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11858 L'Art de Tourner, par C. Plumeir, avec un Grand Nombre des Figures, neat and very scarce, 4114s 6d

Lyon, 1705

11850 Ledger, (Post-folio) ruled down the Middle in 4 Divisions, new, bound, 14s

11860 Le Bruyn's Travels into Museovey, Persia, and the East

Indies, many plates, 2 vol. binding cracked, scarce, 21 8s 1737.

11861 Martiniere le Grand Dictionnaire, Geographique et

Critique, &c. 9 tom, very neatly half bound, 5110s

Haye, 1726

11862 Morton's Natural History of Northamptonshire, plates,

Large Paper, very neat and very scarce, 7117s 6d


11863 Montagu's (Bishop) Acts and Monuments of the Church

before Christ Incarnate, good copy, 4s 6d 1642

11864 Michaelis Hospitalii Galliarum Cancellarii Epistolarum,

seu Sermonum, neatly half bound, 5s Lutet. 1585

11865 Novum Tcstamentum, Graecae, caret tit. 5s

11866 Ogilvy's Translation of Virgil, many finc plates, good

copy, 115s 1668

11867 Peatoni's Opera cura Ficini, neatly half bound, 9s

Lugduni, 1548

11868 Plinie's Natural History, by Holland, 2 vol. in 1, wants

2 or 3 leaves in the Index, neatly half bound, scarce, 11 5s . 1601

11869 Plutarchi Vitae, cuts, good copy, 6s Franc. 1580

11870 Pope's Poetical Works, portrait by Vertue, 6s 1717

11871 Rerum Anglicarum Scriptores, post Bedam Praecipui - Wiliielmi M. Malmesburiensis Historic Henrico

Arch. Huntindoniensis Historia—Rogeri Hoveda ni , Annallium — Chron. Ethelwerdi, &c. fine copy, red morocco, gilt leaves, very scarce, 41 4s


11872 Rycaeft's Present State of the Roman Empire, plates, 6s


11873 Schmidii Concordantiae in Novi Testamenti Graecae,

Best Edition, fine copy, in vellum, scarce, 2112s 6d


11874 Shaw's Travels in Barbary and the Levant, with the

Supplement, plates, neat, scarce, 21 7s Oxon. 1738

11875 History and Antiquities of Staffordshire,, plates,

2 vol. boards, 41 14s 6d — 1798

11876 Snape's Anatomy of a Horse, portrait and plates, neat,

scarce, 18s — 1086

11877 Sole's Botanical Arrangement of all the British Mints,

24 plates, boards, 12s 1798

11878 Spence's Poly metis, portrait and plates, neat, scarce,

51 5s" 1755

11879 Stephani (R.) Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, 3 tom, fair

copy, 18s , Paris, 1543

11880 (II.) Concordantiae Testamenti Novi Graeco

Latime, 6s P. Steph. \ 594

11881 Sucki's Sacrorum Sacrificiorum Gentilium Brevis, et

Accurata Descriptio, &c. neat, 4s Tiguri, 1598

11882 Suetonius Opera, cura Torrentii, good cop}I, 4s Antw.

11883 Syncelli (Geo.1) Chronographia, Gr. et Lat. P. J. Goar, .' , fair copy, 18s Paris, 1652

11884 Taciti Opera, cura Lipsius, good copy, 6s Antv. 1668

11885 Temple's (Sir William) Works, portrait, 2 vol. neat,

18s 1740

11886 The Works of the Author of the Whole Duty of Man,

plate, good copy, 6s 1684

11887 Thou's (M. de) History of His Own Time, with Life

by Wilson, 2 vol. hoards, 15s — 1730

11888 TRACTS, viz. Observations on the Strange and Won

derful Prophecies of Mr. J.Gadbury, &c. with Astrological Predictions for 1680—Merlin Revived; or, an Old Prophecy found in Pontefract Castle, in Verse —and 13 others, mostly single leaves, scarce, 6s

1679, &c.

