jury 16
Ievy Ifraei, mbeth road, Gan.e chant. July 4
Lance Chritudier. Petr Auber, Gould finare,

Crutched friars, Hurtaturs, joint efate and separate

inte olanc. July 21 Langton Richard Crois ftreet. Cheshire and Michael Gaf.

hty Cheetu on), cottu pimers, reparate e..ate of

Ga nicygue 2
M*Carthy Georye l'acker, and Roert Walter Vaughan,

Brittui, ti, lors, 1.parate e ate of M.Carthy, June 23,

Murifon Alexander Walbrook, merchant. June 9
Murray Joh", Sherborne lane merchant July 3
Murkan Robert, Brickoale, birmin, hain, button inaker.

July 6
Newluve Foward, Great Infield, vinter. June 18
Nicol Janes Guvern, Hackiey, bricklayer. July 3
Noble Ifaac, Peurith, ironmonger 3d [rocer. June 28,
Noble Nicholas, Berrier, dealer in butter and hams. June

:), final
Osbaldeiton John. Southampton, baker. June 29
Pitter rhumis. Jc myn treet, goli laceman July 3
Pilley Michael, Ilorie, proser. Julie !
Prager forpli, Xiro Ateet, rroker June 26
Parrot, Williain Jackicn, Leigletou buzzard, wine mer.

chaut. july 14

Rowland Walter, Berwick, watchmaker. June 21, final
Rawicy Jofeph, Chancery lime, boot and thoemaker. As

gutt 28 final
Rees William, and Henry Borradaile, Bucklersbury. dra-

pers, July 3
Robinfon James, Liverpool, provision merchant. June 19
Richard on Benjamin, LOOK Acre, coachmaker. July 2,

Riley Samuel. Soyland, cotton spinner. July 13, final
Shepherd Joseph, Aldgate vigh Areet, lineu draper, July 3
Sawyer Joha, and Jona Kettlewell, Leeds, merchaúts.

June 20
Sherifs Jofeph, Blackfriars road, linen draper. July 14
Stewart Robert, and William Stuart, Manchetter, mer

chants. June 28
Sturges John Northampton), dealer. July 3
Stevinton Kobert. Fetter lane cutler. July 3
swright David, Queen ftreet, Cheapride, merchant. July 2
Stoney William, and John Smith, Leeds, grocers. July 9,

Sutton Charles, Liverpool, grocer. July !!
Timmings lohn, Steward Greet, Spitalfields, filk broker.

July 3, final
Tapny Michael, Long Acre, bookseller. June 23
Thurgoo Thomas, well wyn thopkeeper June 23
Towndrew Juhn, Winnington, hawke and pedlar. July 14
Van Spangen Nicholas, Well freet, Goodman's fields, mer.

chant June 23
White Thomas, Southwark, haberdasher. June 23
Weaver William, Bow lane, warehouseman. June 23
Ward William, Birminxham, grocer. June 16
Ward Joseph, Brentwood, publican. July 3
Wilton John Delver, George itreet, Mary-le bonne, pawa.

broker, June 26
Williains John George, Marthall freet, London road, mer.

chant, July 3
Weft John, Somer's place, East, platterer, June 30
Williams Henry, Crickhowell, money scrivener. July 2

Wilde Janies. John Watts, and Johu Body, sugar refiners,

seputate estate of Watts June 23
Walker William, Leeds, (partner with John Nicholson, of

Medturo in America) merchant, July 4
Wjuter Jofeph Combe Jt. Nicholas, leatherfeller, July
Wilkinson Jofeph, Kington upon Hull, blockinaktf, hual


From the 2016 of May to the 20th of June.
Gulmitted under the Care of the Physicians of the Finsbury Dispensary.

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No. of Cases. the lungs; independently of that local RUBEOLA

23 circumstance, the antiphlogistic regimen Chlorofis & Amenorrhea

36 ought to be rigidly adhered to. Menorrhagia

5 From a remote part of the island a perLeucorrlica

fon, a few days fince, applied to the ReDiarrhea

13 Tuliis et Dyspnce?

porter, in consequence of a cutaneous af.

