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tant. From the third to the eighth and stonest them which are sent verse inclusive, the Spirit seems to unto thee, how often would I have instruct in “ the diversities of gifts," gathered thy children together, even and their “diversities of operations :" as a hen gathereth her chickens under " the more excellent way” is then her wings, and ye would not! Behold, set before us. Let us walk therein to your house is left unto you desolate. the praise of the glory of His grace. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see Clifton. W. HOWELL. me henceforth, till ye shall say,

Blessed is he that cometh in the name

of the Lord."* He accompanied his THE JEWISH POOR AT

quotations with exegetical remarks. JERUSALEM.

On these the speaker founded an A VERY interesting drawing room appeal to his hearers, as children of meeting was convened on Thurs- God, to show, in some measure, symday evening, the 24th ult., by Mrs. pathy with those the Redeemer emHowlett's invitation, at her resi- phatically called His brethren. In dence in 14, George Street, Hanover illustration of the inextinguishable Square, to hear the report of the faith which burns in the hearts of the “ Association in aid of the Industrial Jews with reference to God's purposes Plantation for Jews, and for relief of respecting them, he quoted a pretty distress among the Jews in Jerusa- legend from the Talmud, the burden lem. The chair was occupied by of which was a dialogue between the the Rev. P. S. O'Brien, of St. John's, Prophet Elijah and Rabbi Josè. Kilburn. The Chairman opened the The following is the gist of the conproceedings with prayer, after which versation : he made a few terse introductory re- Elijah.-- What voice hast thou marks as to the object of the meeting. heard in this ruin?”. He then called upon the Honorary Sec- Rabbi Jose.—“I heard a divine retary, Mr. H. Sugden Evans, to read voice, moaning like a dove, and say. the report. A most interesting and ing • Woe is me that I have destroyed touching document that report proved my House, and have burnt my to be. We would recommend our Temple, and have exiled my children readers to apply for printed copies of among the Gentile nations, the same. The Chairman then called Elijah.--"My son, by thy life, and upon Rev. Dr. Margoliouth to move the the life of thy head, not only at this first resolution. On coming forward, hour does that voice say thus, but Dr. M. observed on the interesting three times on every day sayeth it the coincidence of their meeting taking same. Moreover, at every time that place on the very day which the Jews Israel assemble together in their throughout their dispersion hold as a synagogues and colleges, and utter solemn fast-day on account of the the response, · May His Great Name destruction of their city and temple, be blessed!' the Holy One, blessed as well as of their exile from the be He, shakes His head and says, same. After describing the manner ‘Happy is the king whose children in which this mournful anniversary adore Him thus in His House. was observed amongst Israel, the What remaineth now to the Father speaker demonstrated that the chief who has exiled His children amongst mourners were the FATHER, Son, and Gentile nations? Woe to those chilSpirit. He quoted such pas-ages as

dren who have been driven from their the following :-"I have forsaken Father's board !'” Mine house, I have left Mine heritage; After an earnest appeal in behalf of I have given the dearly beloved of his poor distressed brethren in the My soul into the hand of her ene- Holy City, Dr. M. read the following mies." “ Verily Israel and Judah is resolution, which was intrusted to him not widowed from his Gol, from the to be moved :Lord of hosts; though their land ** That this meeting hears with was filled with sin against the Holy concern of the distressed condition of One of Israel." "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, Jer. xii, 7; li. 5; Matt. xxiii. 37-39.



the Jews in Jerusalem, and vote the sum of £50, to be applied in relief by Miss Dickson, of Jerusalem,-half in adding to the workers in Miss Cooper's school of industry, and half in aid of the sick and infirm."

The resolution was seconded in a very interesting address by the Rev. Dr. Petavel. The second resolution was spoken to by Mr. Robert Scott, of The CHRISTIAN, and Mr. Frede. rick Edwards. The following is the text of the resolution:-“That the sum of £10 be remitted to Mr. Schneller for the most necessary work to be done on the plantation ground." Both gentlemen spoke feelingly in behalf of Israel. Mr. Edwards' appeal received cogency from the fact of his recent return from the Holy Land.

The third resolution was moved by Mr. G. A. Osborne, and seconded by Mr. A. Finn. It was as follows:; " That this meeting fully recognises the importance of providing agricultural and industrial work for the Jews in Jerusalem, and pledges itself to renewed exertion in raising funds required for this object, and in seeking for a fit superintendent."

