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Age, as parentage.

Ance, as ignorance; or

Ancy, as occupancy.
Ence, as consistence; or
Ency, as tendency.
Hood, as childhood.
Ism, as heroism.
Ment, as treatment.
Mony, as sanctimony.
Ness, as kindness.
Ry, as slavery.
Ship, as hardship.
Sion, as extension.
Th, as health.

Tion, as motion.
Tude, as solitude.
Ty, as poverty.
Ure, as tenure.
Y, as villany.


IV. Diminutives.

Cle, as particle. Kin, as lambkin,

Let, as streamlet. Ling, as duckling. Ock, as hillock.

Ac, an oak; acorn.

Beatan, to beat; batter, beetle.

Bellan, to bellow; bawl.

Beorgan, to protect; burgh, borough.

Betan, to improve; better.

Bidan, to wait; bide, abode.

V. Of or belonging to.

Al, as criminal.

An, as sylvan.

Ar, as globular. Ary, as stationary.

En, as golden.

Ic, as angelic.
Ile, as infantile.

Ine, as marine.

Ish, as selfish.
Ory, as olfactory.

VI. Full of.
Ate, as passionate.
Ful, as joyful.
Ose, as jocose.
Ous, as nervous.
Some, as playsome.
Y, as healthy.

VII. Like,

Ish, as childish. Like, as warlike. Ly, as friendly.

VIII. That may be.

Able, as portable. Ible, as possible.

IX. Without. Less, as worthless.

X. To make.

Ate, as regulate. En, as harden.

Fy, as purify. Ish, as finish. Ise, as colonise. Ize, equalize.

XI. Jurisdiction. Dom, as kingdom. Ric, as bishopric.


Biddan, to pray; bead, beadle.
Bindan, to bind; bind, bond.
Bitan, to bite: bitter.

Blac, pale; bleach.

Blawan, to blow; blast, bluster. Blowan, to blow as a flower; bleon

Boc, a book; book, beech.
Bodig, stature; body.
Brad, broad; broad.

Brecan, to break; breach, brake.
Bredan, to nourish; bread.
Bredan, to weave; braid.
Brytan, to break; brittle.
Buan, to cultivate; boor.
Bugan, to bend; bough, elbow.
Burne, a stream; bourn.
Byrnan, to burn; burnish, brimstone.
Ceapian, to buy; cheap, chapman.
Ceorl, a countryman; churl, carlin.
Ciufan, to cleave; cliff, clover.
Cnafa, a boy; knave.
Cnawan, to know; acknowledge.
Cnyttan, to knit; knot.
Cryo, a staff; crook.
Cunnan, to know; ken.
Cwethan, to speak; quoth.
Cwysan, to crush; quash, squeeze.
Cyn, kin; kindred.

Healdan, to hold; behold, hilt.
Hefan, to lift; heave, heaven.
Hyran, to hear; hire, rehearsal.
Hund, a dog; hound.

Lædan, to lead; ladder, loadstone.
Læne, frail; tean.

Læt, late; last, lazy.

Lecgan, to lay; law, layer.
Leod, a countryman; lad.
Magan, to be able; may, main.
Mearc, a mark; remark, marches.
Mengan, to mix; mingle mongrel.
Mona, the moon; month Monday.
Neah, nigh; near, neighbour.
Oga, dread; ugly.

Pycan, to pick; picket, peck.
Ranc, proud; rank, rankle.
Reafian, to rob; bereave, rover.
Ricé, power; rich, enrich.
Ridan, to ride; road, roadstead.
Ripan, to reap: reaper, ripen.
Sceadan, to shade; shadow, shed.
Sceapan, to form; shape, shop.
Sceotan, to shoot: shot, shut, sheet.
Sceran, to cut; shear, scar, shire.
Scridan, to clothe; shroud.
Scufan, to thrust; scuffle, shovel.
Seoc, sick; sigh.

Sean, to see; sight, secr.

Daeg, a day; dawn, daisy.
Deman, to judge; deem.
Deore, precious; dear, darling.
Dragan, to draw; drag, drudge.
Drygan, to dry; drought, drug.
Drypan, to drip; drop, droop.
Dun, a hill; downs, Dundee.
Duru, a passage; door, through.
Dwcorh, bent; dwarf.
Dwinan, to fade; dwindle, dwine.
Dyppan, to dip; dip, dive.
Erian, to plough; ear earth.
Faest, firm; fast, fasten.
Faran, to go: fare, ford.
Fedan, to feed; food, father.
Feoh, value, cattle; fee.
Fian, to hate; fiend, foe, feud.
Fleon, to flee: fly, flutter.

