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5033 Grandes Peintres Français et Etrangers, 2 vol. in 8 portfolios, proof plates on India paper, Paris, 1884, folio (280) Batsford, £2 25. 5034 Hamerton (P. G.) Etchings and Etchers, third edition, etchings, roxburghe, uncut, 1880, folio (287) Edwards, £2 19s. 5035 Hassell (J.) Aqua Pictura, Illustrated by a Series of Original Specimens from the Works of Payne, Varley, Wheatley, Cox, Prout, Dewint, etc., plates, many in colours, morocco (rubbed), g. e., n. d., oblong folio (290) Thorp, £2 10s. 5036 Hoffbauer (M. F.) Paris à travers les Ages. Aspects successifs des Monuments et Quartiers Historiques de Paris, Texte par MM. E. Fournier, P. Lacroix, etc., 2 vol., plates and illustrations, half morocco, g.t., uncut, Paris, 1875-82, folio (296) Batsford, £3 145. 5037 Hogarth (W.) Works, Restored by Heath, with Explanation of the Plates by Nichols, plates, half morocco, g.e., n. d., folio (297) Roche, £3 10s. 5038 Hutchins (J.) History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset, corrected, augmented and improved by R. Gough and J. B. Nichols, with Appendix, 5 vol., LARGE PAPER (except vol. ii.), portraits, maps and plates, half buckram, uncut (vol. ii. stilted), 1796-1803-13-15, folio (300) Ridler, £5 5039 Kitton (F. C.) Charles Dickens by Pen and Pencil, including Anecdotes and Reminiscences collected from his Friends and Contemporaries, 3 vol., plates on India paper and other illustrations, including the 70 additional illustrations, 1890-92, folio (302) Thorp, £3 4s. 5040 Landseer (Sir Edwin). Selections from the Works of, Library Edition, plates on India paper, stamped proofs, in 4 portfolios, Graves, n. d., folio (307) Parsons, £216s. 5041 Lenoir (A.) Statistique Monumentale de Paris, 2 vol., plates, some in colours, half morocco, g. t., uncut-Explication des Planches, uncut, Paris, 1867, 4to. (310) Ridler, £2 10S. 5042 Le Pautre (P.) Les Plans, Profils et Elevations des Ville et Château de Versailles, avec les Bosquet et Fontaines, plates by Cochin, Baquoy, Herisset, Menant, etc., half calf, Paris, Vanheck, s. d., royal folio (805) Parsons, £35s. 5043 Malton (James). A Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City of Dublin, with the series of views coloured, original boards, uncut, with paper label on side, 1792, etc., folio (564) E. Parsons, £17 This one

[Only a few coloured copies were issued. belonged to a noted Dublin collector, Dr. Joly, and was presented by him to Dr. R. R. Madden.-Catalogue.] 5044 Muther (R.) The History of Modern Painting, 3 vol., numerous illustrations, 1895-6, imperial 8vo. (200)

Braun, £2 16s. 5045 Nayler (Sir George). The Coronation of King George the Fourth, in the Church of St. Peter, Westminster, July 19, 1821, large coloured plates, comprising whole length portraits, the Coronation, the Banquet, etc., morocco extra, g. e., by Wright, Bohn, 1839, folio (647) Tregaskis, £19 10s.

5046 Nodier (C.) Taylor et Cailleux. Voyages Pittoresques et Romantiques dans l'Ancienne France. Normandie, 2 vol.Languedoc, 4 vol., together 6 vol., plates on India paper and illustrations, half morocco, g. t., uncut, Paris, Didot, 1822-37, folio (328) Herman, £7 155. 5047 Ogilby (J.) Africa, an accurate Description of, map and plates, old calf, re-backed, 1670, folio (943) Edwards, £3 35. 5048 Palæographical Society. Facsimiles of Ancient Manuscripts, part i-xiii., first series, 1873-83, and part i.-ix., second series, 1884-92, in the original paper covers, 1873-92, folio (331) Quaritch, £18 5049 Palmer (S.) St. Pancras. Antiquarian, Topographical and Biographical Memoranda, I vol. in 2, LARGE PAPER, plates, with 156 additional ones inserted (some scarce), half morocco, g. t., uncut, 1870, 4to. (202) Ridler, £3 15s. 5050 Phelps (Rev. W.) History and Antiquities of Somersetshire, 2 vol. in 1, plates, half calf, 1836-9, 4to. (410) Walford, £2 5051 Phillips (Stephen). Christ in Hades, and other Poems, first edition, in the original wrapper, uncut, 1896, 8vo. (571)

Longhurst, £3 5052 Phillips (Stephen). Paolo and Francesca, a Tragedy, in four acts, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1900, 8vo. (595) Longhurst, £ 10s. 5053 Rhys (E.) Sir Frederick Leighton, Bart., P.R.A., an Illustrated Chronicle, by Ernest Rhys, with Prefatory Essay by F. G. Stephens, LARGE PAPER, 85 copies printed, proof plates on India paper, in two states, half vellum, g. t., uncut, 1895, folio (343) Batsford, £2 10S. 5054 Rossi (D. de). A New Book of Ornaments, Decorations of Theatres, Ceilings, Chimney Pieces, Doors, etc., useful to Painters, Carvers, Engravers, etc., 24 engraved plates, including title, half calf, 1753, folio (842)

