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The third volume of Mr. Hayley's Life of Mr. Cowper, consisting principally of his Letters; to which are prefixed, Desultory Remarks on the Letters of Emiment Persons, particularly those of Pope and Cowper, will be published the first week in May. An edition of Cowper's Poems, in two volumes, fool cap oétavo, printed on Whatman's finell paper, in Bensley's best style, ornamented with coloured plates, will be ready by the middle of May. Mr. Rathbone's Narrative of Events that have lately taken place in Ireland among the Society called Quakers; with corresponding Documents and occasional Observations, is ready for publication. Mr. W. P. Russell has announced, a Challenge to all England, in a new Vocabulary of the English Language; arranged in a Manner different from every preeeding Writer, and pointing out Er. rors that have been sanctioned by long Usage. . The Rev. JAMEs PLAY FAIR, Minister of Bendothy, has a work ready for the press, on the Care and Knowledge of Bees, their Management and Natural History ; containing an Account of the singular Mode of Generation by which they are produced. Illustrated by eighteen plates. The first part is of a practical nature, treating of the management of bees; the second contains diffections and descriptions of the body of the bee and queen and drone, with drawings of the same. . . Mr. PARKinson, author of several excellent Medical Works, has, in considerable forwardness, a Treatise on the Organic Remains of the former World. Mr. Church Man, author of the Magnetical Charts, has proposed an improvement in the construction of maps, by which the altitude, declivity, and perpendicular height of the hills and mountains throughout any country can be exhibited. This plan consists in tracing certain lines over the surfaces of the parts intended to be so marked, and is applicable to maps already published, if constructed by a proper survey. The lines are rendered efficient for the purpose proposed, by employing with them an universal proportion to ascertain their respective indications. An edition of Spencer, and one of Warton's Dryden, are in a state of confiderable forwardness. A new edition of Sir JAMEs Stewart's Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy, with Memoirs of the Author, will speedily be published by his son, the present baronet, in fix volumes, 8vo.

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