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BASCOM, JONATHAN. Oration on the Death of General Washington,

Orleans, 22d February, 1800. 8vo., pp. 15. Boston, 1800. BASNAGE, J. DE FRANQUENER. Annales des Provinces-Unics. 2 vols. folio.

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Boston. BASSOMPIERRE, FRANCOIS DE. Memoires de Mareschal contenant L'Histoire de la Vie, etc., 1598–1631. Tom. 3, 12mo.

Cologne, 1665. BATES, BARNABAS. Proceedings of the Friends of Liberal Christianity

in the City of New York, July 4, 1829; with an Address delivered on the occasion, by. 8vo., pp. 20.

N. Y., 1829. Bates, Isaac C. Speech on the Tariff Bill, in the House of Representatives of the United States, March 26, 1828. 8vo.

Washington, 1828. - An Oration pronounced before the Washington Benevolent

Society of the County of Hampshire, on their First Anniversary, 1812.

Northampton, 1812. Bates, James. Two Sermons, at St. Paul's, Deptford, Kent, on June

24, 1745, and June 30, 1746, before a select number of gentlemen, who stile themselves the Order of Ubiquarians. 4to.

Lond., 1746. Bates, Joshua. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. James Thomp

fon, delivered in Barre, January 11, 1807. 8vo. Worcester, 1807. – Sermon delivered before the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and others in North America, November 4, 1813. 8vo. pp. 44.

Boston, 1813. BATEY, John. Thoughts on the Immortality and Future Condition of

Man; designed for all who deny a future state, but more especially as a Reply to Rev. George Storrs' enquiry—“Are the Souls of the Wicked Immortal?” 8vo.

Albany, 1843. BATHURST, HENRY (Bishop of Norwich). Sermon before the Incor

porated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, February 16, 1810. 8vo., pp. 76.

Lond., 1810. Battle of the Thames (The), October 5, 1813; from an unpublished Poem, entitled Tecumseh. By a Young American. izmo.

N. Y., 1840. Baxter, Joseph. Massachusetts Election Sermon, May 31, 1727. 8vo.

Boston. Baxter, Richard. The Saints' Everlasting Rest, abridged by Benjamin

Fawcett, A. M. 18mo. – Dying Thoughts of, abridged by Benjamin Fawcett, A. M..

18mo. - Life of, compiled from his own Writings. 18mo. Allo, an Introduction to.

(Amer. Tract Society.] N. Y.

Baxter, Richard. A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live. 18mo.

[Amer. Tract Society.] N. Y. Baxter, Richard. The Reformed Pastor: a Discourle on the Pastoral

Office, etc. Abridged, and reduced to a new method, by Samuel
Palmer. 12mo.

Cincinnati, 1811. BAY, CHRISTIAN Frederich. Fuldstoendigt Dansk og Engelsk HaandLexicon. 2 vols. 8vo.

Copenhagen, 1820–24. Bayard, FERDINAND M. Voyage dans l’Interieur des Etats-Unis a Bath,

Winchester, dan la vallee de Shenandoah, etc., pendant l'Ete de 1791. Second edition. 8vo.

Paris, An. Vle. (1798). BAYARD, JAMES A. Speech on the Judiciary Bill, February 19, 20, 1802. 8vo.

Hartford, 1802. - Speech on the Foreign Intercourse Bill, March 3, 1798. BAYARD, Lewis P. An Address delivered before the Newark Female

Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, at the adoption of their
Constitution, May 23, 1816. 8vo., pp. 24. Newark, 1816.
- Sermon in Trinity Church, Newark, January 26, 1817, at the
Institution of a Church Missionary Society. 8vo., pp. 20.

N. Y., 1817. BAYARD, Samuel. Funeral Oration, occasioned by the Death of Gen. Washington, New Rochelle, January 1, 1800. 8vo., pp. 24.

N. Brunswick, 1800. Address to the well-disposed, reflecting, and unprejudiced Freeholders of West Chester County, etc. 8vo. N. Y., 1801. - Address before the Washington Benevolent Societies of Princeton and Cranbury, 22d February, 1813. 8vo., pp. 22.

New Brunswick, 1813. Bayard, SAMUEL. A Catechism for Youth; containing a brief but

comprehensive summary of the Doctrines and Duties of Christianity. 12mo.

N. Y., 1812. BAYLE, Pierre. Oeuvres diverses de; contenant tout ce que cet auteur

a public fur des materies de Theologic, de Philosophie, de Critique, de Histoire, et de Litterature; excepte son Dictionnaire historique et critique. 5 vols. folio.

1727. - The Dictionary, Historical and Critical ... Second edition. To which is prefixed, the Life of the Author, revised, corrected, and enlarged, by Mr. Des Maizeaux. 5 vols. folio.

