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MATHER, COTTON. Essays to do Good; addressed to all Christians,

whether in public or private capacities. New edition, improved by George Burder. izmo.

Boston, 1808. MATHER, Increase. Diatriba de Signo Filii Hominis et de Secundo Melliæ Adventu . . . etc. 16mo.

Amstelodami, 1682. - KOMHTOIPAPIA; or, a Discourse concerning Comets, wherein the Nature of Blazing Stars is enquired into, etc. Small 8vo. .

Boston, 1683. - Funeral Sermon (John Bailey). 8vo.

Boston, 1698. - Cælestinus. A Conversation in Heaven, Quickened and Afifted,

with Discoveries of Things in the Heavenly World, etc. 12mo.

Covenant Borfionizmo.

MATHER, Moses. The Visible Church, in Covenant with God, etc. 8vo., pp. 60.

N. Y., 1759. MATHER, RICHARD. Journal, Life, and Death of. [Collections of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society. 12mo.

Boston, 1850. MATHER, SAMUEL, Elay on the Good Impressions produced by Earthquakes, etc. 8vo., pp. 53.

Boston, 1727. - Life of the very Rev. and Learned Cotton Mather. izmo.

Boston, 1729. Sermon on occasion of the Death of Prince Frederick Lewis, before Lieut.-Governor Phips and Council, May 22, 1751. 8vo., pp. 31.

Boston, 1751. - A Differtation concerning the Most Venerable Name of Jehovah. 8vo., pp. 101.

Boston, 1760. - Convention Sermon, Boston, May 27, 1762. 8vo., pp. 31.

Boston, 1762. - The Lord's Prayer; or, a New Attempt to Recover the Right Version and Genuine Meaning of that Prayer. 12mo., pp. 66.

Boston, 1766. [- ] Attempt to show that America was known to the Ancients.

With an Appendix concerning the American Colonies, etc. 8vo., pp. 35.

Boston, 1773. [Mathews, CORNELIUS.] Behemoth: a Legend of the Mound-Builders. 12mo.

N. Y., 1839. - The True Aims of Life. An Address delivered before the

Alumni of the New York University. 18mo. Ņ. Y., 1839. - A Speech on Inter-National Copyright, delivered . . . at the

City Hotel, New York, February 19th, 1842.

- Big Abel and the Little Manhattan. 16mo. N. Y., 1845. MATTER OF FACT for the MULTITUDE. By a True Patriot. Second edition. 8vo., pp. 38.

Lond., 1798. Maty, Henry. A New Review; with Literary Curiosities and Lite

rary Intelligence. Vols. I.-VIII. 8vo. Lond., 1782–85. MAUDUIT, ISRAEL. The Case of the Dissenting Ministers. Fourth edition. 8vo.

Boston, 1773. - A Short View of the History of the New England Colonies,


with respect to their Charters and Constitution. Fourth edition.

Lond., 1776. MAUDUIT, Israel.] Remarks upon General Howe's Account of his

Proceedings on Long Isand in the Extraordinary Gazette of
O&tober 10, 1776. 8vo., pp. 54.

Lond., 1778. Mauger, CLAUDE. Les Dialogues Francois et Flamends ... etc.

De Franche en Nederduytsche Sampenspraken . . . etc. 16mo. [Imperfect.]

Utrecht, 1786. Maule, J. Fast Sermon, in the Chapel of the Royal Hospital for Seamen, at Greenwich, February 28, 1794. 12mo., pp. 19.

Lond., .1794. MAUNDRELL, HenrY. A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, at Easter,

A. D. 1697. Also, a Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai, and back again, etc. 8vo.

Lond., 1810. MAUPERTUIS, (M. de.) The Figure of the Earth, determined from

Observations made by order of the French King, at the Polar
Circle, etc. From the French. 8vo.

Lond., 1738. MAURELLE, Francisco ANTONIO. Journal of a Voyage in 1775, to

Explore the Coast of America, Northward of California, by the
Second Pilot of the Fleet, in the King's Schooner called the
Sonora, and commanded by Don Juan Francisco de la Bodega.

[Translated by Hon. Daines Barrington.] 4to. [Lond., 1781.] Maurice, Thomas. Indian Antiquities; or, Dissertations, etc., relative to Hindoftan. 5 vols. 8vo.

Lond., 1794. Mauroy, M. Du Commerce des Peuples de l'Afrique Septentrionale

dans l'Antiquite, le Moyen age et les Temps Modernes Compare au Commerce des Arabes de nos jours, ouvrage faissant suit a la

Question d'Alger en 1844." Second edition. 8vo. Paris, 1845. MAURY, JEAN SIFrein, (L'ABBE). Principes d'Eloquence pour La Chaire et La Barreau. Nouv. Ed. 8vo.

Paris, 1804. MAURY, M. F. Astronomical Observations, made during the year

1845, at the National Observatory, Washington, under the direction of. Vol. I. Published under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy. 4to.

