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on, 208.

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ment; account of its plan, gownblervas: Perception and Sensation on the diftinétion's
tions on Mi. Margh's translation of that between, 460.
work, 38.

Perjury, remarks on the fin of, 159
Midlesex Ele&tion, reflections on that Perfia, observations on the primitive inha.
event, 439-its hiftory, 440.-

bitants of that country, 167.
Minifters the chrice of not invefted in Pefaro, a fenator of Venice, his conduct on
Lords, Commons, or people, 290.

the approach of the French fore-s, 186.
Money, aétual and paper remarks 01, 1041 Philosophy, German, Curious specimens of,
Monoceny on that of: Grueki and Latin , 413.
words, 185

Plagua fingular cases of that dforde 386.
Monthly Reviewers, examination of their Plays, at school, Dr. Bastow's, opinion, of

comments on Herder's Philofi,phy ofi their immoral tendency, 83.
Man, 414.

Players, high opinion of, and culogium on
Wör is, of the fashionable world; remarks their qualifications by one of their prio

viledged members, 2137
Jsores Mrs cenföred for her confequential POETRY--Matilda, che Lady of the Manos,
· Glence. 40.

46_Delirium, ibid. --Sonnet to the au.
Mountains, a new theory of, 406.

thor of the Aleasures of Solitude, by Mr.
Murders, number of, committed in Paris in Polwhcle. 200m Epigrams on Gallia and)
ten months, 283.

the Corresponding Society, 438-on mo-
Mure, cligious and prophane, its great uti. dern dramas, valuable absence, and, Buo.

lity and antiquity in England, 338-se- naparte, 439.

ma kus on that of the ancients, ibid. Polygamy, fingular species, of in Tibet,
Nations, on the obfcurity of their ancient

history, and the partiality of its inveftiga- Popery, causes of its present increase, 212,
tors, 453.

Mr. Locke's obfervations on its in-
Navigation act, serious consequences of its tolerant fpirit, 329.
fufpenfion, 92.

Popish crieils, account of en rmities com..
Wear Obferver, refutation of his fophiftry, mitted by different foreigners under theis

87-his acquaint:nce disowned by Mr. influence, 326.
Addington, ib.-his answer to the charge Population of the globe, conjectures on the
of deliberate fallhoo!, 89

gross amount of it, 165.
W Teftament, ftrictures on Michaelis's Portalis, Citizen, somo account of him, 284.
Introduction to it, 127:

Prayer, daily, incirement to in private fac.
=> why exposed to the most

milies. 158.
wilful corruptins, 133.


fashionable, account of, 208.
on the style of different Price, Dr. his eulogium on the French re-
versions of, 13 on the various Greek * volution, 223.
m nuscripts of, 137.

Pronunci tion of Greek and Latin, critical
Newspapers, En lill, atempt m-ee hy observations on, 183.

Buo aparte's agents to bribe their owners, Raynalı Abbé de, some account of, and

his works, 453.
Nobleman. laudable exertions of one, in Reder.jale, Lord, proofs of the high efteen

fupport of the vi e lo iety, and their con- in which he was held by the Irish Carbo-
sequences, 107.

lics, 319.
Only, on the proper use of that adverb, 276. Reformers, (r_ligious) their character, by
Overton, tation of his ftriéturs on Mr, Daubeny, 178-the original nat Cal.
M:. Dubeny, 175.

vinifts, 179
Oxford immense number of scholars at that Regeneration, interpretation of that word,

University in the 13th century, and caule recommended to Methodists, 129.
of heir d.crease, 339.

Rel gion, fate of, in France, 28.4.
Palais Roval accounto', 59.

Rhone, its magnificence, as del sibed by
Papifts, Irish, reflections on their principles, Bourrit, 19.
views and conduct. 420-438.

Rähard II. conjectures on his muidur, and
Patriotism, new way of accounting for it,

defence of his character, 347.