9 Plithisis Pulmonalis,

fection, which he was unwilling to make Cynanche Tor Gillaris

6 known at the place where he resided, from Analarca

8 an erroneous notion, that it might be inHiferia

6 fectious, or at any rate not creditable. Althenia


Instead of ordering, unguenrs to the Hypochandrialis:t Dyspeplia

16 skin, the writer prescribed merely a fimMorbi lufantiles

34 ple, tonic inedicine to invigorate his habit, Mobi Cutanei..

certain regulations with regard to diet and The warm.h of the weather of late general conduct, and, as a circumstance migh, he four pored likely to produce fe- of essential efficacy, the use, two or three brle ri fea es of a rypheus description. times a week, of ihe tepid bash. Bur wihin the extent of the Rep’rter's In these reports it often has been rediatrie, ic has been "y no means lo com. peated, and never can too deeply be immon as in former fummers of his experi- prlied, that it is not the exterior appear: ence in Londain.

ance, hut the actual state of the internal Cales of alles have been very nume fiame that ought to guide the judgment rous; the practice in this disease is fim- and to regulate the conduct of the phyliple, and the cure, when the proper prac. cian. iice is adopted, almost certain. Great at Diseases of the skin are amongst the most tention ought to be paid to the state of Atriking instances of the validity of this




observation. Upon the surface of the bo. of it, to seek for their hours of leisure and
dy, more especially in hot weather, when repose, an asylum in the more weitern
the fecretion is more rapid, ftratum upon parts of the metropolis.
ftratum of filth is apt to accumulate, After all, it is not the atmosphere
which, although not visible to the naked nearly much as the habits of London
eye, produces, in addition to a sense of to which we are to aitribute the diseases
languor and other disagreeable feelings, and comparative relaxation and debility
febrile, and a multitude of cutaneous of its inhabitants.
diseases. To the latter it is seldom that The writer does not flatter himself,
any external applications ought to be ad. that he is able, or if he were able, would
ministered, but that of warm or osld wa he wish to give any check to the falbion

of emigration.
If cleanliness, in the moft accurate and To those who have no other occupation,
rigid sense of the word, were generally that which affumes the name of amuse-
adopted, these complaints, and indeed a ment is of indispensable importance.
large proportion of other complaints, Occupation in fact, is every thing.
would be sensibly diminished, and perhaps It is an immutable decree of Providence,
exterminated altogether.

that no one can enjoy, who does not act; At this period it is a passion amongst the and that the health of our faculties of inhabi anıs of the metropolis to pay a tem- body, as well as mind, depends in a great porary visit to the country; but it is a par- mealure upon the temperate and regular fion founded upon a falle philosophy. An use of them. excursion into the country no doubt Iti. The opinions of the Reporter may apmulates and enlivens ; but, like other iti pear too positive. Decision is of: en called mulants, it acts only for a short time, and dogmatism But no one can conscientia appears to produce, in some cases, a fimi. oully, or if he be conicientious, comforia lar exhaustion. It is a chimerical idea, ably practise medicine, who has any that you can lay up a stock of health for doubts with regard to the theory and apthe winter ; that is a fpecies of property plication of the science. which cannot be funded.

To prescribe ni h 1 hesitating mind, is There is a difference between air and not lels dangerous, than to operate with a atmospbere, since a multitude of mechanic trembling hand. cal particles, in many situations, mix with Scepticism in physic, as in other branches the latter, which do not form chemical of study, indicates no li per ority: bu', on componenis of the former. These hete- the contrary, betrays either a defect of rogenous ingredients are in this place knowledge, or an obfcurity and inaccuowing, in a great measure, to effluvia racy of intellectual conception. from the manufactories, workshops, &c.

J. REID. of the city ; on which account it is de. Southampton Roru, firable for the inhabitants of that com Russell-Square. mercial district, when circuinstances allow


MARRIAGES AND DEATHS IN AND NEAR LONDON. With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased. The directors of the Royal Hospital, fyth, esq. of St. Petersburgh, to Miss C. Greenwich, have lately ordered an increase Jackson, of Idol-lane. in the number of seamen's fons, educated in Major Francis Hastings Doyle, to Miss the Hospital, by the admission of fifty more Milner, daughter of Sir William Milner, boys to the benefit of the establithment. bart. MARRIED.

At Newington, Surrey, Richard Sauma. Henry Hill, esg. of Wandsworth Common, rez, esq. to Mrs. Hetherington, of Burrow's to Miss Mitchell, of Abingdon-ftreet, Welt- Buildings. minster,

At St. James's church, Captain Gabriel,
At St. Mary-le-bone church, Dr. Fordes, of the Hon. East India Company's Madrass
esq. of Stowrey, Somerset, to Miss M. Beera establishment, to Miss Harriet Court.
ton, of Manchetter-Atrect.

