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Division of the porters.


Charge of the treasures. běk'a-shah, he, his sons, and chief, (for though he was not his brethren, were twelve: the firstborn, yet his father Ge.25.28. Parental Par25 The eighteenth to Hā-nā'ni, made him the chief;)

(tiality. he, his sons, and his brethren, 11 Hil-ki'ah the second, Těb-awere twelve:

li'ah the third, Zěch-a-ri'ah the
26 The nineteenth to Măl’lo-fourth: all the sons and breth-
thi, he, his sons, and his breth-ren of Hõ'sah were thirteen.
ren, were twelve:

12 Among these were the
27 The twentieth to E-li'a- divisions of the porters, even 2 S.18.26, Porters.
thah, he, his sons, and his among the chief men, having
brethren, were twelve: wards one against another, to

28 The one and twentieth to minister in the house of the
Hö'thir, he, his sons, and his LORD.
brethren, were twelve:

13 (And they cast lots, as well Le.16.8, Casting Lots.
29 The two and twentieth to the small as the great, accord-
Gid-dăl'ti, he, his sons, and his ing to the house of their fa-
brethren, were twelve: thers, for every gate.

30 The three and twentieth to 14 And the lot eastward fell to Mâ-hāʼzi-õth, he, his sons, and Shěl-e-mi'ah. Then for Zěch-ahis brethren, were twelve: ri'ah his son, a wise counsellor, 1 K.4.31, Wisdom (9) 31 The four and twentieth to they cast lots; and his lot came Rô-mămoti-ẽ'zẼr, he, his sons, out northward. and his brethren, were twelve. 15 ToŐ'bed-ē'dom southward;

and to his sons the house of CHAPTER 26

A-súp'pim. B.C.1015 (?)

Divisions of the porters. 13. The 16 To Shủp'pim and Hõ’sah

gates assigned by lot. 20 Levites
that had charge of the treasures. the lot came forth westward,
29 Officers and judges.

with the gate Shăl'le-chěth, by YONCERNING the divisions the causeway of the going up, 2 S.18.26, Porters.

hites was Mê-shěl-e-mi'ah the 17 Eastward were six Lē'vites,

son of Ko'rē, of the sons of northward four a day, south-
ch.15.17, Asaph.

ward four a day, and toward
2 And the sons of Mê-shěl-e- A-súp'pim two and two.
mi'ah were, Zěch-a-ri'ah the 18 At Pär'bar westward, four
firstborn, Je-di'a-el the second, at the causeway, and two at
Zěb-a-di'ah the third, Jăth'ni-el Pär'bar.
the fourth,

19 These are the divisions of
3 Elăm the fifth, Jē-ho-hā'nan the porters among the sons of 2 S.18.26, Porters.
the sixth, E-li-o-ē’na-i the sev- Ko'rē, and among the sons of

2 S.6.10, Obed-edom. 4 Moreover the sons of Obed- 20 (And of the Lē'vites, A-hi-

ē'dom were, Shěm-a-i'ah the jah was over the treasures of ch.9.26, Treasuries.
firstborn, Jē-höz ́a-băd the sec- the house of God, and over
ond, Jõ'ah the third, and Sā'cär the treasures of the dedicated
the fourth, and Nê-thăn'e-el the things.

21 As concerning the sons of
5 Åm'mi-el the sixth, Is'sa-char Lā'a-dăn; the sons of the Gēr'-

the seventh, Pe-ŭlthāi the shon-īte Lā'a-dăn, chief fathers, See Children (1), Ge.33.5. eighth: for God blessed him. even of Lā'a-dăn the Gēr'shon

6 Also unto Shěm-a-i'ah his ite, were Jé-hi'e-li.
son were sons born, that ruled 22 The sons of Je-hi'e-li; Zē-
throughout the house of their tham, and Jõ'el his brother,

father: for they were mighty which were over the treasures Nu.32.17, Warriors. men of valour.

of the house of the LORD.
7 The sons of Shěm-a-i'ah ;) 23 Of the Am'ram-ites, and the p.p.Nu.3.19.
Tóth'ni, and Rē'pha-el, and Obed, Iz'här-ites, the Hē bron-ites, and

Élza-băd, whose brethren were the Úzʻzi-el-ites:
Ge.10.8, Mighty Men. strong men, E-li’hū, and Sěm-a-24 And Shěb’u-el the son of
chi ah.

