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inserted, from the first London edition, contemporary calf, m. e., Paris, 1782, 8vo. (163)

Grant, £9 1os. [The rare first edition, privately printed by Jefferson for distribution among his friends, only 200 copies being printed. This copy had the revised pages 51-54 and 315-18, the latter apparently unknown to Ford when he prepared his edition of the book. No map was issued with this

edition. Catalogue.) 5457 Johnson (Captain Charles). A General History of the Lives

and Adventures of the most famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street Robbers, etc., to which is added a genuine account of the Voyages and Plunders of the Most notorious Pyrates, plates, panelled calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Janeway, 1734, folio (166)

Sabin, £16 55. 5458 Josselyn (John). An Account of Two Voyages to New Eng.

land, wherein you have the setting out of the ship with the charges, the prices for all necessaries for furnishing a Planter and his family at his first coming, a description of the country, natives and creatures, etc., with the leaf of license preceding the title having Widdowes' device of a dragon on the recto, calf, Giles Widdowes, 1674, small 8vo. (168)

Edwards, £10 5s. 5459 Keith (George). A Journal of Travels from New Hampshire

to Caratuck, on the Continent of North America, morocco super extra, t. e. g., by F. Bedford, uncut, Joseph Downing

for Brab. Aylmer, 1706, 4to. (170) H. Stevens, £12 5460 Keith (Sir William). The History of the British Plantations

in America. Part i. (all published), containing the History of Virginia : with remarks on the Trade and Commerce of that Colony, uncut copy, in the original blue paper covers, wrapped in a morocco envelope lined with chamois, and enclosed in a handsomely tooled slip case of crushed levant morocco, by Pratt, Society for the Encouragement of Learning, 1738, 4to. (171)

H. Stevens, £20 5461 Keynis (Laurence). A Relation of the Second Voyage to

Guiana. Perfourmed and written in the yeare 1596, morocco extra, g. e., by R. W. Smith, Thomas Dawson, 1596, 4to. (174)

Quaritch, £62 [This book is called the Second Voyage because Raleigh's, performed in 1595, was the first, although only printed in the same year as this. A large woodcut of Raleigh's arms occupies the reverse of the title, and faces the dedication to

him.-Catalogue.] 5462 Lawson (John). A New Voyage to Carolina, containing the

Exact Description and Natural History of that Country, together with the Present State Thereof. And a Journali of A Thousand Miles travel'd through Several Nations of Indians, giving a particular account of their Customs, Manners, etc., 3 preliminary leaves x 6opp., one or two leaves slightly cut into, straight-grained morocco, g. e., by Stikeman, Printed in the year 1709, 4to. (177)

Maggs, £3 us.

[Although described in an American catalogue as the “first issue” of this work, this is in reality only the first part of the book, containing simply the Journal mentioned on the title.

In a perfect copy the description of the country, also referred to on the title, commences at page 61 with a fresh heading, “A description of North Carolina,” and extends to 259pp., with a folding map and a plate of natural history.- Catalogue. A copy of the complete work,

259pp., map and plate, realised £6 75. 60.-Ed.) 5463 Lawson (John). The History of Carolina, Containing the

Exact Description and Natural History of that Country (etc. as in the first copy above named), with some rough leaves, folding map and plate, morocco, tooled to a Roger Payne pattern by Bedford, Printed for W. Taylor and J. Baker, 1714, 4to. (179)

Essex, £6 jos. [This edition is merely a re-issue of that of 1709, with a

fresh title-page.Catalogue.] 5464 Lechford (Thomas). Plain Dealing, or News from New Eng

land. A short view of New-Englands present Government, both Ecclesiasticall and Civil, levant morocco, g. e., by W. Pratt, Printed by W. E. and 1. G. for Nath. Butter, 1642, 4to. (180)

Stevens, £ 12 ios. 5465 Lederer (John). The Discoveries of John Lederer, in three

several marches from Virginia to the West of Carolina and other parts of the Continent. Begun in March, 1669, and ended in September, 1670. Together with a General Map of the whole Territory which he traversed. Collected and Translated out of Latine from his Discourse and writings by Sir William Talbot, Boronet, uncut copy, with the map, morocco, super extra, g. t., by the Club Bindery, J. C. for Samuel Heyrick, 1672, 4to. (181)

Quaritch, £120 [This copy had the rare leaf of License facing the title, and also the "Map of the whole Territory traversed by John Lederer in his three Marches.” Sir William Talbot thinks “it is clear from this book that the long looked for discovery of the Indian Sea does nearly approach, and that Corolina presumes that the accomplishment of this glorious designe is reserved for her.” Lederer, who was a German, travelled far into the interior of Virginia and imagined that he had nearly approached the shores of the South Sea. He made himself obnoxious to the people of Virginia, and sought refuge in Maryland, where he was well received by

