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880 Brothers (R.) Prophecies, 2 parts, 1794-Constitution of the

United States of America, 1794-Constitution of France, 1793;

and various Political Tracts in the Volume 881 Brotier (G.) Paroles mémorables, calf gilt, Paris, 1790-Bridel (A.) Petit Rhétoricien François, 1812

(2) 882 Brougham (H. Lord) Inquiry into the Colonial Policy of the European Powers, 2 vol. uncut

Edinb. 1803 883 Brougham (Lord) Blunders of a Big-Wig, or Paul Pry's Peeps into the Sixpenny Sciences, 1827; and other Pamphlets

a parcel 884 Brougham (Lord) on the present State of tbe Law, with author's autograph inscription

1828 885 Brown (J.) on the Triangular-Quadrant and Art of Dyalling, 2 vol.

in 1, plates, 1671-Pierre de Sainte Marie Madelaine, Traité
d'Horlogiographie, plates, Paris, 1701–Tuttell (T.) Descrip-
tion of Dials, plates, uncut, 1698–Leybourn's Dialling, im-
prov'd by H. Wilson, plates, 1728

4 vol. 886 Brown (J.) Interest of the Compound Distiller Considered 1733 887 Brown (J.) Letters on the Christian Church, Edinb. 1799–

Bisset (W.) Plain English (very curious), ib. 1746-Young
Communicant's Catechism, ib. 1750; and 15 other Theological

Tracts in the Volume
888 Brown (J.) Antidote to Detraction and Prejudice respecting
Charles Random Baron de Berenger

1814 889 Brown (James, of Durham) Poems, portrait, Newcastle, 1820Sublime Epistle, &c. portrait, Stockton, 1819

(2) 890 Browne (J. S.) Catalogue of Bishops

1812 891 Brown (J. W.) Life of Leonardo da Vinci, portrait 1828 892 Brown (J. W.) Life of Leonardo da Vinci, with a Critical Ac

count of his Works
LARGE PAPER (only 13 copies printed), india proof portrait and
Last Supper by Worthington

1828 893 Brown (M.) Paddy's Progress

Gateshead, 1808 894 Brown (Tom) Letter from the dead Thomas Brown to the living

Heraclitus, with Heraclitus Ridens bis Answer. To which is
added Last Will and Testament of T. Brown (in verse), 1704

-Brown (Tom) Works, in Prose and Verse, portrait, 1707—

[Brown (Tom)] The two Wolves in Lambs Skins, 1716 895 Brown (Tom) Works, Serious and Comical, in Prose and Verse, with Life by J. Drake, and Key, 4 vol. plates

1760 896 Brown (Tom) Works, Serious and Comical, in Prose and Verse, 3.

with Remains, 4 vol. plates, half calf, uncut, scarce 1760 897 Brown (T.) Observations on the Nature and Tendency of the

Doctrine of Mr. Hume concerning the Relation of Cause and

Edinb. 1806 898 Brown (T.) War-Fiend and other Poems

1816 899 Brown (T.) Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 4 vol.

Edinb. 1824 900 Brown (T.) Elements of Fossil Conchology, plates Edinb. 1813 )

313, spondence, edited by S. Wilkin, 4 vol. LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates

(Norwich), 1835-36 902 Brown (W. L.) Letter to G. Hill

Edinb. 1807


903 Brown (W. R. H.) Golden. Lane Brewery Case, 1807—Licensed

Victualler's Magazine, No. I, 1833–New Licensed Victualler's
Magazine, No. I, 1834-Mowbray (B.) Every Man his own
Brewer, 1824 — Saddington (T.) Family Brewing, 1823–
Wissett (R.) on Licensing Public Houses and Liquor Shops,

904 Brownlow (J.) Memoranda; or Chronicles of the Foundling

Hospital, including Memoirs of Captain Coram
LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates, presentation copy to J. Britton

905 Bruce (John) Report on the Arrangements made for the Defence

of this Kingdom against the Spanish Armada, with Appendix,
map of the Thames, uncut

1798 ** Privately printed for the use of the Ministers only. This copy I. 1.

was presented to the Rt. Hon. H. Dundas, and has the author's Moon

autograph inscription.
906 Bruce (John) Report on the Union of England and Scotland,

with Appendix, 2 vol.
presentation copy to the Duke of Portland, with author's auto-

graph inscription, and subsequently the property of the Rt. Hon.
George Canning, whose autograph signature is on each title-page,

Printed solely for private distribution.
907 Bruce (J.) Memoir of Charles Hutton, portrait

olive morocco extra, tooled sides, g.e. by Hayday, Newcastle, 1823
908 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire et de l'Amateur de Livres,

4 vol. Paris, 1820-Nouvelles Recherches Bibliographiques

pour servir de Supplément au Manuel, 3 vol. ib. 1834 calf extra, by J. Clarke

7 vol. 13. 909 [Brunet (G.)] Recueil d'Opuscules et de Fragmens en Versiltumited

Patois, Paris, 1839—Brunet (G.) Notices et Extraits de
quelques Ouvrages écrits en Patois du Midi de la France.
Variétés bibliographiques, only 100 copies printed, ib. 1840–
Brunet (J.) Guide to Boulogne, maps and plates, Boulogne,

