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[The first book issued from Jenson's Venetian Press.— Catalogue.] 4181 Eusebius. Chronicon, id est Temporum Breviarium, roman letter, red and black (with the I leaves of Table, contemporary oaken boards, stamped pigskin, Venet., E. Ratdolt, 1483, small 4to. (836) Leighton, £4 8s. 4182 Eutropius. Breviarium Historiæ Romanæ, editio princeps, roman letter, long lines, without marks, margin of first page illuminated, with coat-of-arms below, capitals painted in blue and red (2 leaves wanted), old morocco extra, g.e. (Sykes and Syston Park copy), Romæ, Impressus (George Laver), 1471 (837) Everett, £6 6s. 4183 Evangelia Quatuor, Graecè, cum Canonibus Eusebii, Ancient Greek Manuscript on vellum (400 leaves, 84 by 6 inches), written in cursive characters, long lines, generally 18 to a full page, the rubrics in gold letters, with accents, the canons in a different character, with full-page miniatures of all the four Evangelists (slightly rubbed), ornamental arcades to the canons, etc., bound in 2 vol., modern boarded morocco, blind stamped antique ornaments, enclosed in red velvet case with compartments, Sæc. xi.-xii. [circa A.D. 1000], small 4to. (838) B. F. Stevens, £210

[An important Byzantine Codex of the four Gospels, and quite perfect. Such MSS. are very rarely found with the miniatures of all the four evangelists. It appears to have been copied from one of the most ancient texts. Two leaves have been cancelled by a contemporary corrector, who had substituted three leaves in a different hand, in order to supply the omission of John viii. 1-2.-Catalogue.]

4184 Evangelia Quatuor Graecè. Ancient Greek Manuscript on vellum (143 leaves, 81⁄2 by 64 inches), written in small cursive characters, long lines, 30 to a full page, old accents, dative iota omitted, illuminated Byzantine ornaments before Mark, Luke and John (apparently wanted beginning and end), modern boarded morocco, with antique gilt and blind stamped ornaments, g. e., by F. Bedford, in a purple velvet and wooden box, with an original cover of the MS. loosely inserted, Sæc. xii., small 4to. (839) Fontaine, £162 4185 Evangelia Quatuor Latinè, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi, Argumentis, Breviariis et Canonibus Eusebii, ancient Latin manuscript on vellum (204 leaves, 11 by 71⁄2 inches), written in bold roman letters (approaching gothic), long lines, 22 to a full page, the Eusebian canons in painted Roman arcades of red and green, a fine early full-page miniature of S. Matthew, with the Angel in a porch above, with a spiral initial L opposite, occupying nearly the whole of the page, of Byzantine work with Irish influence (?), wanted first leaf in S. Mark's Gospel, corners of a few leaves mended, modern boarded morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, in blue and white velvet-lined case, Sæc. xi.-xii., small folio (845) Sotheran, £340 [Some corrections and additions have been made by a



later hand, who, however, has left the original text intact. The verses in Matthew viii. 19-22, omitted in the text, have been supplied. In a few instances the music of some passages has been written above the line in red. On the last leaf is written the name of the scribe, "Ambrosius me Scripsit," below four Latin lines descriptive of his labours. -Catalogue.] 4186 Fasciculus Temporum [auctore Wernero Rolewinck], "impressa Colonie Agrippinæ . . . secundum primum exemplar quod ipse venerabiles autor propriis conscripsit manibus ad finem usque deducta per me arnholdum ther huernen, sub annis dni. m cccc lxxiiii.," lit. goth.. woodcuts, text rubricated, cuts coloured by hand, colophon in red, with printer's mark, morocco, antique style, g. e., by F. Bedford, the first edition of this Chronicle, Colon., A. Terhveren, 1474, small folio (858)

4187 Fielding (Henry). The History of Tom first edition, 6 vol., calf extra, t. e. g., 1749, 12mo. (870)

E. Ellis, £27 105. Jones, a Foundling, by Tout, A. Millar, Young, £4 4s.

4188 Fielding (Henry). Amelia, first edition, 4 vol., sprinkled calf extra, y. e., by Rivière, A. Millar, 1752, 12mo. (871)

Maggs, £3 125.

4189 Fitzgerald (Edward). Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, with an Accompaniment of 56 Drawings by Elihu Vedder, art binding, t. e. g., in case, Boston and London, n. d., imperial 4to. (880) Rimell, 3 17s. 6d. 4190 Florentia. Digestorum seu Pandectorum libri quinquaginta ex Florentinis Pandectis repræsentati, LARGE PAPER, bound in 2 vol., the sides of an old calf binding with rich gilt Grolieresque scrolls and dotted triangles, with the Bear and Rugged Staff, the device of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, in gold in centres, inlaid and repaired, g.e., Florentiæ, L. Torrentinus, 1553, folio (884) Tregaskis, £18 4191 Foucquet (Jehan). L'Euvre (Heures de B. V. Marie, etc.), reproduced in facsimile, the text printed within borders, with chromo-lithographs of the original MS. and other illustrations, Printed for subscribers only, 2 vol., half morocco, g. e., Paris, L. Curmer, 1866, 4to. (891) Hirsch, £6 15s.