Gēr'shăm, the son of Mōʻşeş,
8 All these of the sons of was ruler of the treasures.
Oʻbed-ē'dom: they and their 25 And his brethren by E-li-e'.
sons and their brethren, able zēr; Re-ha-bi'ah his son, and
men for strength for the service, Je-shā'iah his son, and Jõ'ram
were threescore and two of his son, and Zich'ri his son, and

Shěl'o-mith his son.
9 And Mê-shěl-e-mi'ah had 26 Which Shěl'o-mith and his
sons and brethren, strong men, brethren were over all the

treasures of the dedicated 10 Also Hōʻsah, of the children things, which Dā'vid the king, Nu.3.36, Merarites. of Mê-rā'ri, had sons; Sim'ri theland the chief fathers, the cap

Courses of the army.

David's officers.
tains over thousands and hun- Mik'loth also the ruler: in his
dreds, and the captains of the course likewise were twenty
host, had dedicated.

and four thousand. Ge.34.28, Spoil.

27 Out of the spoils won in 5 The third captain of the Ex.25.2, Giving (1). battles did they dedicate to host for the third month was

maintain the house of the Be-nā'iah the son of Je-hoi'a-da, 2 S.8.18, Benaiah.

a chief priest: and in his course Ex.28.1, High Priests. 1 S.1.20, Samuel.

28 And all that Săm'u-el the were twenty and four thousand. 1 $.9.9, Seers.

seer, and Sąul the son of Kish, 6 This is that Be-nā'iah, who 1 S.9.2, Saul.

and Åb'nēr the son of Nēr, and was mighty among the thirty, p.p.2 S.23.20. 2 S.2.18, Joab.

Jõ’ăb the son of Zěr-y-i'ah, had and above the thirty: and in
dedicated; and whosoever had his course was Am-miz’a-băd
dedicated any thing, it was his son.
under the hand of Shěl'o-mith, 7 The fourth captain for the
and of his brethren.

fourth month was A'sa-hěl the 2 S.2.18, Asahel.
29 TOf the Iz'här-ites, Chěn-a- brother of Jo'áb, and Zēb-a-di'ah
ni'ah and his sons were for the his son after him: and in his
outward business over Işóra-el, course were twenty and four
for officers and judges.

30 And of the Hē'bron-ites, 8 The fifth captain for the

Hăsh-a-bi'ah and his brethren, fifth month was Shăm'hùth the
Nu.32.17, Warriors. men of valour, a thousand and Iz'ra-hite: and in his course

seven hundred, were officers were twenty and four thousand.
among them of Igʻra-el on this 9 The sixth captain for the
side Jôr’dan westward in all the sixth month was f'rå the son

business of the LORD, and in of Ik'kěsh the Tēkā'īte: and
the service of the king. in his course were twenty and

31 Among the Hē'bron-ites four thousand.

was Jē-ri'jah the chief, even 10 The seventh captain for
among the Hē bron-ites, accord- the seventh month was Hēʻlěz
ing to the generations of his the Pěl'o-nite, of the children
fathers. In the fortieth year of E'phră-im: and in his course Nu.1.33, Tribe of Ephraim.
of the reign of Dā'vid they were were twenty and four thousand.

sought for, and there were found 11 The eighth captain for
Ge.10.8, Mighty Men. among them mighty men of the eighth month was Sibbe- p.p.2 5.21.18.

valour at Jā'zēr of Gil'e-ăd. cãi the Hû'shath-ite, of the Zär'

32 And his brethren, men of hites: and in his course were
valour, were two thousand and twenty and four thousand.
seven hundred chief fathers, 12 The ninth captain for the
whom king Dā'vid made rulers ninth month was Ā-bi-ē’zēr
over the Rey ben-ītes, the Găd'- the An-e-toth'ite, of the Běn'ja- Gе.35.18, Benjamin.
ites, and the half tribe of Mā- mites: and in his course were

năs'seh, for every matter per- twenty and four thousand. p.p.2 Chr.19.11.

taining to God, and affairs of 13 The tenth captain for the
the king.

tenth month was Mā-hăr'a-i the p.p.2 S.23.28.

