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Both in TEACHERS and HEARERS. Wherein is held forth the clear Discovery

and certain Downfal of the Carnal and

Anti-christian Clergy of these Nations. Testified from the Word of God to the Univerfary

Congregations in Cambridge.

By Wiliani Del, Minister of the Gospel, and Master of Convil and Caius College in Cambridge.

Whereunto is added, A Plain and Necessary Confutation of divers Gross

Errors Deliver'd by Mr. Sydrach Sympson, in a Sermon Preach'd to the fame Congregation at

the COMMENCEMENT, Anno MDCLIII. Wherein (among other things ) is declared

That the Universities (according to their present Statutes and Pra&ises) are not (as he affirmed) answerable to the Schools of the Prophets in the time of the Law; but ra

ther to the Idolatrous High Places. And that Humane Learning, is not a Preparation appointed

by Chrift, either for the Right Understanding, or Right

Teaching the Gospel. With a Brief Testimony against Divinity Degrees in the

Universities. As also Lutber's Testimony at large upon the whole Matter. And lastly, The Right Reformation of Learning, Schools

and Universities, according to the State of the Gospel, and the Light that Thines therein. AH necessary for the Inftru&tion and Direction of the

Faithful in these laft Times.

First Printed in the Year, 1666.

To all the Truly Faithful the Sons

of God,' and Brethren of Chrift; whether in present Authority, or otherwise wheresoever in these Nations ; Grace bë multiplied unto you, and Peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ our Head and Hope.

Could not chase but distinguish You thús, from I

all the rest of the People of these Nations of

what Condition or Quality foever, feeing God Himself hath first done it; having chosen you to Himself in Chrift, and set you apart for Himself; as a Peculiar People, Zealous of Good Works. And I have chosen to speak this only to you, because You are all tanght of God, and have heard and learned from Him the Truth as it is in Fefits; and because You have an inward. Unation from God, whereby You know the Truth from Error, though it be never so much reproached by Carnal Christians ; and whereby You know Érror from Truth, thongli it be never so much exalced and magnified by Them. Tou are those Spiritual Men who fudge All Things, because you have received the Word and Spirit of Judgment in Chrift, from the Father. BeSides, You are the Men, whom God will use in his Greatest and most Glorious Works, which he hach yet to do in the World, to wit, in the Destruction of the Kingdom of Anti-Christ, and in the ferring up, and inlarging the Kingdom of Christ, which Things, are not to be done by the Might and Power of Worldly Magiftrases, (which it may be have

be you



not received, and if you had, it would not be helpful here) but by the Spirit of the Lord, which You all have received in some measure. Yea farther, none but You, will be contented to live by Faith, and to follow Christ in Untrodden Paths, and to uodertake Impossible Works to Flesh and Blood; and none but you will be willing to have the residue of Christ's Life and Works. And of his Sufferings and Death, fulfilled in your Mortal Bodies.

It grieves me much to see so many Men as I have known once hopeful in the Army, and elsewhere, to be now so full gorged with the Flesh of Kings, and Nobles and Caprains, and Mighty Men, that is, with their Estates, Mannors, Houses, Parks, Lands, &c. . That they can now be contented to take their ease, and to comply with the World and worldly Church, and the Teachers thereof, and can perswade themselves, that there is enough done for their time, after it hath fared thus well with them; and can leave the Remainder, to Men that are as plain and mean as Themselves were at first, forgetting Him who remembred them, when they were in Low condition. But obey that were indeed Righteous among them, are Rigbreous still, and they that were indeed Holy, are Holy still; and Prosperity bath only fisin the Fools, as the Scriptures speak, But You Coristians are called, Chosen and Faithful. and You will still be found with the Lamb on Mount Sion, and with the rest who have his Name, and his Father's Name, written in their Foreheads; and you dare still own the Ancient Truth, Cause and work of Christ, how great disadvantage foever is for the present risen up against it, through the Apostasie of Carnal Christians, the Lovers of this world. And You all know, that all that hach been done hitherto by the Sword, is but the Preparation of Chriffs way to his work, and that the Work ic self is stiu behind, and to be done by those Worshies of the


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