Several conversations took place between the respective resolutions, from which some important and interesting particulars were elicited from Mrs. Finn, who, with her late husband, was the founder and promoter of the industrial plantation. One was that the Jaffa Jewish Industrial farm was the offspring of the Jerusalem one. The meeting lasted about two hours, and was one of the most interesting ones that we have attended for some time.

now especially is the contents of a printed circular which was distributed in the above named drawing-room. We think the move a most important one; we therefore give our readers an opportunity to become acquainted with it; haply they may be disposed to become fellow workers in the good

Here is the circular in extenso: “PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND.


“It is proposed to hold some Ladies' Drawing-room Meetings in aid of the above Fund.

“ Most valuable results have already been obtained by means of the investigations made in the Holy Land. Parts of the ancient Jewish walls of Jerusalem have been brought to light, and it is hoped that the position of Solomon's Temple will soon be determined.

“ Many places mentioned in Holy Scripture have been identified, and their sites have been marked on the new map of Palestine, which is being constructed by officers of the Royal Engineers. By this means many passages of Holy Scripture formerly obscure have become perfectly clear.

“ The Natural History, Botany, Geology, Meteorology, and Antiquities of the Holy Land are being studied on the spot, and the ancient Traditions still floating about among the people are being collected.

“Funds are, however, greatly needed, so that full advantage may be taken of the present favourable opportunity for completing this great undertaking

The Ladies of England, Scotland and Ireland, are asked to help the work, which is in itself of the highest and most sacred interest. This may be easily and effectually done by means of Drawing-room Meetings, arranged by any lady who will invite her friends for an hour or two, in either the afternoon or evening, to hear a description of the Exploration work, which will be given by a lady who has lived many years in Jerusalem, and who is requested and authorised to do so by the Committee. She will be enabled to illustrate the subject by means of photographs,


PALESTINE EXPLORATION. A VERY influential meeting in behalf of this Association, to us one of the most significant siGNS OF THE TIMES (see our Feb. No. pp. 51-53), was held on Friday afternoon, the 24th ult., by the kind permission of the Duke of Westminster, in the drawing-room of Grosvenor House, Upper Grosvenor Street, to hear addresses from Lieut. Conder, Captain Warren, and others, on the progress of the exploration. With those addresses we shall deal in a future issue. What interests us

maps, models, and diagrams, and also tion of these earthly tabernacles by to give interesting details respecting their all-wise Creator and Preserver, manners, customs, and life in the Holy and we re-echo the great Apostle's Land.

hope, with something of his earnest “ It is hoped that these Meetings longing, while waiting for the adopmay lead to the formation of Ladies'

tion, to wit, the redemption of the

body,” (Rom. viii. 23,) as the grand Associations, and that the steady

climax of transcendent mercy exceedsupport which would be derived from

ing all conception, for “ we know not even small sums regularly subscribed, what we shall be.” Yet are we not may result in the speedy completion left in ignorance concerning certain of the work so nobly conceived, and relations subsisting between the earthly hitherto carried out in spite of every body and the spiritual, of which the difficulty by the Committee of the former is said by St. Paul to be its Exploration Fund."

seed-bud. Reasoning from analogy, and aided by modern chemical re

search, a few thoughts are here Correspondence.

hazarded on the inspiring theme, not altogether without confirmation from

the Word of God, for if science ac. THE FIRST RESURRECTION quaints us that matter is indestructible, VIEWED IN CONNECTION WITH

it is also an article of our faith, since RESTORED ISRAEL.

we believe that the human body,

formed out of the dust of the ground, To the Editor of the Hebrew Christian will be clothed with immortality; and Witness and Prophetic Investigator,

it is well known to every philosophic

inquirer that dissolution, as the word DEAR SIR,- The Scriptural doctrine implies, is only sub-division and clasof Resurrection is now remarkably il- sification, Dust being mineralised lustrated by physiological discovery- oxygen, a metallic substance, viz., for life natural we are told is single in acted upon by that combustible agent, its origin; the vital principle simply it seems not improbable that the hutransmitted. Of the innumerable my- man body of a glorified saint may, in riads that have peopled the earth since its reconstruction, be strictly metallic, man was created, all owned a derived shining like burnished silver and liquid life from the first human pair. The gold rendered ductile by the warmth seeds of death being thus trans- of a pure circulating ether, the substimitted from generation to generation, tute for gross corporeal blood. This the hope of humanity rests, physically can scarcely be di emed an idle fancy, speaking, as like produces like, on the when we reflect that the feet of the promise of a new creation, of which Son of Man, which only were visible to the Lord Jesus is both the origin and St. John under his long garment, are Head. For He is expressly declared to compared by him " to fine brass glowbe the New Man-the second Adam -- ing in a furnace" (Rev. i. 15), and the beginning of the creation of God. that “ His countenance was as the sun (Rev. iii. 14 ; 1 Cor. xv. 45-50.)