910 Brunswick Theatre, Narrative of its Destruction, by Rev. G. C.

Smith, 6 parts, 1828; and other Tracts on the subject in the

volume, half calf
911 Brunswig (Prince Frederic Auguste de) Reflexions critiques sur

Alexandre le Grand traduites par le Pasteur Erman, printed
for presents only, uncut

Berlin, 1765
912 Bryant (J.) on the Authenticity of the Scriptures and Truth of
the Christian Religion, uncut

1792 913 Brydall (J.) Camera Regis, or Short View of London 1676 914 Brydges (Sir S. E.) Letters on the Character and Poetical Genius of Lord Byron

1824 915 Buchan (A. P.) Venus sine Concubitu, scarce

1818 8.6. 916 [Buchanan (G.)] De Maria Scotorum Regina totaque ejus contraJukeasti Regem Conjuratione, fædo cum Bothuelio Adulterio, &c.

s. l. & a. sed Lond. 1572 917 Buchanan (J. L.) Travels in the Western Hebrides

1793 918 Buchanan (R.) Practical Essays on Mill Work and other Machinery, plates

Edinb. 1814



919 Buchanan (W.) on Ancient Scottish Surnames, with Origin and

Descent of the Highland Clans and Family of Buchanan uncut

Edinb. 1775 920 Buchanani (G.) Rerum Scoticarum Historia, slightly stained

uncut, rare in this state Ultrajecti apud P. Elzevirium, 1668 921 Buckingham (John Sheffield, Duke of) Works, 2 vol. portrait,

monument and vignettes, uncut, 1740—Buckingham (George
Villiers, Duke of Life, uncut

1740 922 Buckingham (J. S.) America, historical, statistic and descriptive, 3 vol. portrait, map and plates

1841 923 Buckingham (J. S.) The Slaves States of America, 2 vol. plates

1842 924 Buckingham (J. S.) Eastern and Western States of America, 3 vol. views

1842 925 Buckingham (J. S.) Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the other British Provinces in North America, map and views

1843 926 Buckland (W.) Bridgewater Treatise on Geology and Mineralogy, 2 vol. plates

1836 927 Buckley (S.) Letter to Dr. Mead concerning a new Edition of

Thuanus's History, 1728-Second Letter, 1728, uncut 928 Bucks. Candid Enquiry into the Principles and Practices of the Hon. Society of Bucks, front. uncut

1770 929 Bulkeley (C.) Sermon on the Lisbon Earthquake, 1756—Sermon of

T. Archbp. of York on the Rebellion of Scotland, scarce, York,
1745—Manningham (T.) Sermon at Windsor, 1708—Sermon
on the Expulsion of six young Gentlemen for Praying from

Oxford by the Shaver, 1780
930 Bull-Baiting: A Political Dissertation upon Bull-Baiting and
Evening Lectures

1718 931 Bullein (W) Newe Boke of Phisicke called ye Government of a

black letter, woodcut portrait and cuts

Ihon Day, 1558
Very scarce: besides Verses at the commencement, several por-

tions of the work itself are in rhyme.
932 Bulletin des Sciences Agricoles et Economiques publié sous la

Direction de M. le Baron de Férussac, 19 vol. plates, Paris,
1824-31-Bulletin des Sciences Technologiques, 19 vol. plates,
ib. 1824-31, half bound, uncut

38 vol. 933 Bullock (W.) Method of preserving Subjects of Natural History, plate

1817 934 Bulwer (J.) Chirologia: or Natural Language of the Hand.

Whereunto is added Chironomia, or the Art of Manuall
Rhetoricke, frontispiece and plates

1644 935 Bungiana, or an Assemblage of What-dye-call-ems, in Prose and Verse (relative to Admiral Byng)

1756 936 Bunsen (C. C. J.) Hippolytus and his Age, 4 vol. Effigy of the Saint

1852 937 Bunyan (J.) Life and Death of Mr. Badman


1680 938 Bunyan (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, 2 parts in 1, portrait and plates by J. Sturt, uncut

1775 939 Bunyan (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, in two parts, with Notes by G. Burder, 2 vol, in 1, frontispiece, uncut Coventry, 1786


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940 Bunyan (J.) Pilgrim's Progress, in three parts, cuts 1787

CHRISTIAN, with a curious engraving, entitled, "Faction Dis-
play'd,” in which A Shove, &c." is one of the Heads of the
Beast, half calf, uncut

J. Roson, 1768
This copy is the only one known, and sold for £35. at these

942 Buonaparte, a Poem, Cork, 1816; and various Pamphlets a parcel
3.6. 943 Buovo d'Antona nel quale si tratta delle gran battaglie e gran

Demosthed fatti che lui fece con la sua morte (in ottava Rima), woodcut on title-page, calf extra, g. e.