Batsford, £6 17s. 6d. 5055 Sander (F.) Reichenbachia. Orchids Illustrated and Described, first and second series, 4 vol., coloured plates, half morocco, g. t., 1888-94, folio (349)

Hill, £16

5056 Schreiber (Lady C.) Playing Cards of various Ages and Countries, facsimiles, 3 vol., half morocco, g. t., 1892-5, folio (353) Edwards, £3 18s. 5057 Shakespeare (W.) Works, edited by W. A. Wright, "Cambridge edition," 40 vol., uncut, 1893-5, 8vo. (377) Quaritch, £8 5s. 5058 Sheraton (T.) The Cabinet-Maker's and Upholsterer's Drawing Book, with Appendix, numerous plates, uncut, 1791-3, 4to. (725) Maggs, £8 155.

5059 Smith (J. T.) Antiquities of London and its Environs, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, plates (unbound), uncut, imperial folio (451)

1791-1805, extra Braun, £3 8s. parts, plates on

5060 Société d'Aquarellistes Français, 2 vol. in 8 India paper and numerous illustrations, tirage de grand luxe, 110 copies printed, Paris, 1883, folio (452)


Rimell, £2 12s.


5061 Sowerby (J. E.) English Botany, or Coloured Figures of British Plants, with Supplement, 13 vol., coloured plates, 1887-92, 8vo. (382) Sotheran, £14 5062 Surtees (R. S.) "Ask Mamma," or the Richest Commoner in England, first edition, complete in 13 parts, with coloured and other illustrations by John Leech, in the original pictorial wrappers, 1885, 8vo. (585) Quaritch, £8 10s. 5063 Taylor (J.) Voyages Pittoresques et Romantiques dans l'Ancienne France. Franche-Comté, 2 vol., 1825-Bourgogne, 2 vol., 1863, together 4 vol., plates on India paper and other illustrations, half morocco, g. t., Paris, Didot, 1825-63, folio (462) Batsford, £3 16s. 5064 Taylor (J.) Voyages Pittoresques et Romantiques dans l'Ancienne France, A. F. Lemaitre éditeur. Champagne, 2 vol., plates on India paper, vol. i. unbound, vol. ii. half morocco, uncut, Paris, Didot, 1857, folio (463) Hiersman, £2 5s. 5065 Villa-Amil (Perez de). España artistica, monumental vistas y descripcion de los sitros y monumentos mas notables de España, 3 vol., lithographic plates, half russia, g. t., Paris, 1842-4-50, imperial folio (469) Edwards, £3 4s. 5066 Viollet-le-Duc (M.) Dictionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture Française du XI. au XVI. Siècle, 10 vol., illustrations, half morocco, g. t., Paris, 1873, etc., 8vo. (403) Hill, £9 15s. 5067 Walton (Izaak). The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation, fourth edition, much corrected and enlarged, woodcuts, a very good copy, but slightly soiled by use, old calf, R. Marriot, 1668, 8vo. (912) Pickering, £13 5068 Way and Wheatley. Relics and Later Relics of Old London, 4 portfolios, each containing 24 proof etchings, signed by the artists, 1896-9, royal 4to. (476) Batsford, £5 7s. 6d. 5069 Wilkinson (R.) Londina Illustrata, or Graphic and Historic Memorials of Monasteries, Churches, Palaces, &c. in the City and Suburbs of London and Westminster, 2 vol., 207 engravings, half morocco, g. t., 1819-25, folio (483) Hill, £3 5s.




(No. of Lots, 1334; amount realised, £11,828 13s. 6d.)

5070 Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Oxford, its Colleges, Halls and Public Buildings, 2 vol., coloured engravings by Pugin, Nash, etc., 1814-History of the University of Cambridge, its Colleges, etc., 2 vol., coloured

engravings by Pugin, Mackenzie, Nash, etc., 1815, half morocco, t. e. g., uniform, together 4 vol., 4to. (1022)

Haig, £30 5071 Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Oxford, its Colleges, Halls, etc., 2 vol., coloured engravings by Pugin, Nash, etc., half russia, m. e., 1814, 4to. (1023) Robson, £15 [Another copy, extra illustrated with coloured sets of the costumes, Dighton's Characters and numerous portraits of the founders, realised £13 (calf gilt, Lot 179).-ED.] 5072 Ackermann (R.) History of University of Cambridge, 2 vol., coloured plates, original copy, extra illustrated, similar to the Oxford, with portraits of Founders, Costumes, Dighton Caricatures, etc., all in colours (2 or 3 missing), calf, 1815, 4to. (180) Shepherd, £9 5073 Ackermann (R.) History of Public Schools and Colleges, coloured plates, including the series of Costumes, original copy, morocco extra, gilt back and sides, g. e., 1816, 4to. (181) Denham, £19 15s. 5074 Ackermann (R.) The Microcosm of London, 3 vol., with coloured plates by Pugin and Rowlandson of the interiors and exteriors of the Public Buildings, and of the manners, customs, etc. of London, half russia, m. e. (1811), 4to. (1024) Haig, £21 10S.

