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The Leading Features of the Gospel, delineated by the Rev. Nicholas Sloan, Minister of Dornock, Dumfriesliire. 7s.

A Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge, Jane to, 1806, being Commencement Sunday. By Edward Maltby, D.D. 2s. ,


An Essay on the Causes and Phenomena of Animal Life. B7 John Herdman, M.D. 4s.

A System of Chemistry. By J. Murray, Lecturer on Che. mistry, Edinburgh. Vols. I. and II. 8vo. ll. is.

Sketch of the Revolutions of Medical Science; and Views relating to its Reform. By P. J. G. Cabanis. Tranflatcd from the French, with Notes. By A. Henderson, M.D. 8vo.

Observations on the remarkable Efficacy of Carrots under a new mode of Application, in the Cure of Ulcers and Sores. ByRichard Walker, Author of Experiments on Artificial Cold. js.


The Life of T. Chatterton. By John Davis, Author of Travels in America. 4s.

Genuine Life of Lord Nelson. By Mr. Harcison. 2 vols. Svo. ll. 3s.


The Gentleman's, Farmer's, and Husbandman's most useful Assistant, in measuring and expeditioufly computing the Amount of any Quantity of Land, at various Prices per Acre: with Diagrams by Berryman. By William Francis, of Taplow, Bucks. 2s. 6d.

Communications to the Board of Agriculture: on Subjects relative to the Husbandry and internal Improvement of the Country. First Part of Vol. V. 410. 12s.


Reflections on the Administration of Civil Justice in Scotland: and on the Resolutions of the Committee of the House of Lords relative to that Subject. 2s. 6d.

Elementary Treatise on Pleading in Civil Actions. By Edward Lawes, of the Inner Temple. 7s. 6d.


A Supplementary Argument against electing Heirs apparent of Peers to Seats in the House of Commons, being the becoijd

Pait Part of Reflexions on the Contest which is announced for the Representation of the County of Northampton, i s.

The Impostor Unmasked: ot the New Man of the People. With Anecdotes never before published, illustrative of the Character of the renowned and immaculate Bardolpho. Inscribed, without Permission, to that superlatively honest and disinterested Man, R. B. S—r—d—n, Esq. 2s.

The Viper Exposed: dr the Merits of the Candidates for Westminster considered; in a Letter to the Electors. With Observations upon the malignant Designs of the Author of a Pamphlet entitled, "The Impostor Unmasked." is. 6dL

Five Letters, addressed to the Right Hon. G. Tiemey, Esq. including Reflections on his political Character and Conduct. By John Gale Jones, is.

A Series of Letters to that Greatest of political Apostates, the Right Hon. George Tierney. is. 6d.

Colonel Fullarton's Address to the Electors of Westminster, respecting Sir Samuel Hood. Is.

Mr. Fox's Title to Patriot and Man of the People disputed, and the political Conduct of Mr. Sheridan and his Adherents accurately scrutinized, in a Letter to the Duke os Norfolk. 2s. 6d.

A Letter to the Right. Hon. the Earl of Moira, on the Charges brought against his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, by Mr. Paull. In which the Character and Principles of that Gentleman and Sir F. Burdett are examined, &c. 3s. 6d.

A Letter to the Earl of Moira: in which is contained a Reriew of the libellous Pamphlets lately published, with Intent to defame the Character of the Prince of Wales, is. 6d.

A Letter addressed to Earl Percy, containing the Life of the late celebrated Mr. Fox, &c. By Crito, the Euclidian, P. A. •a.

Substance of the Debates on a Resolution for abolishing the Slave-Trade, moved in the House of Commons on the 10th ot June, 1806, and in the House of Lords on the 24th of June, 1806. With an Appendix containing Notes and Illiistra, tions. ts.

Bonaparte and the French People under his Empire. By the Author of Bonaparte and the French People under his Conitilate. 7s.

Inquiry into the Causes of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations. Designed to shew how the Prosperity

6 of of the British Empire may be prolonged. By William Playfair. 410. il. 11. 6d.

Letter to Lord Keith: with a Hint to the Captains who were under his Command, on the Subject of a Dutch Frigate and Five Sail of Dutch Indiaman found at Anchor upon his Lord, (hip's Arrival at Simond's Bay in June 1795. is.