11889 Wood's (A.) Athenite Oxonienses, Best Edition,

2 vol. neat and scarce, 31 10s — 1721

11890 White's Replie to Jesuit Fisher's Answere to King James,

fine portrait and frontispiece, good copy, scarce, 16s 1624


11892 ACCOUNT of all the Manors, Messuages, Lands, Te

nements, and Hereditaments in England and Wales, held of the Crown, half bound, 5s — 1787

11893 Acta Synodi Nationalis Dordrechtanae, &c. good copy,

5s r - - Hanov. 1620

11894 Abbey Kilkhampton; or, Monumental Records for

1980, halj bound, 3s 6d '' — 1780

11895 Antoninus, (Marcus) Gr. et Lat. cura Gatakeri, effig.

neat, 6s 1697 11896 Aristolelis de Rhetorica, Gt. et. Lat. neat, 4s 6d 1619'

11897 Banks's Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, vol.

1, boards, 6s 1807*

11898 Barclay's Apology for the True Christian Divinity of

the (Juakers, &c. boards, 16s ..! Binning. Baskerville, 1765

11899 Biblia Sacra, a Jnnii, neat, 6s — Genev. 1590

11900 Aliud Exemplar, caret tit. neat, 4s 6d

11901 Brauni Vestitus Sacerdotum Hebraeorum, &c. cvm fig.

vellum, 7s Amsl. 1698

11902 Brown's (Ed.) brief Account of his Travels in Htmga

fia, Servia. &c. &c. with Observations on their Gold, Silver, and other Mines, fine plates, neat, 5s 1676

11903 Bromley's Historv of the Fme Arts1 2 vol. boards, 16s


11904 Bridge's (William) Scripture Light the most sure Light, .'-' and other Sermons, fair copy, — 1656

11935 Butt's Choice Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, half bouna, 5s

11906 Camdrni et Illustrium Virorum ad G. Camdenum Epis

tolae, a Smith, good copy, 5s — 1691

11907 Campbell's Journey from Edingbnrgh through Parts of

North Britain, plates, 2 vol. very neat, 11 14s 1811

11908 Church's Miscellanea Philo-Theologica; or, God and

Man, neat, 5s 1637

11909 Codex Regularum quas Sancti Patris Monachis, et Vir

ginibus, &c. good copy, 4s Paris, 1663

11910 Corpns Juris Canonici Emendatum, et Notis Iliustratum, . . Gregorii XIII. good copy, 6s — Colon. 1670

11911 Cruden's (A.) Concordance to the Old and New Tes

tament, portrait, Best Edition, neat, 11 16s 1769

11912 Cooke's Medallic History of Rome, many plates, 2 vol.

new, boards, ll 10s 11912*Collins's New South Wales, first impressions of the plates, 2 vol. very neat, 31 1798, &c.

11913 Dale's History and Antiquities of Harwich and Dover

court, fine plates, neat, 15s — 1732

11914 De Moivre's Doctrine of Chances, &c. neat, 18s 1738

11915 Dallaei de usu Patrum, ad ea Detmienda Religionis Ca. , '. 'pita, kc. good copy, 4s 6d — Genev, 1655

11916 Duporti Gnomologia Homerica, Gr. et. Lat. neat, 5s

Cantab. 1670

11917 Dionysii Alex, et Pomponus Melae Situs Orbis Descrip

tio, ■Src. Gr. et Lat. fair copy, 2s 6d II. Steph, 1577 11917*Diodati's Annotations upon the Bible, neat, 9s 1643