Flowan, to flow; float, flood, fleet.
Fot, the foot; feet, fetter.

Freon, to love, to free; friend, free Tellan, to tell; tale, told.


Fulian, to corrupt; foul, filth.
Gabban, to scoff; jibe, gabble.
Gangan, to go; gang, gangway.
Geap, wide; gap, gape.
Geard, enclosure; yard, garden.
Georn, anxious; yearn, earnest.
God, good; God, gospel.
Grafan, to dig; grave, grove.
Habban, to have; behave, hap.
Haelan, to heal; health, holy.

Settan, to set; settle, seat, sad.
Slagan or slean, to kill; siay, sly.
Slawan, to be slow; slow, sicth.
Spell, history, message; spell, gospel.
Spinnan, to spin; spider, spindle.
Snican, to creep; snake, sneak.
Spor, a heel; spur, spurn.
Steorfan, to die; starve.
Stepan, to raise; steep, step.
Stigan, to ascend; stage, stairs.
Styran, to steer; stern, starboard.
Swam, a mushroom; swamp.
Swifan, to turn round; swivel, swift.

Thincan, to seem; methinks.
Treow, true; betroth, truth.
Twa, two; twain, twin, betwixt.
Wanian, to fail; wane, wan, want.
Weard, guard; ward, warden.
Wed, a pledge; wed, wedlock.
Wefan, to weave; weft, web, wife.
Weg, a way; wain, waggon.
Wenden, to go; wend, went, wander.
Weod, clothing; weed, widow's-weeds.
Weor, bad (conp, wyrse); worse.

Weorth, worth; worthy, worship. Wind, the wind; winnow, winter. Witan or wissan, to know; wit, wise, wizard.

Acuo, I sharpen; acute.

Aedes, a house; edifice, edity.
Aequus, equal; equality.
Aether, the sky; ethereal,
Aevum, an age; coeval.
Ager, a field; agriculture.
Agger, a heap; exaggerate.
Ago, actum, I do; agent, agitate.
Alăcer, cheerful; alacrity.

Alienus, other's; alien.
Alo, I nourish; aliment.
Alter, another; alternate.
Altus, high; exalt, altitude.
Amo, I love; amiable, amicable.
Amplus, large; amplify.
Ango, I vex; anger, anxiety.
Angulus, a corner: angular, angle.
Animus, mind; animate, animosity.
Annus, a year; annals, annual.
Antiquus, ancient; antic, antiquity.
Aperio, apertum, I open; aperture.
Apto, I fit; adaptation.

Aqua, water; aquatic.
Arbiter, a judge; arbitrary.
Arbor, a tree; arbour, arboraceous.
Arceo, I drive away; coercion.
Arma, arms; army, armour.
Aro, I plough; arable.
Ars, art; artful, artist.
Artus, the joints; articulate.
Asper, rough; exasperate.
Audio, auditum, I hear; audience.
Augeo, auctum, I increase; augment,



Acer, sharp; acrid.
Acidus, sour; acid.

Bene, well; benediction.
Bibo, I drink; imbibe.
Bilis, bile; antebilious.
Bini, two by two; combine.
Bis, twice; biped.

Auris, the ear; auricle.

Auspex, a soothsayer; auspicious.
Avarus, greedy; avarice.
Avis, a bird; aviary.

Barba, a beard; barber.
Beatus, blessed; beatitude.
Bellum, war; rebel.
Bellus, beautiful; embellish.

Wringan, to wring; wring, wrangle.
Writhan, to bind; writhe, wreath.
Wunian, to dwell; wont.
Wyrt, root; mugwort, liverwort.

Brevis, short; brevity.

Cado, casum, I fall; casual, accident.

Cædo, cæsum, I cut; decide, suicide, homicide.

Calor, heat; caloric.

Calx, calcis, lime; calcareous.

Candeo (censum, in comp.), I shine: candle, incense.

Canis, a dog; canine.
Cano, I sing; canticles.
Capillus, hair; capillary.

Capio (ceptum, in comp.), I take; capable, except.

Caput, capitis, the head; capital, precipitate.

Carbo, a coal; carbon.

Carcer, a prison; incarcerate.
Caro, carnis, flesh; carnal, carnivorous.
Cartilago, a gristle; cartilaginous.

