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— Notice Historique et Bibliographique sur la Collection et les Tables du, depuis son origine jusqu'a ce jour, etc. Par M. Bidault, Ancien Directeur du Moniteur. 8vo. Paris, 1838.

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the United States, connected with the Mission to the French Republic during the years 1794-5-6. 8vo. Phil., 1797.

A Narrative of a Tour of Observation made during the Summer

of 1818, etc. With an Appendix. i2mo. Phil., 1818.

— The Memoir of, relating to his Unsettled Claims upon the People and Government of the United States. 8vo.

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Poems on the Abolition of the Slave Trade, by James Grahame

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and Reports of Philofophy, Religion, History, Arts and Manners.

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3 vols. 8vo. [See American Review, etc.] N.Y., 1799-1800. and British Register, 1796 to 18i2. Vols. I.-XXXIV. 8vo.

[XXI. and XXII. missing.] Lond.

Monthly Military Repository. See Smith, Charles.
Monthly Miscellany (the) for October, 1759. 8vo.
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States. Vols. I. (Nos. 1, 2, 4, 7, 10), II., III. 8vo.

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Time, by way of Annals. 5 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1717-19.

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being the subject of a Sermon in Boston. i2mo. Boston, 1691. — A Practical Discourse concerning the Choice Benefit of Communion with God in his House, etc. 8vo. Boston, 1746. Moody, James. The Validity of Lay-Baptism Examined, etc. 8vo.,

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in the City of New York, occasioned by the Appendix to Dr.

Linn's Sermon on the Character of Simon the Sorcerer. 8vo.

N.Y., 1793.

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— Charge delivered to the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New York, October 5th, 1802. 8vo., pp. 22. N. Y., 1803.

Sermon before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal

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8vo., pp. 15. N. Y., 1804. The Duty of Fulfilling all Righteousness Explained and Ensorced,

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N. Y., 1809.

— Charge delivered to the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of New York, October 5th, 1808. 8vo., pp. 22. N.Y., 1809.

—— Sermon before the Bible and Common Prayer-Book Society of New York, in Trinity Church, February 27th, 1810. 8vo., pp. 22. N.Y., 1810.

[moore, Clement Clark.] Observations upon certain passages in Mr. Jefferson's Notes on Virginia, which appear to have a Tendency to Subvert Religion, and establish a salse philofophy. 8vo.

N. Y., 1804.

A Compendious Lexicon of the Hebrew Language. 2 vols.

i2mo. N. Y., 1809.

[ ] A Sketch of our Political Condition, addressed to the Citi2ens

of the United States without distinction of party. By a Citi2en

of New York. 8vo. N.Y., 1813.

[ ] A Plain Statement, addressed to the Proprietors of Real Estate

in the City and County of New York. By a Landholder. 8vo.

N. Y., 1818.

Poems. 12mo. . N. Y., 1844.

George Castriot, surnamed Scanderbeg, King of Albania. 12mo.

N.Y., 1850.

Moore, Frank. Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution. With Notes and Illustrations. i2mo. N. Y., 1856.

— American Eloquence: a Collection of Speeches and Addresses by the most Eminent Orators of America, with Biographical Sketches and Illustrative Notes. 2 vols. 8vo. N. Y., 1857.

Moore, Henry. See Coke.

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■ Thanksgiving Sermon in Milford, New Hampshire, December 25th, 1817. 8vo., pp. 15. Amherst, 1818.

Moore, Jacob B. Topographical and Historical Sketch of the Town of Andover, New Hampshire. 8vo. Concord, 1822.

——» Collections, Historical and Miscellaneous: and Monthly Literary Journal. . . . Edited by J. Farmer and J. B. Moore. 3 vols., 8vo. Concord, 1822-24.

A Ga2etteer of the State of New Hampshire. By John Farmer

and Jacob B. Moore. Map and Engravings. i2mo.

Concord, 1823.

Annals of the Town of Concord, New Hampshire, from its first

Settlement in the year 1726, to the year 1823. With several
Biographical Sketches. To which is added, a Memoir of the
Penacook Indians. 8vo. Concord, 1824.

[ -1 "A Peep behind the Curtain," etc. Proceedings of the State

Treasurer of New Hampshire (1827). 8vo. Concord, 1827.

[ ] The Principles and Acts of Mr. Adams' Administration Vindicated, against the Aspersions contained in the Address of the Jackson Convention, assembled at Concord, 11th and i2th June, 1820. By a Freeman. 8vo. Concord, 1828.

The Laws of Trade in the United States; being an Abstract of

the Statutes of the several States and Territories concerning Debtors and Creditors. 12mo. N. Y., 1840.

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[moore, Jacob B.] "The Contrastor, Plain Reasons why William Henry Harrison should be Elected President of the United States; and why Martin Van Buren should not be elected. By an Old Democrat. 8vo. 1840.

Memoirs of American Governors. Vol. I. 8vo. N. Y., 1846.

See John Farmer, New Hampshire.

Moore, Jean. Discours sait a l'occasion dc la Mort du Rev. Samuel Beu2eville, etc. i2mo., pp. 19. Lond., 1782.

Moore, John. A Journal during a Residence in France, from the beginning of August to the middle of December, 1792. 2 vols. i2mo. Rep., N. Y., 1794.

Travels in Italy, exhibiting a View of Soeiety and Manners in

that Country, etc. 8vo. Glasgow, 1811.

Moore, John W. Complete Encyclopædia of Musie, Elementary, Technieal, Historical, Biographical, Vocal and Instrumental. 8vo.

Boston, 1854.

Moore, Mark. Memoirs and Adventures of. Written by Himself. 8vo. Lond., 1795.

Moore, Nathaniel F. An Historical Sketeh of Columbia College, in the City of New York. 8vo. N. Y., 1846.

Moore, S. S., and T. W. Jones. The Travellers' Directory; or, a Pocket Companion, shewing the Course of the Main Road from Philadelphia to New York, and from Philadelphia to Washington, etc. 8vo. • Phil., 1804.

Moore, Samuel W. Memoir of the Lise and Character of John Watts, M. D. With an Address to the Graduates, at the Commencement of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, April 5th, 1831. 8vo., pp. 28. N.Y., 1831.

Moore, Thomas. The Great Error of American Agriculture Exposed; and Hints for Improvement Suggested. Baltimore, 1801.

Moore, Thomas L. Sermon before the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the State of New York, November 3, 1789.. 8vo., pp. 20. N. Y., 1789..

Sermon in Trinity Church and St. Paul's, in the City of New

York, October 14, 1792. 8vo., pp. 16. N. Y., 1792..

Moover, Ernst Friedrich. Die Ensalle der Normanncn in die Pyrenaische Halbinsel, etc. i6mo. Munster and Minden, 1844.

Moral Philosopher. Rebuke to the, for the Errors' and Immoralities contained in his Third Volume. 8vo., pp. 15.

Lond., 1740".

Moral Societies. Transactions of a Convention of Delegates from several Moral Soeieties in the State of New York, in Albany, 13th January, 1819. 8vo. Albany, 1819.

Morales, Antonio Bachiller Y. Antiguedades Americanas. 8vo.

Havana, 1845.

Morals. An Examination of the Leading Principle of the N" System of, as stated in Godwin's Political Justicc. 8vo.. .


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