Lond., 1734–38. Dictionnaire Historique et Critique. Cinquieme edition, revue, corrigee, et augmentee, avec la vie de l'auteur, par Mr. Des Maizcaux. 4 vols.

Amsterdam, 1740. Bayley, Abner. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Mr. John Page, Hawke in Kingston, N. H., December 21, 1763. 4to.

Portsmouth, 1764. Bayley, Richard. Cases of the Angina Trachealis, with the mode of

Cure: in a Letter to William Hunter, etc. 8vo. N. Y., 1781. - A Letter to Dr. John Bard, in Answer to a part of his Letter,

addressed to the Author of Thoughts on the Dispensary.

N. Y., 1791. BAYLEY, RICHARD. An Account of the Epidemic Fever which prevailed

in the City of New York, during part of the Summer and Fall of 1795. 8vo.

N. Y., 1796. Letters from the Health Office, submitted to the Common Council of the City of New York. 8vo., pp. 100.

N. Y., 1798. Baylies, Francis. An Historical Memoir of the Colony of New Plymouth. 2 vols. 8vo.

Boston, 1830. BAYLY, BENJAMIN. Two Sermons . . . at the Allizes held at Gloucester. 8vo.

Lond., 1713. BEACH, John. God's Sovereignty, and his Universal Love to the Souls

of Men Reconciled—Reply to Jonathan Dickinson’s “Remarks,” etc. 8vo., pp. 71.

Boston, 1747. - A Second Vindication of God's Sovereign Free Grace indeed, etc. With Preface, by Dr. Johnson. 12mo., pp. 82.

Boston, 1748. A Calm and Dispassionate Vindication of the Professors of the Church of England, against Address of Noah Hobart, etc. Preface by Dr. Johnson. Appendix, containing Mr. Wetmore's and Mr. Caner's Vindication. 4to.

Boston, 1749. - Continuation of the Calm and Dispassionate Vindication of the Professors of the Church of England, against Noah Hobart, in his Second Address to the People of New England. 8vo., pp. 94. .

Boston, 1751. - Funeral Sermon upon the Decease of the Rev. Dr. Samuel

Johnson, etc., who died January 6, 1772. 4to. Newhaven. Besdon, RICHARD, Bishop of Gloucester. Sermon before the Incorpo

rated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, February 19, 1796. 8vo., pp. 88.

Lond., 1796. BEALEY, Joseph. Funeral Discourse upon the Death of Thomas Barnes,

D.D., July 22, 1810. With an Address delivered at the Interment. 8vo., pp. 42.

Manchester. BEARCROFT, Philip. Sermon before the Incorporated Society for the

Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, February 15, 1744. 8vo., pp. 72.

Lond., 1744. Beasley, FREDERICK. Sermon delivered at the request of the Ladies'

Society, instituted for the Relief of Distressed Women and Children, Albany, January 10, 1808. 8vo., pp. 31. Albany, 1808. – Sermon before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New York, October 4, 1808. 8vo., pp. 32.

Ņ. Y., 1808. Beatson, Robert. A Political Index to the Histories of Great Britain

and Ireland; or, a complete Register of the Hereditary Honors, Public Offices, and Persons in Office, from the earliest periods to the present time. 8vo.

Edinburgh, 1786. - Same. Secona edition. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond., 1788.

786, from its Travels

Beattie, James. Works; with the Miscellanies and Life of James Hay Beattie, Portrait. 10 vols. 16mo.

Phil., 1809. BEAUCHAMP, M. ALPHONSE DE. Histoire du Bresil depuis sa decouverte

en 1500 jusqu'en 1810, contenant l'origine de la Monarchie Portugaise, etc. 3. vols. 8vo.

Paris, 1815. BeaucLERK, TOPHAM. Bibliotheca Beauclerkiana : a Catalogue of the

large and valuable Library of the late Honorable Topham Beau

clerk, F. R. S., etc. To be fold April gth, et seq. 1781. Prices. Beaujour, Felix de. Sketch of the United States of North America,

at the commencement of the Nineteenth Century, from 1800 to 1810. Translated, with Notes, etc., by William Walton. 8vo.

Lond., 1814. BEAUMONT, ALBANIS. Travels through the Rhætian Alps, in the year

1786, from Italy to Germany, through Tyrol. With 10 large aquatinta engravings. Folio.

Lond., 1792. - Travels through the Maritime Alps, from Italy to Lyons, across the Col de Tende, by the way of Nice, Provence, Languedoc, etc.; with Topographical and Historical Descriptions. To which are added, some Philosophical Observations on the various appearances in Mineralogy found in those Countries. Folio. With colored plates.]