Washington. - Paper on the Gulf Stream and Currents of the Sea. Read before the National Institute, at its Annual Meeting, April 2d, 1844.

8vo., pp. 16. - Wind and Current Chart of the North Atlantic. Washington.

Sheets Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. - Explanations and Sailing Directions to accompany the Wind

and Current Charts. ... 6th Edition. 4to. Phil., 1854.

- Form of Abstract Log, for the Use of American Navigators. Mavor, William. Thanksgiving Sermon, December 19th, 1797. 8vo., pp. 25.

Oxford, 1798. Mawe, John. Descriptive Catalogue of Minerals. 8vo. Lond., 1816.

- Travels in the Gold and Diamond Districts of Brazil; describing the Methods of Working the Mines, etc. Plates. 8vo.

Lond., 1825. pp. 25.

MAWER, JOHN. Discourse (on the Lord's Supper), delivered in the

Author's Parish Church, on Good Friday, 1736. 8vo. York. Maxcy, JONATHAN. Funeral Sermon, occasioned by the Death of Rev. James Manning, D.D., July 31st, 1791. 8vo., pp. 43.

Providence. - Sermon, August 9th, 1795, at Providence. 8vo., pp. 15.

Providence, 1795. Sermon delivered at the Dedication of a Meeting House in Cumberland, 14th September, 1796. 8vo., pp. 22.

Providence, 1796. - Discourse, designed to Explain the Doctrine of the Atonement. In two parts. 8vo., pp. 39.

Providence, 1796. - Sermon at the Annual Convention of the Warren Association, September 12th, 1797. 8vo., pp. 22.

Boston, 1797. - Funeral Sermon, December 17th, 1817, before the Legislature of

the State of South Carolina. 8vo., pp. 5o. Columbia, 1818. - Funeral Sermon, occasioned by the Death of Mr. John Sampson

Bobo, of the So. Ca. College. 8vo., pp. 16. Columbia, 1819. Maxwell, Hiram. Report of a Case, decided at the City Hall, New York, 3d February, 1823. 8vo.

N. Y., 1833. MAXWELL, SAMUEL. Čase and Complaint of ... Pastor of a Church of Christ in Rehoboth, of the Baptist Denomination. 8vo.,

Newport, 1750. Maxwell. A Letter from a Friend in England to Mr. . . . com

plaining of his dilatoriness in the publication of his so longpromised Work, with a Character of Dr. Johnson's English Dictionary, and Mr. Maxwell's Justification of Himself. 4to., pp. 26.

Dublin, 1755. MAXWELL, WILLIAM. The Virginia Historical and Literary Adver

tiser. Vol. I., for the year 1848; Vol. II., 1849; Vol. III.,

1850; Vol. IV., 1851. 4 vols. in two. 12mo. Richmond. MAY, EDWARD. Remarkable Extracts, selected from a Work printed

in 1687, by Peter Jurieu, entitled “The Accomplishment of

Scripture Prophecies,” etc. 8vo., pp. 51. Henley, 1790. MAY, Hezekiah. Thanksgiving Sermon, delivered at Bath, November 25th, 1802. 8vo.

Portland, 1802. - Sermon at the Installation of Rev. Sylvester Sage, Braintree, November 4th, 1807. 8vo., pp. 28.

Boston, 1808. MAY, SAMUEL J. Letters to the Rev. Joel Hawes, D.D., in Review of his Tribute to the Memory of the Pilgrims. 8vo.

. Hartford, 1831. MAYER, BRANTZ. Commerce, Literature and Art. A Discourse de

livered at the Dedication of the Baltimore Athenæum, O&tober 23d, 1848. 8vo.

Baltimore, 1848. - Journal of Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, during his Visit to Canada in 1776, as one of the Commissioners of Congress. With a Memoir and Notes. 8vo., pp. 84.

Baltimore, 1845. - Tah-Gah-Jute; or, Logan and Captain Michael Cresap; a Dif


Boston, 1754.

* course before the Maryland Historical Society ... 9th May, 1851. 8vo., pp. 86.

Baltimore, 1851. MAYER, BRANT2 Calvert and Penn; or, The Growth of Civil and

Religious Liberty in America, as disclosed in the Planting of Maryland and Pennsylvania. A Discourse ... in Philadelphia before the Pennsylvania Historical Society, 8th April, 1852. 8vo.

Baltimore, 1852. MAYER, Charles F. Discourse delivered before the Maryland His

torical Society, 20th June, 1844. 8vo., pp. 32. Baltimore, 1844. Mayer, F. See Pondeaux, H. MAYHEW, EXPERIENCE. Sermon, at Boston, November 23, 1718.

With a brief Account of the State of the Indians on Martha's

Vineyard, etc., from 1694 to 1720. 12mo. Boston, 1720. — Grace Defended in a Modest Plea for an Important Truth, etc.