shining in its strength.” That Moses The imperfection of our present con- and Elias were invested with a similar dition is obvious from the fact that glory on the holy mount, we may the body, or animal faculties, must be gather from St. Peter's desire to " kept under," to use the Apostle's honour them likewise with tabernacle words. brought into subjection when worship. Fair as the moon, clear as we seek to accomplish the will of God, the sun," these are the brilliant attriand are therefore rather a hindrance butes of the Lamb's Wife“ having the than help ; indeed, as Dr. Greg re- glory of God” (Rev. xxi. 11); His marks, in his " Enigmas of Life,'' the name and wondrous perfections emspiritual insight is often clearest and blazoned on her forehead. We have highest when the body is weakened or thus presented to us images of strength, powerless, and the mind obscured or beauty, and perfection in connection inactive;" and again," the highest state with these corporeal frames, on which of physical health and energy, the most it will be at least harmless to expathorough bodily training is unfavour- tiate. able to mental activity." Right reason, We behold man thus armed with a therefore unites with revelation in physical coat of mail, impervious to all anticipating the glorious reconstruc- assaults, too weighty some may object for active purposes. Nay, but how duc- That the Redeemer will at stated tile are the perfect metals, leaf-gold periods manifest himself in clouded being finer and far lighter than the glory to the worshippers in Ezekiel's minutest grains of sand. The human temple we gather from the prophet's voice sounding through metallic tubes, statement. (Ezek. xliii.) “ The place what grandeur and harmony in its of the soles of my feet" is a remarkslightest accents. Doubtless theoxygen, able expression : but the millennium hydrogen, and carbon that enter into terminates in a rebellion, and it is not the composition of these our mortal until after that event that the Bridal bodies, differently modified to produce City descends to the new heavens and new and beautiful results, will have earth prepared for her reception, and the their share in the immortal likewise, “ Tabernacle of God” is said to " be with and thus will Scripture be literally men." fulfilled, and man, out of his pristine Wishing to prove the evident diselements, be new made, ennobled, glo- tinction, between Israel's glorious narified !-a brilliant being, shining lite- tional future and the destiny of Christ's rally as the light, and rendered meet risen saints at His appearing, I hope for the inheritance of that kingdom to stand excused for this long letter, whence flesh and blood must be of and forbear therefore to enter upon necessity excluded as unable to bear the nature of that Christology which the glorious effulgence. When the Son will be established on the earth when of God shall appear, “ we shall be like its inhabitants are once more subjected Him," and "see Him as He is.” (1 John to probationary trial under the most iii. 2).

favourable circumstances. The first Resurrection and Israel's Respectfully and truly yours, deliverance being contemporaneous

JANE BURNETT. events, as we learn from the prophets Daniel and St. Paul, clearer views are thus attainable of God's purposes of

THE PRE-ADAMITE EARTH. grace and glory. The pre-eminent DEAR SIR,— Would you kindly give glory of reigning with Christ is re- me permission to suggest whether served we know for those who have there is not some scientific colour suffered with Him (2 Tim. ii. 12), given (unintentionslly) to the idea whose probationary state closed on that this our world is a re-creation, in earth with inartyrdom and self-sa- the fact that " there is an enormous crifice (Rev. xx.). To the honourable gap in the geologic record between the roll of Old Testament witnesses con- period of cave men and historic man, tained in Heb. xi., another not less represented by the whole alluvial admirable may surely be added under history and system of our existing the New or Gospel covenant, for where rivers. Leaving the mythical cave throughout Christendom is not their men alone, is it not rather striking precious dust mingled with the soil ? that this gap occurs prerious to the

