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illustrations, 3 vol., morocco extra, 8.e., Payne and Foss etc., 1817, imperial 8vo. (718)

Thorp, £II 155 4160 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Pic

turesque Tour in France and Germany, first edition, with the series of groups of the people of France and Germany etched by George Lewis on India paper inserted, 3 vol., morocco extra, 10. g. uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, Payne and

Foss, etc., 1821, imperial 8vo. (719) Collinson, £8 4161 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) The Library Companion, first edition,

illustrated with 639 portraits, views and autograph letters, including a three-page most characteristic, interesting and early letter from S. T. Coleridge, containing an original sonnet, dated October 24, 1794, “Kings, Wolves, Tygers, Generals, Ministers and Hyenas, ! renounce them all,” etc. (small hole where the postmark had been torn), all addressed to the Rev. Fr. Wrangham, bound in 2 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., uncut, Harding, etc., 1824, 8vo. (720)

Sotheran, £7 ios. 4162 Dickens (C.) Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by “Boz,”

first edition, portrait and plates by G. Cruikshank, extra illustrated, with portraits of Grimaldi, including original drawings, 3 portraits of Dickens by Cruikshank, D'Orsay and Maclise, coloured scenic plates and views of Sadlers Wells, etc., Grimaldi playbills, etc., in all 38 extra illustrations, 2 vol., morocco super extra, t.e. g., fore and lower edges uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, R. Bentley, 1838, 8vo. (729)

Ridler, £7 4163 Dickens (C.) Christmas Books. Christmas Carol (“Stave

I."), coloured illustrations by John Leech-The Chimes, Battle of Life, Cricket on the Hearth and the Haunted Man, all first editions, illustrations by Leech, Maclise, etc., 5 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, original cover and back of each work bound in, Chapman and Hall and Bradbury, 1844-48, small 8vo. (735)

£7 175. 6d. 4164 Disraeli (Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield). The Rise of

Iskander (a Tale), original Autograph Manuscript complete,
187 pp., written on both sides of the paper, Autograph
Letter of Disraeli, signed “D.," October 7, 1848, to Count
D'Orsay, referring to the latter's portrait of Lord George
Bentinck, inserted, morocco extra, with a top flap, by
Zaehnsdorf, folio (744)

£53 4165 Doyle (Richard). A Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle,

by Dame Juliana Berners, Stock's facsimile reproduction of Wynkyn de Worde's edition of 1496, the first few leaves having to original drawings in colours by Richard Doyle, for a proposed illustrated edition by him, with explanations in capital letters in his hand, the frontispiece the full size of the page, and entitled “Ye King Fisher, little Prince Fishers and rest of the royal Family," on the reverse side in the margin several boys are dragging a huge fish up the river bank, other subjects are “Wynkyn de Worde, his prynters D-1 taking off 'copyé' of Dame Berners to be • sette up,

,!” “Dame Berners, her young pupyls, practysyng ye Arte of Fysshynge,” “Dame Berners at Court waiting for Wynkyn de 'Worde," etc. (in 3 divisions), “Dame Berners sending a ‘Line' to Wynkyn de Worde," etc., stamped vellum, uncut, Elliot Stock, 1880, 4to. (758) Sabin, £68

[This very interesting volume appears to have been exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery in 1885 and purchased by Thomas Satchell. There were 3 unfinished groupings in

pencil.- Catalogue.] 4166 Doyle (Richard). A Grand Historical, Allegorical, Non

sensical Procession of the Princess Royal, orginal drawings in colours (unpublished), on 58 pages, forming a panorama 43ft. long, bound in a vol., calf (1840), oblong (759)

Sabin, £34 ios. 4167 Doyle (Richard). Sketch Book of Original Designs in pen

and ink, numerous exceedingly clever humorous figures on

52 leaves, half bound (1840), small 4to. (760) Sabin, £61 4168 Drake (Francis). Eboracum, the History and Antiquities of

the City of York, map and plates, russia gilt, g. e. (cracked), Printed by Wm. Bowyer for the Author, 1736, folio (762)

Young, £5 ros. 4169 Dryden (John). Works, now first collected with Notes and

Life, by Sir Walter Scott, portrait, 18 vol., calf gilt, m. e., contents lettered, W. Miller, 1808, 8vo. (769)

Quaritch, £5 155. 4170 Dryden (John). Dramatic Works, in 3 vol. (28 pieces, each

with separate titles and pagination, and varying dates, with general titles to the 3 vol. dated 1695)—and Poems, in i vol., without general title, containing A Poem upon the Death of his late Highness, Oliver Lord Protector, W. Wilson, 1659 ; _The Hind and the Panther, 1687 ; Religio Laici, 1683; Funeral Poem on King Charles II., 1685; Britannia Rediviva, a Poem on the Birth of the Prince, 1688, etc., together 4 vol., uniform calf gilt, g. e., with crest on sides, small 4to. (771)

