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sion, to venerate the genius of our civil Constitution, and to per-
ceive that its unrivalled e cellence is as incompatible with regal dese
potism as with rrpublican fury, and that while it reprobates the ab-
surdity of an equality of condition, it respects and upholds an equa-
lity ef rights. In these tranquil retirements of genius and taste, in
these classic groves of learning and science, we trust that religion
and liberty have formed an inseparable alliance:-not, indeed, that
distorted religion, which engages the veneration of the enthusiast
and the devotee, not that meretricious liberty which captivates the
Utopian speculatist, or inflames the frantic demagogue; but reli-
gion, which rectifies the obliquities of human conduct, and liberty,
which harmonizes the discordant interests of human society. In
: the one we shall find that meliorating influence, which subdues the
impetuosity of the passions, without clouding the understanding,
and from the other we shall derive all that can increase the enjoy.
ments of social intercourse, without endangering the security of se-
.cial order. The one is professedly friendly to a rational, an en-

Jarged, and an enlightened faith; the other is as resolutely hostile
to indiscriminate innovation and tumultuous reform." P. 92.


ART. XVI. A Practical Treatise on Gus light.

By P.
Accum. 8vo. 184 pp. Plates.

12s. Ackerman. WHEN a. purchaser gives twelve shillings for a practical treatise upon gas-light, he does not expect to tiud fifty pages upou tallow-candles. He will expect also to find a volume much beiter arranged than the present. We will not say that there is not much 'entertaining and useful information on the subject of gas-light, but all might have been easily compressed, even with the plates, into a half-crown pamphlet. Mr. Accum is doubtJess an exceedingly good operative chemist, but he does not us. derstand the method of communicating his knowledge.

As the public are now generaliy acquainted with this brilliant production, we need not give a long description of the apparatus. The coal which is to furnish the gas is placed in a retort; a pipe conveys the gas there created to the purifier, which con. sists of three departments : the first is filled with water, througla which the gas is purified in its passage; the second is filled with a solution of caustic aikali (potass) in the proportion of two of alkali, and one of water, or a mixture of quick-lime and water, of the consistence of very thin cream.

In this compart'ment ihe non-inflamable gasses and other extraneous products are separated from the carbonated hydrogen. In the third department the tar is deposited : and the gas thus purified passes into the gassometer, by the pressure of which it is distributed to all parts of the town.


ART. XVII. Manuel du Voyageur. In French, Italian, and

English. By Alad. De Genlis ; improved by P. A. Cignani.

6s. 6d. Leigh. 1815. This is an indispensable travelling companion, both in Italy and France. Every want that can be felt, every question ibat can be asked by a traveller is anticipated in this little volume, and expressed in the purest and most conversational phrases. The subjects of the dialogues are ingeniously selected and skil. fully arranged, and being comprised in a small volume of the size and shape of a small note-book can be instantly turned to without inconvenience or delay. Tables of foreign coins, and their respective values, are added, which renders the whole a perfect publication. We strongly recommend it the notice of every one who is meditating a tour to the Continent.

Art. XVIII. French Interpreter, consisting of Familiar Cona

versations, de. By F.W. Blagdon. 6s. 6d. Leigh. 1815.

To an Englishman, who is not even acquainted with the sound of French, this will be found a most useful publication, as it gives him not only the French phrases upon every occasion in life, but in a third column the pronunciation, expressed in English, in the following manner :

« Will you breakfast ? | Voolay voo dayjeunnay? | Voulez vous déjedner?"

Art. XIX. The Belgian Traveller; or a Complete Guide through the Netherlands. By E. Boyce. 16mo.8s

. . Leigh, 1815.

WITH a good map of the Netherlands, and an excellent plan of Brussels, this little volume coniains an amusing and useful account of all that can be worthy of a tourist's observation in Belgium. The routes are so well inarked, and the account of the several places through which the road lies, is such, as to render “ The Belgian Traveller” indispensable to any stranger who is about to traverse the countries which it describes.


Art. XX. A Picture of Paris; or the Stranger's Guide

to the French Metropolis. By E. Planta, Esq. 6s. 6d. Leigh. 1815.

THIS is the best and cheapest description of Paris and its environs, which has yet fallen under our notice. Every informa. tion which a stranger in Paris can generally want, is given with sufficient accuracy. The maps and the plans are good, and many useful tables of the price of posting, &c. are added, to make the whole as perfect as possible.