[Another copy, in half calf, realised £19 15s.-Lot 663. -ED.] 5075 Alken (H.) The Analysis of the Hunting Field, *** the whole forming a slight souvenir of the season 1845-6, first edition, coloured plates and woodcuts by H. Alken, calf extra, R. Ackermann, 1846, 8vo. (82) Edwards, £13 5076 America. A Declaration of the State of the Colonie and Affaires in Virginia, with the Names of the Adventurers and Summes adventured in that Action by his Majesties Counseil for Virginia, 22 Junij, 1620, woodcut of the Great Seal of James I. on title, and on verso of last leaf woodcut of the seal of the Council for Virginia, pp. 11-A Note of the Shipping, Men and Provisions sent to Virginia by the Treasurer and Company in the Yeere 1619, pp. 8--The Names of the Adventurers, with their severall sums adventured, paid to Sir Thomas Smith, Knight, late Treasurer of the Company for Virginia, pp. 30 and blank leaf (this last leaf was wanting in the Ives copy)-Names of the Adventurers, with the sums paid by Order to Sir Baptist Hicks, Knight, pp. 4-Orders and Constitutions, partly collected out of his Majesties Letters Patent, and partly ordained upon mature deliberation, by the Treasuror, Counseil and Companie of Virginia, for the better governing of the Actions and Affairs of the said Companie here in England residing. Anno 1619 and 1620, pp. 39—-A Declaration of the Supplies intended to be sent to Virginia in this year 1620. By his Majesties Counseil for Viginia, 18 Julii, 1620, pp. 9-16 (this Declaration was wanting in the Ives copy), morocco extra, g. e., London, 1620 (184) Pole, £31 10s.

[Earliest issue, with separate pagination of each part. It contained four printed leaves and a blank leaf, which were wanting in the Ives copy (sold in 1891 for 150 dollars). -Catalogue.]

5077 America. The Treaty held with the Indians of the Six Nations at Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, in June, 1744, with an account of the first Confederacy of the Six Nations, their Religion, Form of Government, etc., original paper covers, W. Parks, Williamsburg, n. d. (1744), 8vo. (104) H. Stevens, £5 10s. 5078 Arnold (Matthew). Alaric at Rome, a Prize Poem, recited in Rugby School, June xii., mdcccxl., first edition, original printed wrapper, enclosed in morocco case, Rugby, Combe and Crossley, 1840, 8vo. (115) Quaritch, £50 5079 Augustine (Saint). Les dix premiers livres de la Cité de Dieu [traduite en François par Raoul de Praesles], lettres bâtardes, double columns, several large woodcuts (some leaves stained and wormed), vellum, Imprime sula ville d'Abbeville par Jehan du Pre et Pierre Gerard Murchans libraires xxiiii. Nov., 1486 (241) Leighton, £14

[First edition of this French version of "De Civitate Dei," and the first book printed at Abbeville.-Catalogue.] 5080 Austen (J.) Emma, a Novel, 3 vol., original boards, edges entirely uncut, first edition, 1816, 8vo. (122)

Hornstein, £7 15s. 5081 Bacon (Francis). Essaies. Religious Meditations, Places of Perswasion and Disswasion. Seene and allowed. London, printed for Humfrey Hooper, and are to be solde at the Blacke Beare, Chauncery Lane, 1598-Cornwallis (Sir W.) Essayes, Printed for Edmond Mattes, 1600-Cornwallis (Sir W.) A Second Part of Essayes, ib., 1601-Johnson (Robert). Essaies, or Rather Imperfect Offers. Seene and allowed [Dedicated to W. H. Earl of Pembroke], Printed by John Windet for J. Barnes, 1601, the headlines of two leaves slightly touched, otherwise large copies, with many rough edges, in the original vellum, in 1 vol., 12m0. (124)

Pickering, £96

[The above is the second edition of Bacon's Essays, and the first in which the Meditations appeared in English. The two parts of Cornwallis are both first editions, and so is Johnson's Essays. The latter appears to be of extreme rarity, and it is possible the British Museum copy is the only other extant.-Catalogue.]

5082 Bacon (Francis). The Essaies of Sr. Francis Bacon Knight, the Kings Atturney Generall. His Religious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and Disswasion. Seene and allowed, some pages stained and wormed, and one or two headlines shaved, large copy in the original vellum with rough uncut leaves, Printed at London for John Jaggard, dwelling at the Hand and Starre betweene the two Temple Gates, 1613, 12mo. (125) Pickering, £20 5083 Bacon (Francis). The Wisdome of the Ancients, written in

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