Ne-toph'a-thite, of the Zär'hites:

and in his course were twenty B.C.1015 (?)

Twelve captains for every several
month. 16 Princes of the twelve and four thousand.

14 The eleventh captain for
COW the children of Iş'ra-el the eleventh month was Bē-nā'-

after their number, to wit, iah the Pîr'a-thon-ite, of the the chief fathers and captains children of E'phră-im: and in Nu.1.33, Tribe of Ephraim. of thousands and hundreds, and his course were twenty and their officers that served the four thousand. king in any matter of the 15 The twelfth captain for courses, which came in and the twelfth month was Hěl'da-i went out month by month the Ne-tõph'a-thite, of oth’ni-el: p.p.Jud.3.9. throughout all the months of and in his course were twenty the year, of every course were and four thousand.

twenty and four thousand. 16 | Furthermore over the

2 Over the first course for the tribes of Işóra-el: the ruler of
first month was Jä-shōʻbe-ăm the Rey ben-ites was E-li-ē’zēr
the son of Zăb'di-el: and in the son of Zich'ri: of the Sim'- Nu.1.22, Tribe of Simeon.
his course were twenty and e-on-ites, Sheph-a-ti'ah the son
four thousand.

of Mā'a-chah : p.p.Ge.38.29.

3 Of the children of Pē'rěz was 17 Of the Lē vites, Hăsh-a-bi'ah Ex.32.26, Levites.
the chief of all the captains of the son of Kê-mū'el: of the

the host for the first month. Aâr'on-ītes, Zā'dok: p.p.2 S.23.9.

4 And over the course of the 18 Of Jū'dah, E-li'hū, one of De.33.7, Tribe of Judah. second month was Do'da-i an the brethren of Dā'vid: of Is'sa- 1 S.16.6, Eliab (Elihu), |A-hōʻhite, and of his course was char, Om'ri the son of Mi'chaël :

[2 Chr. 11.18.

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of Zěch-a-ri'ah: of Běn-ja-min, AND Dávid assembled all

The princes of the tribes.


David's charge to Solomon. Jud.1.30. Tribe of Zebulun. 19 Of Zēb'u-lún, Ish-ma-i'ah the 34 And after A-hỉth’o-phěl was

son of O-ba-di'ah: of Năph'ta-li, Jē-hoi'a-då the son of Bê-nā'iah, 2 S.8.18, Benaiah.

Jěrưi-mõth the son of Az'ri-el: and A-bi'a-thär: and the general 2 S.8.17, Abiathar. Nu.1.33. Tribe of Ephraim. 20 Of the children of E'phră- of the king's army was Jõ’áb. 2 5.2.18, Joab. im, Hö-shē’å the son of Az-a-zi'

CHAPTER 28 ah: of the half tribe of Ma-năs'

David exhorts the people to fear God: B.C.1015 (?) seh, Jõ'el the son of Pe-dā'iah :

9 he encourages Solomon to build Ge.41.51, Manasseh (a). 21 Of the half tribe of Mā-năs' the temple. seh in Gil'e-ăd, Id'do the son

the princes of Işóra-el, the Jā-āʼsi-el the son of Ab'nēr: princes of the tribes, and the Nu.1.16, Princes. Nu.1.39, Tribe of Dan. 22 Of Dăn, A-zăr’e-el the son captains of the companies that Nu.31.48, Captains.

of Jěr'o-hăm. These were the ministered to the king by course, Nu.1.16, Princes, Ne.12.31. princes of the tribes of Işʻra-el. and the captains over the thou

23 1 But Dā'vid took not the sands, and captains over the
number of them from twenty hundreds, and the stewards over Mt.25.14. Stewardship.
years old and under: because all the substance and possession

the LORD had said he would of the king, and of his sons, with See Posterity Promised, increase Iş'ra-el like to the stars the officers, and with the mighty Ge.10.8, Mighty Men. (Ge. 15.5. of the heavens.

men, and with all the valiant 2 S.2.18, Joab.