Sir William Talbot.- Catalogue.] 5466 Lederer (John). The Discoveries of John Lederer (etc. as in

the preceding lot), another copy, with some rough leaves, had the map, but the leaf of License preceding the titlepage was missing, levant morocco, g. e., by F. Bedford,

1. C. for Samuel Heyrick, 1672, 4to. (182) Quaritch, £44 5467 Lescarbot (Marc). Nova Francia, or the Description of that

part of New France, which is one continent with Virginia, translated out of French into English by P. E[rondelle), levant morocco, tooled to a Grolier pattern, g. e., by David, G. Bishop, 1609, 4to. (185)

Quaritch, £27 [This is a translation of the fourth and sixth books of the first edition of Lescarbot, Paris, 1609, although the author's name is nowhere mentioned in the translation. The translator, Peter Erondelle (or Arundell) was a French schoolmaster in London, who was afterwards a stockholder in the Virginia Company. Copies occur without the date on the title, the work having been reissued at a later date with a new title-page bearing the imprint of Andrew Hebb. The dated edition is considerably the rarer.

er.- Catalogue.) 5468 Linschoten (John Huighen Van). His Discours of Voyages

into ye Easte and West Indies. Devided into foure Bookes, engraved title by Rogers, complete with the twelve folding maps (one or two cut into), morocco, bearing the pictorial bookplate of Henry Stevens of Vermont, 1882, John Wolfe, printer to the Honourable Cittie of London, 1598, folio (187)

Edwards, £5 175. 6d. 5469 Littlefield (George Emery). Early Boston Booksellers,

1624-1711, facsimiles of title-pages of rare books, etc., half leather, uncut as published, 150 copies printed, Boston (Mass.), the Club of odd volumes, 1900, 8vo. (188)

H. Stevens, £6 155. 5470 M’Afee (Robert B.) History of the Late War in the Western

Country, name washed from title, uncut, t.e. g., morocco extra, by Stikeman, Lexington (Kentucky), Worsley and Smith, 1816, 8vo. (192)

B. F. Stevens, £4. 155. 5471 M'Call (Captain Hugh). The History of Georgia, containing

brief Sketches of the most remarkable events up to the present day, uncut copy, 2 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., by Alfred Matthews, Savannah, 1811-16, 8vo. (193)

Hirschfield, £6 2s. 6d. 5472 Martin (François-Xavier). The History of Louisiana from the

earliest period, uncut copy, 2 vol., morocco extra, t.e. g., by Stikeman, New Orleans, Lyman and Beardslee, 1827-29, 8vo. (196)

Quaritch, £8 [This copy measures 94 by 6% inches, and is as clean as

when published.-- Catalogue.) 5473 Martin (François-Xavier). The History of North Carolina

from the Earliest Period, 2 vol., uncut copy, half morocco,

t. e. g., New Orleans, 1829, 8vo. (197) Quaritch, £5 5474 Martyr (Peter), etc. The Decades of the Newe Worlde, or

West India, conteynyng the nauigations and conquestes of the Spanyardes translated into Englysshe by Řycharde Eden, woodcut border to title-page, black letter, levant morocco, g. e., by Bedford, In Ædibus Guilhelmi Powell [Colophon), Imprynted by Rycharde Jug, 1555, 4to. (201)

Quaritch, £36 [The first English Collection of Voyages. The present copy contained an unnumbered leaf (duplicate signature liii. ii. between leaves 309 and 310), headed “The coppie of the Duke of Moscovie and Emperoure of Russia his letters,

sent to kinge Edwarde the syxte.” This leaf, although called for in the table of contents as f. 319 (error for 309),

is very seldom found.- Catalogue.] 5475 Massachusetts. The General Laws and Liberties of the

Massachusetts Colony. Revised and reprinted, by order of the General Court Holden at Boston, May 15, 1672, woodcut of the Colony arms on back of title, original sheepskin, m. e., in slip case, Cambridge (Mass.), printed by Samuel Green for John Usher, of Boston, 1672, folio (206)

Quaritch, £105 [The present is the second publication of the Laws, the first having been issued in 1660. This copy consists of title ; 170 pp. ; the table (28 pp.) completing the main volume. Then follow some Session Laws of 15th May, 1672, pp. 1-6 and a blank leaf; Session Laws of 8th October, 1672 and 7th May, 1673, etc., pp. 7-12 ; Session Laws, 27th