Boston, 1744. - Letter to a Gentleman on that Question, whether Saving Grace

be different in fpecies from Common Grace, or in degree only? 12mo., pp. 28. :

Boston, 1747 Mayhew, JONATHAN. Election Sermon, Massachusetts, May 29, 1754.

8vo., pp. 52.

Two Sermons (November 23d, 1755), occafioned by the Earthquakes, etc. 8vo., pp. 76.

Boston, 1755. – Two Thanksgiving Sermons, 230 November, 1758. 8vo., pp. 57.

Boston. - Discourse occafioned by the Death of the Hon. Stephen Sewall, etc. 8vo., pp. 66.

Boston, 1760. Sermon occafioned by the great Fire in Boston, March 20, 1760. 8vo., pp. 38.

Boston, 1760. - Two Discourses (Thanksgiving) occasioned by the Reduction of Canada. 8vo., pp. 69.

Boston, 1760. Remarks on his Incidental Reflections relative to the Church of England, etc. 4to., pp. 31.

Portsmouth, 1763. Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, etc. 8vo.

Boston, 1763. - Candid Examination of the Observations, etc. By one of the Members of the Society. 8vo.

Boston, 1763. Defence of the Observations, etc. 8vo.

Boston, 1763. - Answer to his Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 8vo., pp. 68.

Lond., 1764. Remarks on “Answer to Mayhew's Observations,” etc., being a Second Defence of the Observations. 8vo. Boston, 1764. - Letter of Reproof to John Cleaveland, occasioned by a Defamatory Libel published under his name. 8vo. Boston, 1764.

Popish Idolatry. A Discourse delivered in the Chapel of Harvard College, in Cambridge, New England, May 8th, 1765. (Dudleian Lecture.) 8vo. :

Boston, 1765.

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MAYHEW, JONATHAN. Thanksgiving Discourse, occasioned by the Repeal of the Stamp Act, Boston, May 23, 1766. 8vo., pp. 44.

Boston, 1766. - Same. Second edition. Svo.

Boston, 1766. - An Eclogue Sacred to the Memory of. 460., pp. 16. Boston. Mayo, ROBERT. A View of Ancient Geography and Ancient History. 2 vols. in one. 8vo.

Phil., 1813. — Political Sketches of Eight Years in Washington. 8vo.

Baltimore, 1839. · The Affidavit of Andrew Jackson, taken by the Defendants in the Suit of Robert Mayo vs. Blạir and Rives for a libel, analysed and refuted. 8vo.

Washington, 1840. Mayo, William STARBUCK. Kaloolah; or, Journeyings to the Djebel Kumri . . . etc. Second edition. 12mo.

N. Y., 1849. - The Berber; or, The Mountaineer of the Atlas . . . etc. Second edition. 12mo.

N. Y., 1850. [Mazzei, Philip.] Recherches Historiques et Politiques sur les Etats

Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale, etc. Par un Citoyen de Virginie, avec quatre Lettres d'une Bourgeois de New Haven, sur

l'unite de la Legislation. 4 vols. 8vo. Colle (Paris), 1788. Mead, Henry. Sermon, May 28th, 1780, Christ both God and Man. 8vo., pp. 36.

Lond., 1780. - The Real Saint Delineated. A Sermon, February 24th, 1782. 8vo., pp. 25.

Lond., 1782. Sermon, April 23, 1789, at St. Pancras Church, on God's Goodness, etc. 8vo., pp. 29.

Lond. - Fast Day Sermon, in Bethel Chapel, St. Pancras, March gth, 1796. 8vo., pp. 39.

Lond., 1796. MEAD, RICHARD. A Mechanical Account of Poisons, in several Essays. Izmo.

Lond., 1702. - A Short Discourse, concerning Pestilential Contagion, and the methods to be used to prevent it. Fourth edition. 12mo.

Lond., 1720. Mead, Samuel. A Faithful Hint of the Final Reduction and Restoration of Sinners. 8vo., pp. 42.

Keene, 1796. MeadowCOURT, RICHARD. Sermon at Westminster Abbey, Novem

ber 5, 1726. Second edition. 8vo., pp. 29. Lond., 1728. - Sermon at the Cathedral Church of Worcester, Fast Day, April nith, 1744. 8vo., pp. 18.

Lond., 1744. Meadows, F. C. A New French and English Pronouncing Dictionary,

on the basis of Nugent's, etc. Fourth American edition. By George Folsom. izmo.

N. Y., 1836. Meares, John. Voyages made in the years 1778 and 1789, from

China to the North-West Coast of America. With an Introductory Narrative of a Voyage in 1786, from Bengal, of the ship

Nootka," etc. Maps and plates. 4to. Lond., 1790. Mease, James. A Geological Account of the United States, etc. 24mo.

Phil., 1807.

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