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Ford's Loyal Subject's Exultation for the Royall Exile's Restoration--Kidder's Charity Directed; or, the Way to give Alms to the greatest Advantage Goughe's Surest and Safest Way of Thriving--Meriton's Sermons of Nobilitie and Repentance, 1607 Prideaux's Ephesus's Backsliding considered and applied to these Times, 1614–Bp. Burnet's Sermon at the Coronation of William III. and Mary II. and 14

other Sermons, &c. in 1 vol. good copy, 12s 1653, &c. 11089 TRACTS, viz. Collection of Papers relating to the

Present Juncture of Affairs in England and Scotland, 1088 & 9, containing a History of all the Memoriable Transactions during the Time of James II, leaving England, and the Prince of Orange's Arrival, and tilt his Coronation, in 12 Parts, complete, scarceParliamentum Pacificum; or, the Happy Union of the King and People in an Healing Parliament-Reflections on our late and present Proceedings in England --2 Letters of Myn Heer Fagels on the Penal Laws--Dialogue between Harry and Roger, concerning the Times--The late Proceedings and Votes of the Parliament of Scotland, in an Address to the King, Stated and Vindicated-Proceedings of the present Parliament Justified, by the Opinion of Hugo Grotius, &c. and 6 others, in 1 vol. neat, 14s

1688, &c. 11090 - Man's Mortallitie; or, a Treatise wherein

'tis Proved that Man (as a Rationall Creature) is a Compound wholly Mortall, contrary to that common Distinction of Soule and Body, and that its present going into Heaven or Hell is a meer Fiction, &c. very curious, Anst. 1643, written by one of the Sect called Soule Sleepers, vide Pagitt's Heresiography, page 153--Best's Mystries Discovered; or, a Mercuriall Picture pointing out the way from Babylon to the Holy City, for the Good of all such as during that Night of Generall Errour and A postasie have been so long misled with Rome's Hobgoblins--Bidle's 12 Arguments drawn out of Scripture, wherein the common Opinion touching the Deity of the Holy Spirit is clearly and fully Refuted --Bidle's God's Glory Vindicated, and Blasphemy Confuted, being an Answer to that Blasphemous Book intituled · 12 Arguments against the Deity of the Holy Ghost,' &c. in 1 vol. neat, 12s

1643, &c. 11091 - - Dangerous Positions and Proceedings

Published and Practised in Great Britain, under Pretence of Reformation, and for the Presbyterial Diseipline-Reasons shewing the Necessity of Reformation, &c.--Scriptural Discourse of the Apostate and the Antichrist- Bishop of Worcester's Sermon at the Coronation of Charles II. fine whole length portrait of Charles on the Throne and Arms-Rex Theologus, the Preacher's Guard and Guide in the Didactical part of his Duty, &c.The Jew's Synagogue ; or, a Treatise concerning the Ancient Orders and Manner of Worship used by the Jews in their Synagogues,

&c. and 3 others, in 1 vol. good copy, 18s 1666, &c. 31092 TRACTS, viz. The Power of the Keys in Binding and

Loosing—View of some Exceptions which have been made by a Romanist to Lord Falkland's Discourse of the Infallibility of the Church of Rome-H. Hammond's Addresse to Lord Fairfax and his Council of Warre-Vindication of Ditto-Hammond's. View of some Exceptions to the Practical Catechisme-A Copy of some Papers passed at Oxford betwixt H. Hammond and Mr. Cheynell-Hammond's Reasonableness of Cbristian Religion-Hammond's Christian's Obli