May, 1674, pp. 11-15.- Catalogue.] 5476 Massachusetts, or the First Planters of New England, the

End and Manner of their coming thither and Abode there, in several Epistles, levant morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, Boston, B. Green and J. Allen, 1696, small 8vo. (207)

Quaritch, £12 5477 Mather (Cotton). Late Memorable Providences relating to

Witchcrafts and Possessions, clearly manifesting not only that there are Witches, but that good men (as well as others) may possibly have their lives shortened by such evil Instruments of Satan. The second impression, recommended by the Reverend Mr. Richard Baxter in London and the Ministers of Boston and Charlestown in New England, calf gilt, by F. Bedford, Tho. Parkhurst, 1691, small 8vo. (209)

Maggs, £4 6s. [The original edition was printed at Boston in 1689.

Catalogue.] 5478 Mather (Cotton). Johannes in Eremo. Memoirs relating to

the Lives of the ever-memorable Mr. John Cotton, Mr. John Norton, Mr. John Wilson, Mr. John Davenport, Reverend and Renowned ministers of the Gospel, all in the more immediate service of our Church in Boston and Mr. Thomas Hooker, Pastor at the Church at Hartford, morocco extra, g.e., by F. Bedford, Boston, Michael Perry, 1695, small 8vo. (210)

B. F. Stevens, £5 ros. 5479 Mather (Cotton). Magnalia Christi Americana, or the Eccle

siastical History of New England from its first Planting in the year 1620 unto the Year of our Lord 1698, in Seven Books, folding map, morocco, g. e., by the Club Bindery, Thomas Parkhurst, 1702, folio (212) H. Stevens, £24

[With note by Mr. Lefferts, “Contains (inserted) the exceedingly rare original two leaves of 'Errata,' the only copy which I have been able to trace.” Whenever found, these two leaves must of necessity be inserted as they were printed in America upon the arrival of copies of the book from England. - Catalogue.]

5480 Metcalf (Samuel L.) A Collection of some of the most

interesting narratives of Indian Warfare in the West, containing an account of the adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone, to which is added an account of the expeditions of Generals Harmer, Scott, Wilkinson, St. Clair and Wayne, morocco, g.e., by F. Bedford, Lexington (Kentucky), printed by Wm. G. Hunt, 1821, 8vo. (216)

Essex, £5 55. 5481 Monardus (N.) Joyfull Newes out of the New Found World,

etc., Englished by John Frampton, Merchant, black letter, woodcuts of plants, etc., morocco, g. e., first English edition,

William Norton, 1577, 4to. (220) Edwards, £6 ros. 5482 Monardus (N.) Joyfull Newes out of the Newe Founde

Worlde, etc., another edition, black letter, border to title, woodcuts of plants, etc., morocco extra, g. e., William Norton, 1580, 4to. (221)

Grant, £6 25. 6d. [The second English edition considerably enlarged, containing three new books after folio 110, each of which had a separate title-page. There are two issues of this 1580 edition, one in which the pagination and register, after folio 162, are correct and continuous (except folio 174, which is wrongly numbered 166), and the other in which the pagination and register after 162 are very erratic. This copy is

of the latter variety.- Catalogue.] 5483 Morton (Nathaniel). New England's Memoriall, or a brief

Relation of the most Memorable and remarkable Passages of the Providence of God, manifested to the Planters of New England in America, with special reference to the first Colony thereof called New Plimoth published for the Use and Benefit of the present and future Generations, pp. 161-2, mended and a few letters missing, morocco, with doublure of green, inlaid with red, richly tooled in gold, preserved in a morocco slip case, Cambridge (Mass.), Š. G. and M. J. for John Usher, of Boston, 1669 (224)

Quaritch, £87 [This copy is said to have formerly belonged to the famous diarist, John Evelyn, and to bear his autograph signature and motto on the fly-leaf. The work is arranged chronologically, and is replete with particulars of the highest interest. The voyage of the “Mayflower” is given in detail, as also is the story of the landing and first settle

ment of the Pilgrims.--Catalogue.] 5484 New England. A Brief Narration of the Practices of the

Churches in New England. Written in private to one that desired information therein, by an Inhabitant there, a friend to Truth and Peace, morocco, g. e., by F. Bedford, Matth. Simmonds for John Rothwell, 1645, 4to. (230)

Quaritch, £5 5485 New England. The Deplorable State of New England by

Reason of a Covetous and Treacherous Governour and
Pusillanimous Counsellors, with a Vindication of the Hon.
Mr. Higginson, Mr. Mason and several other gentlemen
from the Scandalous and Wicked Accusation of the Votes,

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