Capt. W. Hocham, of the royal navy, to
Mr. Fosbury, wine-merchant, of Billiter. Miss Jeynes, daughter of Sir Edwin Jeynes,
lane, to Mrs. T. Thomas, of the hotel, of Gloucester,

At St. George's church, Frederic Grant,
Ac Št. Dunstan, in the East, David For. esq. of Red Lion-square, * Miss Wood,



daughter of Mr. Wood, of Store-ftreet, Bed. tunum, youngeft daughter of Mr. Fortunum, ford-square.

of Piccadilly. At Greenwich, Capt. Thomas Downman, At Enfield, Mr. W. Read, furgeon, to of the royal regt. of artillery, to Miss Miss Elevy. Lucy Holmes, third daughter of William At Hornsca, Mr. R. Gear, of the Eat Holmes, esq. of Westcombe Park, Kent. India house, to Miss L. Dominicus, lecond

At Christ church, Spital, fields, Jonn Pardaughter of E. Dominicus, esq. land, esq. of St. Petersburgh, to Miss Eliza Isaac Goldsmid, esq. of Finsbury-square, to Forreiter, of Spital.square.

Isabel, second daughter of Abraham Goldímid, At St. George's Bloomsbury, Mr. Richard esq. of the same place. Walford, merchant, of Wacling-street, to At Hackney, Ms. Lawson, to Mrs. Higgs; Miss Berry, fifter to Sir Edward Berry. widow of T. Higgs, efq. of London-houfe,

A: St. Mary-le-bone church, Lieut. Charles Hackney. Bowen, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Har. Lieut. David Chambers, of the royal navy, to dy, of Charlotte-ftreet, Porciand-place. Miss Emma Catherine, the fourth daughter of

Dr. Young, of Welbeck-street, to Miss Eliza J. Weyland, esq. of Grosvenor-Areet, Maxweli, second daughter of James Prim At St. George's church, Bloomsbury, Franrose Maxwell, esq. of Cavendith-square. cis Parrott, esq. of Hawlbury-hall, near

Capt. Tobin, of the royal navy, to Mrs. Coventry, to Miss Hewitt, eldest daughter of Duft, of Richmond, Yorkshire, widow of the the late J. Hewitt, esq. of Coventry. late Major Duff, of the 56th regt. of foot. Mr. Edward Vernor, of Cornhill, to Miss

At St. James's church, Piccadilly, John Anne Budden, daughter of Mr. W. Budden, Osborne, eiq merchantof the city of London, of Great Surrey-road. to Mrs. H. Norton, widow of the late Capt. At St. Pancras, J. Munn, efq. of Chicher. Nortón, of the parish of St. James.

ter, to Miss Mary-Elizabeth Parker, of Howe By special licence, at Lord Harborough's, in land- ftreet, Fitzroy, square, daughter of the Arlington-itreet, William Tenant, esq. of late Capt. Parker, of the navy, and niece to Aston Hall, Staffordshire, to the Hon. Char- the late Dr. Parker, rector of St. James's. Jotte Pelham, fourth daughter of Lord Harborough.

DIED. At the Earl of Westmoreland's, the Right At Brompton-grove, Maria Louisa FranHon. Lord Villiers, to the lovely and accom- coise D'Esparres La Lujan, Comtesse De Polasplished Lady Sarah Fane, with a fortune uf Her remains were deposited in a vault nearly 109,000l. ; and at the same place, in St. Pancras church-yard, with great fune. Lord Boringdon, to Laly Augusta Fane, se ral pomp ; the body being first embalmed and cond daughter of the Earl of Westmoreland. enclosed in a lead coffin, the outside of which

Lieut. Col. John Byng, of the 29th regt. was a case ornamented with great tafte and of foot, and youngest brother of George Byng, splendour. The funeral proceflion moved esq. M.P. for Middlesex, to Miss Mary Ste- along in the following order : Two mutes; vens Mackenzie, eldeit daughter of Peter four priests in their robes; two men bearing Mackenzie, efq of Twicken ham.

an urn, in which the heart of the deceased Bartlett Bridger Sheddon, ela of Gower was inclosed; the body, with the pall supAtreet, to Mifs Goodrich, daughter of Bartlett ported by friends of the deceased; and Goodrich, eiq.of Saling grove, Eflex.