4192 Foxe (John). Actes and Monuments (second edition), black letter, woodcut titles and woodcuts, with a separate one of the Poisoning of King John, second title mounted, margins of several leaves defective and mended, sold not subject to return, 2 vol., oaken boards, the old ornamental calf sides repaired and rebacked, John Day, 1570, folio (894)

Tregaskis, £6 4193 Foxe (John). Acts and Monuments, the eighth time newly imprinted, black letter and roman, portrait of Foxe by Glover mounted, woodcut titles (that of vol. iii. backed), folding plate of Persecutions (backed with linen) and cuts in the text, 3 vol., morocco super extra, inside dentelles, g.e., by Mansell, Stationers' Co., 1641, folio (895) Ridler, £75s.

[The editions run: first, 1562-63, folio; second, 1570, folio; third, 1576, 2 vol., folio; fourth, 1583, folio; fifth, 1589, folio; sixth, 1618, 3 vol., folio; seventh, 1632, 3 vol., folio; eighth, 1641, 3 vol., folio; and ninth, described as the best, 1684, 3 vol., folio.-ED.]

4194 Froissart (Sir John). Cronycles of Englande, Fraunce, Spayne, Portyngale, Scotlande, Bretagne, Flaunders and other Places adjoynynge, translated oute of Frenche into oure materall Englysshe tongue by John Bouchier (sic), Knyghte, lorde Berners, etc., black letter, ornamental woodcut initials, Berners' arms on last leaf of vol. i., 2 vol., leaf of Preface in vol. i. and last leaf in vol. ii. mended, some wormholes in both volumes, otherwise a large and clean copy (sold not subject to return), russia extra, g.e., Imprinted by R. Pynson, 1523-25, folio (898) Quaritch, £33 [The first edition of Froissart in English and of Lord Berners' translation, both vol. being the genuine Pynson issue. Catalogue.]

4195 Froissart (Sir John). Illuminations from the Manuscripts of Froissart's Chronicles in the British Museum and in the Bibliothèque Royale, Paris, and from other Sources, by H. Noel Humphreys, 72 chromo-lithographs, 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., W. Smith, 1844-5, small 4to. (900) Quaritch, £8 4196 Fuggerorum et Fuggerarum quæ in Familia Natæ, quaève in Familiam transierunt, quot extant ære expressæ Imagines, engraved title and 127 portraits within borders by Dom. Custodis and Wolfg and L. Kilian, morocco extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford, Aug. Vind., 1618, folio (902) Leighton, £3 10S.

4197 Gale (Thomas). Certaine Workes of Chirurgerie, newly compiled and published, the 4 books in 1 vol., each with separate title, first edition, black letter, limp vellum (damaged), large and clean copy, Rowland Hall, 1563, small 8vo. (909) Leighton, 10 IOS. 4198 Garrick (David). Memoirs of his Life, with Characters and Anecdotes of his Theatrical Contemporaries, etc. by Thomas Davies, extra illustrated with 246 scenic and character and natural portraits, views, Garrick play-bills, autograph letter of Garrick and one of Dr. Johnson, historical portraits, etc. (some scarce), an interesting collection, 2 thick vol., morocco extra, full gilt floreate backs, line sides, g. e., by F. Bedford, Printed for the author, 1780, 8vo. (916)

Maggs, £18 5s. 4199 Gaza (Theod.) Theodori Introductivæ Grammatices lib. iv., Ejusdem de Mensibus-Apollonii Gramatici de Constructione lib. iv., Herodiani de Numeris, Græcè, editiones principes, contemporary Venetian morocco, with blind stamped arabesques in compartments, in fine preservation, large copy, from the Didot sale, Venet. in aed. Aldi, 1495, small folio (921) Quaritch, LII

4200 Gaza (Theod.) Introductivæ Grammatices lib. iv., etc.-Apollonii de Constructione et Herodiani de Numeris, Græcè,

editiones principes, MS. notes in margins, half bound, Venet. in aed. Aldi, 1495, small folio (922) Stechert, £4 4201 Gersonides. Levi ben Gershon (Rabbi) Commentarius in Pentateuchum, Hebraicè, editio prima (first 2 and last 2 or 3 leaves defective), vellum [Mantuæ, per Abraham Conath Salamonis Filium, 1476?], small folio (933) Luzac, £6 5s. 4202 Granger (Rev. J.) Biographical History of England, fifth edition, with Continuation by Noble, illustrated with 360 portraits, many scarce, 9 vol., russia gilt, t. e. g. (2 covers broken), 1824-1806, 8vo. (965) Sotheran, £4 8s. 4203 Gratianus. Decretum cum Glossis Bartholomei Brixiensis ["Incip. discordantiū Canonu Concor-dia, ac primu de jure nature et humane Constitutionis Rubrica."], lit. goth. (2 types), red and black in 4 columns, without marks (2 or 3 small holes mended and letters supplied), the first page having a painted initial of a green dragon, with a coat-ofarms below (Az. a lion rampant crowned Or, grasping a cross-hilted sword Gules), bound in 2 vol., old Italian morocco gilt, Moguntia Idibus Augustus per Petrum Schoyffer de Gernsheym, 1472 (colophon and shields in red), large folio (966) Maggs, £94

[Printed upon vellum. Contains 412 leaves. About 12 copies are known on vellum, mostly in public libraries.—Catalogue.]