24 Jūsáb the son of Zěr-y-i'ah men, unto Jê-ru'sã-lēm. Nu.1.2, Census.

began to number, but he finished 2 Then Dā'vid the king stood p.p.2 S.24.15.

ot, because there fell wrath up upon his feet, and said, Hear for it against Işʻra-el; neither me, my brethren, and my peo- p.p.De.17.20; 2 5.7.2. was the number put in the ac-ple: As for me, I had in mine count of the chronicles of king heart to build an house of rest Dā'vid.

for the ark of the covenant of Ex.25.10, Ark (3). 25 1 And over the king's treas- the LORD, and for the footstool God's Footstool, Ps.99.5.

ures was Ăz'ma-věth the son of of our God, and had made ready Ge.41.56, Storehouses, Adiel: and over the store for the building:

[2 Chr.32.28. houses in the fields, in the cit- 3 But God said unto me, Thou

ies, and in the villages, and in shalt not build an house for my De.4.39, Sovereignty of God.
the castles, was Jē-hõn'a-than name, because thou hast been a
the son of Ūz-zi'ah:

man of war, and hast shed blood.
26 And over them that did the 4 How beit the LORD God of p.p.1 S.16.7.
Ge.2.15, Agriculture. work of the field for tillage of Işóra-el chose me before all the

the ground was Ez'ri the son of house of my father to be king Ge.45.8, God Exalts.

over Işóra-el for ever: for he p.p.Ge.49.8. Ex.22.5, Vineyards. 27 And over the vineyards was hath chosen Jū’dah to be the De.7.6, Chosen Ones.

Shim'e-i the Rā'math-ite: over ruler; and of the house of Jū'-
the increase of the vineyards dah, the house of my father ;
for the wine cellars was Zăb'di and among the sons of my fa- p.p.1 S.16.12.
the Shỉph’mite:

ther he liked me to make me Hag.2.23. Chosen InstruJud.9.9, Olive-trees. 28 And over the olive trees king over all Işóra-el :

(ments. 1 K.10.27, Sycomore-trees, and the sycomore trees that 5 And of all my sons, (for the

(Ps.78.47. were in the low plains was Bā’- LORD hath given me many See Children (1), Ge.33.5.

al-hā'nan the Ĝěd'e-rite: and sons,) he hath chosen Sõl'o- 2 S.5.14, Solomon.
over the cellars of oil was Jo'- mon my son to sit upon the

throne of the kingdom of the Ge.4.2, Shepherds.

29 And over the herds that fed LORD over Iş'ra-el.
ch.5.16, Sharon, Song 2.1. in Shâr'on was Shit’ra-i the 6 And he said unto me, Sol'o- p.p.2 Chr.1.9.

Shâr'on-ite: and over the herds mon thy son, he shall build my
that were in the valleys was house and my courts: for I

Shā'phat the son of Ad’la-i: have chosen him to be my son, 1 K.3.13, Honor from God. Ge.12.16, Camels.

30 Over the camels also was and I will be his father. De.14.2, Spir. Adoption.
O'bil the Ish'ma-el-ite: and over 7 Moreover I will establish his
the asses was Jeh-dēʻiah the kingdom for ever, if he be con- Jos.23.8, Steadfastness (1).

stant to do my commandments Ex.19.5, Obedience (3).
31 And over the flocks was and my judgments, as at this
Jā'ziz the Hā'ģēr-ite. All these day.
were the rulers of the substance 8 Now therefore in the sight
which was king Dā'vid's. of all Iş'rael the congregation

32 Also Jõn'a-than Dā’vid's of the LORD, and in the audiSee Counsel, Pr.11.14. uncle was a counsellor, a wise ence of our God, keep and seek 1 K.4.31, Wisdom (9). man, and a scribe: and Jē-hi'el for all the commandments of Ex.20.6, Keep Commandthe son of Hăch’mô-ni was with the LORD your God: that ye

(ments, ch.29.19. the king's sons:

may possess this good land, and Ge.12.7, Promised Land. 2 S.15.12, Ahithophel. 33 And A-hỉth'o-phěl was the leave it for an inheritance for Pr.11.14, Counsellors. king's counsellor: and Hū’shāi your children after you for ever.

the Är'chite was the king's 9 And thou, Sól'o-mon my
companion :

son, know thou the God of thy Je.9.24, Spir. Knowledge.


the theusesselt het berlic and for Fu

David giveth to Solomon


patterns for the house of God. Ex.23.25. Serve God, Ps.2.11. father, and serve him with a 19 All this, said Da'vid, the Jud.5.2, Willingness. perfect heart and with a will- LORD made me understand in De.4.5, Instruction (5). "Searcher," Ps.44.21. ing mind: for the LORD search- writing by his hand upon me, Ex.31.18, Writing (1) Pr.15.11, Hearts Read. eth all hearts, and understand- even all the works of this pat- Ex.25.40, Divine Plan,

(2 Chr.2.11. eth all the imaginations of the tern.