eighteen mourners. Among the latter were B. Simon, eiq. of Illing'on, to Miss Moor several relations of the deceased, who were house, of the funne place.

of the Houte of Bourbon, and the dame du N. Middleton, eiq. of St. James's-square, palais to the late unfortunate Queen of France. to Miss Emilia Purling, of New Cumberland The above funeral was, however, merely of a Street,

temporary nature, as the remains of the At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Capt. H. Counters are to be removed to Paris after the Andrews, of the 24th Infantry, to Mirs H. S. war, to be interred in the vaults of her an. Murcott, only daughter of the late Capt. cestors. Murcot, R. N.

Mrs. Catherine Brooks, wife of B. B:ooks, At Newington, Mr Drake, of Portland- esq. of Bedford-Iquare, and daughter of Windplace, to Miss Hutton, of Romturd.

for Sandys, esq. late of Miserden Park. Her The Rev J. H Mitchell, rector of Buck remains were interred in the family vault of land, Herts, to Miss M. Wagner, third the Sandys, in Miserden church, Gloucester daughter of the late G. Wagner, esq. of hire. Duke-street, Westminster.

At Highgate, in her 75th year, Mrs. A. at Humpitead, Lieut. Guyon, of the royal Pointer. Iravy, to Nils Debaurie,

At Illington, in her Soth year, Mrs. Lli. Count Menuzze di Garbagnote in Italy, tia Scagrave, widow. to Madame de Malortie, of Mitahan, Surry. At Richmond, Surry, aged 71, Mrs. Anns

Mr. Bingley, of Tavistock-ftreet, to Mis De Anime. Millier, of Yarmouth, in the county of Nor. Suddeniy, aged 65, Mrs. Catherine Hudfolk.

Speth, of John-itreet, Blackírius. Mr. Keates, of Cheapside, to Miss F. For.

In Upper Berkeley-dritt, Mrs. Elizabeth



Farmar, reli&t of the late Rev. Richard Fare At Highgate, aged 77, Mrs. Holmes. mar, of Cork, in Ireland.

Of a decline, in York-place, aged 37,. In Pall Mall, in her 72d year, the reliet Mrs. M. Hand, wife of Mr. W. Hand, the of Mrs. E. Edgar, of the Red-house, Jpfe Chancery solicitor. wich, Suffolk.

In Meard's-Atreet, Soho, James Berry, esq. In Manchester-square, Mrs. Mary Peters attorney. Fearun.

Mr. J. Strong, of North row, Park-lane, In Dean-street, Audley-square, Mrs. Hales, ftable-keeper, fifter of Sir Philip Hales, bart.

In her 26th year, Mrs. Wilmot, wife of Mr. Of a painful and lingering illness, aged 18, J. Wilmot, ftationer, in the borough Miss Miller, eldest daughter of Mr, Miller, uf At her house, No. 17, George-street, Adel, Highgate.

phi, Mrs. Raftruk, wite, of Mr. J. Rastruk, At her mother's house, in George-ftreet, civil engineer, Hanover-square, Miss Walker, only daughter At Enfield, aged 45, Mr. Edward Cooper, of the late R. Walker, efq. of Michael-grove formerly a grocer in Southwark, opposite St. Park, Effex.

Thomas's hospital, - Mr. Keates, livery-stable keeper, in Moore At Kennington, aged 50, Mr. Crabb, oil. fields. He went to dine at Southgate, and man, at the corner of Hatton-ftreet, Hol. returned at a late hour; when on paling born. down the City Road, his horse fell with him, By shooting himself, aged 19, Mr. Wm. and Mr. Keates had the misfortune to frac- Ellis, fon of Mr. Ellis, grocer, of Holborn. ture his skull, it was about one o'clock in

At Kensington, aged 72, the Hon. W. the morning when the watchman found him, Jackson, many years chief justice, &c.

the alive, but speechless; being taken to a house illand of Jamaica. in the neighbourhood, he died about eight At Egremont-house, Piccadilly, in his o'clock next morning.