Carus, dear; caress.

Cavus, hollow; concave.

Cedo, cessum, I go or yield; antecedent, recede.

Celer, swift; celerity. Cella, a cellar; cell.

Centrum, the middle; centre.

Centum, a hundred; century.

Cerno, cretum, I perceive; discern, discreet.

Certus, certain; certify.

Charta, paper; chart, charter.
Chorda, a string; chord.
Cinctus, girt about; precincts.
Cito, I summon; cite, citation.
Civis, a citizen; civil, civilize.
Clamo, I cry out; proclaim, clamour.
Clarus, clear: declare, clarify.

Claudo, clausum, I shut; clause, exclude.
Clemens, merciful; clemency.

Clino, I bend; recline.

Clivus, a slope; declivity.
Coelum, heaven; celestial.

| Emŏlus, a rival; emulation.
Eo, itum, I go; circuit, exit.
Erro, I wander; err, aberration.

Colo, cultum, I cultivate; colony, cul- Exter, outward; external.


Comes, a companion; concomitant.
Convexus, crooked; convex.
Copia, plenty; copious.
Coquo, coctum, I boil; decoction.
Cor, the heart; concord, core.
Cornu, a horn; unicorn, cornet.
Corona, a crown; corolla.
Corpus, the body; incorporate, corpse.
Cras, to-morrow; procrastinate.
Credo, I trust; credit, credulous.
Cresco, I grow; increase, crescent.
Crimen, a charge; criminal.
Crux, a cross; crucify.

Cubo (cumbo, comp.), I lie; cub, in- Finis, an end; final, finite.

cumbent, accubation.

Firmus, strong; confirm.

Fiscus, a bag or purse; fiscal, confiscate.
Flagro, I burn; conflagration.

Flatus, a puff of wind; inflation, flatu

Culina, a kitchen; culinary.

Culpa, a fault; culpable, exculpate.
Cumulus, a heap; accumulate.
Cura, care; sinecure, cure.

Curro, cursum, I run; incur, excursion.
Curtus, short; curtail.

Curvus, crooked; curve.
Cutis, the skin; cuticle.

Facilis, easy: facilitate, difficulty.
Facio, factum, I make; facility, factor.
Fallo, I deceive; infallible.
Fames, hunger; famine.
Fanum, a temple; profane.
Fari fatus, to speak; fate, fable.
Felix, felicis, happy; felicity.
Femina, a woman; feminine.
Fero, latum, I carry; ferry, confer.
Ferveo, I boil; fervid, effervesce.
Fido, I trust; confide, fidelity.
Filius, son; filial, affiliate.
Filum, a thread; filament.
Fingo, fictum, I feign; fiction.

Flecto, flexum, I bend; reflect, flexible.
Fligo, flictum, I beat; conflict.

Flos, floris, a flower; florist, floral.
Fluo, fluxum, I flow; fluent, fluctuate.

Damno, I condemn; damnable, con- Fodio, fossum, I dig: fossil.
Foecundus, fruitful; fecund.


Decor, decoris, grace, beauty; decorous, Foedus, a treaty; confederate.
Folium, a leaf; foliage.
Follis, a bag: follicle.

Dens, dentis, a tooth; dentist, indent.

Densus, thick; dense, condense.
Deus, a god; Deity, deify.

Foro, I bore; perforate.
Fortis, strong: fort, fortify.

Dexter, right-handed; dexterity, dexter- Frango, fractum, I break, fragile, frac



Frater, a brother; fraternal.
Frico, I rub; friction.

Dico, dictum, I say; dictate, predict.
Dies, day; dial, diary, diurnal.
Dignus, worthy; dignity.
Divido, divisum, I divide; devise.
Do, datum, I give; addition, date.
Doceo, doctum, I teach; docile, doctor.
Doleo, I grieve; condole.

Dolor, grief; dolorous.

Duo, two; duel, duet.
Durus, hard; durable.

Frigeo, I am cold: frigid.
Frons, the forehead; front, affront.
Fruor, I enjoy; fruition, fructify.
Frustra, in vain; frustrate.
Fugio, I flee; refuge.

Fulgeo, I shine; refulgent.

Dominus, a master; domineer.
Domus, a house; domestic.

Fumus, smoke; perfume, fumigate.
Fundo, I pour out; refund.

Duco, ductum, I lead; induce, aque- Fundus, the bottom; fundamental.