Robberies, amount of in Paris, in tcp
Peace on the violation of the latt, hy Buo- months, 283.

Romance, plan a d featares of that, of the
Pearl fisheries, process of diving at, difcri. 13th centu y, 233.
bed, 114.

Romißh rolig on, policy of its addrefs to the
Pearls, method of extracting thim from senses, 234.
oysters, 110

Ruhnken, David, biographical accornt of,
Pea'antry of Frince, their state at present 479.

better tha before the revolution conteft- Rumford, Coun', his hourhold arrangement
ed, 50, 57

described, 671.


raparte, 81.

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Sabbath, fri&tures on its obfervance amongft Theatrical impropriety, its frequent occur.
persons of fashion, 211.

fence in the French drama, 171.
Sacrament, p:opriety of, frequent invitations Thelwall, the vra or, his character, 246.
to receive it, 98.

Tibet, lingular species of polygamy pradifed
Sacrament of confeffion, the Ronish, great in that country, 167.
utility of that ceremony, 237.

Tolration act, a shameful abuse of it pointed
Scenery, piểuresque, its impreffions upon out, 103
poets and painters, 460.

Trauflation why d:emed an honourable em-
Schamanism, sketches of that religion, 163. ployment by the ancients, 343.
Schism, its heinoufnefs'expofed, 861 Tran rarion, without trial, frances of,
Scythians, account of their early conquests, fis'trivial offices, by order of Buonaparte,

Sensation and Perception, on the distinction – Universities, En lith, defence of them
between, 465.

against the arguments or Gibbon, Smith,
Surmon, not to be preférred to prayers ja and Knux, 85.
divine service, 302:

of Oxford and Cambridge,
Shakipeare indebted to Chaucer for his story their amazing prosperity in the 13th cen-
of Troilus and Creslida, 344,

tury, 333
Sheridan, Mr. his leffons of fashionable mo- Va'll nt's Travels, théir'authenticity quef-
rality and new appointm.nt, 211.

tioned by Mr. Barr. w, 142.
Siam, erroneous ftatements of its popula. Venice, regraded ftätę of its government in
tion, 167,

1746, 100.account of i's fall, 191.
Siege of Troy, various authors who record.

int igues of the French Di ectory,
ed that ftory, 343

previous to the fall f that epublic, 193.
Sin, original, Calviniftic do&trine of, 492. s, conduct of its g.vernment rowards
Slavery, when preferable to liberty, 451. France, and return made by Bu naparte,
Society of the fuppression of Vice, its present

arrangements, and the result of it's la- V rlification, remorks on that kind used by
bours, 70.

tea ci nts, in which t.e words ar split
Spaniards, reflections on their horrid cruel.
ties in A rerica, 272.

Virgil, new illurratin of a p ff ge in' that
Staye, its advan'ages in modern female' edi:- author, 436.
Cation, 210.

Volney, real n fir the affertion of that au-
Stage-coaches, description of those about thor that the ancient Egypt ans we e ne.
London, 470.

groes, 274
Stephen, St. uvidence of his inspiration, 131. Volunte rs, their excursions on the Satb th.
St. Domingo, causes of the late revolutions day c^ndemned, 203
in hat island,

, thei: g neral chara&er vindica.
St. Paul and St. James their doctrines on ted, 330.
Juilification reconcil:d, 36.

Vallere Mademoiselle de account of, 399.
Students of divinity, interesting address to, Volunte:'r cavalry. r bable manne.

which it will be employ d n invafiume
Stylė, ludicrous a'tention to, by a dying 400.
French author, 452.

Wall the great, of China. conjectures ree
Suicides, number of, committed in Paris in fp:ct ng it, and te opinions of aiic ent
ten months, 282.

authors contrafted, 165
Switzerland, reflections on the wonders of War, literaty, its tury in France, and how
that country, 19.

terminated, 453.
Synonymes, difficulty of comprehending War, loin nove: efl'et ons on. 342.
their varic us shodes, $87.

