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Section 34. State boundaries. 35. Courts shall be open. 36. Soldiers in time of peace. 37. Other rights of the people.



Declaration of Rights. Section 1. The equality and rights of men. 2. Political power and government. 3. Internal government of the

State. 4. That there is no right to se

cede. 5. Of allegiance to the United

States government. 6. Public debt. 7. Exclusive emoluments, etc. 8. The legislative, executive and

judicial powers distinct. 9. Of the


of suspending laws. 10. Elections free. 11. In criminal prosecutions. 12. Answers to criminal charges. 13. Right of jury. 14. Excessive bail. 15. General warrants. 16. Imprisonment for debt. 17. No person to be taken, etc., but

by the law of the land. 18. Persons restrained of liberty. 19. Controversies at law respecting

property. 20. Freedom of the press. 21. Habeas corpus. 22. Property qualifications. 23. Representation and taxation. 24. Militia and the right to bear

arms. 25. Right of the people to assemble

together. 26. Religious liberty. 27. Education. 28. Elections should be frequent 29. Recurrence to fundamental prin

ciples. 30. Hereditary emoluments, etc. 31. Perpetuities, etc. 32. Ex post facto laws. 33. Slavery prohibited.

Legislative Department. 1. Two branches. 2. Time of assembling. 3. Number of Senators. 4. Regulations in relation to dis

tricting the State for Sena

tors. 5. Regulations in relation to appor

tionment of Representatives. 6. Ratio of representation. 7. Qualifications for Senators. 8. Qualifications for Representa

tives, 9. Election of officers. 10. Powers in relation to divorce

and alimony. 11. Private laws in relation to the

names of persons, etc. 12. Thirty days notice shall be given

anterior to passage of private

laws. 13. Vacancies. 14. Revenue. 15. Entails. 16. Journals. 17. Protest. 18. Officers of the house. 19. President of the Senate. 20. Other senatorial officers. 21. Style of the acts. 22. Powers of the general assembly. 23. Bills and resolutions to be read

three times, etc. 24. Oath for members. 25. Term of office. 26. Yeas and nays. 27. Election for members of the

general assembly.


1 Section 28. Pay of officers and members of

10. Judicial districts for Superior the general assembly.

Courts. 28. Extra session.

11. Residence of judges. Rotation

of judicial districts. And ARTICLE III.

Special Terms.
Executive Department.

12. Jurisdiction of courts inferior

to Supreme Court. 1. Ofñcers of the executive de

13. In case of waiver of trial by partment.

jury. 1. Terms of office.

14. Special Courts in cities. 2. Qualifications of Governor and

15. Clerk of Supreme Court. Lieutenant-Governor.

16. Election of Superior Court 3. Returns of elections.

Clerk. 4. Oath of office for Governor.

17. Terms of office. 5. Duties of Governor.

18. Fees, salaries and emoluments. 6. Reprieves, commutations and

19. What laws are and shall be in pardons.

force. 7. Annual reports from officers of

20. Disposition of actions at law executive department and

and suits in equity pending of public institutions.

when this Constitution shall 8. Commander-in-chief.

go into effect, etc. 9. Extra sessions of general assembly.

21. Election, term of office, etc., of 10. Officers whose appointments are

Supreme and Superior Court

Judges. not otherwise provided for. 11. Duties of Lieutenant-Governor.

22. Transaction of business in the 12. In case of impeachment of Gov

Superior Courts.

23. Solicitors for each judicial disternor or vacancy caused by

rict. death or resignation.

24. Sheriffs and coroners. 13. Duties of other executive offi

25. Vacancies. cers. 14. Council of State.

26. Terms of office of first officers

under this article. 15. Compensation of executive of'ficers.

27. Jurisdiction of Justices of the 16. Seal of State.

Peace. 17. Department of agriculture, im

28. Vacancies in office of justices. migration and statistics.

29. Vacancies in office of Superior

Court clerk.

30. Officers of other courts inferior Judicial Department.

to Supreme Court.

31. Removal of Judges of the va1. Abolishes the distinctions be

rious courts for inability.
tween actions at law and suits
32. Removal of clerks of the

vain equity.

rious courts for inability. 1. Feigned issues abolished.

33. Amendments not to vacate ex2. Division of judicial powers.

isting offices. 3. Trial court of impeachment. 4. Impeachment.

ARTICLE V. 5. Treason against the State. 6. Supreme Court Justices.

Revenue and Taxation. 7. Terms of the Supreme Court.

1. Capitation tax. 8. Jurisdiction of the Supreme 1. Exemptions. Court.

2. Application of proceeds of State 9. Claims against the State.

and county capitation tax.

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