Pickering, £12 4171 Dryden (John). A Poem upon the Death of his late High

ness Oliver Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, Printed for W. Wilson, 1659—Religio Laici, first edition, J. Tonson, 1683—Funeral-Pindarique Poem to the Happy Memory of King Charles II., second edition, ib., 1685-Britannia Rediviva, a Poem on the Birth of the Prince (the Old Pretender), first edition, ib., 1688—Eleonora, a Panegyrical Poem to the Memory of the late Countess of Abingdon, ib., 1692—The Hind and the Panther, third edition, ib., 1687, in I vol., calf extra, g. e., by Tout, small 4to. (772)

Pickering, £11 4172 Du Fresnoy (Abbé Lenglet). Principes de l'Histoire pour

l'Éducation de la Jeunesse, nouvelle édition, 6 vol., old French morocco, full gilt floreate backs, line sides, g. e., with arms of the Comtesse de Provence (Marie Josephine Louise de Savoie) on sides (Derome), Paris, Le Clerc, 1752, small 8vo. (774)

Everett, £4 ios.

4173 Dugdale (Sir William). Monasticon Anglicanum, first edi

tion, plates by W. Hollar and D. King, 3 vol., calf extra, inside dentelles, t. e. g., by Tout, R. Hodgkinsonne, Alice Warren and T. Newcomb, 1655-61-73, folio (775)

Ridler, £9 1os. 4174 Dugdale (Sir William). Monasticon Anglicanum, new edi

tion, enlarged by Caley, Ellis and Bandinel, Bohn's re-issue, portrait

and numerous plates, 8 vol., half morocco gilt, g. e., James Bohn, 1846, folio (776)

Bull, £16 55. 4175 Dugdale (Sir William). Antiquities of Warwickshire, first

edition, portrait, map and plates by Hollar, coats-of-arms, etc., with the Peto Monument and the plate of the Filding arms at page 58, portrait, title and margins of several leaves repaired, russia gilt, g. e., by Rivière (cracked), T. Warren, 1656, folio (777)

Ridler, £5 155. 4176 Dugdale (Sir William). History of St. Paul's Cathedral in

London, first edition, portrait and plates by W. Hollar, inscription on title "A. Gwynn ex Dono T. Stanley, N. Lambert ex Dono A. Gwyn," russia gilt, g.e. (Miss Currer's copy), Printed by Tho. Warren, 1658, folio (778)

Everett, £6 ios. 4177 Elzevir Republics. A Collection of 25, comprising England,

Switzerland, Venice, France, Denmark, Rome, Spain, Russia, India, Italy, Africa, Judaea, Greece, Sweden, the Alps, Liege, Persia, Savoy, Turkey, Hungary, Bohemia, Luxemburg and China, all fine copies in morocco and russia extra, in various colours and tooling (one in calf, with the first arms of J. A. De Thou), Lugd. Bat., Elzevir, etc.., 1625-39, 16mo. (805)

Tregaskis, £8 4178 Euclides. Liber Elementorum in Artem Geometriæ, cum

comment. Campani, lit. goth.. woodcut border to first page of text, woodcut diagrams and ornamental woodcut initials, plain margin of first 2 leaves mended, plain margins wormed, morocco super extra, g. e., with the Duke of Sussex's ex-libris, Venet., Erhardus Ratdolt, 1482, small folio (831)

Robson, £17 ios. [The first edition of this Latin version, and the first book

printed with mathematical diagrams.- Catalogue.] 4179 Euclides. The Elements of Geometrie, faithfully (now first)

translated into the Englishe toung, by H. Billingsley, first edition, woodcut title, diagrams, ornamental initials and portrait of the printer on last leaf, old MS. notes in margins, signature of “Ro. Mostyne, 1615," at end, morocco extra, inside line borders, g. e., John Daye, 1570, folio (832)

Leighton, 65 5s. 4180 Eusebius. De Evangelica Preparatione Latine Geo. Trape

zuntio interprete, editio princeps, printed in roman letters, long lines, 39 to a full page, without marks, spaces left for capitals, headings of books and chapters written in in red ink, morocco, gilt ornamental back and elegant borders, g.e., Venetiis, Nicolaus Jenson Gallicus, 1470, small folio (835)

Everett, £51

[The first book issued from Jenson's Venetian Press.

Catalogue.] 4181 Eusebius. Chronicon, id est Temporum Breviarium, roman

letter, red and black (with the 11 leaves of Table, contemporary oaken boards, stamped pigskin, Venet., E. Ratdolt, 1483, small 4to. (836)

Leighton, £4 8s 4182 Eutropius. Breviarium Historiæ Romanæ, editio princeps,

roman letter, long lines, without marks, margin of first page illuminated, with coat-of-arms below, capitals painted in blue and red (2 leaves wanted), old morocco extra, g. e. (Sykes and Syston Park copy), Roma, Impressus (George Laver), 1471 (837)