45th year, Richard Sluter, esq. of Fryfton, near At Hackney, in a fit of coughing, aged Ferrybridge, M. P. for the city of York, in 69, Handley Norris, efq.

three last parliaments, and provincial Grande At his son's house in Piccadilly, aged 70, master of Free-masons, for the province of Mr. George Martin, late of Mount-street, Yurk. His loss will be severely felç by the Grosvenor-square.

poor, to whom he was a liberal benefactor ; In North Audley-street, aged 71, Mrs. J. by his family, to whom his affectionate ato Comte.

tention rendered him deservedly dear; and Jo her 78th year, Mrs. Twining, of Effex. by his friends, who fincerely esteemed him street, Strand.

for his good fense, genuine politeness, and At Clapton, suddenly, while fitting in her inflexible integrity. chair, Mrs. Fuller, wife of T. Fuller, efq. Mrs. M. Davies, of Thames Ditton, widow

In New Bond-itreet, in her 86th year, of the late Mr. T. Davies, hop-merchant, Mrs. Elizabeth Kandler.

At Hammersmith, Mr. 4. Wheeler, forIn Harpur-Atreet, Miss S. Heywood, daugh. merly manager of the theatre at Portsmouth, ter of Mr. Serjeant Heywood.

and of high reputation in his art. He had reAt his 'nouse, in Milk-ftreet, Cheapfide, sided of late years in London, where he dif. 7. Neale, efq. of Hackney.

charged the oifice of common.council-man, Mr. Jobn Ballard, of South-street, Grofa Mr. ;. Legge, master of the Rainbow-cof. venor-square.

fee-house, Cornhill. In Fitzroy-square, of a decline, Louisa In his 38th year, Mr. 7. Allen, wine-mer. Young, daughter of the late W. Franks, ciq. chant, of Power-street, and secretary to the

In Wells-row, INington, aged 30, Mrs. West India planters and merchants. Watling, wife of Mr. E. Utring Watling, In Upper Brook street, aged 84. Mrs. Elmerchant, late of Lower Tooting.

lefker, widow of the late E. M. Ellekker, tíq. Aged 22, Mrs. Clara Ricbings, of Thavies of Rilby, Yorkthire. inn, Holborn.

At Upper Tooting, in her Soth year, Mrs. At his mother's house, in Somerset-street, Winter. Portman-square, Lieut. Col. Hunter, of the At the house of her son, in Earl-itreet, 3d regiment of foot-guards.

Blackfriars, in her 76th year, Mrs. M. Ver. . Ai Whiton, aged 67, Mr. Christopher Cup- raway, of Carínalton, Surrey, page, uf Castle-ftreet, Piccadilly, lecretary to Mrs. Cure, wife of Capel Cure, esq. of Gt. the Royal Military Asylum at Chellea, and George-Itreet, Weltminiter. many years fecretary to the Royal Frec Suddenly at his house, in Charles-street, mafons School.

Berkeley-square, General Marsh, colonel of At Brompton, Mrs. V. Heythuyson, wif the 77th regt. of foot. of Richard Van. Heythuyson, eiq. of Upper At Woodford, Mrs. E. Richard, widove Guildford-street, near Ruffel-Square.

late of Good man's-fields. In Great Cumberland-place, the infant son Mr. R. Griffin, eldest son of Mr. Griffis of Lord Rous.

St. James's-itreet.
Al his father's houfe on Highbury-terrace, In Upper Belgrave-place, Pimlica
Illington, George Fish.

Clark, wife of Thumas Clark, efq.

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In Upper Seymour-ftreet, T. Dilkes, fq. foon brought them to action, but the schooner

At Cheam, in surry, Mrs. Peocb, wife of sheered off, after receiving a few fhors. Upora the Rev. H. Peach, redor.

this, a Dutch line of battle thip in the har. At Brompton, H. Dyett, esq., late of the bour, Nipping her cables, stood off towards the iland of Montserrat, West Indies.

Diamond. Captain Parker, however, conAt his house in Bedford-square, James tinued the action until the enemy's frigate Hefeltine, ejg. king's proctor ; a gentleman Aruck her colours. He took out some of the whole abilities and perlevering industry raised priloners and did not relinquith his capture him to high eminence in his profefion, and before several shots from the Dutch line of whose affable disposition and agreeable man- battle ship had paffed over the Diamond. Aurs endeared him to an extended circle of Lord Rodney afterwards expreffed great regret private friends, by whom his memory will that Captain Parker's account to him should be long respected, and his death moft sincerely have been so fight as to prevent his ftating segretted. “By his professional pursuits, he the circumstances to government in the high had acquired a fortune of 200,000!. The of terms it merited. fice which he held is said to net its poffeffor [Further particulars relative to the late Mar-, 20,00ol. per annum.