[Ac.7.44. De.4.29, Seek God. thoughts: if thou seek him, he 20 And Dā'vid said to Sởl'o- 2 S.5.14, Solomon, ch.29.23. De.4.29, Prom. to Seekers. will be found of thee; but if mon his son, Be strong and of 1 K.2.2, “Be Strong." 2Chr.15.2,ForsakingGod (1). thou forsake him, he will cast good courage, and do it: fear Nu.13.20, Courage (1), thee off for ever. not, nor be dismayed: for the

(2 Chr.19.11. Mt.6.1, Take Heed.

10 Take heed now; for the LORD God, even my God, will be See Solomon's Temple, LORD hath chosen thee to build with thee; he will not fail Ge.28.15, Divine Presence.

[2 S.7.13. an house for the sanctuary: be thee, nor forsake thee, until De.7.9, Divine Faithfulness. 1 K.2.2, “Be Strong." strong, and do it.

thou hast finished all the work p.p.Ex.25.40.

11 † Then Dā'vid gave to for the service of the house of

Sõl'o-mon his son the pattern of the LORD.
Jud.3.23, Porches, Eze.40.7. the porch, and of the houses 21 And, behold, the courses of

thereof, and of the treasuries the priests and the Lē'vītes, Ex.32.26, Levites.
thereof, and of the upper cham- even they shall be with thee
bers thereof, and of the inner for all the service of the house

parlours thereof, and of the of God: and there shall be with
Ex.25.17, Mercy Seat. place of the mercy seat, thee for all manner of work-
Ex.25.40, Divine Plan, v.19. 12 And the pattern of all that manship every willing skilful Jud.5.2, Willingness.
Jn.16.13, "Spirit” Guides. he had by the spirit, of he man, for any manner of serv- Ex.28.3, Skill.

courts of the house of the ice: also the princes and all the Nu.1.16, Princes.

LORD, and of all the chambers people will be wholly at thy p.p.Ex.35.25 ; 36.1. ch.9.26, Treasuries,Ne.10.38. round about, of the treasuries commandment.

of the house of God, and of
the treasuries of the dedicated


David causes the princes and people B.C.1015. 13 Also for the courses of the

to offer for the house of God: 10 his priests and the Lē vites, and for thanksgiving: 26 his reign and all the work of the service of


TURTHERMORE Dā'vid the all the vessels of service in the king said unto all the conhouse of the LORD.

gregation, Sól’o-mon my son, 14 He gave of gold by weight whom alone God hath chosen,

for things of gold, for all in- is yet young and tender, and Nu.7.13, Munificence, struments of all manner of the work is great: for the pal- p.p.1 K.3.7.

(ch.29.3. service; silver also for all in- ace is not for man, but for the Ex.25.3, Silver (4). struments of silver by weight, LORD God.

for all instruments of every 2 Now I have prepared with
kind of service:

all my might for the house of 2 K.10.16, Zealousness. 15 Even the weight for the my God the gold for things to Ge.2.12, Gold. Ex.25.31, Candlestick. candlesticks of gold, and for be made of gold, and the silver Ex.25.3, Silver (4).

their lamps of gold, by weight for things of silver, and the
for every candlestick, and for brass for things of brass, the Ex.25.3. Brass.
the lamps thereof: and for the iron for things of iron, and Nu.31.22. Iron.
candlesticks of silver by weight, wood for things of wood; onyx Ge.2.12, Onyx, Jb.28.16.
both for the candlestick, and stones, and stones to be set,
also for the lamps thereof, ac- glistering stones, and of divers 1 K.10.2, Precious Stones,
cording to the use of every can- colours, and all manner of pre-

(Pr.17.8. dlestick.

cious stones, and marble stones Marble, Est.1.6. 16 And by weight he gave in abundance.

gold for the tables of shew- 3 Moreover, because I have set Ex.25.23, Table (2). bread, for every table; and my affection to the house of my love for God's House, likewise silver for the tables God, I have of mine own proper Ex.35.22, Liberality,

(Ne. 10.39. of silver: good, of gold and silver, which

[2 Chr.24.10. Ge.2.12, Gold.

