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* The nonto edition of this excellent work has been lately printed. . . Mont HLY MAG. No. 1 16.

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tinent) of the American Government, and in whose power remains the fulfilling of this axiomatic prophecy, it appears to me, that the period must indeed be very distant, when the transfer into other hands shall take place, if the writer means by other hands the American Government. —He certainly does intinuate as much, or his meaning is not to be comprehended. Is it then to be accomplished by an illicit commerce, carried on by the settlers of Louisiana which, he says, any attempt on the part of Spain to supprels, will be succeeded by open violence; and that even the American Government will be urable to prevelt the settlers from buriting into Mexico. In process of time, there is no doubt of this illicit commerce being carried on to a very considerable degree.—

Spain will find, I should imagine, no more

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