Everett, £6 6s. 4183 Evangelia Quatuor, Graecè, cum Canonibus Eusebii, Ancient

Greek Manuscript on vellum (400 leaves, 8% by 6 inches), written in cursive characters, long lines, generally 18 to a full page, the rubrics in gold letters, with accents, the canons in a different character, with full-page miniatures of all the four Evangelists (slightly rubbed), ornamental arcades to the canons, etc., bound in 2 vol., modern boarded morocco, blind stamped antique ornaments, enclosed in red velvet case with compartments, Sæc. xi. xii. (circa A.D. 1000), small 4to. (838)

B. F. Stevens, £210 [An important Byzantine Codex of the four Gospels, and quite perfect. Such MSS. are very rarely found with the miniatures of all the four evangelists. It appears to have been copied from one of the most ancient texts. Two leaves have been cancelled by a contemporary corrector, who had substituted three leaves in a different hand, in order to

supply the omission of John viii. 1-2.-Catalogue.] 4184 Evangelia Quatuor Graecè. Ancient Greek Manuscript on

vellum (143 leaves, 872 by 6% inches), written in small cursive characters, long lines, 30 to a full page, old accents, dative iota omitted, illuminated Byzantine ornaments before Mark, Luke and John (apparently wanted beginning and end), modern boarded morocco, with antique gilt and blind stamped ornaments, g. e., by F. Bedford, in a purple velvet and wooden box, with an original cover of the MS. loosely

inserted, Sæc. xii., small 4to. (839) Fontaine, £162 4185 Evangelia Quatuor Latinè, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi, Argu

mentis, Breviariis et Canonibus Eusebii, ancient Latin manuscript on vellum (204 leaves, II by 7/2 inches), written in bold roman letters (approaching gothic), long lines, 22 to a full page, the Eusebian canons in painted Roman arcades of red and green, a fine early full-page miniature of S. Matthew, with the Angel in a porch above, with a spiral initial L opposite, occupying nearly the whole of the page, of Byzantine work with Irish influence (?), wanted first leaf in S. Mark's Gospel, corners of a few leaves mended, modern boarded morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, in blue and white velvet-lined case, Sæc. xi.-xii., small folio (845)

Sotheran, £340 [Some corrections and additions have been made by a



later hand, who, however, has left the original text intact. The verses in Matthew viii. 19-22, omitted in the text, have been supplied. In a few instances the music of some passages has been written above the line in red. On the last leaf is written the name of the scribe, “Ambrosius me Scripsit,” below four Latin lines descriptive of his labours.

-Catalogue.] 4186 Fasciculus Temporum (auctore Wernero Rolewinck), “im

pressa Colonie Agrippinæ . . . secundum primum exemplar quod ipse venerabiles autor propriis conscripsit manibus ad finem usque deducta per me arnholdum ther huernen, sub annis dni. mcccc lxxiiii.,” lit. goth.. woodcuts, text rubricated, cuts coloured by hand, colophon in red, with printer's mark, morocco, antique style, g. e., by F. Bedford, the first edition of this Chronicle, Colon., A. Terhveren, 1474, small folio (858)

E. Ellis, £27 Ios. 4187 Fielding (Henry). The History of Toin Jones, a Foundling,

first edition, 6 vol., calf extra, t. e. g., by Tout, A. Millar, 1749, 12mo. (870)

Young, £4 45. 4188 Fielding (Henry). Amelia, first edition, 4 vol., sprinkled calf extra, y.e., by Rivière, A. Millar, 1752, 12mo. (871)

Maggs, £3 125. 4189 Fitzgerald (Edward). Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyam, with an

Accompaniment of 56 Drawings by Elihu Vedder, art binding, t.e.g., in case, Boston and London, n. d., imperial 4to. (880)

Rimell, £3 175. 60. 4190 Florentia. Digestorum seu Pandectorum libri quinquaginta

ex Florentinis Pandectis repræsentati, LARGE PAPER, bound in 2 vol., the sides of an old calf binding with rich gilt Grolieresque scrolls and dotted triangles, with the Bear and Rugged Staff, the device of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, in gold in centres, inlaid and repaired, g. e.,

Florentia, L. Torrentinus, 1553, folio (884) Tregaskis, £18 4191 Foucquet (Jehan). L'Euvre (Heures de B. V. Marie, etc.),

reproduced in facsimile, the text printed within borders, with chromo-lithographs of the original MS. and other illustrations, Printed for subscribers only, 2 vol., half morocco, g. e., Paris, L. Curmer, 1866, 4to. (891)

Hirsch, £6 155. 4192 Foxe (John). Actes and Monuments (second edition), black

letter, woodcut titles and woodcuts, with a separate one of the Poisoning of King John, second title mounted, margins of several leaves defective and mended, sold not subject to return, 2 vol., oaken boards, the old ornamental calf sides repaired and rebacked, John Day, 1570, folio (894)

Tregaskis, £6 4193 Foxe (John). Acts and Monuments, the eighth time newly

imprinted, black letter and roman, portrait of Foxe by Glover mounted, woodcut titles (that of vol. iii. backed), folding plate of Persecutions (backed with linen) and cuts in the text, 3 vol., morocco super extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by Mansell, Stationers' Co., 1641, folio (895)

Ridler, £7 5s.

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