gations to Peace and Charity, in 1 vol. neat, 7s 1647 11093

His Majestie's Propositions to Sir Joh!! Hotham and the Inbabitants of Hull-Rogers's few Proposals relating to Civil Government, addressed to Lord Generall Cromwell, on a large Sheet-Humble Proposals of sundry Divines within this Kingdome, concerning the Engagement intended to be Imposed on them for their Subscriptions—Just Re-proposals to Humble Proposals, &c. --Propositions of the Lords and Commons for Peace, sent to his Majestie at Newcastle, &c.- Articles concerning the Surrender of Oxford, 1646-Several Papers of the Treatie between the Marques of Ormond and Sir. T. Wharton, Sir R. King, &c. &c. with Instructions concerning the Protestants of Ireland, Dublin 1646-Papers of the Commissioners of Scotland, &c.—Propositions of the Ambassadours of the United Provinces to the Parliament of England, &c. 1644-Proceedings in the late Treaty of Peace, with severall Intercepted Letters of his Majestie and Prince Rupert--Propositions agreed upon at a Court of Common Councill in London, Feb. 21, 1642—His Majestie's Propositions to the Gentry &c. of the County of Nottingham, with Happy Newes from Northampton and Portsmouth-Articles of the Treaty of Peace betwixt the King and his People of Scotland, 1641~-Articles of Peace, &c. betwixt the

Kings of England and Spaine, 1630, and 3 others, in 1 vol. 18s

1630, &c. 11094 TRACTS, viz. 9 Declarations, Addresses, Remonstran

ces, &c. by and to Sir T. Fairfax and his Army, 1646,
&c.—Totall and Finall Demands of the Agitators and
Army, upon the Concession whereof they will Disband,
&c.-the Grand Informer; or, the Prerogative of
Princes, Priviledge of Parliaments, &c.-Plaiu Truth
without Feare or Flattery; or, a True Discovery of
the Unlawfulness of the Presbyterian Government,
with Vindication of Sir T. Fairfax, &c.— Jenkins's
Apology for the Army-Severall Ordinances of the
Parliament for Disbanding the Forces under Sir T.
Fairfax, &c.-The Grand Designe ; or, Discovery
of that Forme of Slavery intended, and in part
brought, upon the Free People of England, by a
powerful Party in the Parliament, Lieut.-Gen. Crum-
well, Gen. Ireton, and others, tending to the utter
Ruine and Enslaving of the whole Nation, printed
in the last yeare of England's slavery, 1647-A Par-
ticular Charge or Impeachment in the Name of Sir T.
Fairfax and his Army, against Dl. Hollis, Esq. and
10 other Members of Parliament- Vindication of the
11 accused Members Declaration of the Kingdome
of Scotland to the Parliament of England- The In-
dependency of England endeavoured to be maintained
by H. Marten-Å Pair of Spectacles for the Citie,
1648-A Case for the City Spectacles-His Majestie's
Declaration, left by him on his table at Hampton-
Court, Nov. 1, 1647–King Charles Vindicated, and
the People and Armie Admonished, and 18 others,
in 1 vol. 11 58

1646, &c. 11095

--- The Hectors; or, the False Challenge, a Comedy, 1656-De Foe's True Born Englishman, 2 Parts--The Successor to the Crown of England considered - The Duke of Anjou's Succession considered, &c. 2 Parts—Considerations upon Corrupt Elections of Members to serve in Parliament-Jus Regium ; or, the King's Right to grant Forfeitures, &c. &c.-Collection of several Treaties, &c. since the late Revolution, &c. 1701, and 8 others, in 1 vol. good copy, 9s

1056 11096

The late Converts Exposed; or, the Reasons of Mr. Bayes's Changing his Religion, &c. 2 Parts.-A Satyr against Hypocrites--Dialogue between Claret and Darby Ale, a Poem--A New History of the Roman Concalve, containing the Rites and

Ceremonies used, at the Death, Election, and Coro-
nation of the Pope, with Life of Innocent XII. &c.-
2 Letters concerning a French Invasion to restore the
late King James to his Throne-- The Jacobite's Hudi-
bras, containing the late King's Declaration in Tra-
vesty-The Folly of Love ; or, an Essay upon Satyr
against Woman, a Poem-The Woesils, a Satyrical
Fable The Anti-Weesils, a Poem- The Restored
Maidenhead, a new Satyr against Woman-A Col-
lection of many Wonderful Prophecies relating to the
English Nation, plainly Foretelling t'e late Great
Revolution, written in 1623, 28, &c. in Verse--Fe-
male Fire Ships, a Satyr against Whoring-A Satyr.
against the French- Dr. Sherlock's 2 Kings of Brain-
ford-Poeta Infamis; or, a Poet not worth Hanging,
&c.-The Catholic Medicine, a Soverain Healer
Notorious Impostor ; or, the History of the Life of
Wm. Morrell, alias Bouyer, 2 Parts, and 2 others,
in 1 vol. good copy, 188