DIVINITY. Biblical Gleanings; or a Collection of Scripture Passages, generally considered trbe mistranslatect, with proposed Corrections : also the Important various Read. ings in both Testaments, and several other Matters elucidating the Sacred Writ. ings, &c. By Thomas Wemyss. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Remarks upou that Part of the Bishop of Lincoln's late Charge to the Clergy of his Diocese, relative to the Bible Society, and to the Intercourse of Churchmen with Dissenters. 8vo. 1 s. 6d.

Thirty-Four Sermons on the most interesting Doctrines of the Gospel, by that eminently great Divine and Reformer, Martin Luther : to which are prefixed, Memoirs of his Life, by Philip Melancthon, &c. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Propensity to Religious Error: a Sermon, preached in the Cathedral Church of Lincoln, at the Visitation of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, July 5, 1815. By the Rev. Richard Vevers, MI.A. Vicar of Marton, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Sundes. 2s.

A Letier to the Rev. Thos. Gisborne, M.A. on the Subject of one lately ad. dressed by him to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester. By one of the Clergy. 1s.

A Reply to a Letter from the Rev. Thos. Gisborne to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, on the Subject of the British and Foreigu Bible Society. By the Rev. Henry Woodcock. 1s.

Waterloo : a Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Bedlington, in the County of Durham, on Sunday, Aug. 20, 1815. 1s 6d.

A Manual for the Parish Priest, being a few Hints on the Pastoral Care, to the younger Clergy of the Church of England; from an elder Brother. 4s.

MEDICAL Cases of diseascd Bladder and Testicles. By William Wadd, Surgeon. 4to. 18s.

A complete Treatise on Veterinary Medicire, Vol. IV. By James White of Exeter, late Veterinary Surgeon to the First or Royal Dragoons. 12mo. 63.

* The Report, together with the Minutes of Evidence, and an Appendix of Paper's, from the Committee appointed to consider of Provision being inade for the, better Regulation of Madhouses in England. Each Subject of Evidence arranged under its distinct Head. By J. B. Sharpe, Member of the Royal College of Sura

135. Two Letters to the Right Hon. George Rose, M.P. ou the Reports at present before the House of Commons on the State of the Madhouses, &c. By W. Nisa bet, M.D. Fellow of the Royal College of Edinburgh. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

Observations on the Cure of Cancer: with some-Remarks upon Mr. Samuel Young's Mode of Treatment of that Disease. By Thomas Denman, M.D. Lice de tiate in Midwifery of the Royal College of Pbysicians. Svo. 38, 6d.


geons. 8vo.

Observations on the Symptons and Treatment of the Diseased Spine, in one particularly relating to the incipient Stages, with some Remarks on the consequeut Pulsy. By Thomas Copeland, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons,

8vo. 6s.


HISTORY A Narrative of the Events which have taken Place in France, from the Lando ing or Napoleon Bonaparte on the first of March, 1815, till the Restoration of Louis XVIII. to which is added, an Account of the present State of Society and public Opinion. In a Series of Letters. By Helen Maria Williains. 8vo. 9 s. 60.

Travels in France during the Years 1814--15, comprising Observations made during a fixed Residence of five Months, on the political State of the Country, the Manners and Character of the People, and the Effects of the Military Despo• tisin of Napoleon : and containing an authentic Collection of Anecdotes, illus. Irative of his Character, &c. 2 vols. 121180. 16*.

An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, and its Dependencies in Persia, Tara tars, and India : comprising a View of the Afghaun Nation, and a History of the Dooraunee Monarcıy. By the Hon. Mountstuart Elphinstone, of the Jion. East India Company's Service: resident at the Court of Poona ; and late Envoy to the King of Canbul. 4to. 31. 13s. 6d.

Authentic Narrative of the Campaign of 1815: comprising a circumstantial Account of the Battle of Waterloo, by a Staff Officer in the French Army: and forming a Sequel to the Campaign of 1814, by M. de Beauchamp. 8vo. 4s.

Statements of the Persecution of the Protestants in the South of France, since The Restoration of the Bourbon Family, contained in a Petition addressed to Louis XVIII. by tlic principal Protestants of Nismes, &c. By the Rev. J. Cole bin. 8vo.