Lond., 1795. - Travels through the Lepontine Alps, from Lyons to Turin, by the way of Pays de Vaud, the Vallais, and across the Monts Great St. Bernard, Simplon, and St. Gothard; with Topographical and Historical Descriptions of the principal places which lie contiguous to the route; including some Philosophical Observations on the Natural History and Elevation of that part of the Alps. To which are added, Remarks on the Course of the Rhone, from its source to the Mediterranean Sea. Folio. [Colored plates.]

Lond., 1800. BEAUMONT, M., et M. DE TOCQUEVILLE. Du Systeme Penitentiaire aux Etats Unis, et de son application en France, etc. 8vo.

Paris, 1833. BEAUPOIL, M. le MARQUIS. Lettre de, a M. de Bergasse, sur l'Histoire de M. de Latude, et sur les Ordres Arbitraires. 8vo. pp. 54.

Potsdam, 1787 Beauties of England and Wales; or, Delineations, Topographical,

Historical and Descriptive, of each County. Engravings. 18 vols. in 25 parts, 8vo.

Lond., 1801-15. BeccaRIA, C. B. S. An Essay on Crimes and Punishments. Trans

lated from the Italian, with a Commentary (from the French), attributed to M. de Voltaire. 12mo.

N. Y., 1809. Beck, JOHN B. Introductory Discourse, delivered before the Medico

Chirurgical Society of the University of the State of New York,

1816. 8vo. - An Historical Sketch of the State of Medicine before the Revolution. 8vo.

Albany, 1842. - The Effects of Opium on the Infant Subject.

BECK, JOHN B. Observations on Ergot, read before the Medical Society

of the State of New York, February 3, 1841. 8vo. Albany, 1841. Beck, Lewis C. A Gazetteer of the States of Illinois and Missouri, etc. Map and engravings. 8vo.

Albany, 1823. - Account of the Salt Springs at Salina, in Onondaga County. 8vo.

N. Y., 1826. Beck, T. R. Annual Address before the Society for the Promotion of

Useful Arts, Albany, February 3, 1813. 8vo. Albany, 1813. BECKFORD, WILLIAM. A Descriptive Account of the Isand of Jamaica, etc. 2 vols. 8vo.

Lond., 1790. Beckley, Hosea. The History of Vermont; with Descriptions, Physical and Topographical. 12mo.

Brattleborough, 1846. BECKMANN, JOHN. A History of Inventions and Discoveries, translated

from the German of, by William Johnston. 4 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1814. BEDA (VENERABILIS.) Ecclesiasticæ Historiæ Gentis Anglorum. Libri V. 12mo.

Coloniae Agrippinae, 1601. BEDELL, GREGORY T. The Cause of the Greeks. A Discourse delivered

in Philadelphia, February 26, 1827, etc. 8vo. Phil., 1827. BEDELL, RICHARD, and others, Respondents, and Samuel Denton, and

others, Appellants. In the Court for the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors. Respondent's Cafe. 8vo. [Ends imperfectly with page 584.]

N. Y., 1818. BEDFORD, (N. Y.) Circular Letter from the Committee of the Society

for the Suppression of Vice in the Town of, etc. 8vo., pp. 8. BEDFORD, GUNNING S. Introductory Lecture before the Albany Medical

College, delivered ift October, 1839. 8vo. Albany, 1839. BEDFORD, (N. H.] History of, etc. 8vo.

Boston, 1851. BEDINGER, DANIEL. A Letter from Daniel Bedinger, late Navy Agent

at Norfolk, to Robert Smith, Esq., Secretary of the Navy. With an Appendix.

Norfolk, 1808. Beebe, vs. Bank N. Y. Case of Samuel Beebe and others, vs. the Pres

ident, Directors, and Co. of Bank of N. Y. In the Court for the

Trial of Impeachments and Correction of Errors, New York. BEECHER, LYMAN. Sermon at the Ordination of Mr. Sereno Edwards

Dwight, as Pastor of the Park Street Church, Boston, September 3, 1817. 8vo.

Andover, 1818. - Sermon containing a General History of the Town of East Hampton, L. I., delivered January 1, 1806. 4to., pp. 40. [MS. Notes by John L. Gardiner, Esq.]

Sag Harbor, 1806. - The Government of God desirable: a Sermon at Newark, during the Session of the Synod of New York and New Jersey, O&tober, 1808. 8vo., pp. 26.

N. Y., 1809. - The Remedy for Duelling: a Sermon delivered before the Presbytery of Long Isand, at Aquebogue, April 16, 1806. 8vo., pp. 48.

N. Y., 1809. [BEECKMAN, DANIEL.) Proposals to Parliament to raise Funds to make

good the Adulterated and Defaced Coin of this Kingdom, etc. 4to., pp. 16.

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