War of 1793. approyed o. by the British
Tailor-bird of India, account of, 126.

public, 25.
Tallien, his character by Holcroft, 294. Wis in Africa, remarks in ther causes, 48,
Tapestry, the celebrated, of Bayeux, account Whyte D. crifices iuim el to dulcov s the
of, 338

nature f the pligu., 387.
Tartary, Chinese, its pridigious extent, cli- Wine, gre t quintities of which might be
mate. &c 166

produced the ape of Good Ho
Tetaments. N w and old, remarks on their „Worms in the legs, a fingular diseale to

authenticity, and the objections of sec. whicha Europeans are subject in the East
taries againft thein, 9-coincidence of ac- Indies, 64.
counts in them, 11.

Zuliani, a Venetian se: ato, is conduct and
Theatres, schools for the clements of vice, ha angues n the a-proach of the French

wards Venice, 188.

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Table of the Titles, Authors' Names, &c. of the Publications reviewed
in this Volume, including bath the Original Criticism, and the

Reviewers Reviewed.



AFICHT". Encyclopædia of Criticism on the Edinburgh Re-
487 view

Account of ibe Proceedings at Daubeny's Vindiciae Ecclefiae

the Middlesex Elc&ion 390 Anglicanæ (continued) 30, 173
Addrels to Sir Francis Burdett Day (the) of Alarm

on the Caules of his Defeat Detence of the Slave Trade 199
at the late Election

399 Dibdin's Introduction to the
Aikin's Annual Review 107,219, 207 Greek and Latin Classics,
Annual Review and the Flow-


ers of Literature

214 Dietrich's Gardener's Diction-
Archer Thompson's Fait Ser-


200 Duchess of La Valliere:

A Word to the Wife

10 Extracts from the-Minutes of
Barre's History of the French the Society of bip Owners 92

107 Eyre's. O servations, &c. made
Barrow, on Education

83 at Paris during the Peace 212
Barrow's Travels in Southern Faber's Thoughts on the Cal-

142 vinistic and Arminian Con-
Biran, on the Influence of Ha-

t overly

bit on the Power of Thinking 465 Fothergill's Account of the
Biffet's History of the Reign of


Ge rge III.

211 Fouchecour's Juvenile Dialogues 96
Bower's Account of the Life of Godwin's Lite and Age of
James Beattie

382 Chaucer (continued) 221, 337
Blagdon's (Mr. F.) Lettor on Gooch's Sherwood Forest 398

the falthood and inconfiften- Gordon (Sir A.) on ihe fear of

cy of the Annual Review. 211 God, a Sure Ground of Con-
British Volunteer ; or, Loyal


396 Gleig's Sermons and the Chrif-
Caustic's Poetical Petition a-

tian Observer

gainst Galvanising Tiumpery 390 Grant's (Mrs.) Poems and the
Chafy's Sermon on the War 100 Literary Journal

Charaâer of the late Duke of Hamilton's (Lord) Thoughts
Bedford --- Observations

on the late and present Ad-
the Correspondence between

miniftrat on's

Mr. Adams and Mr. Bowles 309 Hankin's Letter to Sir Francis
Chriftian's Fashionable World

Burdett on the indecency and

205 dangerous tendency of his
Clapham’s Sermons, &c. 152 Public Conduct

Cockburne's Account of the Head's Sermon on occasion of

Death of Lord Camelford 213 the tirft muster of Volunteers 203
Courtier's Pleasures of Solitude 200 Herder's Philosophy of the Hif-
Cotle's Alfred

ib. tory of Man and the Month-
Corret's Origin of the Gauls ly Review

and most ancient Nations 455



fiden e





1, 126

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Heliodora, or the Grecian Min-

litical Facts of the 13th cen-


Herries's Instructions for Vo. M Gregor's Medical Sketches

lunteer and Yeomanry Ça- of the Expedition of Egypt 335

400 Mercy's Easy Introduction to
Heriot's History of Canada Wailly's French Grammar
from its firft discovery

Instruction-Pook, con-
Highley's Galatea, a Paftoral

taining the method of Teach-

ing, &c.

