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has by the Custom-House Officers, and to Madame de paliere, in English and French, on I sheet, folio (167) Tregaskis, £9 inting-Press at Strawberry-Hill, To the Earl of Chesld, 6 lines (168) Sabin, £4 17s. 6d Presentés à sa Majesté, Le Roi de Suede, A Ruel le edy, 9 Mai, 1771, par Madame la Duchesse d'Aiguillon riere, en lui montrant le Portrait du Cardinal de helieu, 2pp. (169) Robson, £27s. 6d. Master of Otranto being in Durance and not able to ve the Fairy Blandina," etc., 8 lines (170) Tregaskis, £5 An address in prose presented to Lady Blandford on visiting Strawberry Hill, in 1772, at the age of 78, Wal→ being confined to his room with an attack of gout.— logue.]

Press at Strawberry-Hill to Miss Mary and Miss Agnes "ry, Three Stanzas of four lines each, I page (171) Denham, £5 2s. 6d. Walpole, who wrote these verses, relates the occasion which they were printed in a letter to the Countess Ossory, October 19th, 1788.—Catalogue. See ante No. 7.-ED.]

Press at Strawberry-Hill to His Royal Highness the te of Clarence [afterwards William the Fourth], one je [December 22nd, 1790] (173) Tregaskis, i 16s. Charles James). To Mrs. Crewe, 2pp. [1775], 4to. (175) B. F. Stevens, £3 Three hundred copies of this leaflet were printed, a copy in the Grenville Library being marked "very scarce." Mrs. ewe was the daughter of Fulke Greville, and was painted Sir Joshua Reynolds as "St. Geneviève.”—Catalogue.] →rses by T. Pentycross, “Thro' the bosom of yon trees," etc., 20 lines (177) Denham, £210S.

These verses were addressed to Horace Walpole.talogue.]

taph in the Churchyard of St. Anne, Soho, on Theodore, King of Corsica, 1 page [1757] (178) Denham, £3

[Walpole wrote this Epitaph for a tablet which he erected to the memory of this unfortunate monarch, who died in December, 1756, and for whom he had previously raised a subscription. Catalogue.]

Epitaph on a Woman who sold Earthenware, a card (179) Robson, I IIS. pitaph on a Canary Bird, three verses of four lines (180) Denham, 18s.

A Song, "There was a little Man, and he woo'd a little Maid," 6 verses of 4 lines (181) Denham, £2 6s.

[This and the previous lot were written by Silvester Harding, a miniature painter.-Catalogue.]

Air, in French, "Tristes regrets," etc., Four Verses, with MS. note at foot, "Strawberry” (182)

Denham, 10s.

Hoagson and Co.,


4526 Leaflet on the Discovery of Oil Painting, 16 lines, and a rough pull on a quarto sheet (183)

Robson, 16s. [The above appears to be an earlier form of the following lot. It is apparently not recorded, and there is no copy of

either in the British Museum.- Catalogue.] 4527 Questions proposed to the Society of Antiquaries, 2 columns of 23 lines (184)

Tregaskis, 12s. 4528 Coat of Arms of White's Club, designed by Lord Edgecombe and engraved by C. Grignion, on pink paper (185)

Tregaskis, £3 35. [This coat-of-arms is referred to by Walpole in a letter to Montagu, dated April 20th, 1756. There is a cut down copy on white paper in the Grenville Library, where it is described as a Gamester's Coat of Arms," and is bound in a volume containing leaflets, etc. printed at Strawberry

Hill.- Catalogue.]
4529 Copy of a General Order of the Court of Exchequer for the

future more regular issuing of Summons of the Pipe, etc.,

2 leaves, dated 21st June, 1758, folio (186) Tregaskis, £7
4530 Inscription under the Monument of the first two Earls of

Waldegrave, Father and Son, both of the name of James,
both Servants of that Excellent Prince King George II.,
I leaf, folio (188)

Dobell, £7
(Written by Horace Walpole's brother, Sir Edward Wal-
pole. There is apparently some doubt as to whether the
two preceding leaflets were printed at Strawberry Hill. -

Catalogue.] 4531 Rules for obtaining a Ticket to see Strawberry Hill, 28 lines,

printed in italics on pink paper (189) Tregaskis, £2 155.

[The copy of these quaint Rules in the British Museum

is printed on white paper.----Catalogue.]
4532 Rules, etc. A later issue of the same, presumably printed on

Walpole's assuming the title of Earl of Orford in 1791,
2 copies (190)

Tregaskis, £i 25. 4533 Three Tickets of Admission " to see Strawberry-Hill,” dated

August 22 and 26 and September 13, 1774, each signed
“Hor. Walpole," and endorsed with the names of “Capt.

;"" Col. Salive," and "Lady Parry”; also a card of
admission in MS. with red seal of Lord Orford's Coat-of-
Arms, dated on back, “Wednesday, Nov. 25th, 1801" (191)

Denham, £,4 125. 6d. 4534 Prosperity 10 Houghton, 6 verses-and Houghton Hare

Hunting, 8 verses, sheet ballads (192) Robson, £2 6s.
[Houghton, in Norfolk, was the family seat of the Wal-

These pieces are given in Lowndes as being
printed at Strawberry Hill, but no mention is made of this
fact in the British Museum Catalogue, which says [London?

1728?).- Catalogue.] 4535 The Norfolk Garland, or The Death of Reynard the Fox,

folio sheet (London, 1728?] (194). Denham, £2 ios.

[This song was apparently printed in the same type as the foregoing.- Catalogue.]


4536 A Letter from King Edward the Sixth to Sir Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 1770-The Embassy, translated from the French of Mons. le Chevalier de Boufflers, four verses, 1770Rebus's, three verses-and Tracts by Alderman Nutting, etc., 16 lines (195) Sotheran, 14s.