11918 Downame's Christian Warfare, 2d part, 2s 1611

11919 Duck's (Steph.) Poems, good copy, 5s - 1736 11920 Erpenii Grammatica Arabica, Editio Princeps, neat,

7s 6d . . Leidie, 1613

11921 Forrest's Voyage to New Guinea and Moluccas, plates,

boards, 10s 6d 1780

11922 Forbes's (Bp.) Funerals, &c. neat, 4s 6d Aberdene, 1635

11923 Green's (V.) History and Antiquities of Worcester,

portrait and plates, 2 vol. boards, 11 5s —. 1796

11924 Gouge's God's Three Arrowes, Plague, Famine, and

Sword, 2s 1621

11925 Goodwin's Roman* Historic Anthologia, &c. Is 6d 1655

11926 Harleian Miscellany, with the Catalogue of Pamphlets,

complete fine old copy, 8 vol. neat, scarce, 141 14s


11927 Historical Account of Greenwich Hospital, half bound,


11928 Heylyn's Theological Lectures, with an Interpretation i ;• of the Four Gospels, 3s 6d . 1749

11029 Horatius Cura Lubini, neat, 2s 6d Francof, 1612

11930 Cura Bentleii, neat, 18s .- Cantab. 1711

11931 Hunter's Treatise on the Venereal Disease, half bound,

12s 1788

11932 Hutchinson's History of Cumberland, plates, 2 vol.

boards, 11 14s 1794

11933 Horati Opera cura Combe, 2 vol. new, boards, 21 2s


11934 Jurisprudentia Vetus Ante Justinianea, a Schultingii,

good copy, 9s L. Bat. 1717

11935 Labets Manual de Comerciantes, &c. neat, 3s

Madrid, 1775

11936 Lampe's Plain and Compendious Method of Teaching

thorough Bass, boards, 6s , 1737 '11937 hawe's (Henry and William) Choice Psalmes, put into Mustek for Three Voices, portrait of Charles, neat and scarce, 10s 6d 1648

11938 Lightfoot Horae Hebraicae et Talmudicae, &c. 3s 6d

Cantab. 1658

11939 Long's Astronomy, plates, 2 vol. sewed, 1UsCamb. 1742

11940 Luther's (M.) Commentarie upon the Galathians, fine

portrait, neat, 5s —i 1644

11941 Manstein's Memoirs of Russia, from 1727 to 1744,

maps, half bound, 7s rt— 1773

11942 Martial's Epigrams, with a Comment by J. Elphinston,

boards, 6s 1782

11943 Moldenhawer's Commentary on the New Testament, in

German, portrait, 3 vol. neat, 11 Is Leipzig, 1763

11944 Mahon's (Viscount) Principles of Electricity, plates,

boards, 5s ... 1779 11045 Montefiore's Commercial Precedents, boards, 11 Is 1802

11946 Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean,plates,

Large Paper, boards, 11 Is 1799

11947 Martyn and Lettice's Antiquities of Herculaneum, plates,

neat, scarce, 2l 12s 6d 1773

11948 Magna Britannia et Hibernnia; or, a New Survey of

Great Britain, &c. maps, 6 vol. in 7, rough calf, scarce, 21 12s 6d 1720

11949 Mercurialis de Arte Gymnastica, figurs, vellum, 4s

Venet. upud Juntas, 1587

11950 Molyneaux's Treatise of Dioptricks, plates, good copy,

3s 1692

11951 Origenis Contra Celsuin, Gr. et. Lat. a Spenceri, neat,

4s 6d — — Cantab. 1677

11952 Osbaldiston's British Sportsman; or, Nobleman, Gen

tleman, and Farmer's Dictionary, plates, very neat, 11 4s

11953 Playfair's Inquiry into the Permanent Causes of the

Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations, plates, boards, 9s ■ 1807

11954 Plinii Epistolarum Curis Cortius et Longolius, neat,

11 1Is 6d Amst. 1734

11955 Priestley's History and Present State of Discoveries re

lating to Vision, Light, and Colours, plates, half bound, 12s 1772

11956 Ptolemaei Harmonicorum, Gr. et Lat. a Wallis, good

copy, 4s 6d Oxon. 1682

11957 Poems, viz. Faction Displayed, 1704—Moderation Dis

played—The Devil upon Dun; or, Moderation in Masquerade—A Fair Shell, but a Rotten Kernel; or, a Bitter Nut for a Factious Monkey—The Second Dream—Liberty and Property, a Satyr—and Reformation of Manners, a Satyr, in 1 vol. 5s 1702, &c. 11957*Plates to Bell's Pantheon, by best Artists, new, boards, 12s

11958 Report (A) upon certain Charitable Establishments in

the City of Dublin which receive Aid from Parliament, boards, 5s Dub. 1809

11959 Simon's Critical History of the Old Testament, good

copy, binding bad, 3s 1682

11960 Smith's Opticks, abridged by Kipling, wants title,

sewed, 4s 6d

11961 Sallustii Opera, a Wasse, neat, 12s - Cantab. 1710

11962 Somner's Antiquities of Canterbury, plates, neat, 9s


11963 Spenceri de Legibus Hebrieorum, good copy, 6s

Lips. 1705

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