Venetia, 1620
This metrical Romance of Sir Bevis of Southampton bas passed
through many editions, shewing that the English hero was a

great favorite with the Italians.
944 Burgess (J.) Beelzebub driving and drowning his Hogs
half red morocco, uncut, top edge gilt

945 Burgess (Bp. T. Motives to the Study of Hebrew

1814 946 Burgh (J.) Political Disquisitions, 3 vol. uncut 1774-75 101-947 Burgon (J. W.) Life and Times of Sir Thomas Gresham, 2 vol. LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates

1839 16. - 948 Burgoyne (Lieut.-Gen. J.) Dramatic and Poetical Works, 2 vol. Luutid

LARGE PAPER, plates, calf super extra, 9. e. by J. Clarke 1808 rigi - 949 Burke (Rt. Hon. E.) Works, 16 vol.

Bond LARGE PAPER, uncut

950 Burke (E.) Speech on American Taxation, uncut, 1783-Speech

on Independence of Parliament and Reform, 1780—Burke (E.)
Vindication of Natural Society, Oxford, 1796

951 Burke (J. and J. B.) Encyclopædia of Heraldry, third edition,
with Supplement

952 Burke (J. B.) Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the

Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire, numerous coats
of arms

953 Burke (Sir J. B.) Peerage and Baronetage, numerous coats of

1852 954 Burke (Sir B.) Peerage and Baronetage, numerous coats of arms

1855 955 Burke (Sir B.) Peerage and Baronetage, numerous coats of arms

1857 956 Burn (J. S.) on the Fleet Registers, and on Parochial Registration

1833 s. 8.- 957 Burn (R.) Ecclesiastical Law, with Additions by R. Phillimore, 4 vol.

1842 958 Burnaby (A.) Sermons, 1777; and 5 other single Sermons, by Archdeacon Burnaby

(6) Quantch 4.9. - 1959 Burne (Nicol) Disputation concerning the controversit Headdis

of Religion halding in the Realme of Scotland the Zeir of God
1580, with the prætendit Ministeris of the deformed Kirk in

very fine copy in blue morocco, super extra, g. e. by F. Bedford,

Parise, 1581
On folios 103 and 104 are Verses by Beza, with a libidinous
translation into Scottish Rhyme by N. Burne.




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960 Burnet (Bp. G.) Essay on the Memory of the late Queen

(Mary II), portrait

fine copy in old richly gilt English red morocco, g. e. 1695
961 Burnet (Bp. G.) Introduction to vol. III. of History of the

Reformation, 1714 – Burnet (Bp. G.) Life of J. Earl of
Rochester, uncut, Dublin, 1791


LARGE PAPER (only 50 copies printed), uncut Oxford, 1816

*** Rev. T. Williams's copy sold for £21.
963 Burnet (Bp. G.) History of his own Time, with the suppressed 26.10.-

Passages and Notes (edited by Dr. Routh), 6 vol.
LARGE PAPER (only 50 copies printed), ILLUSTRATED with upwards
of 140 PROOF PORTRAITS, uncut

ib. 1823
Drury's copy sold for £32. 6s., and Williams's for £30. 9s., at
the end of vol. VI are bound up the Additional Notes, published
by Dr. Routh in his second edition (1833), of which only 25

copies were printed on Large Paper.
964 Burnet (Bp. G.) on the XXXIX Articles, with Notes by Rev.

J. R. Page, calf extra, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford 1843
965 Burnet (Bp. G.) Memoirs of the Lives and Actions of James and

William Dukes of Hamilton and Castle Herald
THICK PAPER (only 12 copies printed)

Oxford, 1852
966 Burnet (Bp. G.) History of the Reign of James II, with Notes

by the Earl of Dartmouth, Speaker Onslow, and Dean Swift.

Additional Observations now enlarged (by Dr. Routh)
LARGE PAPER (only 50 copies printed), uncut

ib. 1852
967 Burnett (T.) Necessity of impeaching the late Ministry 1715
968 Burney (Miss, afterwards Madame D'Arblay) Camilla, 5 vol.

969 Burns (James, Bailie of Glasgow) Memoirs (1644-61), with the

glorious and miraculous Battel at York, and Diary of Robert
Douglas, privately printed

Edinb. 1832
970 Burns (Robert) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, with 13.


FIRST EDITION, old tree-marbled calf, very scarce Kilmarnock, 1786 971 Burns (R.) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect

2. 13. first Edinburgh edition, portrait, fine copy, in calf extra, from uncut state, by F. Bedford

Edinb, 1787 972 Burns (R.) Works, with Life by Allan Cunningham, 8 vol. por. 2. /

traits, frontispieces and vignette title-pages calf extra, g. e. by J. Clarke

1834 973 Burrow (E. I.) Elements of Conchology, plates

1818 974 Burrowes (J.) Life in St. George's Fields, with Songs and Slang Dictionary

1821 975 Burton (E.) Description of Rome, 2 vol. plates

976 Burton (J.) Genuineness of Lord Clarendon's History of the

Rebellion, printed at Oxford, vindicated

Oxford, 1744
977 Burton (R.) Surprizing Miracles of Nature and Art, wood-

1729 978 Burton (R.) General History of Earthquakes, frontispiece 1734 979 Burton (R.) History of the Kingdom of Ireland, frontispiece

Dublin, 1737

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