An authentic Copy of the Poll for Members to serve in the ensuing Parliament for the University of Oxford. Taken oh VVednesday the 5th, and Thursday the 6th of November, 1806. Published by Permission of the Vice Chancellor, Is. 6d.


A Monody, occasioned by the Death of the Right. Hon. Charles^ James Fox. With Notes, political and biographical. 2i. 6d.

Original Poetry. By a Member of Christ's College, Cambridge. 8vo. 3s.

An Elegy on the Death of Henry Kirke White, who died at St. John's College, Cambridge, Oct. 19, 1806. is.


The Children of Error. By an Officer of Dragoons. 2 vols. 7s.

Anecdotes, interesting Narratives, and Miscellanies. Translated from the German of Augustus Von Kotzebue. 3 vols. 18s.

The Pastor's Daughter and other Tales. Translated from the German of Augustus Von Kotzebue. 4 vols. il. is.

Baron de Falkenheim. A German Tale of the 13th Century. 2 vols. 9s.

A Simple Narrative: or a Visit to the Newton Family. 2 vols. 7s.


First Impressions: or Sketches from Art and Nature, animate and inanimate. By J. P. Malcolm, F.S.A. Author of Londinium Redivivum. With Twenty Plates. 8vo. 18s.

A Letter to the Right Hon. the Countess of Pomfret; with some Queries to her Ladyship's Solicitor. 2s.

The Comforts of Human Life: or Smiles and Hearty Laughs of Charles Chearful and Martin Merryfellow. In Twelve Dialogues. Being an Antidote 1© the Miseries of Human Life. 6s.

A New

A New Method of Brewing Malt Liquor in Small Quantities ser Domestic Use. By J. Rawlinson. Is.

Effajr on the Elements, Accents, and Prosody of the English Language: intended to have been printed as an Introduction to Mr. Boucher's Supplement to Dr. Johnson's Dictionary. By J. Odell, M.A. 3s. 6d.

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse: containing the Triumph of the Wise Man over Fortune, according to the Doctrine of the Stoics and Platonisti; the Creed of the Platonic Philosopher; a Panegyric on SydVnham, &c. By Thomas Taylor. 3s. 6d.


We are sorry to fay, that An Attentive Observer is not always an impartial one; and the person who addresses us under that signature has only to read the 17th Article of our Church to find, that not a word of reprobation is said or implied in it.


We hear with great pleasure, that the venerable Bijbcp efSaiiJbury is preparing to republish his excellent work, entitled Tht Criterion, which has been so long out of print.

Mr- Bennet, of Pyt~bousc, in Wiltshire, has in his possession a number of original letters of Charles I. and his friends, which he is preparing to lay before the public. They have been preserved in his family.

Mr. Blare has made considerable progress in a topographical account of Rutlandshire.

The second volume of Mr. Burders Oriental Customs r» nearly ready for publication; with a new edition of the first volume.

Sir William Yonge's valuable work on the Statistics of this Country may be expected in a few days.

Mr. Wilkins, so eminent for Oriental literature, has long been employed on a Persian Dictionary, the first volume oi which will appear early in the next year.

Mr. Todd is employed in republishing, with improvements, his valuable edition of Milton s Poetical Works,



For DECEMBER, 1806.

Aristip. apud Diog. Laert.

Not they who read much, but they who read the best books, improve the most.

Art. I. The Works of Sallust. To which are prefixed, twa E/fays on the Life, Literary Character, and Writings of the Historian; with Notes Historical, Biographical, and Critical. By Henry Steuart, LL.D. F.X.S. and S.A.E. I vols. royal 4to. 4l. 12s. Baldwin. 1806.

^"\UR gratification is never more complete, than when we ^-' arc called upon by the course of our public duty to notice the literary exertions of men of rank and fortune. Those whom the ruined state of their affairs, or wild and impracticable notions of liberty, have rendered anxious for a change in the constitution of their country, naturally consider men who have not the same motives for desperate hazard, as decidedly hostile to their views and inclinations. It becomes essential, therefore, to their success, that such opponents should be degraded in the public estimation: an object which cannot be more effectually accomplished than by representing their talents as unworthy of respect, or as funk and overwhelmed in the indolence of wealth. But a

R r most

Skit, Crit. Vol, xxviit, Dec. 180G.

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