Fungor, functus, I perform; function.
Gelu, frost; congeal.

Gens, gentis, a nation; gentile.

Genus, generis, a kind; degenerate.
Germen, germinis, a bud; germinate.

Edo, I eat; edible.

Ego, I; egotist.

Emo, emptum, I buy; redeem, exempt- Gero, gestum, I carry; gesture. ion.

Gigas, gigantis, a giant; gigantic.
Gigno, genitum, I beget; progeny.
Glans, an acorn; gland.
Glomus, gloměris, a clew; conglomerate.
Gluten, glue; glutinous.
Gradior, gressus, I go; retrograde, ag-

Grandis, great; aggrandize.
Gratia, favour; gratuitous, grace.
Gravis, heavy; gravity.
Grex, gregis, a flock; gregarious.
Gula, the throat; gullet, gully.
Gusto, I taste; disgust.

Initium, a beginning; initiate.

Insula, an island; peninsula, insular.
Intus, intra, within; internal.

Habeo, habitum, I have; inhabit, habit. Lego, I gather; allege.
Haereo, I stick; adhere.

Lenis, gentle; lenity.
Lentus, slow; relent.

Haeres, haeredis, an heir; hereditary.
Halo, I breathe; exhale.

Haurio, haustum, I draw; exhaust.
Herba, an herb; herbage.
Hilăris, cheerful; exhilarate.
Homo, a man; human, humanity.
Hora, an hour; horary.
Hortor, I exhort; exhort.

Hospes, hospitis, a guest; hospitable.
Hostis, an enemy: hostile.

Levo, I lift up; elevate, lever, levity.
Lex, legis, a law; legislate, legal.
Liber, a book; library, libel.
Liber, free; liberty, liberal.
Libra, a balance; equilibrium.
Licet, it is lawful; illicit.
Lignum, wood; ligneous.
Ligo, I bind; ligament.
Limen, the threshold; eliminate.
Linea, a line; lineament.
Linquo, I leave; relinquish.
Liqueo, I melt; liquid.
Lis, litis, strife; litigate.
Litěra, a letter; literal.
Locus, a place; locality, local.
Longus, long; longitude.

Loquor, locutus, I speak: loquacity,

Ira, anger; ire, irritable.

Iter, itineris, a journey; itinerate.

Labor, lapsus, I fall; lapse, relapse.
Lac, lactis, milk; lacteal.
Lacer, torn; lacerate.

Laedo (lisum in comp.), I hurt; collision.
Lambo, I lick; lambent.
Lamina, a thin plate; laminated.
Lapis, lapidis, a stone; dilapidate.
Latus, wide; dilate.

Humidus, moist; humid.
Humus, the ground; posthumous.
Idem, the same; identity.
Ignis, fire; igneous.

Imago, an image; image.
Imperium, power; imperial.
Index, indicis, a discoverer; indicate.

Iners, slothful; inert.

Infra, below; infernal.
Ingenium,naturaldisposition;ingenious. Lucrum, gain: lucrative, lucre.

Luctor, I struggle; reluctant.

Ludo, lusum, 1 play; ludicrous, illusion.
Lumen, luminis, light; luminary.
Luna, the moon; lunatic, sublunary.
Luo, I wash; dilute, alluvial.
Lustro, I purify; lustre, illustrate.

Latus, latěris, a side; lateral.
Laus, laudis, praise; laudable.
Lavo, I wash; lave.

Laxus, loose; relax.

Lego, legatum, I send; delegate, legacy.


Juvenis, a youth; juvenile.
Juvo, jutum, I help; adjutant.

Jaceo, I lie; adjacent.

Jacio (jectum in comp.), I throw; ab- Lux, lucis, light; lucid.

ject, inject.

Macer, lean; emaciate.

Janua, a gate; janitor, January.
Jubilum, a shout of joy; jubilee.
Judex, judicis, a judge; judicial.
Jugum, a yoke; conjugal.

Macula, a spot; immaculate.
Magnus, great; magnify.
Major, greater; majority.
Malus, bad; malevolent.

Jungo, junctum, I join; juncture, ad- Malleus, a hammer; mallet, malleable.


Mamma, a breast; mammalia.
Mando, I bid; command, mandate.

Juro, I swear; conjure.

Jus, juris, right, law; jurisdiction, jus- Mando, I chew; mandible, manger.

Maneo, I stay; permanent.
Mano, I flow; emanate.
Manus, a hand; manual,

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