quis of Exeter, whose dearb was noticed in our At Walworth, aged 77, Mr. John Gill, lajt. -The late Marquis of Exeter was the only son of the late Rev. Dr. Gill.

ténth Earl of Exeter, LL.D.F.R.S. vice-pre. Mr. Coben, one of the Jewish raobies sident of the Society of Antiquaries, and a. preparing to officiate in the religious duties of most liberal parson to the town of Stamford. the fynagogue, he fell down in a fit, and He was son of the Hon. T. Chambers Cecil, afterwards expired. On the following Mon- (fon of Brownlow, eighth Earl of Exeter) by day, in the forenoon, the body was interred Charlotte Gonnen, who died Jan. 3. 1803, in the Jewish burying-ground, at Mile-end, and was born at Brussels in 1754 He mar with great pomp and solemnity; upwards of ried, in 1776, Emma, heiress of Tbomas one hundred and forty coaches following to Vernon esq. of Hanbury, Worcestershire, by the grave.

whom he had two sons, who died infants, and In Charles-ftreet, Berkeley-square, Mrs. a daughter, born 1779, married 1797, to fohn Hyett, wife of Benjamin Hyeti, eiq. of Pains. Chaplyn, esq. of Blakney, county of Lincoln. wicks, Gloucestershire.

From this lady he was divorced; and married, At Colehill-house, near Fulham, at an secondly, 1791, Miss Higgins, who died at advanced age, Mrs. Madden, wife of James Burleigh, Jan. 18, 1797, and, thirdly, Au. Madden, esq.

gust 19, 18co, Elizabeth, Duchess.dowager of In St. James's place, the Rev. W. Maxi. Hamilton, daughter of Sir Peter Burrell, milian friend, late rector of Chinner, in bart. He succeeded his late uncle in 1793, Bucks.

and is himseif fucceeded by his eldest son, In the both year of his age, Robard Sim- from his second marriage, Brownlow, born fon, esq. of Wallingham-place, Lambeth. July 2, 1795. His lordship was making con

At Hillingdon, near Uxbridge, Charles Giderable improvements at Burleigh ; the Talbot, la

Splendid collection of pictures which are Mr. Kennet Dixon, of Trinity-square, Tow. attached to the house by the will of his lorder-hill, aged' 86 years.

Mip's predeceffor, which, by its rigid limitaAged 61, Henry Spicer, esq. of Great New. tions, rendered them unalienable. The late port-street, portrait painter in enamel, to his marquis was a nobleman of very extenkive soyal lighness the Prince of Wales.

and active charity. His remains were reAt the Marquis of Stafford's, in Arlington- moved from Pembroke house, Privy-gardens, Atreet, his Jordfhip’s youngert fon, Lord L. on the gth of May, in order to their being Gower, aged 13 months.

deposited in the family vault of his loruthip's At Fulham, after a long and painful ill. illustrious progenitor, Lord Burleigh, in St. ness: C. Parker, efq. vice-admiral of the red, Martin's church at Stanford. After the and fon of Sir Peter Parkerj admiral of the hearíe and fix horses, followed three mourn. fleet. He was a zealous, intelligent and ac- ing-coaches and his lordship's carriage, each tive officer, and had distinguished himtelf drawn by fix horses. . Upwards of 30 noble. against the enemy on various occafons. His men and gentlemen's carriages had previously services in the late war, as captain of the joined the proceflion, which reached Burleigh Blanche frigate, in the West Indies; must house about 9 in the morning of the sath of be fresh in every memory; and during the May, where the Stamford volunteer infantry American war, when captain of the Diamond, joined at 11, the fix senior officers of the corps be exhibited great and early proofs of his gal- acting as pall-bearers. After the funeral ser. lantry. One trait, among many others, de- vice, three volleys were fired by the corps, ferves to be recorded; having, by the com the last tribute of respect to their deceased mand of Lord Rodney, reconnoitred the har. noble commandant. At least 3000 spectators bour of Curaçoa, within a short distance of the it is fupposed, were present in the park.] forts, he obierved in the offing, two of the [Tbe late Niiss C. 7. Hammond, whose death enemy's cruisers, a Dutch frigate and an was announced in our laft number, was daugliter armed schooner, to which he gave chace, and of the late W. Hammond, efq. of St. Alban's

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