4204 Gregorius Magnus Papa I. Dialogo de Sam (sic) Gregorio tratto de latino in vulgar par Maistro Lunardo da Udene e partido in quatro libri, lit. rom., double columns of 33 lines, without marks (Hain 7974), first edition with a date of this translation, morocco, antique stamped blind ornaments, r. e., by J. Wright, Impressum Venecis (sic) P. M. F., mcccclxxv. die Vigesimo mensis Aprilis, small folio (977) Quaritch, £7 5s. 4205 Hakluyt (Richard). The Principal Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries by the British Nation, made by Sea or Overland at any time within the Compasse of these 1500 yeeres, first edition, black and roman letter, with the rare folding map of the World, "Orbis Terrarum typis de integro multis in locis emendatus, auctore Petro Plancio, 1594," inserted, and the Original of Sir Francis Drake's Voyage (6 leaves) inserted between pp. 643-4, original calf (rebacked), G. Bishop and R. Newberie, 1589, small folio (1003)

Leighton, £27 4206 Hall (S. C.) The Baronial Halls and Ancient Picturesque Edifices of England, coloured lithotints and wood engravings, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., H. Sotheran, 1881, folio (1005) Maggs, £4 5s. 4207 Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, first edition, illustrations, morocco extra, with elaborate Grolieresque tooling and inlaid scrolls, g. e., by Rivière, Macmillan, 1868, imperial 8vo. (1007) Sotheran, £12 Etching and Etchers, first edition, 35 etchings, some from the original coppers, an original etch

4208 Hamerton (P. G.)

ing by Rembrandt of "The Virgin in the Clouds," inserted at page 252, morocco extra, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, Macmillan, 1868, imperial 8vo. (1008) Maggs, £9 10S. 4209 Hamerton (P. G.) Landscape, with original etchings and other illustrations from pictures and drawings, LARGE PAPER, India proofs before letters, 525 copies printed (No. 253), morocco super extra, inside gilt borders, joints, g. e., Macmillan, 1885, folio (1013) Howell, £3 12s. 6d. 4210 Harding (John). The Chronicle, from the fyrst Begynnyng of Englande unto the Reign of Kyng Edward the Fourth, and from that time continued in prose to thys our tyme, now first imprinted, black letter, 2 woodcut titles and ornamental initials (a few wormholes and title mended), morocco super extra, by Rivière, R. Grafton, Mense Januario, 1543, small 4to. (1019) Tregaskis, £17 4211 Harris (Dr. John). The History of Kent, vol. i. (all published), LARGE PAPER, portrait by Virtue, map and plates, morocco super extra, joints, g. e., by Rivière, Lord Brabourne's copy, D. Midwinter, 1719, royal folio (1021) Edwards, £8 5s.

4212 Hasted (Edw.) History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, first edition, maps and plates, including the map of the Hundred of Worth often wanted, 4 vol., old calf gilt, y. e. (rebacked), Canterbury, for the Author by Simmons and Kirby, 1778-99, folio (1024) Sotheran, £19 4213 Henri III. of France and Poland. Le Livre des Statuts et Ordonnances de l'Ordre du Benoist Sainct Esprit, large copy with wide ruled margins, contemporary French morocco, with arms and devices of Henry as King of France and Poland, g.e., probably Henry III.'s own copy, Privately printed, without name of printer or place of printing (Paris, 1578), 4to. (1037) Everett, £20 4214 Herodotus. Historiarum lib. ix., Græcè, editio princeps, morocco extra, with antique gilt ornaments, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf, Venet., in domo Aldi, mense September, 1502, folio (1046) Ellis, £18 4215 Herodotus. Historiarum lib. ix., et de Vita Homeri Libellus ex Interp. L. Vallæ, etc. cum Apologia pro Herodoto H. Stephani, old French morocco, the sides and back covered with fleurs-de-lis, with the device of the Collegium Grassinæum, g. e., with ex-libris of Sir J. S. Denholm, Francof., Haeredes A. Wecheli, 1594, small folio (1048)

Everett, £9 105. 4216 Hieronymus (S.) Epistolæ et Tractatus, lit. goth.. double columns, 50 lines, without marks (Hain *8549), rubricated, headings of chapters written in red, modern boarded morocco gilt, Absque ulla nota, Argent., Jo. Mentelin (circa 1466?), large folio (1058) Quaritch, £18 10S. 4217 Higden (Ranulph). Polychronicon [this word only, in large red gothic letters, with woodcut of St. George beneath], translated into English by John of Trevisa, black letter. woodcut initials, 2 woodcuts on last leaf, colophon within

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