Hill's S, nonymes of the Latin Michaelis's Introduction to the

367 New Testament
Hinckley's Account of the Fall Montolieu's Poems

of the Republic of Venice 186 Moore's Sermon on the good
History of Russia

481 effects of a United Truft in
Holcroft's · Travels through the Arm and Flesh, and the
Westphalia, &c. to Paris 49, 279 Arm of the Lord

* Horne's Sermon on the Times 101 Mudford's Auguftus and Mary 398
Impolicy and Impiety of Sun- Observations on the Importance
day Drills

308 of a Strict Adnerence to the
Kant's Chief Principles of Phi- Navigation Laws


488 Palilot's Memcirs of French Li-
Ketrow's Historical Memoirs

on the Seven Years War

473 Pearson's Remarks on Justifi-
Kleim's Auftrian Magazine of cation by Faith

Instruction for bettering the

Second Letter to
Condition of the Poor 491


Laguna's Edition of the Clafli- Percival's Account of the Illand
cal Writers
468 of Ceylon

Lavallée's Letters to a Mame-

Account of the Cape
169 of Good Hope

Layman's (a) Exhortation to Pictet's Three Months To r
the frequent reception of the

through England, Scotland,

and Ireland

Laune's Description of the Sce- Pinkerton's Modern Geography
nery and Adventures of a

(continued) 13, 160, 266
Journey by Land and Water 467 Prevost and Blagdon's Flowers
Larwood's Letter to Himself

of Literature, &c.
on the Invasion

388 Priest's Delectuis Græcarum Sen-
Letter to Lord Hamilton on the

tentiarum, &c.

occasion of his late Pamphlet, Proceedings of the Society for

305 the Suppreifion of Vice 70
Life of Napoleon

397 Pye's Dictionary of Antient
Linn's Powers of Genius 305 Geography

L qman's Fables
471 Recs's Faft Sermon

Maclean's Excursion in Francc' 41 Refletions proper for the Times 105
Macleod's Letters on the im-

Renouard's History of the
portance of the War

Works of the Aldi

Magon's Inquiry into the dif- Re, ly of a Near Observer 85
ference between Specie and Revolutionary Plutarch


104 Robertion's Sermon on the Du.
M'Arthur's Financial and Por

ty of Volunteers


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542 Titles of the Eyfays, Letters, Poetry, 66.
Ruffian Miscellabies

483 Webber's William Tell
Sacred Hours

99 White's Compendium of the
Sheridan's Universal Spelling-

Veterinary Art


96 Whitfield's Picture of Life, a
Storch's Periodical Miscellany


of the Hittory of Russia

484 Whittaker's Conc se Introduç-
Suhm's History of the Danes 480 ition to the Latin Language 402
Thespiad (the)

198 Williams's Psalms and Hymns 394
Thomptom's Military Memoirs 20 Wilmer's Practical Observa-
Truth's and Duties of Chriftia-

tions on Herniæ


Winterbottym's Account of the
Turpitude (the): of Treason, a

pative. A fricans

,202 Wolfsiohn's Impartial Expofi-
V. in Cottager (the) a Tale * 205

tion of the latest Objections
Valerius's Letter on the State and Reproaches againftJu-
of Parties

daism and the Jews

Voight's Views on the Rhinç 486 Wyllenbach's Life of Ruhnken, 476
Volunteer's Guide

Walker's Key to the pronun-
ciation of Greek; &c.



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Zitles of the Essays, Letters, Poetry, &c. in the Nliscellaneous Part of

this Volume.

N. B. For temarkable Palliages; see tba General Index.

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