Essai sur les Medailles Antiques des Iles de Cephalonie et d'Ithaque. Par C. P. de Bosset, Lieut. Col. au Service de sa Majesté Britannique. 4to. 159.

History of the House of Romanof, the present Imperial Russian Dynasty, from the earliest Period to the Time of Peter the Great, designed as an Introduction to a History of the Life and Reign of that celebrated Monarch, &c. By the Author of the Orphans. 12o. 5s.6d.

The History of Oswestry, from its Foundation by the Britons in the fourthi Century to the present Tiine, with an Account of the Seats, Antiquities, &c. in the Neighbourhood. 8vo. 73. 60.

Cambria Depicta : being a Tour through North Wales, illustrated with 71 picturesque Views of that romantic Country, beautifully coloured from Nature, so as to irvitate Drawings. By Edward Pugh, a native Artist. 4to. 101. 10s.

Notes, Historical and Descriptive of the . Priory of Inchmahome : with introductory Verses, and an Appendix of original Papers. 4to. ' 11. 11s. 6d.

A Visit to Flanders in July, 1815, being chrefly an Account of the Field of Waterloo, with a short Sketch of Antwerp and Brussels. By James Simpson, Esq. 8vo. 5s.




Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, late Pastor of the Baptist Church, at Kettering, and Secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society. By J. W. Morris.

12s. Memoirs of Alexander Tassoni, Author of La Secchia Rapita ; or the Rape af the Bucket. By the late Joseph Cooper Walker, Esq. M.R.L.A, &c. Edited by Sam. Walker, Esq. M.R.I.A. 8vo.



The Field of Waterloo. By Walter Scott. 8vo. 58x
Jonah: by Edward Smedley, Jun. 35. 6d..
Sir Bertram, in six Cantos. By J. Roby. 8vo. 7s.

Relics of Melodino, a Portuguese Poet : translated by Edward Lawson, Esque from an unpublished Manuscript, dated 1645. 8vo. 10s.

ÍRAMATIO, DRAMATIC. À Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. Translated from the original German of A W. Schlegel, by Jolin Black, Esq. 4 vols. 8v0. 11. 4s.

The Peasant of Lucern; a NIelo-Drama, in three Acts. By George Soaine, A.B. with a Preface. 3s.


Rhoda: by the Author of Things by their Right Names. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 8s.

The Abbess of Valtiera: by Mrs. Agnes Lancaster. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 2s.

Alcon Jalanzore; a Moorish Täle. By the Right. Hon. Mrs. Esme Stewart Erskine. 8vo. 15s.


Tracts and Miscellaneous Criticisms of the late Richard Porson, Esq. Regius Greek Professor in the University of Cambridge Collected and arranged by the Rev. Thumpas Kidd, A.M. Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 14s.

A complete Astronomical and Geographical Class-Booli, for the Use of Schools and private Families. By Margaret Bryan. 8vo. 7s.6d.

Second Report of the Association for the Relief of the Manufacturing and La. bouring Poor, relative to the Supply of Fish in the Metropolis and the Interior: and the Conveyance of it by Land, &c. 1s.

The Moral Tendencies of Knowledge; a Lecture, delivered before the City Philosophical Society, Dorset-street; and the Christian Philosoplácal Society, Spitalfields. By Thomas Williams. 2s.

A Key to the Almanack, explaining the Fasts, Festivals, Saints' Days, and other Holidays in the Caleudur, &c. By James Bannantine. 2s.

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Dr. Cogan is preparing for the press a work under the title of Ethical Questions, or Speculations upon the principal Subjects of Controversy in Moral Philosophy, intended as a supplementary Volume to his Treatise on the Passions,

Jonah, the Seatonian Prize Poem, by the Rev. J. W. Bellamy, M. A. of Queen's College, Cambridge, will be published in a few days.

A new and enlarged edition of Aristotle's Dissertation on Rhetoric, by. D. M. Crimmin, Esq. of the Middle Temple, is in the Press.

A faithful Narrative of the late Revolution in France, from the landing of Bonaparte at Cannes, to his departure for St Hea lena ; including a connected and impartial History of the causes, progress, and termination of the Conspiracy of. 1815; and para ticularly a most minute and circumstantial account of the memorable Victory of Waterloo, with Plans, &c. will be published in January.

A new edition of Mr. Burder's Work, entitled Orientul Cue toms, with considerable additions, is in the press.

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