[Three of the above leaflets bear the imprint, "Printed at Houghton Park," the fourth being in the same type. The letter of Edward the Sixth was subsequently reprinted by Horace Walpole in his "Copies of Seven Original Letters from King Edward VI." (see Lot 142).-Catalogue.] 4537 An engraved invitation card, "Lady Ailesbury's Compts.,

etc.," endorsed on the back in Walpole's handwriting, "1758. This was designed by R. Bentley" (196) Denham, £2 [Lady Ailesbury was the Honble. Mrs. Damer's mother.— Catalogue.]

4538 On the Death of the Marchioness of Tavistock, nine verses, 2 copies on one sheet, folio (197) Dobell, £2

[An MS. note on the back (apparently in Walpole's handwriting) says, "Pieces printed at Ampthill."-Catalogue.]

4539 Prologue, by the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe—and Epilogue, by Johanna Baillie, at the opening of the Theatre, Strawberry Hill, November, 1800, a parcel of duplicate copies (198) Tregaskis, £17 5s. 4540 Epilogue to the Comedy of the Fashionable Friends, performed at Strawberry Hill, written by the Hon. William Lamb [afterwards Lord Melbourne], and spoken by the Hon. Anne S. Damer, 2 copies and 5 Playbills, etc. (199) Dobell, £2 8s. [The play referred to was written by Miss Berry.—Catalogue.]

4541 Prologue, by the Right Hon. General Conway-and Epilogue, by the Right Hon. Lieutenant-General Burgoyne, to the Play of "The Way to Keep Him," performed at Richmond House, on the 17th of May, 1787, before their Majesties, 4pp. and 2 Playbills relating to York House, Twickenham, folio (200) Denham, £2 125.

[Walpole was present at the performance of the above play, the epilogue of which was spoken by the Hon. Mrs. Damer (Walpole to Conway, June 17, 1787).—Catalogue.] 4542 MS. The paragraph on John Stephen Liotard from Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting (vol. iv., ch. 5, pp. 90, 91), with three extra Notes in the author's autograph, 21⁄2pp., small 4to. (201) Denham, £4 12s. 6d. 4543 MS. Incantation for Raising a Phantom, imitated from Macbeth, and lately perform'd by His Majesty's Servants in Westminster, by Colonel Rd. Fitzpatrick, 1789, in the autograph of Walpole, who had added explanatory names in the margin, 2pp., folio (202) Denham, £28

4544 MS.

A Catalogue of Books, Poems, Tracts and small detached Pieces, Printed at the Private Press at Strawberry Hill, 7 leaves, sewed, small 4to. (203) Dobell, £8

Hodgson and Co.,

[Apparently a transcript of Baker's Catalogue, published

in 1810.-Catalogue.)
4545 MS. The First Night's Lodgings, or the Picts Expell’d, an

Opera of Three Acts, written on 73 leaves, half bound, and
I other, sewed, small 4to. (204)

Dobell, £7 6s. 4546 Harding (S.) A Series of Portraits to Illustrate the Earl of

Orford's Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors, 167 portraits, with title and list of plates, in 41 numbers, original wrappers, 1798-1803, 4to. (205)

Sabin, £45 1os. [The Hon. Mrs. Damer's copy, with her name on most of

the wrappers.--Catalogue.] 4547 Gardiner (W. N.) Portraits of Royal and Noble Authors,

frontispiece and 6 portraits, wrapper, J. Good (1760), small 4to. (206)

Denham, £5 4548 Elegy on the Death of Miss Caroline Campbell, Daughter of the Right Honourable Lord William Campbell

, 4pp., original wrapper, n. d., small 4to. (216)

Dobell, £3 (Miss Campbell's death is mentioned in a letter of Walpole's to Lady Ossory. Lord William Campbell was the maternal uncle of the Hon. Mrs. Damer.- Catalogue.]

(B) Various Properties.
4549 Arabian Nights. The Book of the Thousand Nights and

One Night, done into English from the Original Arabic by
John Payne (limited to 500 copies), 9 vol., vellum boards,
gilt tops, uncut, Privately printed for the Villon Society,
1872 (77)

G. H. Brown, £9 155. 4550 Arabian Nights. The Book of the Thousand Nights and a

Night and the Supplementary Nights, translated by Sir R.
F. Burton, with two sets of illustrations by A. Letchford
and A. Lalauze (one set signed artist's proofs on Japan
paper), together 16 vol., tree calf gilt, gilt tops, with the
original covers bound in at the end of each volume, Pri-
vately printed for the Kama Shastra Society, Benares,
1885-8 (78)

G. H. Brown, £,46 4551 Arabian Nights. Alf Laylah Wa Laylah. The Book of the

Thousand Nights and a Night. The Supplemental Nights,
by R. F. Burton, 6 vol., Privately printed for the Benares

Society, 1886, royal 8vo. (265) G. H. Brown, £7 155. 4552 Boccacio (G.) Il Decamerone di M. Giovanni Boccacio,

portrait, frontispieces, plates and vignettes by Gravelot,
Boucher, Cochin and Eisen, also the rare set of “ Estampes
Gálantes des Contes du Boccace," LARGE THICK PAPER,
5 vol., old French morocco, gilt edges, Londra (Paris),
1757, 8vo. (477)

Quaritch, £21 Ios. 4553 Boydell's History of the River Thames, coloured plates by J.

Farington, 2 vol., extended by the insertion of 926 portraits,
topographical views, plans and other illustrations, many of
which are carefully inlaid, in 5 vol., morocco extra, gilt tops,
contents lettered, with specially written titles, 1794-6,
imperial 4to. (223)

£55 4554 Coronation (The) of His Most Sacred Majesty King George

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