17 Also pure gold for the I have given to the house of my Nu.7.13, Munificence, fleshhooks, and the bowls, and God, over and above all that

[2 Chr.1.6. Ge.40.11, Cups, Je.52.19. the cups: and for the golden I have prepared for the holy 1 K.7.50, Basins, 2 Chr.4.8. basons he gave gold by weight house,

for every bason; and likewise 4 Even three thousand talents
silver by weight for every ba- of gold, of the gold of Oʻphir, Ge.2.12, Gold, 2 Chr.1.15.
son of silver:

and seven thousand talents of 1 K.9.28, Ophir, 2 Chr.8.18. Ex.30.1, Altar of Incense. 18 And for the altar of in-refined silver, to overlay the

1 K.20.39, Talents (2),

[2 Chr.27.5. cense refined gold by weight; walls of the houses withal :

and gold for the pattern of the 5 The gold for things of gold, Ex.25.18, Cherubim (2). chariot of the cherubims, that and the silver for things of sil

spread out their wings, and ver, and for all manner of work Ex.25.10, Ark (3).

covered the ark of the cove- to be made by the hands of ar-
nant of the LORD.

tificers. And who then is will

David's thanksgiving.


His reign and death. That is, to fill his hand, ing to consecrate his service I seen with joy thy people, Ex.32.29, Consecration (1), this day unto the LORD? which are present here, to offer Ex.25.2. Giving (1).


6 | Then the chief of the fa- willingly unto thee. Nu.1.16, Princes.

thers and princes of the tribes 18 O LORD God of Abră-hăm,
of Işóra-el, and the captains of l'şaac, and of İşóra-el,our fathers,
thousands and of hundreds, with keep this for ever in the imag-

the rulers of the king's work, ination of the thoughts of the Jud.5.2, Willingness. offered willingly,

heart of thy people, and prepare 1 8.7.3, Spir. Preparation. Ex.25.2, Giving (1). 7 And gave for the service of their heart unto thee:

the house of God of gold five 19 And give unto Sõl’o-mon Ge.17.18, Parental Prayers, 1 K.20.39, Talents (2). thousand talents and ten thou- my son a perfect heart, to keep


Ex.20.6, Keep Command. Nu.7.13, Munificence. sand drams, and of silver ten thy commandments, thy testi

(ments, Ps.78.7. thousand talents, and of brass monies, and thy statutes, and to Ex.15.26, Statutes. eighteen thousand talents, and do all these things, and to build p.p.Ps.72.1.

one hundred thousand talents the palace, for the which I have 2 5.7.13, Solomon's Temple. Nu.31.22, Iron, Jb.19.24. of iron.

made provision. 8 And they with whom pre- 20 TAnd Dā'vid said to all the 1 K.10.2, Precious Stones. cious stones were found gave congregation, Now bless the Ps.22.23, Glorify God.

them to the treasure of the LORD your God. And all the

house of the LORD, by the hand congregation blessed the LORD Le.4.13, Congregation.

of Je-hi'el the Gēr'shon-ite. God of their fathers, and bowed 1 S.2.1, Rejoicing (2). 9 Then the people rejoiced, down their heads, and wor-Ge.22.5, Worshippers. Ex.35.22, Liberality. for that they offered willingly, shipped the LORD, and the king. Jos.24.14, Sincerity. because with perfect heart they 21 And they sacrificed sacri- Gе.46.1, Sacrifices (1), Ex.25.2, Giving (1), offered willingly to the LORD: fices unto the LORD, and offered

[2 Chr.5.6. [2 Chr.15.18. and Dā'vid the king also re-burnt offerings unto the LORD, Ex.29.18, Burnt-offerings.

joiced with great joy. on the morrow after that day,

10 TWherefore Dā'vid blessed even a thousand bullocks, a Nu.7.13, Munificence. Le.4.13, Congregation. the LORD before all the congre- thousand rams, and a thousand P.p.Ps.72.18.