1690 11097 TRACTS, viz. The Occasiona! Paper, 3 Nos.-A View

of the Court of St. Germain from 1690 to 1695, with an Account of the Entertainment Protestants meet with there, &c.-A modest Examination of the Authority and Reasons of the late Decree of the Vice Chancellor of Oxford, &c. by Sherlock-Remarks on Sherlock's modest Examination --Answer to Sherlock's Examination, &c.-The late King James's Manifesto Answered-List of the Names of the Nobility, Gen. try, &c. of England and Ireland, assembled in Dublin, May 7, 1689, before the late King James, attained of High Treason, fc.--Brief Account of the intended Bank of England - Truth brought to Light; or, the Corrupt Practices of some Persons at Court laid Open-Considerations on the Present State of Affairs in England, &c. 1692- Popular Pleas of the late King James's remaining Right to the Crown, and 2 others, in 1 vol. neat, 10s

1697, &c. 11098

Lord Lucas's Speech, Feb. 22, 1671Strange and Remarkable Prophesies of Abp. Usher -The Papist's Plot of Firing Discovered, in an Account of the late Fire in Fetter Lane, &c.-A Conference betwixt a Papist and a Jew-Conference betwixt a Protestant and a Jew--An Alarme for Sinners, containing the Confession, &c. of R. Foulkes at his Execution, with his Life, &c.The Vain Prodigal, Life and Tragical Penitent, Death of Thomas Hela liér, executed for Murdering his Master, Mistress, c. and a Maid-Baxter's Moral Prognostication, &c.

- The Weekly Pacquet of Advice from Rome; or, the History of Popery, &c. vol. 1 & 2, and 3 others, in 1 vol. 7s 6d

1670, &c. 11099 TRACTS, viz. Potter's Interpretation of the Number

.666, frontispiece by Marshall-Naked Truth; or,

the True State of the Primitive Church-Sir John
Temple's. History of the Irish Rebellion of 1641,
and the Bloody Massacres which ensued thereon, 1646
-The whole Triall of Mr. Love, 1652-Love's Vin-
dication of his Principles and Practices-Love's Name
Lives; or, Divers Petitions of Mrs. Love to Parlia-
ment, &c. title torn-Goodman's 2 Great Mysteries
of Christian Religion, &c. and 1 other, in 1 vol.
good copy, 11 5s

1642, &c. 11100

- Steele’s Crisis; or, the Just Causes of the late Happy Revolution, &c.—The Publick Spirit of the Whigs set forth in their generous Encouragement of the Author of the Crisis, &c.--The Importance of Dunkirk Cousidered, by Steele--The Conduct of the Duke of Ormonde in the Campagne of 1712–Atwood's Scotch Patriot Unmasked, &c.--At

wood's Superiority and Direct Dominion of the Imim p erial Crown of England over the Crown of Scotland,

&c. and 3 others, in 1 vol. 58 - 1714, &c. 11101

- The Anatomy of a Project for Raising 2 Millions-A Collection of Advertisements, Advices, and Directions, relating to the Royal Fishery within the British Seas, &c. England's Glory begun in Restoring our Religion, '&c.-Enquiry into the most Proper Ways to Prevent the Persecution of the Pro. testants in France, &c.-Ancient and Present State of Poland-Intrest of England as it Stands with relation to the Trade of Ireland, &c.—Remarks on the Affairs and Trade of England and Ireland, and 15 others, in 1 vol. 6s

1695, &c. 11102 - - The Truth of Tithes Discovered--Pear

son's great Case of the Tythes truly Stated, &c.-Wm. Prynne's 10 Considerable Quæries concerning Tithes, &c. and 3 others on Tythes--Gospel Musick; or the Singing of Psalms, &c. Vindicated--and Barnard's Threefold Treatise of the Sabbath, in 1 vol. neat, 7

- 1618, &c. 11103

- Burton's Israel's Fast; or, Meditations . . upon the 7th of Joshuah, &c.—Pemble's Introducbord tion to the Worthy Receiving of the Sacrament of no at the Lord's Supper, &c. - The White Wolfe; or, a

and n

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