As there is no difference in the way of arrival of historic man; for what occaacceptance between Jew and Gentile, sioned that gap for which our scien“ both being made one in Christ Jesus," tific men cannot account? Could it we know that many shall come from be the re-creation of a world? But, the East and West and sit down with moreover, I see lately named, amongst Abraham in the Kingdom of God. We Notices of Books in the Guardian also learn from Sacred Scripture that newspaper, one written by a New Zeathe father of the faithful looked for a land barrister in support of a theory heavenly City whose builder and maker that the spirits who fell in the rebelis God, and are thus led to conclude lion of Satan may have been admitted that there will be a heavenly as well to a revived life in man. This theory as an earthly Jerusalem : the former, he does not undertake to prove from of pure gold with its pearly gates, being Holy Scripture, but on reasonable the abode of Christ and His glorified hypothesis, and as the confutation to body—the Lamb's Wife, the latter the infidel and materialistic speculations. grand metropolis of restored Israel The Guardian, in noticing it, speaks under a Prince of the house of David, of the idea as queer, but thinks it is distinguished from all other nations of modestly and sensibly argued. (“ Eduthe earth by their physical, intellec- cation of Man," Griffin and Co.) As tual, and spiritual endowments, but derivations of words sometimes gives still mortal, although, like the oak, insight to things, might this idea gifted with great longevity. (Isa. Ixv.) find any corroboration in the deriva

tion of the “ word Hell, which originally meant no more than a place hidden, covered, or, as we should say, healed over, (whilst) hover comes from heaven, or, as it was formerly written, Heafen, meaning heaped or heaven up.” If Scriptural warrant could be found for the surmise (that man was drawn "out of darkness and the shadow of death" with an opening to regain light and life eternal), how would it enhance the Divine mercy of that Saviour who not only re-created a world for the lost, but, with the foreknowledge that Satan would regain his own serfs, was prepared to offer Himself for their redemption and regeneration as a Son of Abraham His servant. And what light would this theory throw, not only upon the evil nature in man which broke out when he forfeited the Divine breath in His soul, but as to the different probation in this life assigned to individuals and nations, which a previous existence might have entailed. I would particularly suggest to Jews that this view (if tenable) might account for the special honour vouchsafed to their great forefather, Abraham, that he might have beon found " amongst the faithless, faithful only he," and therefore honoured as the progenitor of that Divine Redeemer of mankind (when He took our human nature), who is the eternal honour of the Jewish nation. But should this theory find Hebrew corroboration (as knowledge is to be increased, we are told in Holy Scripture), ought the Jews to be slack in proving it? Ought they not to be first and foremost to confute, by “knowledge increased,” materialism and infidelity (remembering the stock from which they spring). Ought not Judah to bring home her King, and confess that she had ignorantly (though faithful in ignorance) been unfaithful to her God? And he would receive and bless faithful, fearless, grateful fealty offered to Him now. Now, when many are forsaking the faith of God, and denying the inspiration of His holy written Word, might He not honour His own kinsmen (who confessed they had been verily guilty) by making them the standard bearers for His faith throughout the world ?

Israel's rulers to King Messiah, whom he addresses as GOD? Here, as the Jews well understood, was the point of the quotation made by our Lord (St. John x. 34-38), “I for my part said : Ye are Gods, and all of you sons of the Most High.” God's word came to them. (St. John x. 35), investing them with His prerogative of judgment. See Exod. xxi. 6 (Heb.); xxii. 8, cf. 2 Chron. xiv. 5-7. Israel, the chosen nation, has forfeited its functions. David and David's own son have been found wanting. They cannot “ask" (Ps. ii. 8), so that God should give them "all nations for their heritage.” God's own Son must arise, and substantiate the claim. (Cf. Heb. i. 2.) “Stand up, O God : judge the earth : for THOU shalt take for Thy heritage all nations." Obs. i.

A little before the quotation in St. John x. 34-38, our Lord had said ; “ Other sheep I hare, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice."

Obs, ii. What Joshua was to Israel (Numb. xxvii. 17-20), that Jesus will be to the Universal Church.

Obs. iii. If the Jews had believed Moses—had really believed that God had descended on Mount Sinai, taken them to be His people, promised to dwell in the midst of them - they would not have rejected the thought of that higher presence which was in Jesus, the Son OF COD. I am yours respectfully,




MAY this ·verse be translated : “He shall judge among the nations : full number taketh He of bodies : He hath stricken (him that was) Head over the wide earth ?" May the meaning be that the bodies of those who had been enslaved by the usurper, Death, were now claimed back by their rightful Lord ? The full number is claimed. The " last enemy” being destroyed, all things are brought beneath Messiah's sway. The construction as in Exod. xv. 9.

Before He smote kings (ver. 5), potentates :- now the central power of the whole confederacy of evil. In Joshua xi. 5-10, we read :-"And all


PSALM LXXXII. 8. REV. SIR,–Psalm lxxxii. 8, is a study. Does not the speaker turn away from

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