gation: and Dā'vid said, Blessed lambs, with their drink offer-Ge.35.14, Drink-offerings. Ge.18.23, Prayer (10). be thou, LORD God of Işóra-elings, and sacrifices in abundance Our Father, Ps.68.5. our father, for ever and ever. for all Işóra-el :

11 Thine, O LORD, is the 22 And did eat and drink beDe.3.24, God's Greatness. greatness, and the power, and fore the LORD on that day with Glorifying God, Is.6.3. the glory, and the victory, and great gladness. And they made 2 Chr.30.21, Gladness. God's Majesty, Jb.37.22. the majesty: for all that is in Söl'o-mon the son of Dā'vid king Ex.19.5, Divine Owner the heaven and in the earth is the second time, and anointed Le.8.30, Anointing (2).

[ship (1). thine ; thine is the kingdom, o him unto the Lord to be the Ps.21.13, God Exalted. LORD, and thou art exalted as chief governor, and Zā'dok to be 2 S.8.17, Zadok. p.p.Mt.6.13. head above all.

priest. De.8.18, Riches (1). Ec.5.19. 12 Both riches and honour 23 Then Sõl’o-mon sat on 2 S.5.14, Solomon, 2 Chr.1.1. De.4.39, Sovereignty of God, come of thee, and thou reignest the throne of the LORD as king 2 S.3.10, Throne, Da.7.9.

[Jb.9,12. over all; and in thine hand is instead of Dā'vid his father, 1 K.3.13, Honor from God. God's Power, 2 Chr.25.8.

power and might; and in thine and prospered'; and all Işóra-el Ge.39.3, Prosperity (4). See God Exalts, Ge.45.8. hand it is to make great, and obeyed him.

Ezr.7.26, Citizens' Duties. Ex.15.2, God our Strength. to give strength unto all. 24 And all the princes, and the Nu.1.16, Princes. Ps.68.19, Thankfulness (2). 13 Now therefore, our God, we mighty men, and all the sons Ge.10.8. Mighty Men. 2 Chr.5.13, Praise (2). thank thee, and praise thy likewise of king Dā'vid, sub-Ge.25.23. Subjection. Ne.9.5, Name of the Lord. glorious name.

mitted themselves unto Sõl'oGe.32.10, Humility (3). 14 But who am I, and what is mon the king.

my people, that we should be 25 And the LORD magnified Ge.45.8, God Exalts.
able to offer so willingly after Sõl’o-mon exceedingly in the p.p.2 Chr.1.1.

this sort ? for all things come sight of all Işóra-el, and bestowed 1 K.3.13, Honor from God. Ex.19.5, Divine Owner of thee, and of thine own have upon him such royal majesty as (ship (1), Ps.24.1. we given thee.

had not been on any king before Ge.47.9, Pilgrimage 15 For we are strangers before him in Iş'ra-el.

[Ps.39.12. thee, and sojourners, as were 26 1 Thus Dā’vid the son of Ru.4.22, David. Ge.12.10, Sojourners.

all our fathers: our days on Jěs'se reigned over all Işóra-el. Ge.47.9, Life Brief, Jb.7.6. the earth are as a shadow, and 27 And the time that he

there is none abiding. reigned over Iş'ra-el was forty p.p.2 5.5.5.

16 0 LORD our God, all this years; seven years reigned he store that we have prepared to in Hē bron, and thirty and three Ge.13.18.Hebron,2 Chr.11.10. build thee an house for thine years reigned he in Je-ru'saholy name cometh of thine lēm. hand, and is all thine own. 28 And he died in a good old Ge.5.4. Longevity (2), 17 I know also, my God, that age, full of days, riches, and

(Jb.42.17. ch.28.9, “Searcher." thou triest the heart, and hast honour: and Sõl'o-mon his son

Ge. 13.2, Riches (4),

(2 Chr.1.15. Ps.7.10, Uprightness. pleasure in uprightness. As for reigned in his stead.

Nu.22.17, Earthly Honor, Ex.35.22. Liberality. me, in the uprightness of mine 29 Now the acts of Dā'vid the

[2 Chr.17.5. Jud.5.2, Willingness. heart I have willingly offered king, first and last, behold, they all these things: and now have are written in the book of

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